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Bruce Timm’s drawing style is the animator’s dream because it’s got semi-realistic, “full body” proportions while still being ridiculously quick and easy to draw, because Bruce Timm utilizes simple but effective lines to create a full picture

Simple but effective. You can break each character down into simple shapes and use a minimal number of strokes to create a complete character

Even if there’s detail, you don’t spend as much time on it as you would regularly because Timm’s style is so economic when it comes to shapes and silhouettes

With just a few simple lines and shapes, a tweak in size here and there, the decision to use squares instead of circles or triangles instead of curves, you get so much character diversity without wasting any effort on unnecessary strokes or complex detail

Bruce Timm’s style is fantastic 

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Roast the Galil, I dare ya.

A hastily-made Israeli clone of the no-changes-needed-why-are-you-even-fucking-about-with-it AK-47*, the Galil’s biggest improvement over its parent weapon is the addition of a fucking bottle opener.

For bonus stupidity the safety selector isn’t standardized across all models - on some of them, back is semi-auto, middle is auto, and forward is safe and on others it’s reversed. Why? Fuck if I know. I can really only see two possibilities here:

1) There were parallel development efforts and the two teams hated each other and didn’t talk, and the fact that anything at all is similar between models is pure luck.


2) As the base design evolved people started dicking about because they needed to feel useful and reversing the selector hit that sweet spot of “safe enough to not break anything” and “significant enough to not go unnoticed.”

Thinking about it as I write this, option 2 seems more and more likely because that basically describes the Galil as a whole: someone took a thing that already existed and met their needs, and then started fucking about making unnecessary changes to stroke their own ego and pretend they performed some kind of useful service.

*If you want to get anal it’s actually based on the Finnish Rk 62, but that itself was directly based on the AK-47 so really it’s just Kalashnikovs all the way down.

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How do you then get straight lines without any unnecessary strokes?

Background pinpoint straight lines I use a ruler. But with characters I just have a lot of practice with getting those lines straight. And I use quick strokes.

Reasons to Not Give Up on Bellarke

Some of y’all were feeling a little disheartened at the prospect of Bellarke after the season 3 finale, so I decided to make this list of reasons why you shouldn’t lose faith in the ship.  Feel free to add on!

  • We can start with the obvious, they’re in the same geographical location at the end of s3
  • “I trust you”
  • “I believe you”
  • Bestow forgiveness and understanding upon the other
  • It’s thrown in Clarke’s face that she worries about Bellamy more than her other friends
  • It’s thrown in Bellamy’s face he’s more devoted to Clarke than he was to Gina
  • The only time they completely lose it and/or beg is when the other is in an immensely perilous situation
  • Are completely open and vulnerable around each other, yet keep their walls up to some degree with everyone else
  • The Head and the Heart metaphor
  • 3x02 (which was basically like a Bellarke fanfiction…except it was canon)
  • Have the most intimate and emotional hugs in a show filled with emotional hugs
  • Are, in canon, compared to canon romantic relationships
  • Lots of unnecessary touching (face stroking, anyone?)
  • “Start with Bellamy Blake”
  • Ability to make each other smile and/or comfort the other in dire moments
  • Lengthy stares, often to check up on the other
  • A very high amount of nonverbal communication in general
  • Heart eyes
  • Lots, and lots of heart eyes (just look)

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