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*claps hands together*

Opinions, dude
Personal preferences, dude

Isn’t this the Internet, people behind screens and not random souless bastards?
I’m not on anyone’s side but, this isn’t the first time this has happened. 
Even though, I believe it’s one of the first times in the EW fandom though..?

Many other fandoms have those kinds of ships. Some hate them, some love and praise them. But is it really people should callout others about? What about DMs? Wouldn’t the situation be settled if they TALKED like normal people instead of one of them starting it off as PUBLIC??

You can’t just,, do that man,, That’s like me calling out *I dont wanna insult this tumblr, but they’re also a famous eddsworld artist* that has drawn Rick x Morty *sexually* in the past (and a few unnerving DHMIS things on their old account, which is deleted now) 

But I have NOT SEEN a SINGLE POST about them being a  “Pedophile that is turned on by insest”??

I’m just confused
What even is ‘Tumblr’

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of course but what i'm saying is that what if the anon was referring to cases where people identify as asexual but occasionally have relationships/crushes, as this is something that i've always wanted to understand

The info is out there but clearly you cba to go and find it yourself so here we go.

Sexual attraction, romantic attraction, aesthetic attraction, and touch aversion are all elements of sexuality, but are particularly relevant to asexuals because often they differ and contrast. Look up those terms.

Here’s an example. A person may be not be sexually attracted to anyone, therefore asexual, but may be romantically attracted to girls, meaning they like girls in a romantic way, but not a sexual way. They may want to date girls, have relationships and crushes, but cannot and will never be able to see girls or anyone in a sexual way. This can still be a very scary and unnerving thing to learn about yourself, if you enter a relationship and your partner expects you to have sex with them, even though you don’t really want to or can’t see them in that way.

The lesson here: just because someone who identifies as ace has a crush or gets into relationships doesn’t mean their life is super easy and they’ve happily escaped all the emotional pain that comes with being ace.

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It's probably too late but 10-20 pharmercy?

I don’t know a ton about the ship but I’ll try!!

Who likes sweet/ Who likes sour?

Pharah likes sweet stuff, I think. I bet Jesse brought her candy or other sweet snacks all the time when she was younger. Maybe Reinhardt, too? Angela’s into sour stuff.

Who likes horror movies/ Who likes romance movies?

I think they’d both like horror movies! Angela seems like the type to criticize all the medical inaccuracies, while Fareeha would notice all the tactical errors the characters made (see: splitting up).

Who is considered the scaredy cat?

I don’t think either of them. They both do pretty dangerous stuff. I’d say Fareeha gets unnerved by things like bugs, but she’s not really scared.

Who kills the spiders?

Angela, because she’s pragmatic and takes care of it immediately.

Who is scared of the dark?

Angela? Maybe. I’m not sure!

Who is scared of thunderstorms?

Both of them are fliers, so the thought of being out in a thunderstorm in the Raptora or Valkyrie suits is probably nerve-wracking. 

Who works/ Who stays at home?

Neither! They’re both out in the field.

Who is a cat person/ Who is a dog person?

I think Fareeha would love both dogs and cats, while Angela definitely prefers cats.

Who loves to call the other one cute names?

Fareeha has a ton of cute nicknames for Angela, but they’re also all puns.

Who is dominant/ Who is submissive?

Don’t really feel comfy answering this one! ^^;

The Signs as Weasley's Wizard Wheezes Products
  • Aries: Weasley's Wildfire Whiz-Bangs; a large collection of magical fireworks
  • Taurus: Extendable Ears; used to eavesdrop on private conversations through a magically enhanced ear 
  • Gemini: Boxing Telescope; when squeezed, gives the user a black eye which is almost impossible to remove (comes with Bruise Removal Paste)
  • Cancer: Patented Daydream Charms; creates highly realistic, virtually undetectable daydreams
  • Leo: Skiving Snack Box; a box filled with sweets designed to make the user ill so they can get out of class
  • Virgo: Headless Hats; used to scare unsuspecting victims by making the wearer's head (and hat) disappear
  • Libra: Sneakoscope; light up, whistle and scream when someone nearby is doing something untrustworthy 
  • Scorpio: Weather In A Bottle; unleashes a multitude of furious storms when the bottle is uncapped
  • Sagittarius: Trick wands; turn into a variety of unnerving things when waved
  • Capricorn: Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder: creates an unpenatrable cloud of darkness when thrown into the air
  • Aquarius: Pygmy Puffs; specially bred miniature puffskeins (make wonderful pets)
  • Pisces: Portable Swamp; creates a terribly large and smelly swamp around the user when detonated
janiemcpants replied to your post “oh my god So Romanced!Tali still comes over to Shepard’s apartment and…”

I’ve always envisioned Fleet and Flotilla as a Bollywood-style musical, so I can’t tell you how happy this news makes me.

I get the vague impression there is both a musical and a non-musical version, somehow?

But yeah, there’s definitely a musical, and Tali’s undoubtedly well-loved deluxe collector edition has a SINGALONG MODE, and she knows all the songs by heart, and will joyfully sing them at her human boyfriend who is baffled and just slightly unnerved by the whole thing.

