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Otayuri Fic Recs #1

Summary, Thoughts, * (Complete)

1. * The Beauty of Dawn by Phoenix_Rising719
>> In which Dawn causes the Night’s Guard to fawn over him like no other from one chance encounter.
Aka: Yuri does his job in a way that catches Otabek’s eye and makes him realize that he needs to get to know this child better. Or something like that…
>> MY FAVORITE. ALL THE FLUFF, FLUFF, FLUFF. This is a fluff machine… These two are the most adorable! I love their dynamics and their first sight and first meet to the mutual pining to their get together is just brilliantly written.

2. * Summer Daze by lalazee
>>Three Times Yuri Tried to Seduce His Camp Counselor and the Fourth Time It Worked.Written for Otayuri Week, Day 4: Long distance/visits.(This fic contains Yuri in love with Otabek from age eleven. It contains Otabek strongly noticing Yuri from age seventeen. There is no underage sexual activity, including kissing.)
>> Yuri is adorable af! And the pining is just brewing and it lingers still after the years he hasn’t seen Otabek. I’m so in love with just how the pining was portrayed in this fic..

3. * he’s beauty, he’s grace, he’ll punch you in the face by scribblemetimbers
>>Yuri doesn’t know why his little student is in this boxing gym – he’s seen no less than five people getting bashed in the face – but he has a Bad Feeling about it.OR: While Yuri Plisetsky HAS grown enough to be marginally less angry when someone insults and harasses him - “The wisdom of age,” Viktor would nod sagely, and Yuri would punch him in the leg - he will totally Throw The Fuck Down when it’s directed at someone else. Especially when he has a soft spot HE WILL NEVER ADMIT TO for them and they’re, like, barely past his hip.
>> BOXER OTABEK IS MY LIFE! The fight between Yuri and that douche was well described and the first meet between Beka and Yuri was so beautiful and hilarious all the time. This is definitely something to read over and over again.

4. * what are we by otabek
>> Yuri is bad with words and Otabek smells good.
>> Just from the summary I already fell in love with this fic. Their relationship just goes in a soup full of ambiguity and the ending just added a new flavor to officiate their romantic relationship.

5. admiration in falling asleep by calliopinaround
>>Rooming with Otabek is fine. It really is—they’re best friends, Otabek is the perfect roommate, and there’s nothing about each other that they don’t already know to make it weird.(Except Yuri hadn’t known that Otabek walks around only in his pajama bottoms in the morning, or what he smells like right out of the shower, or that he likes his coffee with two sugars and nothing else, or that he has a knack for losing the television remote regardless of where he puts it, or that he keeps his keys on his nightstand and nowhere else, or that he opens the blinds half-way first thing in the morning to let the sunrise in…)So it’s fine. It really is. Yuri likes this arrangement, and no matter how many looks Mila gives him, that’s the truth.He just wishes it sounded like all of the truth.
>> Roommates AU. What more can I say than hop on and read it till you memorize the lines and the dialogue and everything good about this fic.

6. * you were the song stuck in my head by  minorseventh 
>>“Not a good day,” he says simply. “Play me something.”Otabek says nothing, doesn’t acknowledge that he recognizes the nameless voice on the other end of the line, just chooses a track and lets the music fill the late-night radiowaves.Yuri recognizes the tune and smiles like a fool in love. Which, by the way, he totally, totally isn’t.
>> THIS. THIS. PINING. AND PINING. AND SONGS. A drop of pining, a dash of music and a pinch of DJ!Otabek is the best combination. READ THIS.

7. * you are my favorite ‘what if’ by  minorseventh 
>>By now, Otabek has learned to never let his hopes up: he’s been let down too many times. But he can’t help but imagine that this may be the face to the lovely anonymous dancer who’s been calling the station nearly every night now.There is no way, Otabek convinces himself. No way it’s him.(Spoiler alert: it’s him.)
>> This is the sequel to #6 and it’s Beka’s side of the story!! Features candy canes of PINING AND MUSIC. The series isn’t finish, btw and I can’t wait for more to come!!

8. * One for the Road by Lumieres 
>> “Please, take me away —“ Yuri’s text had been so abrupt that Otabek had to glance at his phone once more to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.(Or: Yuri is so focused on his career, he doesn’t notice Otabek slowly falling in love with him.)
>> If there’s Pining Yuri, then there’s Pining Otabek and an Oblivious Yuri. All in Otabek’s POV. Motorbike rides and building climbing are the best date nights. Go check this out and succumb to the pining.

9. * Fanfic Fairy Tale by Zetal (Rodinia)
>> One day Otabek gets a package. He opens it and when he’s done staring at the book trying to make this make any kind of sense, he decides to wait for Yuri’s call before figuring it out. They read the book together, commenting on the ridiculousness of it.Or the one where one of Yuri’s fangirls sends Otabek her fanfic in the form of a fancy book.
>> There’s nothing more hilarious than reading a fanfic of a pairing reading a fanfic. *queue inceptionnn* I love every bit of this fic and I love the otayuri comments here and there. (There’s a hint of mutual pining from the two of them tbh)

10. * Skater Doll by Zetal (Rodinia)
>> Yuri finds something that highly disturbs him in Otabek’s hotel room.Underage warning: Yuri is 16 and Otabek 18. Nothing explicit happens.
Rating for Yuri’s relationship to language.
>> Adorable af. Maybe Yuri should acquire a huge Beka doll in return. (better yet, a dakimura of Otabek)

11. In The Rain by  zoebun 
>> Yuri was just walking down the street in the rain.He never expected a dark-haired stranger to share his umbrella with him, despite Yuri telling him to go fuck himself.He never expected him to live in the same apartment building as him.And he never expected a stranger he met on the street to become so much more than that.
>> Beka’s a smooth as flirter and a sweetheart and a gentleman and the whole package that Yuri’s gotta keep. I’m loving every chapter and every word of this fic, I can’t get enough of this Modern AU. It’s fresh and this take on Beka’s character is exquisite. 

