for all my german followers

unless you’ve been hiding behind the moon, you’ve heard about how many refugees arrive here on daily basis (making it 800,000 a year - ENGLISH ARTICLE) and how there’s a right wing mob forming who want to kick them out. they’re actually burning refugees hostels down (x)(x)(x). Heres a video with a timeline of the rioting against refugees.

I can’t believe that here in Germany, of all countries, there’s such a big group of Nazis and “patriotic germans” chanting paroles against refugees and foreigners, throwing stones, burning and breaking things (ARTICLES IN ENGLISH: X, X, X,)

if you still have doubts on why we have to help those people: watch this.

We gotta do something. NOW -  so here’s a list of helpful sources

  • ask your local refugees hostel what they need. hygiene products such as tampons, pads, soap, tooth brushes etc and clean underwear are often helpful. or donate cigarettes (in Jena)

and, most importantly: SPEAK UP - YOUR VOICE MATTERS

#mundaufmachen by Joko und Klaas ; Comment by newsspeaker Anja Reschke

this post is in english because I want people to know about the situation here. I don’t want to be ashamed of being german, so we have to stand up and speak up against this - sadly - massive amount of people who are spreading hate.

please share this, you might have german followers who want to help and don’t know how.

thank you. feel free to add to this list!

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