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Suga and hobi's reaction if you were giving them the silent treatment over something they did and they keep trying to make up with you but you're mad then they accidentally hurt themselves and you get all worried and scared? ^^ love u unnieeee

Suga would try and coax you to forgive him but when he sees that you’re being stubborn by deliberately giving him the cold shoulder (silent treatment) he’d give up and give you some space. Though deep down, Suga is frustrated and all he wants is for you to stop ignoring him and for the two of you to just kiss and make up already. 

Sighing, he takes his basketball and makes his way to the court to clear his head and get his mind off of you. He was so immersed in the game that he didn’t even notice a wet spot in the middle of the court which was due to light drizzle that afternoon. He was about to do a lay up when he slipped, causing him to fall. Yoongi winced and tried to stand up, only to sit back down when he felt a slight pain on his right ankle. “Great”, he muttered angrily. 

It was early in the evening when he came back home, limping and sweaty. The moment you see his state, worry bubbled in your chest.  “Why are you limping?" 

Suga looked up at you, a little surprise to hear you addressing him. “I—” he sighed. “Minor accident. Don’t worry about it.”

He walked—limped–towards the bedroom and you watched him with a concerned gaze, wincing when you saw him having difficulty. “Yah!” You called and he tuned to look at you, “Yeah?”

"Sit down.” You pointed to the couch. “I’ll go get some ice.”

Before he could speak, you had already moved towards the kitchen. Yoongi watched you go, surprised that you would still care for him when the two of you weren’t exaclty in good terms. He was already sitting down the moment you arrive and as you tend to his sprained ankle he says, “Thank you. And.. I’m sorry.”

You smile inwardly at his apology, already forgiving him.

“You don’t have to—” he says but you shushed him as you bandaged his ankle. “I want to.” You say and Yoongi just stares at you in awe, feeling like the luckiest guy on the planet. 

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“Jagiya, talk to me.” he says as he sits on the table, hoping that you would look his way. It’s been two days since you’ve spoken to him and it was already driving him nuts. “Yah, Y/N. We won’t get anywhere if you don’t talk to me.” he reasons but you continue to ignore him as you cooked lunch for the both of you. But he knew that you were only going to take your part and eat somewhere else. 

The moment you did just that, Hobi sighed and groaned, banging his head on the table top. “This is hopeless.” he muttered as he made his way to the stove to get some soup you just cooked.

“Ah!” He yelped as he accidentally touched the handle which was searing hot. Hobi cursed, thinking why on earth the handle would be hot. How ever would anyone be able to hold this? he wondered ,pouting when he saw the red mark on his palm. 

Running footsteps suddenly sounded and soon he saw you appeared at the kitchen doorway, looking worried. “What happened?!”

Hobi stared at you and held up his palm. “I burned–” before he could finish, you had already grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the sink to place his hand under the cold running water. “We’ll need to put some toothpaste on this.” you said.


“Trust me, it works on burns.” you say as you wipe his hand gently with a cloth. “You okay?" 

"I am now.” he says and you look up at him, catching him gazing at you with a loving expression. You sighed as an understanding passed between your gazes.  "Come on.“ you said and Hobi smiled despite the pain, loving how you’re talking to him…and holding onto him. <3

Hope this was okay :) I love you too dongsaengiee~ ^.^


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unnieeee how do you feel abiut Sung Ji? ;_; Are you still on team Blonde? ;_; FOR ME, IT'S TEAM BLONDE FOREVER

Yes team blonde, but! that is only bc Su-min and Sung-ji seem to have the same love for each other. As for Se-ju, she is basically living on old love that Su-min clearly moved on from but Su-min still loves Se-ju but in a different kind of love. 

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Unnieeee! I love your account even though I'm a new follower. Okay well I want an exo reaction of them meeting their girlfriend's scary dad. Anyways thank you and a big kiss to you!!! :*

bang-tan-me-bts I made something close to that already but I’ll try to make something with this!


Baekhyun; He gets scared at every move your dad makes

Chanyeol; He wants to talk but he doesn’t dare to

Chen; Funky Chenchen has no fear

D.O.; What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?

Kai; You forgot to mention your dad was a former wrestler

Kris; Tries to give a good first impression and acts cool and mysterious

Lay; He doesn’t know what to say so he chooses to stay quiet

Luhan; Cutely listen to everything you dad says even though he’s bored

Sehun; What if he doesn’t like me? But he has to like me! Should I use aegyo? *thinking thinking*

Suho; He too scary abort mission abort mission!!!

Tao; Your dad collects bugs

Xiumin; Fearless diva!min has arrived


I hope you enjoyed it! xD Xiumin’s was so random I’m sorry x’D