..when I was still in One Direction, fans would write stories based on me and the other lads and publish them online. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty unnerving reading things about yourself as a character from somebody else’s imagination – but it’s cool to see that so many fans engaged with the band on their own terms. It’s crazy to think that we inspired so many different stories and the opportunity for so much creativity from so many people all over the world. My favourite stuff, personally, is fan art. I love seeing how many different ways people interpret my lyrics and my style, and it’s so cool that they share that with me. It’s also weirdly touching to see how many talented people out there choose to apply that talent to something connected with me and my music. It’s really humbling.
—  Excerpt from Zayn’s book.
I want horror that spends less time trying to scare me

and more time unnerving me by presenting things in a context that shows the character / setting thinks they are completely unremarkable and relatable, but are actually horrifying

the best example of this is actually from a comedy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, where one character says to another “I’m having – this is crazy – I am having feelings again. Like some kind of fourteen year old kid or something. You remember feelings, right?”

if Dennis Reynolds were being written like an SCP wiki entry, he’d be showing off how he was an unemotional sociopath and going out of his way to say “Boo, I don’t have emotions, that makes me scary because you can’t predict what I will do by asking yourself what you would do!” Instead, he clearly assumes everyone is like him, and reveals his scary trait in a fashion you talk about things you think are universal experiences.

I want a horror movie that is shot and edited like a teen comedy that just reveals the world it takes place in is fundamentally not right and the things the characters and the movie itself think are hashtag #relatable.

imagine dialogue like “Cheryl, you can’t just put down ‘self-injury’ as one of your hobbies! That’s like those Japanese girls who say their hobby is sleeping!”

or imagine a pastel, simplistic children’s book about what an important and special job it is to be chosen as a human sacrifice

a character writes down a phone number on the back of a piece of junk mail, the camera lingering on it long enough to show that A: it is an advertisment for lobotomy services as an alternative to suicide and B: the character thinks this is so completely unremarkable that it doesn’t deserve any thought or comment

I suppose this could go well with that idea that some Onion articles are dispatches from a universe where everyone has such crushing, crippling depression that it doesn’t warrant mentioning


Have you ever accidentally thought up an AU that’s just wrong enough to make you sort of uncomfortable? Well, that was me the moment I realized that both Nicodemus and Michael are both referred to as Knights, and therefore there’s nothing stopping me from making a Knightswap AU. And so, I present to you Denarian Power Couple Michael and Charity, as Knight of the Cross Nicodemus and Badass Mom Tessa.

I’m not really sure what I was hoping to accomplish with this AU, but making the art for it was a treat all by itself. Y’know, if you ignore the fact that Nick looking genuinely happy is kind of unnerving.

Here are some things that have been on my mind a lot while drawing these:

  • I redesigned Michael with the intention of making Uriel his Fallen. That’s absolutely terrifying.
  • If Uriel is Michael’s Fallen, that leaves Anduriel to be protector of Nicodemus’ family. We’d get to see mortal Anduriel showing up to a shootout with a knife while covered in pancake flour.
  • Nicodemus and Michael’s last names seem really out of place if they don’t get swapped too, considering that one is pretty villainous sounding and the other is totally harmless. And yet, Michael Archleone and Nicodemus Carpenter both sound ridiculous.
  • Winter Lady Deirdre
  • This makes Nick Harry’s best friend I guess??
  • Denarian Charity would be nightmare material
  • Molly would be the one sacrificed at the Gate of Blood
I gaze at her perfect skin, unable to suspend my disbelief. One of the more unnerving things about Anderson is that no photographer has ever done her justice; in the flesh, she is 10 times more exquisite than on the page – today, as I now point out, being no exception. “Ah,” she says, tugging her hair. “I did a shoot yesterday. I had a blow-dry and I didn’t take off the make-up properly. That’s all this is.
Post- Apocalypse - Michael Clifford [FLUFF] (Part 2)

Heavily requested when I first wrote it.

(part one)

A/N: I have a kind of good plot for this

Word Count - 1347

Everything is silent. You’re terrified, both terrified and calm at the same time which is strange to you. The room around you is confusing, monitors and wires everywhere, but the most unnerving thing is the fact that you feel a tightness inn your chest that makes you breathe deeper.

The door slides open and in walks Sergeant Clifford, now dressed in cotton trousers, slipper shoes and a tight vest in the same grey tone, a lot more simplistic and a lot more attractive with the vest now showcasing the littering on tattoos up his arms. You didn’t know before if Michael was conventionally attractive or whether the fact that you hadn’t seen a guy, or anyone, for years meant the first guy you saw had immediate appeal to you but looking now you’re certain you’re probably not the only one thinking this way; which is why you are disheartened when you realize that he’s probably married or something by now.

“Hey,” you hear him say as he walks towards you. You wave back but he stops when you see him come into contact with a glass wall. “Of course quarantine”

You stand from the bed and find that you’re in a weird gown and you move to the glass where he is stood. You sit down and he crouches too trying to catch your eyes and when he discovers he can’t he realizes that you’re probably terrified.

“Do you understand what’s going on?” he asks.

You shake your head.

