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Love and War | Oneshot

Yoongi x Reader | Oneshot

Request:  Hola I wanted to have a scenario where suga is married but has a double life selling drug so she find out

Genre: Fluff and Angst

Words:  4,829 words

A/N: Here’s a big shout out to my co-admin Eli who edited this and kinda hated me at the end, but ya know, heavy angst does that to you. And btw requester, this is not what you expected >:)

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you don’t know me. you see my exterior like a ripple at the surface where someone is drowning. i am not some unnoticeable girl in the corner of the classroom, i am a blizzard. i am a snowstorm of emotions and a tornado of thoughts and ideas. i can crack pavements with my bare feet. i can shoot up and break the atmosphere. i can join the stars and galaxies if i want to. i am magic. no amount of sage can cleanse my soul. i am far too full of cosmos and energy for anything to plague me. i am the plague itself. i am me. i am everything you haven’t even thought of yet.
—  sjf // me
I Vow to Thee (My Country) ~ Kathy & Pyotr [Outlander AU]

She plans it for weeks and it’s still not foolproof, but it’s the best chance Kathy has got. She knows the numbers and stations of guards in the woods, gives the spiked wine to her watchdogs, and watches the celebration long enough to become unnoticeable. Even with the girl that asks for a love potion in her way (and Kathy knows it’s for Pyotr, though she doesn’t know why the thought makes her grit her teeth), she is on her way to the stables by the time the Gathering is in full swing. When Dougal Mackenzie puts his hands on her waist and sees the bundle of belongings on the floor, she doesn’t even hesitate to slam his head hard against the wall. She only stays long enough to check that he’s alive. Then she’s running again, out the door and through the yard, desperate and more than a little afraid.

The stables are warmer than she’d expected. Mounts of straw line the wall on the side opposite the horses. She walks hurriedly, looking for the gentle mare that Dougal had so graciously allowed her to ride on their hunting expedition, but her foot catches on something near the straw. She falls, barely muffling a shout. 


A girl around the age of 17 sits on top of one of the highest trees in the forest surrounding an area she calls home. She looks out into the distance to the world outside of the forest. The girl looks rather strange. In fact in a distance she looks more like a dude.

Her facial features are mainly covered, hiding her identity to anyone who is no friend to her. Her eyes are covered by extremely dark sunglasses and light brown bangs, which are from her shortish hair tied into a ponytail, that cover half of her face. Covering her mouth and nose is a brown bandana with a black bacca nose and a mouth showing off sharp teeth. She wears a black and red short-sleeve hoodie, which goes over a grey long-sleeve and a white no-sleeve with a black v neck. The girl also has skinny jeans along with black and red converses and parkour gloves. Around her neck is a golden necklace with a purple gem that has a bit of a magical force if you are close enough to feel it.

The girl scans her surroundings. Despite her eyesight being close to complete blindness, she can still sense her surroundings through sound as well as through that magical necklace of hers. The forest was very peaceful at th moment. A little TOO peaceful for her taste. The only sounds in the forest were birds chirping leaves rustling with the wind. Her tied up hair and bangs flow with the wind as well as she relaxes on the tree branch.

As she was about to leave her branch and head home from her break, she heard the very faint sound of footsteps (but to her she could hear them clearly cuz super hearing). Not animal steps, two-legged steps. Might be a zombie or a skeleton hanging out in the shadows of the thick trees.

“Not on my watch”

She jumps off the tree branch and hops from tree to tree to the direction the sound is coming from. Soon she reaches a tree close enough to sense the trespasser but far enough to make herself unnoticeable. The girl then realizes something: thats not a zombie, nor a skeleton. Its more like a human. What are they doing here?

She parkours from tree branch to tree branch again until shes on the tree in front of the person. The moment they walk close enough the girl jumps down in front of them, pulling out a golden glowing axe and ready to strike if they try to escape.

“Who the hell are you?”

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