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Of you and him... (Detective Loki X Reader)~Jake Gyllenhaal~ Part 1

Summary :

Prisoners Movie AU. The story begins before what happened in the film. It’s basically a complicated love one between the main character, Detective Loki and you.

A/N - I don’t know if anyone is even interested in reading this but , I’m basically obsessing with this character now. Enjoy!

Relationship: Detective Loki X Reader (Jake Gyllenhaal)

Rating : Mature (Please do not read if you are under-aged)[eventual smut]

WARNINGS ! : violence, harassment, sadness, orphan, , consensual sex, unprotected sex, fighting, cursing, blood, graphic scenes, stabbing, stalking, reader is afraid of ghosts, use of alcohol, mentions of death. (will complete if I think of more - please let me know if I missed some)

CopyRight: I do not own Detective Loki, Prisoners nor any of the other characters mentioned in this story.  No copyright infringement is intended.

PART 1 - How you met

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How did you get yourself into this situation?

You wonder looking blankly ahead into the two way mirror glass. You know they can see you…

Your hands are in your lap, the cold metal squeezing your skin but at least they didn’t cuff your arms behind your back. An excruciating pain pierces at the top of your nose, you can feel the blood dripping from your nostrils but you know it’s not broken. You feel the need to sneeze, blow your nose but there’s no napkin and it would only make things worse.

God, you must look awful.

“No good deed goes unpunished” resonates in your mind, almost amusing you. Nevertheless , you can’t understand why you were thrown here into this interrogation room like a criminal, no words, no explanations. The officer that brought you in, ignored you completely as you tried to explain yourself in the car.

A tear finds its own way down your cheek. You’re slowly breaking down. You’re not a weak person, not even by far, but all this wrongful situation makes you want to cry….for the moment at least because not many minutes pass before anger invades your body, again. You stand up frowning and the chair screeches against the floor. You look at it for a second before kicking it down with a grunt. ‘Why are you keeping me here’ you rush towards the mirror ‘I know you can see me, assholes’ you intertwine your fingers together and start banging at it, but not that hard. ‘I have the right to a phone call’ you bang again.

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married life with jeon jungkook
  • “honey can you pass me the salt?”
  • “omg you called me honey”
  • “…jungkook we’re married.”
  • hysterical laughter from the both of you
  • sleeping in late together
  • later having to rush around to get ready on time
  • fights for the toilet 
  • being late to dates 
  • randomly pulling ugly faces at each other
  • competitions
  • lots of competitions
  • everything is a competition
  • you’d be minding your own business folding laundry 
  • “I bet I can fold clothes faster than you” 
  • or even washing dishes
  • “I bet I can wash dishes faster than you” 
  • or maybe reading a book
  • “I bet I can read faster than you” 
  • tickle fights 
  • wrestling matches 
  • him accidentally elbowing your face and you crying from pain
  • him letting you win 
  • when you’re sick he’d baby you so much
  • “are you feeling better?”
  • “have you taken your medicine baby?” 
  • you’d enjoy being sick because he would sweet-talk so much more than usual
  • forehead kisses
  • random nose booping
  • him yapping to the other members showing you off
  • “y/n is such a good wife you know the other day she–”
  • “jungkook we’ve heard the same thing 949393953 times” 
  • “oh.” 
  • smug smirks 
  • unnecessary smugness 
  • “why did you just wink at me”
  • “why not lol” 
  • you having to pass the towel to him because he forgot to take it into the bathroom
  • him randomly walking around shirtless
  • “omg jungkook at least put on a shirt!” would you ever really say that tho
  • he’d walk up to you with an eyebrow raised
  • “you don’t like what you see?” 
  • fucking smug lil’ fetus

yoongi ver

Sometimes You Just Gotta Murder a Guy

(Scout gets drunk at an impromptu party and gives Piper an interview on what their very first stupid thought was upon meeting some of the companions. Hancock braces himself for something about his face, but they get really sweet on him instead and everyone has to leave the room because they’re such mushy, sappy babies. 3,723 words, some T language)


Scout was pleasantly drunk, the kind of drunk where they wanted to get cuddly with whoever was nearby and their voice volume was permanently on max. Luckily, all their other friends were various stages of drunk—or just a little bit high, in Hancock’s case—so their own snuggly intoxication wasn’t too embarrassing.