“Shall I explain?”

You nod.

He leans against the glass, “They’ve created this safe place after identifying the bacterial source of the zombie disease. The bacteria is no where to be found but they’re not certain whether you possess the bacteria yet, so I’m not allowed to make contact with you but I promise that I will not leave you, no matter what”

You take a deep breath and suddenly feel like you don’t have enough air.

“Are you okay, you’re breathing intensely?” he asks.

You shake your head, “I can’t breathe”

Slowly your lungs get tighter and tighter. Michael gets up and you hear a lot of screaming and soon you feel two arms around you lifting you again, after that you feel that you’re getting drowsy and you pass out.

Now you’re asleep, without the energy to wake up, but Michael hasn’t left, he’ll always keep his word. He stays stationed across the glass just waiting for you to open your eyes, wishing he could be there with you, realizing he’s growing attached to someone he found.

Days pass and you’re stuck with a feeding tube and a breathing mask to keep you alive, Michael has still hardly moved.

“Clifford,” Private Hemmings says walking into the room, “I didn’t think you’d still be here, they need you for another patrol”

“Tell them until I know that she’s 100% okay I’m not leaving her, I stand by my promises,” he doesn’t look away from you.

“What’s wrong with her?” he asks.

“She’s been used to the contaminated air for so long now that the clean air was a complete shock to her system and her lungs couldn’t function well enough,” Michael explains.

“So is she going to wake up?”

Michael shrugs, “God I hope so”

Luke sighs, “I’ll deal with patrol duty, it can’t be hard to cover for it”

Days pass again but Michael grows more and more upset with the idea of you possibly never waking up. That is until one day an entourage of doctors appear in the room.

“She should be waking up soon,” one doctor says, opening the door to the glass containment room.

“Waking up?” Michael jumps up.

“Yes, Sergeant”

“Is she okay, can she come out yet?” Michael seems excited all of a sudden.

“She will be released into the new world, yes, the bacteria she possesses isn’t harmful as far as we’re aware, she’ll be under close monitoring but other than that she should be okay,” the third doctor speaks.

Once inside one of the doctors press a few buttons and the glass partition lowers. Michael launches himself into the chair next to your bed and takes your hand as he watches the screens change, soon your eyes flutter open.

You have to speak to numerous doctors; you’ll have to come back for bi weekly check ups and you will also have to take with you a small oxygen container until you are completely used to the air but eventually you are allowed to leave.

Once out of the hospital block you find yourself in a long corridor with glass windows along either side. You look out and you see a building that stretches for miles at least, towering meters and meters into the air, you can’t even see the top or where the building ends, and all surrounding is a fence,beyond that fence, a barren wasteland.

“It’s crazy isn’t it,” Michael creeps up behind you.

“You all stay in here?” you ask, instinctively griping the hand rail.

“There are a 30,000 of us here at least, we have everything we could possibly need here,” Michael explains.

“How long?”

He leans next to you, “What do you mean?”

“How long have people been here?” you elaborate.

“I’ve been here 8 years now and I’ve been here since there were less than 100, I was 15 at the time and we had to build a defense mechanism, it grew from there,” he explains.

Tears tickle your eyes as you realize that all the time you’ve been hiding away lone, perfecting your own defenses, you could have been safe, you could have been here.

“Are you okay?” he asks, a light hand touching yours.

“I was so alone and I could have been here and safe; a part of me blames this place, an even bigger part of me lames myself and the worst art of me blames you,” you begin to howl.

“No, no, no, come here,” he envelopes you in a hug. “Don’t blame anyone, it’s just an unfortunate set of events, in fact, blame me, I don’t care, if that’s what makes you feel better”

“Sorry I’m a mess,” you wipe your tears.

“Don’t worry, you’ve been through a lot,” he adds.

“So, how does this place work, where do we go? Where do I stay?” you say quietly.

“Well this is really rare, normally we’re assigned our own places when we’re 18 but obviously you missed that so… you can stay with me if you like?”

“That would be okay?”

“Yeah, the authority means I have a pretty big apartment in the housing blocks anyway, it’d be nice to have someone around,” Michael grins.

You nod. He takes you through the building down several corridors and staircases to a set of turnstiles.

Once through Michael has you sit down in a weird pod, “This’ll get us to the housing blocks, just click the right button”

“This is so high tech,” you mutter.

He nods along.

After getting you into his apartment he rushes around to get things a little more ordered, “I’ll get you some clothes from down at textiles if you want to take a shower”


When you emerge with the new comfortable clothes Michael is waiting.

“Much better right?” he smiles nervously.

You nod. Right now you have a million thoughts running around your head though, things that popped up to you while showering and all of them you want to ask Michael, bit instead you decide to remain calm and start slow.

“Did you actually wait for me to wake up that whole time?” you ask, standing in front of him.

He stands, “Yeah I said I wouldn’t leave you, I wasn’t going to lie about that”

“Why though?” you look at your feet.

“I don’t know..” he moves closer. “I may like you a little”

The space suddenly closes between you and his lips meet yours. The whole room feels electric and you feel yourself getting lighter and lighter, this new world will be so much better than the last.


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