unnecessary products


I thought about making a gifset for this, but far be it from me to take away from you the joy of listening to the Twinkle Tush theme song.

I kinda wish the hideout got more customized/home-y each time you returned there….like banners/flags hanging around, rugs on the floor, bedrolls and personal items sitting out, lanterns….that kind thing. Like just a little at first but more and more as you add people

It would have been a nice little touch (although I’m sure it would have been too much unnecessary work in production, plus pirates have to be ready to move camp fast….but hey, I can dream)

UNDER HYPED: Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer

Smashbox is my favourite brand when it comes to primers, they’ve got everything from colour correcting to oily controlling and line reducing versions  and even one for the under eye area. An under-eye primer may seem like just “another” product to buy and another unnecessary product to add into your beauty routine, but the results are oh so worth it. Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer has been a favourite product of mine for many years now and it really doesn’t get enough hype or recognition. Whether you’re someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup (or someone who wears a lot) has severe dark circles or just a little discoloration underneath the eyes this product works a full on treat and is well worth the price. It’s super hydrating, but thanks to the silicone like texture it doesn’t cause concealer to crease, in fact it actually helps improve its staying power so you don’t have to worry about your concealer slipping around all over the place. It’s also packed with light reflecting pigments and has a peachy pink base to it, meaning that it helps counteract darkness and blue tones in the skin which in turn makes dark circles appear less obvious and reduces the need for a large amount of concealer. All in all I love this product. If you’re someone with severe dark circles or has problems with concealer creasing it’s definitely worth checking this product out. It’s also great for wearing alone on no-makeup days and for mixing in with concealer to make it more blendable.

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If you’re a vegan dating a carnist

Then either

a) You aren’t bothered by the fact that animals are tortured and killed with your partner’s money. Then -> you’re not a vegan, you’re just plant based.


b) You’ve never talked to your partner about how animal products are unnecessary, unethical, env destructive, and unhealthy. Then -> what kind of a relationship is that? How does something of that importance NOT get brought up? Do they not care about what’s important to you? 


c) You have tried talking to your partner about things listed in b but they don’t care / don’t make an effort to listen. Then -> do they not care about truth or morality enough to listen to something that challenges them? If one cares about having the most logical opinion, wouldn’t it make sense to listen to opposing views? Wouldn’t it make sense to WANT to know what criticisms exist for the view you hold? If those criticisms are legit, they benefit because now they can edit their opinions to be something that makes more sense.

If your partner really don’t care about challenging their opinions and making sure their morals make sense, why would you want to be with a closed minded person like that?


d) They know and understand the ethical and env harm done by eating animals and they are able to eat and buy vegan products. But they just don’t give a fuck. They value their pleasure / convenience over ethics. Then -> congrats, your partner is an abusive piece of shit. They are the same kind of person who’d be mean to a waiter for no reason and turn around and be sweet to you. (Except, you know, worse because literal torture, confinement, exploitation, and slaughter is worse than being rude to someone.) 

So which one is it? Are you happy with that? Is that a good relationship to you? If not, change it. Talk to them, or be with someone who cares about you enough to listen / cares about the animals enough to go vegan / cares about truth and morality enough to consider opposing opinions. 

bonus round:

e) If you plan to raise a kid together… how exactly are you going to reconcile a, b, c, or d, with parenting? Pls don’t be that person who starts thinking about this shit AFTER they deliberately have a kid with someone. 

Things a stylist shouldn’t touch:

  • Harry Styles’ hair. 
  • Harry Styles’ hair.
  • Harry Styles’ hair.
  • Harry Styles’ hair.
  • Harry Styles’ hair.

Just let it be. It is flawless. Whether it is in a bun, or a halfbun, or just his locks flowing naturally on his shoulders. It’s naturally perfect but for some reason at official events it is always full with unnecessary hair products which make it look greasy.

Look at the past:

Now, look when his hair is done by himself.

There’s some hope though because his hair on GMA and the DMD music video was perfect. Just keep it up!

i posted this to facebook but this applies to tumblr as well:

hello friends*~ i would prefer if y'all stopped making comments on my weight - i know you think you are “complimenting” me when you tell me i “look skinny” but it’s actually just suuuuper counter productive and unnecessary and frankly, you’re indirectly body shaming when you make comments like that - i am (we all are) constantly aware of my own body and don’t really need to hear what you think about it (positive or not) - so please keep the weight related comments to yourself!

it really feels like a no win situation when it comes to categorizing my work by gender because on the one hand its a limiting narrative to lump my work in with the rest of the current trend of pink / pastel / glitzy femme art and for a number of reasons i dont completely identify with that kind of work and i find it to be a bit blase at this point but on the other hand attempting to appeal to more masculine sensibilities seems unnecessary and counter productive and i feel like it would just continue to uphold the fact that stronger “masculine” traits are the ones seen as default and noteworthy

and all this is coming from just one sliver of my identity hardly even taking into account any of the other intersections of who i am or the context with which i interact with the world !!!! just because i choose to identify as a queer girl and many people read my self portrait work to be predominantly about said gender digressions 

there is more to me and my work !! and the work of many other ladies fighting the same kind of unnecessary pigeonholing in so many artistic fields