“So you’d just come out of the Vault, yeah?” Piper said, smiling with flushed cheeks.

“You already did this interview, Pipes,” Scout replied with a giggle.

“No, no, no, not this interview,” Piper protested. “I wanna—I wanna know what you first thought about us. Prezzy’s the first you met, right?”

The Minuteman in question tipped up his cowboy hat with the neck of the beer he held so he could see what was going on when he heard his name. He’d been leaning back against the wall of the big shack Scout had insisted on building and then never done anything with. To be fair, things had been busy lately, and this large empty space turned out to be a perfect gathering spot for the impromptu party. Scout scooted away from their spot against the wall to get closer to Preston and nearly ended up falling in his lap.

“Yeah, this guy,” they said, patting his face with their hand and almost knocking off his hat. “I met ‘im, and then I met a deathclaw. He was a lot nicer.”

“Ooh, I can see the headline now,” Piper said, spreading her hands out in the air in front of her. “Preston Garvey, nicer than a deathclaw.”

Nick and Hancock snickered at that, while Danse kept quiet and nursed his beer. He didn’t know how to proceed at a civilian party, and his body felt all out of proportion without his power armor on.

“What’d you think of that, kid?” Nick asked.

Scout turned and blinked at him. “The deathclaw?”

“No, no,” Piper cut in. “I’m asking the questions here. What’d you think of Preston? C'mon, give me your first thought, the very first thing that went through your head.”

Scout didn’t even have to think about it. “OK, so cowboys still exist.”

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Want you (Simon Request)

