“As we come marching, marching, unnumbered women dead
Go crying through our singing their ancient song of bread.
Small art and love and beauty their drudging spirits knew.
Yes, it is bread we fight for — but we fight for roses, too!

As we come marching, marching, we bring the greater days.
The rising of the women means the rising of the race.
No more the drudge and idler — ten that toil where one reposes,
But a sharing of life’s glories: Bread and roses! Bread and roses!”

Bread and Roses, 1911

More unnumbered tears

I’m rereading the Lord of the Rings for the umpteenth time. As with the Silmarillion, it seems, with each reading, I find something new to think about (or cry about, as in this case.)
The departure of the Fellowship from Rivendell has always been a very moving scene for me to read–more so after I read the Silmarillion and realised just why Elrond was so adamant about no one swearing an oath. I’ve always loved the exchange he has with Gimli about it. But today the words struck me again and I realised I had missed the nuances of another phrase of great significance in one of Elrond’s answers to Gimli.

“… No oath or bond is laid on you to go further than you will. For you do not know the strength of your hearts, and you cannot foresee what each may meet upon the road.”
“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens,” said Gimli.
“Maybe,” said Elrond, “but let him not vow to walk in the dark, who has not seen the nightfall.”
“Yet sworn word may strengthen quaking heart,” said Gimli.
“Or break it,” said Elrond.

Now every other time I have read this (post reading the Silmarillion) I’ve focused on Elrond’s mentioning oaths and his response to Gimli’s second comment about oaths breaking hearts–because he actually saw that happen, he lived and was raised for a time by Elves whose hearts were broken by an Oath and he saw how things ended for Maedhros and Maglor. I kind of skimmed by the first comment he made to Gimli previously, I suppose. But today it just stopped me in my tracks. Because of course–they experienced the ultimate ‘nightfall’–the destruction of the trees–before they traveled to the darkness of Middle Earth in pursuit of Morgoth. I really don’t know how I’ve missed the overwhelming significance of this phrase every other time I’ve read it. So once again, I’ve found a way to cry about dead First Age Elves without even actively reading the Silmarillion.
So–off to blast some Blind Guardian and wallow in First Age angst.

Thirds in animation

Hey guys, I’d like to talk to you about thirds in animation and why I think it’s important. You don’t need to have alot of experience in animation to get this, but it is useful to have some.

We’re going to look at the frames between two poses, to illustrate I’ll be using circles, like so.

Circle a is the first position and circle b the second. These are on different frames, so a is on frame one and b is on frame two. 

Right now the circle just goes from a to b. We don’t know if the circle is slowing down, speeding up or in what way it moves. It just sort of teleports.

Now we’re going to add some frames in between the poses, this is where the magic happens. Say we want the circle to start at a and slow down to b and we don’t want to use too many frames. So the question is; where do we put the next frame? If it needs to slow down we need the next circle to be closer to b, that way the distance the circle travels shrinks. Now that’s easy when it’s just a circle but what about when it’s an entire figure going from point a to b? What most people do is they put a frame smack dab in the middle of a and b, then from there they put a frame in the middle of the new frame and frame b and keep going until they’re satisfied with the amount the circle has slowed down. Like so.

So in this example position a is on frame one, the first red circle is on frame two, the next on three, four and frame b is on frame five. Oh boy! The circle slows down! The distance the circle travels keeps getting shorter so to our beautiful human eyes the speed of the circle lowers. Now this is fine, the circle slows down, we did our job and we can go home, right? Well, there’s a problem here, namely:

As you can see on this unnumbered diagram there is indeed a slowdown when the circle goes from frame a to to 2. But what’s that? There’s no slowdown between the frames 1, 2 and b. The distance is the same. No matter how many times you put a frame in the middle between frame 2 and b the last three frames will never experience a slowdown. The circle never actually slows down in the end! So what do we do? we could put a circle really close to frame b, that way there’s a slowdown. But this method can get sloppy  and remember, this example is just with circles.

