unnecessary displays of my face

Um. So. This happened.
Notice the fact that there is no barrier, no other people. It’s not exactly the best photo but… I’m in the same photo as her legs. And…well… all of her really.

When we were sitting at the cafe between the matinee and the evening show, Catherine came by. My friend, ever the one who is unable to shut up (or something, idk that’s the best I can come up with after 3 glasses of wine :P), decided that I should get a picture with her. I protested, she insisted. Eventually she got up and asked while I was still sitting at the table, slightly mortified. Apparently Catherine said hi when she turned around and noticed D, and seemed okay when she asked if we could get a photo. So I got up, said “I didn’t put her up to this, I swear”, took the photo, (OUR ARMS WERE AROUND EACH OTHER), and I don’t even remember if I thanked her. God I really hope I did. But I honestly have no recollection whatsoever.

But yeah. Photo. The two of us. No barrier. No hoards of fangirls. Just us. And look how she’s leaning in.

And then I got up to run to the box office to see if there was any chance we could get in tonight, and passed her on my way. …I think I did a double take. She looked at me… probably thought I did it on purpose but I swear I didn’t.

And now I’m sitting here typing this up in the dress from the show. fjlsdfjdsnlfk.


I just… I’m sure I made a fool of myself. But I didn’t feel like restarting, so you get this awkwardness. And I have no idea how it got so long. What even. >.> And if I look like shit, it’s because of the livestream last night and being up till all hours of the morning.

And sorry for the celebration of a goal half way through. ^^; 


Random. But I was convinced I had counted wrong and was thinking I’d been in more often than I had. Turns out I was right all along. And this is what 17 tickets looks like. 

…and yes, I’m stroking them in the second picture. I just can’t believe they are real and that all this has actually happened. o_0

Wait so is this all right to wear I don’t know HOW DO I BE A 21-YEAR-OLD I DON’T KNOW aaaargh D: It was jeans but then I realised I wear those everyday and shorts/tights are literally my only other option D: Emilia was like “I just want to go out and be pretty” and I’m like bitch, you're always pretty while desperately trying to figure out how to make myself into some semblance of pretty. =/

Currently getting ready with the fire alarm going off. For the second time in about 20 minutes. =/

Remember that talking Lauren mug? This was the face I was making the entire time I watched the video. And then I sent to my friend in response. XD She said it was a good photo. Why am I posting this? I don’t know. It’s clearly that time of night when I start oversharing. I apologise.


For future reference, this is usually the face I’m making at Catherine. You know… whenever I’m not just falling over dead.



Left photo: Joshua Berg (aka, the guy who everyone sees far too much of in the hen party scene… XD)
Right photo: Leo Starr and Nicholas Lumley 

Josh is lovely and Nicholas like cuddled us for our photos and Leo will always chat to us if we say something while he’s out during act 2 and just everyone I love them all. So that’s a photo with these three, plus Tom, Kate, Sarah, and Lee… I need everyone! (lol, gotta catch ‘em all!)

I have been sitting in Starbucks doing my work for… 5 hours? And I have an hour before I leave. Because I timed things awkwardly and couldn’t really go home without losing a lot of time to work on things. This is my second venti… I am surprisingly not buzzed. XD
….you know I’m a bit bored when I start taking photos. Even though what I’m doing is actually interesting. Like you lot want to see my face. Oh well. And I seem to have photos with food/drink a lot. >.> Rambling rambling, back to work. At least I’ve got a sofa. …though I need to find someone to watch my comp while I use the loo… *headdesk*