“Right you ready to go babe?” You ask Simon, coming into the bedroom.
“Yeah I’m ready” He grins, slinging the rucksack over his shoulder.
You and your boyfriend were about to head to the gym as he had recently decided that he wanted to build up his body. Being a healthy person yourself, you were happy to help him and made sure he stuck to his schedule.
You got into his car to drive to your gym and were quickly in the big room of all the equipment. To Simon, the environment was still a little new so he generally stayed close to wherever you were.
Today, you had opted to wear a PINK crop top with Nike leggings and a loose Nike vest over the top. And began with the treadmill.
“Hey (y/n)” One of your friends, Ben, smiles when he sees you there after only 20 minutes working.
“Hi” You reply, “How are you?”
“Energetic now but I think I’ll be saying something different when I’m finished" He chuckles.
You slow down the pace of the machine to a stop to finish your warm up, “Yeah I could say the same”
Simon is already preparing at the weights so you head over, Ben following behind.
“Oh babe this is Ben, Ben this is Simon” You smile, going to your correct weight and lifting up a pair.
“Hey” Simon smiles, lifting up his own pair and starting to lift with them.
“Maybe you should try doing this more” Ben suggests, moving Simon’s arms to the correct positioning, “Looks like your girlfriend seems to know what she’s doing”
Your boyfriend watches him but doesn’t care to reply and you can tell something’s wrong.
Ben goes to grab a set of much heavier weights and begins his own workout with them
Simon glares daggers at him and you see his eyes flit towards his reflection in the wall of mirrors in front of him. The weights drop to the mat and he walks away, leaving Ben with an unnecessary smirk on his face and you with high concern.
Something about Ben had always annoyed you. He always spoke to you too much and was far too cocky for you liking. And this make you hate him even more.
“Wipe the smirk off your face dickhead” You snap and follow your boyfriend
You find Simon sat in the corridor connecting the changing rooms to the gym room itself and he looks distressed. He has his elbows resting on his knees and his hands clasped in front of him.
“There you are” You sigh, sitting beside him, “Don’t listen to that guy honestly, he’s just an ass”
“Well I should listen to you, you know what you’re doing” He imitates sarcastically.
“Simon there’s nothing to get upset about honestly” You comment.
“Look I’m really just not in the mood to be here okay? Can we go home?” He sighs, dragging a hand through his hair.
“Babe I-” You begin.
“Now?” He finishes impatiently.
“Yeah… Okay” You say quietly, going to grab your bag.
The journey home is silent. Simon’s hands grip the steering wheel too tight to turn his knuckles white and his eyes stare too harshly into the dark, empty road in front of him. His lips don’t aimlessly move to the lyrics of the music on the speakers nor do his fingers tap to the beat whenever possible. This wasn’t normal Simon.
As soon as you get home, he hurries upstairs without a word, automatically getting into the shower and leaving you stood defeated.
You opt for heading to JJ’s room to hopefully use his shower.
“Hey Jide” You smile, tiredly, “Can I use your shower?”
“Umm yeah of course” He spins round in his chair, “What’s happened?”
JJ had a habit of doing this with you. He noticed the change in your usually happy face. He noticed the change in your tone of voice. He noticed the way you tried to avoid any explanation. He certainly knew something was wrong.
“Simon’s acting weird. I honestly don’t have much else to say” You sigh, arms hung at your sides, “He got annoyed at something at the gym and said he wanted to come home. Not even half an hour there”
“He’s probably just in that asshole mood” JJ shrugs, “He’ll get over it when he realises he’s being stupid”
“Yeah I know” you nod, “I’ll see you in a bit. Thanks Jide"
Whenever Simon acted like this, it always put you in a negative mood. Especially when you felt as though you hadn’t done anything wrong and he ‘took it out on you’. Simply because he then didn’t speak to you and there was nothing you could do about it. If he did actually speak he was just blunt and he wouldn’t be one to speak anything more than a few words. And he certainly wouldn’t think about telling you what was wrong for a while at least.
You stayed in the shower longer than normal, generally because it gave you a reason not to be in the awkward atmosphere of your shared bedroom. However, you finally got out and wrapped one of JJ’s towels around your body and headed outside.
“Thanks JJ” You smile and he waves you goodbye.
“Don’t worry about Simon honestly. And if he is still being a dick, you’ve always got a place in this bed” He chuckles.
“Shut up Olajide” You roll your eyes and close the door behind you, heading to your own room
When you get upstairs, Simon is sat in his chair with headphones over his ears though nothing happening on the screen in front of him.
You head to the bed and grab a sdmn hoodie and a pair of shorts from your collection and take a place on the bed, pulling out your laptop.
After only a few moments of silence, your boyfriend pipes up.
“So who is that Ben guy?” He questions, not turning to look at you.
“Just some guy from the gym. We seem to go at the same times and he finds that a reason to talk to me. I’ve never much liked the guy” You reply.