So here’s the solution, we put the circle in two thirds of the way between frame a and b. Like so:

Look! the circle slows down, it slows down with just one frame in between a and b. Now I have to admit, putting a frame right in the middle between two other frames is easier than dividing them in thirds, but with practice this can be done, and it looks way better. You can even give the circle a constant speed by putting it on a third and two thirds of the way, like so:

I’m not saying you should only use thirds. You should add it in your arsenal and combine it with putting frames in the middle. So when should you use thirds and when should you use halves(middles?).

It all depends on how fast you want a certain action to be. Let’s say we want the circle to slowly start moving from a, pick up speed and ease in on b. And we want this action to last 5 frames. (that would be one fifth of a second if you work on 25 frames per second).

As you can see we combined the principle of putting frames in the middle and putting them on thirds. How I go about this is I first make positions a and b (the beginning and end position). After that I put circle 1 smack dab in the middle of a and b. There is no slowdown at this point, the circle has a constant speed. Lastly I create circles 2. The first circle 2 is one third of the way between a and 1, the second circle is two thirds of the way between 1 and b. so just for clarification: circle a is on frame one, the first circle 2 is on frame two, circle 1 is on frame three, the second 2 is on frame four and b is on frame five.

I hope this will help you in your future animations, I certainly had an “Aha!” moment when I figured this out.

If you have any questions you can always ask me on tumblr or twitter, thanks for reading!

But guys… have you ever considered just how deeply Finwë’s death affects Fëanor? 

I mean, yes, we know how much his father meant to Fëanor, canon is pretty explicit with that (“[…] for his father was dearer to him than the light of Valinor or the peerless works of his hands; and who among sons, of Elves or of Men, have held their fathers of greater worth?”) 

But death in Aman is not final. In general, death for elves is not final. You might argue that no one in Aman has ever died (beyond Fëanor’s own mother of course), but I would argue against that assumption. The elves are miners, for example, not even to mention those Eldar who died during the Great Journey. But even beyond that, accidents can always happen. Fëanor himself says “[…] and if I must break them, I shall break my heart, and I shall be slain; first of all the Eldar in Aman.” He doesn’t talk about dying, but about being slain. Which obviously means that not only he doesn’t count Mí­riel’s death as murder, but also, considered Mandos’ reply too (“Not the first”), that the only death caused by someone else’s violent deed up to that point is Finwë’s. 

So what is it that touches Fëanor so deeply when he learns about his father’s murder? The simple fact that it is murder? Now, not to say that death cannot touch Amanyar elves emotionally just because they can return from it. It’s still a trauma and it’s still loss and, judging from Mí­riel’s situation and the idea that nothing can decay in the Blessed Realm, also likely a social taboo.

But my point is, Finwë can return, after his healing is done (following another HoME text, in Morgoth’s Ring if I’m not mistaken, he actually doesn’t so that Mí­riel can do it in his place. But it’s a chance that he explicitly and willingly gives up, meaning that he had the possibility of reembodiment to begin with.) It’s not a “final” sanctioned death in the way Mí­riel’s is, but Fëanor’s sons, when they give the news and realise their father was there to listen, even fear that he would slay himself out of grief. 

So I don’t really think it’s “just” the death, or the murder in itself, but the circumstances of the murder. The Silmarils are stolen, yes, and with them all the treasures that had been brought to Formenos by Fëanor’s house and loyal followers (and let’s not forget the artistic and cultural value placed on jewelry by the Ñoldor) — but Finwë died protecting them, trying to prevent Melkor from getting inside the fortress. He’s slain by the gates. 

My conclusion is that there is an element of guilt and responsibility in Fëanor’s desperation. I do remember a citation about Fëanor believing that he might have prevented his father’s death had he been present in Formenos himself, but I can’t for the life of me find it now; that, though, should give to this idea of guilt sufficient canon basis. So it’s his fault, in a way? Just like with his mother. Basically it might not simply be the irreversible quality of death (in this case not applicable) which causes the desperation, but what leads to it and his own role among the causes.

