A Kiss On The Run ~ Nanbaka Fanart
Holy Cow.. O__o
I just realized it’s been more than 2 months since I uploaded something…
I’ve been a massive Nanbaka fan since the Anime came out and also started to read the webcomic ^^
It’s so shiny and so hilarious to watch xD
Always makes my day ^^  

I somehow felt that my first upload since Christmas has to be my favourite pairing of the show :3
I wanted to draw something a little different though ^^
So I decided to go without the stripy clothes and show them outside of prison ^^ Maybe on the run enjoying a few minutes of peace xD
Or something like that xD  

I feel so sorry to keep you waiting for so long.. Q___Q  
..but I hope you will like what you see xD :3 


To play the seven, to not play the seven….

Feel free to use as icons! :D

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