“Didn’t seem like that today” He mutters and you despise his tone.
“It’s called being polite Simon” You stand your ground, not accepting his accusations.
“Well you know, I don’t blame you. He’s got the muscle and he knows how to actually lift weights” He mentions, an obvious dig at how the boy had acted previously.
“That’s got nothing to do with me has it?” You state, “You’re being ridiculous”
“I’m being ridiculous?!” He raises his voice slightly at though surprised, “Maybe you need to realise I don’t particularly like to watch my girlfriend flirting with random guys in the gym!” He exclaims.
“Oh yeah because that’s really what was happening” You scoff, “Go fuck yourself Minter”
You stand from the bed and grab your laptop, phone and earphones from the side, heading to the door.
“where are you going?” He questions, clearly knowing his mistake.
“JJ’s room, maybe where I won’t be accused of bullshit” You snap, slamming the door behind you and hating to think of the sorrowful look in his eyes as you did.
~~~Time Skip~~~
It was easy to not see someone in this house. The boys spent the majority of time in their rooms editing or filming and didn’t come out unless they were hungry or were collabing with someone. So, you were welcomed into Jides room and set yourself up on the couch besides his protests that you could have the bed instead.
You went to ‘sleep’ at a general hour for you but your mind still forced your tired eyes to stare blankly up to the ceiling. Why would Simon think you had been flirting? Did he really think you would? Or more importantly, did he think you’d cheat? It all seemed ridiculous to you. And you wished you could’ve stayed to try to explain yourself but in that moment, you’d never been so hurt. It wasn’t like you to get offended by much but that certainly hit hard.
He could be the one to apologise.
As the early hours of the afternoon fell over London, JJ rose from his slumber in the most difficult way possible as though battling with himself to leave the comfort of his bed.
“Sleep well?” He asks, voice hoarse with sleep.
“Brilliant” You lie, standing up and pulling your sdmn hoodie over you. Technically it was Simon’s but it was just so much cosier than yours that you couldn’t resist. It smelt of him.
You head over to the door and downstairs to the kitchen, hoping a glass of water or a coffee would at least wake you up a little.
Though your peace is soon interrupted by a certain Mr Minter.
“There you are” He announces quietly.
“Good conversation opener” You say bluntly, “We’re all in the same building so I think your statement is kind of invalid”
“Alright smartass” He chuckles, “It’s a figure of speech”
“Will that be all?” You raise your brows, stirring a spoon aimlessly around the liquid in your mug.
“No come on we need to at least talk” He sighs
“And say what? That I shouldn’t have spoken to him? Or maybe you’re now annoyed at me talking to JJ?” You turn to face him now, releasing your annoyance.
“Say that I was a dickhead would be a start”
“I’m listening” You smirk.
“Im sorry for thinking you were flirting with that guy” He sighs, “I was being stupid honestly”
“Why would you think that Simon?” You ask, “Why would it even cross your mind that I would even think of that guy in that way?”
“I was being ridiculous” He comments, “I just saw how he was. He was muscly and he knew what he was doing and I just… I don’t know”
“But babe I love you for you” You stand up, walking over to him, “I don’t care if you’re some 20 stone guy or a mad muscly man. I don’t care. I love you"
“Why do you have to be so cute babygirl?” He sighs linking his fingers with yours.
“Trust me, that Ben is a dick. I want a guy that’s about 7ft taller than me and makes me laugh and gets secretly annoyed when I beat him in a game. I want you and that’s what I’m more than happy with believe me"
“I love you beautiful” He mumbles and presses his strong lips against yours, “So are you staying in our room again tonight?”
“Yeah, JJ kept kicking me in his sleep last night…” you trail off, a smirk on your face knowing Simon would hate the thought of that, “I’m kidding but that couch was still pretty uncomfortable”
He chuckles and kisses you again.

Full "Stern" Interview with Mario & Marco

Mr. Götze, how was 2011 for Marco Reus?

Mario: Many goals for his club, avoided the descent with Mönchengladbach, matches with our national team. He can go on like this.
Marco: Oh, national team?! But I was injured most of the time. Now I have to be friendly too: Became Champion, on top with Borussia Dortmund. He even showed great performance from time to time. *smiles*

Are you satisfied with this year?

Marco:  You can always improve, and that’s what we want to do. But I'm satisfied with what I have achieved so far, yes. It should not seems like you would rest, because that’s not true. 
Mario: Yeah, you don’t do this. Maybe our fans feel different about it, but for me as a football player the championship is far away. 

Did your status on the pitch changed during this year?

Mario: I always feel that the rivals adapt to me better than before. 

Does defenders still wispers to you that you have only 5 minutes left?

Mario: *laughs* to live?

Until the next injury.

Mario: I’ve never experienced something like that. 
Marco: You won’t be offended with words on the pitch. The actions speaking for themseves. You will get injured or not. 