In a way, deviating from Fëanor’s own psyche for a moment, it’s a principle that also works with regard to the kinslaying. The focus is not on death itself but on how and why it happens.


Get to Know Me Meme: Favourite Movie [5/5] → Labyrinth (1986)

Through dangers untold. And hardships unnumbered. I have fought my way here to the castle; beyond the goblin city, to take back the child that you have stolen. My will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom as great…

You have no power over me!

RSSC 1-1.pdf


What, you think we’d really debut on the 1st?


But here it is, HOT OFF THE PRESS!! The very first issue of the RSSC, brought to you through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, we have all worked ridiculously hard to bring you this incredible issue.

Download to your heart’s content, and please look forward to featured stories over the next three days right here before their Ao3 debuts on the 5th!

Thank you SO SO MUCH to all our WRITERS and ARTISTS, and now, especially, to YOU, our humble collection readers!!!

We hope you all enjoy!!

(protip: the pdf looks excellent on mobile, too!!)


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Jace Wayland/Herondale/Lightwood x Reader 

GIF not mine 

Warnings : none 

Request :  Hello! Could you do a Jace x Reader one shot where Jace is about to ask the Reader to move in with him and is really nervous about it because he thinks she’ll say no? But the Reader thinks that he is about to break up with her. Thanks x

                    Jace POV

     My heart raced in my chest so fast that I started to think that it will actually make a hole and jump out from it . I don’t even know why I’m so nervous , why do I need to act like this ? I’m not going to do something that big with my life . I just need to calm down and breathe . It will be fine . I mean what can go wrong ? (Y/N) loves me .She will never leave me or that’s what I hope .

     I never thought that I’ll be able to fall in love , at least not this hard . This little girl haves me wrapped around her little finger and I don’t even know how she did that , I just know that in the first moment when I saw her my heart went crazy and all that I wished was to hold her and never let her go .

     (Y/N) freed my mind and my heart and she just makes me feel like I’m whole , like nothing else matters besides being with her . Our relationship developed slowly and now there are some months from when we became officially a couple . I want to ask her to move in my room but I don’t know if she will accept . I think that she still thinks that we move to fast but it feels right , being with her feels right and I want to be able to hold her at the least at night since we are always hunting and training and we don’t have time for each other .

     “ Hi , Jace !” She greets and kisses my lips as she enters in the training room . I kiss back lightly before she pulls apart . She sits next to me , head leaning on my shoulder and I look at nothing . I don’t know what to say . I’m stuck and scared of what she will say if I ask her about moving into my room .

     “ What are you thinking about ?” (Y/N) asks as she pecks my cheek , her lips are soft and her touch is gentle .

     “ Nothing important .” I mumble and she frowns .

     “ Do you want to go out ? At Pandemonium ? Or maybe just go to a bar ?” she wants to spend time with me and I want too but my stupid mouth speaks without me to really want to say those words .

     “ No , I have other things to do .” (Y/N) gets up and looks at me , she’s disappointed and I can’t help but blame myself for it .

     “ Okay , I’ll come to your room before I go .” She says and I nod before she leaves .

                  Reader POV

     I don’t know what’s going on with Jace , lately he was so distant and I’m just worried . I love him , I don’t want him to leave me but I think that this is what he wants to do . 

     He never refuses when I ask him to go out with me and now he just did it even though he doesn’t haves to go on missions this night and Alec will be out with Magnus . Anyways I take a shower and then I pull on some clothes before I head out of my room , right now I don’t really care about what I do wear since I’m just going at Pandemonium .

     As I approach Jace’s room I open the door and I see him sitting in his bed with Clary curled next to him . He haves his arm around hers body and he’s whispering things in her ear . My heart feel like it’s going to break when I see my boyfriend like that . I was right when I said that I should have never trusted him .

     I still go out and even if I know I shouldn’t I drink until I can’t stand on my own feet . This helps me forget about Jace and all that’s going on with us . Since I can’t stay on my own foot the fact that Magnus and  Ales are here is the best thing that can happen to me . Alec leads me back to the Institute and into my room since he knows that I can’t arrive there on my own .

