Upon news of Robin Williams’ death reaching the school, all of the muggleborn students raising their wands in solidarity and lighting up the skies. Though he was a muggle, he brought magic to more lives than any wizard.


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My thoughts, in the order I had them:

  1. What are ‘appropriate audiences’? What are they going to rate this movie?
  2. Dakota Johnson has got jumpy and nervous down pat.
  3. This…sure looks like Fifty Shades of Grey. We’ve got the blonde secretaries, Ana’s awkward clothing and generally awkward existence, and we’ve even got an actor for Christian Grey who looks okay in a suit but has an astoundingly boring face.
  4. This still looks creepy. Really creepy.
  5. The trailer is appropriately naked. Or perhaps inappropriately naked. Point is, it’s the right amount of naked for a book in which the people spend most of their time naked.
  6. Those moans at the end are real subtle and classy, just like Fifty Shades itself.
Rare Unnumbered 'Hot Fuss' Red Foil Listed on eBay

A very rare unnumbered ‘Hot Fuss’ red foil has been listed on eBay.

Of the numbered, one through one hundred, 'Hot Fuss’ red foils that were produced, between 5 and 10 unnumbered copies were also produced.  The-Killers UK states that these copies were given to The Control Group staff members, the company that pressed this very limited edition of 'Hot Fuss’.

To the best of my knowledge, only one or two unnumbered copies are known to be in circulation.  This eBay listing would mark the second or third unnumbered copy to come into circulation.

Given that the first and/ or second unnumbered copy(ies) were acquired by the collector(s) in question years ago, there is no precedent for price.

The bidding on this unnumbered copy is currently at $520.00 USD.  The listing started at the $39.00 USD price point and there is no reserve for the auction.

Victims will note that number 65 failed to sell a couple of days ago at the $1,100.00 USD price point.  That seller has subsequently relisted number 65 at $999.00 USD.


Fifty Shades of Takei.

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Imagine: Sam catching you on a bad day.

(Sam x Reader)

As far as bad days went, today landed high on the top ten. It started with a street sweeping ticket tucked mockingly under your windshield as you rushed to work late, then your boss “forgot” you had requested time off to go pay a speeding ticket at the courthouse. Your boss created a big ado flawlessly reassigning the blame to you. To top it off, the courthouse was a state mandated labyrinth of hallways, vague signs, and unnumbered doors. You accidentally knocked shoulders with a tall man while rushing down the stairs.

“Ah! Sorry, I’m sorry!” You called out still hurrying down the stairs.

The room was tucked in the corner of the building with a line fifty people long. You sighed queuing up hoping the line was the correct one. Thirty minutes passed and the battery on your phone was blinking red. You sighed tucking it away and study the ticket in your hand for the remaining time.

“Next please.” A man at the counter droned out. You placed the ticket on the counter attempting to offer your friendliest smile. He sighed pulling the paper towards him. He glanced over his glasses in a condescending manner. “This is a moving violation. Normally, you would go next door to take care of this.”

You felt frustration knotting in your chest. “O-oh. I thought this was the line for that.” You muttered lamely. “So, I have to take it over there?”

He rolled his eyes and you bit back an acrid comment. “I said, normally, yes. But I can take care of it for you today. Just remember for next time.”

Your shoulders slumped in relief. “Thank you.”

He hummed a non-committal response typing on his keyboard. “That’ll be $360. Check or cash only.”

You wrote out the check nervously under his judgmental stare. He returned a receipt and you trudged past the line. The ticket had cost more than half your monthly paycheck. You had been speeding to work because you couldn’t be late or your boss would be upset. You couldn’t have left any earlier because surprise street light outages had made traffic unusually heavier. So, you had to take time off from work to pay a ticket, both losing out on the money you could have made and the money you had worked hard for. And life revolved around money whether you wanted it to or not. You tried to hold back budding tears.

“God, life is so hard sometimes.” You muttered under your breath.

“Hear that, Frank?” An older woman in line nudged her husband who blinked in response. “Kids these days are so entitled. They get a speeding ticket and think life’s against them when they broke the rules in the first place!”

Your face flushed. Tears brimmed on your eyelids and your knees shook. You adjusted your bag and ducked your head low walking off down the hall. You were trying to stop the onslaught of tears as you descended the staircase leading toward the first floor. You wiped your face with your sleeve. Your foot stepped too far, heel skimming the edge of the step. Your body lurched forward and in a terrifying second you were airborne. Resigned to the awfulness of the day, you tensed your body preparing for impact. Your body stopped. Surprised, you peeked open an eye. A warm sunny face peered into yours.

“Are you okay?” He asked, eyebrows drawn together in concern.

You glanced around. People passed watching the scene with wide eyes. Another man stood close by. You glanced back at the first man slowly realizing he had caught you in his arms. You ducked your head down in embarrassment. You nodded, belatedly responding to his question. He sighed with relief.

“Good, we seem to be running into each other quite a bit today.” He smiled softly and you gave him a confused glance.

“Yeah, you need to slow down. You’re going to hurt someone or yourself.” the second man chided earning a disapproving glance from the first.

“S-sorry,” You mumbled as the man helped to your feet. “I lost my footing.”

“Yeah, I can see that.” The first responded putting a hand on your shoulder. It was heavy and warm providing an odd source of comfort. “Be careful, okay?”

“It was lucky, Sam was here to catch you.” The second said.

You nodded in acquiescence. Sam peered into your face. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Jus’ a bad day.” You admitted. “And… thank you.”

“Of course.” He smiled again.

“C’mon.” The second man tugged on Sam’s arm before heading down the stairs.

“Hope to run into you again. Maybe next time, not so literally.”

Your face flushed and you offered him a small wave before he turned and walked away. The day had just gotten a little better after all.