You both play in clubs with strong footballers but most of the time you were able to convince as a team. At the same time, you guys are known as players who make the difference. How important is a single player in times of modern football? 

Mario: Bacelona is a good example. They got many players with individual quality, but they make everything as a team anyways. I think both is important to be successful. 
Marco: They often talk about a main character. Maybe a single player can decide a game from time to time, but never the whole season. 

What made you two so successful, exept talent and luck?

Marco: Maybe your surprised when we don’t say: I wanted it so bad and I had the will. We had and have it of course too, but mainly it’s the fun we have.

At least that doesn’t sound like the type of footballer like Oliver Kahn.

Mario: Do you mean with Kahn that you always have to torment yourself?
Marco: I stick to it, it’s the fun. That you’re crazy for football and be passionate. 
Mario: Discipline and Disclaimer too, but I totally agree with Marco.
Marco: Mario even plays football down in the basement. 

In the basement?

Mario: We got a little pitch down there, perhaps 4x5 meters in size, with little gates. Me and my brothers play with a little plastic ball, but not as often as in the past.
Marco: although it would be necessary. *smirks widely at Mario*
Mario: I’ve invited Marco to a little match, but he doesn’t dare. *grins back*

So, Reus has a basement training deficit against Götze. Another difference between you is, that Mr. Reus was already at several clubs. 

Marco: I didn’t play in the first year of the B-Jugend at Borussia Dortmund, because the Trainer said he would set the players after their performence and skills.
Mario: That’s why you didn’t play.
Marco: You weren’t even born back this time! *laughs* In those days I already thought that I’m good enough and after a game against Ahlen I asked them if they wanted me, and the Trainer said yes. Basically I tranferred myself. Ahlen made me feel good.


Marco: Because I was finally allowed to play football. It hurts when you’re like 15,16 or 17 years old and you can’t play. That’s like a ban. I didn’t even cared that I played for the third class Ahlen instead of the first class Borussia Dortmund. 

Mr. Reus, you said you have to feel good to bring good performance. What does that mean?

Marco: When I moved to Mönchengladbach at the age of 20, I became part of a very young team, which helped a lot. Than of course the surroundings: family, girlfriend, manager. 

Mr. Götze, you still live with your parents. 

Mario: And it’s the most beautiful place to live. 
Marco: I live alone - and can’t complain. If you will ever move out…
Mario: What surely happens…
Marco: You will like it. And I even know why.
Mario: I love to cook.
Marco: That’s what I’m talking about! *both of them laughing hard*
Mario: No, let’s be serious. I have my family and friends here, so everything is fine.

Do you ever feel like your career went rapidly better and better?

Marco: I’m a late Bloomer compared with Mario.
Mario: I think you have to classify and process. When you’re surrounded by the right people, you can relativize everything.

Do you still have contact with some friends from the past?

Mario: Something changed. There are 2 or 3 friends who still see’s me like who I am. But there are some people too, who only wants to be friends with you because of your career. 
Marco: Those people who “always believed in you”. I know them too.

Do you get warily?

Mario: Yes.
Marco: It’s always difficult to find people you can trust. But that’s not a problem, I have enough good friends. 
Mario: When we are away with the team, we always sleep in expensive hotels and of course we spent a lot more money on clothes than other people at our age. That’s a fact. But we don’t spent all our money for expensive things, we still eat pizza for 7 euros. *laughs*

Do you get begging letters sometimes, like some lottery winners?

Mario: Nobody asked me for money yet. 

Mr. Reus,you watched a game from the tribune a few days ago, because of you toe-injury. You sat next to you girlfriend. (Mario is typing instantly something in his phone) Did you told her how everything runs and she said “ok I’m going to watch this game with you in the stadium, even the cameras filming and and taking photos of me”?

Marco: She is watching every game of my team at the stadium. This time I was injured and sat next to her. Sould I sat down 3 places away from her, or what? *laughs* That would’ve been quite unnatural. 

They wrote in the newspaper that you showed the love of your life.

Marco: She sat next to me in the stadium! After that we went together to the VIP room, but she left after a couple minutes. My family stays there after every game too. I think, you don’t have to overthink everything.

Mario(shows a picture from the newspaper on his smartphone. The photo shows how Marco kisses his girfriend.): “Marco Reus kissed his Caro tenderly on the tribune”. *laughs hard* 
Marco: Completely unnecessary to show that now, completely unnecessary. *smirks at Mario*

Do you feel in everyday life that footballers are role models too?

Mario: It’s not like I feel it every second. I don’t went to the christmas market and drink 5 cups of Glühwein of course, but I wouldn’t do this at home either.