     “ Why did you drank so much ?” Alec asked as he was worried about me . I just smile and he pulls the blanket over my body .

     “ I want to forget .” You mumble and Alec shooks his head before he heads .

     In the next week you tried unnumbered times to talk to Jace but he always send you away or told you that he doesn’t haves time . You have had enough so now you decided to go into his room to talk about this .

     “ If you want to do it , do it now because I don’t want to be yours if you don’t want me anymore ! Just say those word and let me go !” You yelled and slammed the door behind you . Jace looked at you stunned and confused .

     “ What are you talking about ?” he asked and you want over to him .

     “ Do you think that I didn’t saw you with Clary ? Do you think that I’m stupid ? You avoided me all week and I saw you with Clary last weekend when I asked you to go out with me . If you want her more than you want me just break up with me already .” You said and Jace didn’t knew what to do .

     “ I don’t want Clary ! I want you , forever ! I was just scared . I wanted to ask you to move in but I was to stressed and I thought that you’ll say no so I decided not to ask you and then I was just to angry to talk to you . I’m so sorry !” He affirmed and you looked him in the eye . You pressed your lips to his softly and sighed into his string arms as they wrapped around your body .

     “ I want to move in with you !” you affirmed and Jace kissed you again bringing your body closer to his .


HAPPY 30th ANNIVERSARY, LABYRINTH! (released on June 27th, 1986)

“Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great… You have no power over me.” 


For Turgon of the great House of Fingolfin was now by right King of all the Noldor; and Morgoth feared and hated the House of Fingolfin, because they had scorned him in Valinor and had the friendship of Ulmo his foe; and because of the wounds that Fingolfin gave him in battle. And most of all Morgoth feared Turgon, for of old in Valinor his eye had lighted on him, and whenever he drew near a dark shadow had fallen on his spirit, foreboding that in some time that yet lie hidden in doom, from Turgon ruin should come to him.  

The Children of Húrin, The Battle of Unnumbered Tears

indie’s Steggy fic master post

Since several people have asked, it seems appropriate to categorize it by Steggy’s reproductive status. ;P

Please note that some stories fall into multiple categories:

Steggy stories where there are no Steggy babies*:

Faith  - Mature, WIP currently 7,500 words.  Peggy Carter/ Skinny!Steve

Certain Dark Things  - Mature, ficlet, 1,800 words.  Vampire AU.

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men  - Mature, 21K words.  Peggy was taken by Hydra shortly after Bucky.  They were known as the Winter Soldier, and the Winter Witch.  Set during CA:tWS.  Steve is married with a kid.

You Only Live Twice  - Mature, 21K words.  Set around the CA:CW timeline.  Steve is pulled in at the last minute to replace Barton on one of Fury’s super secret ops.  He has to pretend to be the lover of high ranking Hydra operative - Peggy Carter.

Ghosts of Future Past  - Mature, WIP currently 24K words.  Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes all grew up together in Brooklyn.  Flashbacks to their lives together growing up and during the war.  Main story is set around Avengers: AoU timeline.  Peggy Carter is Captain America.  Steve Rogers was Captain America, but now he’s the Winter Soldier.

Mind the Gap  - Mature, 27K words.  Steve Rogers is defrosted in the 1970s.  Turns out the significant age difference can’t keep him and Peggy apart.  (Peggy has adult children from her marriage.)

Where Angels Fear to Tread - Gen, 1,100 words.  Peggy Carter falls asleep and Phillips and the Fedora squad are afraid to wake her.  They have to call in backup.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas If Only In My Dreams  - Mature, 4,200 words.  Peggy’s first Christmas after Steve went down with the Valkyrie. Written for the Steggy secret santa exchange on Tumblr.

First Thanks Giving In The New World  - Teen, 4,700 words.  Steve never made it onto the Valkyrie.  Peggy thinks it’s a relief he won’t remember how badly they lost.

You Won’t Be Alone  - Mature, WIP currently at 4,800 words.  Set during CATFA.  Peggy goes to Steve after they bring Zola in.

Midnight Oil, Weaponized Aphrodisiacs, and Other Ignoramus Inventions  - Mature, 8,500 words.  General McGuinness stole Midnight Oil. Now the toxic compound is on the loose and America’s golden boy has been exposed. Agent Carter to the rescue.

Haunted  - Teen, 2,100 words.  Set during Agent Carter, season 1.  Angie drags Peggy to a Halloween party.

On Top of It - Gen, 1,400 words.  Set during the Agent Carter episode “The Iron Ceiling”. The mixed SSR and 107th team gets stuck having to spend the night in a very tiny room together.

Coffee Talk - Gen, 1,400 words.  Set during Season 1 of Agent Carter.  Jack Thompson is sick of Peggy Carter thinking she can do whatever she wants.

Another Year Over and a New One Just Begun - Teen, 6K words.  Written for the 2016 Steggy Secret Santa.  Steve and Peggy get snowed in during a mission.

Between the Shadow and the Soul  - Gen, 1500 words.  Written as a pinch hit for the 2016 Steggy Secret Santa.  Post CA:CW, Steve and Peggy are reunited.

Winter’s Discontent  - Teen (so far), WIP 2K words.  Winter Soldier Steve, based on a gifset by Justine.

Steggy stories that deal with pregnancy loss/child loss:

A Fixed Point  - Mature, 39K words, pregnancy loss mentioned.  Pacific Rim fusion story.

Choice  - part of the TDU series. - Mature for content, not porn, 2K words.  Set after the main TDU story, and an optional read for that series.

Wasted Hearts  - Mature, 21K words, child loss (though it’s not quite what it seems).  Very AU set in a somewhat Victorian alternate 1940s.  

The Life and Times of Agent Carter  - Teen, 19K words, loss of a child.  Set during an alternate version of Agent Carter: Season 1, where Steve didn’t die.

Dark Ways - Mature, 11K words, pregnancy loss.  Erskine was wrong.  The serum twisted Steve as much as it twisted Schmidt.  Modern setting.

All These Years - Explicit, 15K words.  Steve and Peggy have been married for nearly twenty years and it’s about to come to an end.  (Warnings for cheating, substance abuse, loss of a child.)

Steggy stories with pregnancies/babies/children (sometimes adult children, and sometimes only in the epilogue):

Through Dangers Untold and Hardships Unnumbered  - Mature, 103K.  Set post Avengers: AoU.  Steve Rogers is reunited with an un-aging Peggy Carter.

Proofing Water  - Mature, 16K words, set vaguely in the post CATFA timeline, but some random MCU characters make appearances.  Three years after Peggy Carter walked out of Steve Rogers’ life forever, she walks back in.

Through A Glass Darkly   - Mature, 38K words, set post Avengers: AoU.  Steve is pulled into an alternate timeline where Peggy Carter was Captain America and no one knows Steve Rogers.

Dark Ways - Mature, 11K words.  Erskine was wrong.  The serum twisted Steve as much as it twisted Schmidt.  Modern setting.

I Hate You: a Love Story (in three parts) - Teen, 4400 words.  A continuation of Dark Ways.

Mending the Empty Bones  - Mature, 35K words.  Ladyhawke inspired AU set in medieval Italy.

An Ordinary Life  - Teen, 10K words.  AU set around the CA:tWS timeline.  Steve Rogers was the Winter Soldier.  Bucky Barnes is doing everything he can to prevent Rogers from harming Peggy Carter or her sons.

You Can’t Take the Sky From Me  - Mature, 53K words.  Very, very AU, inspired heavily by Firefly and Star Wars EU.  Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers both work on a ship for Nick Fury, but forced into close quarters, they soon learn they have more in common than they ever imagined.

No Trace - Teen, ficlet 1,200 words.  Peggy Carter is married to Jack Thompson, but after the birth of her son, she is visited by her son’s father - Steve Rogers.