Some professional footballers of Dortmund went to a concert of the politically incorrect and disputed Rapper Bushido. 

Mario: I wasn’t there.
Marco: I went to Söhne Mannheims in Oberhausen, they aren’t politically incorrent, right? 

Could you sing along without being filmed? Celebrities who are went out privately recover themselves on youtube sometimes. 

Marco: Nobody filmed me or recorded me… I think. I didn’t even danced or something like that. *laughs*
Mario: You’re just wearing a hat when you went out, that’s enough. 
Marco: We even play football in towns and live in towns where football is an pretty important thing. I don’t know Berlin that much, but I think football is more significant in Mönchengladbach and Dortmund than there.

We often read that many different clubs offer a lot of money to buy you too. Mr. Reus, the Fc Bayern woos you at the moment. How do you deal with that?

Marco: I’m not so much interested in reports like that. When I show performance and big clubs wanna buy me, I’m happy about it. 
Mario: It’s always great to hear that, of course. But the question is, how serious those articles are.

But of course, the representatives of major European clubs report their consultant Volker Struth and Dirk Hebel.

Marco: Yeah, sure and that’s what I’m a little bit more interested in. But I don’t ask Volker about new inquires every week and he don’t annoy me with it either. 
Mario: We are both pretty happy at our clubs. I don’t think I’ve send any signals that shows that I really wanna leave Borussia Dortmund.
Marco: When the newspapers wrote that Bayern wanted to buy me, something beautiful happened to me. I came to training and over my locker hung a poster with the words “Ulli, keep your money”. 

How would react your teammates when they read that Arsenal wants to pay 40 million euros for Mario? 

Marco: Then he gets spells in the cabin, that’s for sure. Plus some from me. *smirks*

Footballers and trainer always say they wanna focus on the next game. Do you really do that?

Marco: Ask someone from the Bundesliga against whom he will play in 5 weeks, he will need time to consider. 

How do you plan your own career?

Marco: It’s diffecult to really plan something, everything can happen in football. You have to convince every single day, during every training. When I wanna influence my career, theres no other way. I think, I really live for the moment. 
Mario: Me too. Of course I have some goals for the future, but I don’t put myself under pressure. 

And what about private things? Kids, for example, do you want some at the age of 30? 

Mario: Perfect question for Marco.
Marco: Thanks, you’re so kind. It can happen a little bit earlier, but it can wait. 

Mr. Götze, how will 2012 go for Marco Reus?

Mario: If he will marry? At least he will score a lot of goals and give some Assists. 
Marco: And Mario has to stay healthy and show, how good he is. I mean on the pitch, of course. *smirks*

‘You’ve never had a hamburger before?’ asks Christina, her eyes wide.

'No,’ I say. 'Is that what it’s called?’

'Stiffs eat plain food.’ Four says, nodding at Christina.

'Why?’ she asks.

I shrug. 'Extravagance is considered self-indulgent and unnecessary.

'She smirks. 'No wonder you left.’

'Yeah.’ I say, rolling my eyes. 'It was just because of the food.’

Pumpkin Carving

Miniprompt from anon: Pumpkin carving, it’s Cas’ first time so Dean tries to teach him and Cas ends up with the prettier pumpkin but thinks Dean’s pumpkin is better to save his pride and cuz Cas is a cool guy, idk.


“I don’t understand.” Cas grimaced as his hand plummeted into the orange goo. His face scrunched even deeper when he felt the chill that grasped his hand as his hand searched deeper into the pumpkin in need of scooping out the unnecessary filling.

Dean smirked as he watched carefully to the simple lines that defined Cas’ cheeks and forehead. It had been a tough year, with Castiel giving up his grace in order to be with Dean, and every second of it was spent meticulously showing Cas just how wonderful being a human was. When the end of October rolled around, pumpkin carving became Dean’s obsession with Cas.

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Hades/Persephone AU, Part 10


“You would think,  if we’re going to be running around a forest, they, whoever they are, would allow us some sandals at least." 

"Hm. Directors and gods have funny ways of handling things,” Oliver said, striding into the forest confidently. 

“You know, every time I see you, you’re wearing a bow and a quiver,” Felicity said, half-running to keep up. “Why’s that?" 

"They’re my weapons of choice,” Oliver said. 

“So when did you die, then? The 14th century?" 

Oliver turned back to her and lifted an eyebrow. "No." 

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Heat in the Cold. (Dean Imagine)

Request: Could you write something where the reader and Dean are following a lead and they get stuck in a giant freezer?

“Are you sure this is the right place?” You furrowed your brows together and held up the faulty flash light that was in your hand, hitting it with the other in hopes that it would brighten up, “I highly doubt a demon would hide in a backwoods restaurant. Too practical.”