Wasted Hearts - Mature, 21K words, child loss (though it’s not quite what it seems) and pregnancy.  Very AU set in a somewhat Victorian alternate 1940s.  

Distant Shores  - Mature, 21K.  Our Avengers are assisted by Evvie Carter from an alternate dimension.  Steve and Natasha are accidentally pulled into her world and get a look at Evvie’s world, where everyone is either dominant or submissive.

Time Heals All Wounds  - Mature, 16K words.  AU that spans the entire MCU timeline, but it set mostly during Peggy Carter’s years with the SSR office.

Duty Bound -  Mature,  46K words.  AU space opera.  Peggy’s a disgraced rebel leader, Steve is the imperial poster boy.  They’re forced into a marriage neither of them want.

Unmade - Mature for themes, not explicit sexual content, 16K words.  AU.  Steve and Peggy both received the serum and were on the Valkyrie when it went down.  Steve was under Loki’s thrall during the Avengers, and both he and Peggy have to deal with the fallout from his actions.  Warnings for PTSD, pregnancy as a result of rape.


BLIND GUARDIAN lyrics starters

“Too many battles we carry along from the war.”
“I’ve been the herdsman you’ve been my sheep.”
“I hold the key of fortune.” 
“There comes the last part and end of our old age.”
“Show me that you are the son of our God.”
“In earlier chess games we’re playing the part of a soldier.”

“Show me the light in you.”
“Watch out for the day, friend.”
“You can find yourself in it, cause you are a part.”
“To see you must open your eyes.”
“Time is not real.”
“Why’ve you ever forgotten me?”

“The morning sun is near.”
“Look to the mirror, it shows what I am.”
“There’s one to enslave all rings.”
“But I need your helping hand.”
“Welcome to reality.”
“I should better get away from here.”
“What is left behind when purple colours turn to black?”
“The last candle will burn.”

“I wish I knew how to tell You why.”
“Many songs I’ve written about the things I saw ”
“My soul is lost in his black chamber.”
“The sea is calling.”
“I know the answers although they don’t exist.”
“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”
“No one will ever know our names.”
“The treasure that I’ve found is more than enough.”
“ ’m looking for those healing things to be prepared.”

“Then I’ll break down the walls around my heart.”
“I’m alive my friend.”
“It’s how that ancient tale began.”
“I came from nowhere, without a task, without a name.”
“I’ve lost my battle before it starts.”
“I’ll bring a new age of better ways.”
“I feel alone. Who really cares?”
“I am your light on through the night.”
“We’re not alone, there’s someone else, too.”

“The enemy is within, everywhere.”
“I did my part, now is your turn.”
“How long shall we mourn in the dark?”
“I still don’t have a clue.”
“I will take part in your damned fate.”
“You are now my guest forever…”
“You’ve searched and you’ve found.”
“Can’t you see that tomorrows bears insanity?”
“We brought hope, but also lies, and treachery.”
“Tears unnumbered you will shet.”
“Just lead my fate to the victory. ”
“I dare you! Come out you coward! Now it’s me or you.”
“A dark seed of evil is grown.“
“So what can we do with our lives when it all begins?”
“Your light will take me home.”
“Thus he died“
“I can’t forget her. Her face will not leave.”
“There they dwelt until they left the world.”
“Thou shall not question my power.”
“I will not rest till I’m king.”
“The night falls and great is the triumph of evil.” 

“You truly are mine.”
“By blindness you’re driven insane.”
“Wake up, it’s time to cross the border.”
“The king’s in town, we need a crown.”
“Will you still wait for me? Will you still cry for me?”
“Wish I’d be a bird of prey.”
“I will never change my mind.”
“Predestined or punished?”
“I do not regret a word I’ve said.”
“At the moment of death I will smile.“

“I have thought that this will never end.“
“You’re part of the game.”
“We will be with you until the end.”
“Stop, be quiet now.”
“I’ve opened my heart and my soul to you. ”
“Is there anyone else here?”
“There are no rules, there’s no plot here.”
“Oh turn the wheel and heal me!”
“They’re one in my rhymes nobody knows the meaning behind.”
“Love you will rain on me.”
“Here’s the new order.”