“Exactly. Those sons of bitches are always in the last place you’d expect.” Dean smirked lightly, his jawline lit by the dim light he held as he continued to lead the way inside. You felt your heart flutter when he looked back to make sure you were alright, he did that often, and opened the front door, “You have your knife ready?”

You rolled your eyes and brushed past him, slightly bumping his arm with your own, “Don’t question me, Winchester.”

He was right behind you now, following quietly as you scoped out the dinning room of the restaurant, “Feisty today, aren’t we?”

“You love it.”

“I do.”

If it weren’t for the fact that the two of you were on a hunt, you would have let yourself fall into the question of wether or not he was actually flirting with you. Dean did that often, almost too often, and the second you let it show that you realized it, he pulled back.

“This area’s clear. Let’s check the kitchen.” His voice pulled you away from your thoughts, “If the demons not here after all, we’re going out to eat. I’m starving.”

“We still have to find it Dean, it’s killed twelve people already.” You gave him a side glance and tried not to smile to hugely at the way his bottom lip stuck out in a pout. One of the many things you secretly loved about him.

Both of you were quiet for a few moments and focused on finding the damn creature, but it was no where to be found. Dean checked his phone to make sure that you have arrived at the correct address Sam had texted to him, and you did, but that made it more frustrating.

“So it’s not here. Do we wait it out or come back another time?” You sighed and leaned against an oversized sink that was stacked with old rusty dishes, “There’s a motel a few blocks down, I saw it driving up here.”

“Let’s come back tomorrow night then, find a way to lure it to us over night. We can-” a crashing noise cut him off, and the two of you were now on full alert, “It’s coming from the freezer.” He whispered, stepping slightly in front of you, “Why didn’t we check the freezer?”

You pushed him forward, “Well if you get moving we can check it now.”

“Man, the attitude today is just unnecessary.” He smirked again, his green eyes lingering on you for a second too long before strolling over to the freezer and opening it, “Its dark in here.”

You rolled your eyes, “It’s called turning on the light Dean.”

“Y/N, I’m telling you, one more sassy comment and so help me-”

“What? I’ll be punished?”

Dean’s cheeks flushed as he ducked his head, and although you didn’t mean for your comment to be taken in any sexual way, you were glad you said it. He cleared his throat, “There’s nothing here.”

You held the door open and stuck your head in, glancing at a tall stack of boxes that rested near the back, “Check behind the-”

“Hold the door!”

But it was too late. By the time you had walked in and Dean reached for the door, it was shut and locked.


“Oh my g-”

“Why didn’t you hold it?!”


“Now we’re stuck here!”


“It’s fucking cold, Y/N! We’re gonna freeze to death and-”

“Dean shut the fuck up for one second! Use your phone and call Sam to come and get us.”

He made a small ‘oh’ sound and reached into his pocket, calling Sam and spilling out the details in a mumble. Forty minutes tops, Sam had said. This should be good.

You bit your lip as Dean stuffed his phone away, “Sorry about the door, I wasn’t thinking.”

"No, it’s fine. I would have done the same thing if you were in here before me.” He smiled softly, noticing you shiver, “Are you cold?”

A smirk spread across your face, “We’re stuck in a freezer, Dean. Of course I’m cold.”

“Alright that’s it.” He lunged towards you, catching your arm faster than you could get away and pinned you against the wall, “Say you’re sorry.”

You were laughing and trying to ignore the swarm of butterflies that flew through your stomach at the closeness between you two, “N-No!”

Dean was laughing too, but much softer when his eyes connected with yours. His smile fell and he didn’t look away as his state trailed down to your lips.

“What, are you gonna kiss me now?”

His eyes shot back up to yours and grew wider, but he didn’t pull away.

“Because you can,” You swallowed hard and looked at his lips, “If you want.”

So he did. It wasn’t a surprise, because he leaned in slow, but it was worth the wait. Deans hand reached up to cup your face as his lips moved in synch with yours. You could feel his other hand grip your waist and pull you closer as your arms wrapped around his neck. The kiss would have lasted longer if it weren’t for you shivering and pulling away.

“S-Sorry, it’s c-cold.” Your teeth chattered but you still smiled up at him, “That was c-cute.”

He laughed and shook his head, pulling you into his arms, “Sam should be here soon. I’ll keep you warm.”

“Smooth.” You grinned up at him and pecked his lips before tucking your head below his neck, “I’ve been waiting for you to do that for months now, just so you know.”

Dean stiffened for a second, “Why haven’t you said anything?”

“I didn’t think you would want to.”

“You’re stupid.”


The two of you laughed and Deans hands rubbed up and down against your back, “Are you feeling warmer?”

“Yes.” You lied, looking back up at him again, “You can kiss me again if you want.”

“You don’t even have to ask.”

Who knows how long you both were locking lips for, because Sam was the one who interrupted you with a groan and, “It took being stuck in a freezer for you two to figure your shit out?”

Maybe it did, and you were definitely grateful for it.