“We shall stand together one by one.”
“Don’t turn your back on your prodigal son.”
“I will find you, slipping away. I’ll bind you.”
“Like you they all once reach out a war to win.”
“Let him curse my name but remember the truth.”
“And raise my cup for the fallen ones.”
“They consider us slaves. They steal our pride.”
”Will I ever learn from the past?”
“Fear the voice in the dark.”
“Twice I’ll be marked and twice I shall live.”

“We all wait for a new tomorrow.”
“Gods will come and gods will go.“
“We’re the ones you’ve left alone.”
“Will it be me they blame?”
“Don’t try to be cruel, oh, my beautiful child.”
“I’ve traveled far on hiden pathways.”
“Ther must be something in the end.“
“Will I ever learn from the past?”
“Keep your secret inside.“
“That I would call a miracle.”
“We don’t need any hallows.“

anonymous asked:

au where thingol puts aside his grievances for the greater good and treats with fingolfin and the sindar and the noldor are allies against morgoth what becomes of it

In canon, despite the treachery, our boys almost won the day at the Nirnaeth and with an army from Doriath (and possibly a larger force from Nargothrond as well - Orodreth took much advice from Thingol and if he’d pressed for it might well have sent more men), they could have carried it. 

But the thing is, the Silmarillion isn’t a story about alliances and logistics, political maneuvering and military strategy. It’s a story about Doom. 

Tears unnumbered ye shall shed; and the Valar will fence Valinor against you, and shut you out, so that not even the echo of your lamentation shall pass over the mountains. On the House of Fëanor the wrath of the Valar lieth from the West unto the uttermost East, and upon all that will follow them it shall be laid also. Their Oath shall drive them, and yet betray them, and ever snatch away the very treasures that they have sworn to pursue. To evil end shall all things turn that they begin well; and by treason of kin unto kin, and the fear of treason, shall this come to pass. The Dispossessed shall they be for ever. Ye have spilled the blood of your kindred unrighteously and have stained the land of Aman. For blood ye shall render blood, and beyond Aman ye shall dwell in Death’s shadow. For though Eru appointed to you to die not in Eä, and no sickness may assail you, yet slain ye may be, and slain ye shall be: by weapon and by torment and by grief; and your houseless spirits shall come then to Mandos. There long shall ye abide and yearn for your bodies, and find little pity though all whom ye have slain should entreat for you. And those that endure in Middle-earth and come not to Mandos shall grow weary of the world as with a great burden, and shall wane, and become as shadows of regret before the younger race that cometh after. The Valar have spoken.

You can’t really politic your way out of that one.

If Thingol relaxes his policy of extreme isolationism, Morgoth’s spies are able to infiltrate Menegroth and foment paranoia. Even AU this Thingol must be a little paranoid and they feed it. We’ve seen how he ‘protects’ those he loves, and now he affords that same care to his niece and nephews. Nargothrond is never built and Dorthonion is not held and Beleriand falls. 

Perhaps that doesn’t happen, but maybe the need for more open borders means the magic of the Girdle is weaker and Doriath takes the brunt of the assault during the Dagor Bragollach, and falls.

Or maybe they fight the Nirnaeth and win but at great cost; Thingol dies and Melian leaves and Doriath is undefended when the Noldor realise that imprisoning a god is easier said than done. 

How about they fight and win again and seal Morgoth away in his own dungeons? Then all that’s left is to divide the spoils of war. For the part they played, the Doriathrim deserve some kind of reward and by what right do the Feanorians claim all three Silmarils when their allies bore just as much of the risk? The Second Kinslaying happens a little earlier this time around. 

Am I being unfair with these hypotheticals? Of course, but that’s the point. It’s all rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic; the Noldor are Doomed and Beleriand will sink beneath the weight of their crimes, no matter what they do.