12. Café Latte by  SpecterQueen 
>> Inspired by this kink prompt: “Character A works a minimum wage job at Starbucks and is trying to get a second job to help pay rent, but nothing is working out. Strapped for cash, Character A tries to find themselves a Sugar Daddy to pay the bills."Basically, barista Yuri is bad at budgeting and is forced to find alternative methods to make rent. He works at a coffee shop owned by Viktor. Otabek comes from a wealthy family, and is willing to help in exchange for a questionable agreement.This is incredibly self-indulgent. Please mind the tags. Yuri is 20 going on 21 and Otabek is 25.
>> It’s just two chapters in and I’m already hot for more of this fic. Beka in this fic is as mysterious as it goes but he’s a cordial fellow and respectful with Yuri’s wishes. Nice to have a guy like Beka.

13. * stray cats dream in techno by  m (pistachiomadeleines) 
>>  When Otabek shows up to St Petersburg for the weekend, Yuri tries to show him around - only to discover that Otabek knows his city better than he does.
>> Wherein Yuri somehow embarrasses himself but it’s not too bad because Beka’s jamming songs and Yuri’s enjoying his time with a cat named Mango while Beka watches from afar with a fond gaze. GREAT READ. 

14. * if this night is not forever, at least we are together by  pllsetskyonice (hma1313) 
>> It starts with a doodle in the margin of his art history notes that, when he looks at it from the right angle, looks like Otabek. Then there’s the midnight scrawls in his journals when he pours his heart out onto the page in smudgy ink, and when he rereads them the next day, it’s clear in his mind that the rambles that fill page after page are only about one person. Slowly, bits of Otabek start creeping into his art, snippets of things he’s written in journals, half remembered conversations immortalised in paint, some of the writing covered in angry strokes of red acrylic or made barely legible by the ink running down the page. He’s under his skin, and Yuri doesn’t really know why, or how to make it stop, how to make it go away, or anything that could possibly make the situation any better.And whilst that might well be the start, it’s not technically the beginning.
>> PINING ALERT, PINING ALERT. There’s pining and two idiots messing around and whispering sweet nothings in parties and pouring all the heartache through painting. 

15. All the Right Notes by  pastelplisetsky
>>  Yuri Plisetsky (18, just because) is an incredibly gifted piano player, known for his passionate and somewhat violent playing/compositions. But in order to compete in the famous Eurasia United competition (i completely made this up lol), he needs a violin accompanist. Although he’s dreamed about this competition for years, he’s always worked better alone. Otabek is little-known, solemn, and a lovely violinist.
Based off of Yuri’s Allegro Appassionato in B Minor, his free skate song. Also somewhat inspired by Your Lie in April (the anime) but not really because I’ve only seen the first episode.
>> Frankly, I have not seen Your Lie in April but I’ve watched other music anime (like La Cordia doro and Nodame Cantabile) so I have some experience in reading fics like this. Pulled me in from the first chapter and I’m still hoping for more chapters to come!!!! 

16. * Some Twenty and Tea by  ctine_lea27 
>> -
“So I can trust you as well right?”“Of course. Definitely. Abso-fucking-lutely.”
Yuri turns sixteen then seventeen and he likes to mess around to get rid of that feeling that’s confused and hurt him once then another. Rewind, Yuri is confused and scared. Forward, he sees him and it scares him.They find out, get hurt, cry and sexual tension. Coping mechanism? Twenty questions- and Otabek is terrible at it. There’s tea here too.Three days. Three chapters. One whole package.
>> I’ve saved the best for last and this is it. This fic is a wonderful monster. I’ve had waterworks whenever I read this, and I’ve gazed at this several times that the waterworks just come pouring down again. This fic is one hell of a rollercoaster and I highly recommend this one. 


What I kept thinking about every time Kane warned Bellamy about the worsening weather conditions…

You’d think it would be obvious when a personal post of mine is just that: personal.

Whether it be because the feelings I have are very specific to me or the situation is very specific to me.

I’d like to think that it’s obvious as to when I’m joking or when I’m complaining, but I know that can be difficult to do and perceive.

Either way, I’m just really tired at having to police all my God damn posts, whether from annoyance or embarrassment, considering I don’t even know how to go about it.

Especially since often times I /will/ tag them, and people /still/ do whatever the fuck they want.

Anyway. I’m complaining. Also don’t reblog this.

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To the anon trying to be positive: think of it this way, the creators Ohba and Obata are really getting a lot of success with Death Note, especially if Hollywood wants something to do with it, so it's good for them! Just, whatever you do, don't think about how Hollywood is shitting upon their wonderful work. Heh. Help

success but at what cost tbh

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In all honesty with the whole Seungkwan thing, I think people are looking at the translation of "food source" as like a bad thing like I don't think us carats are viewing it as that. I don't know Korean so I don't really know the context of the phrase in this whole thing but how I took it from your post, maybe he was just saying that their fans existence is what fuels them everyday or something. I don't know, I want to know how you interpreted it :)))

I definitely did not interpret it badly either!! From the context of how the question was asked to the way he answered with a heart, I think he made it VERY clear it was nothing more than a joke. And even the translation of 밥줄, the literal translation is 밥 - “food” 줄 - “line”
“Line” as in “line/connection to survival” so that could be interpreted as in he can’t live without fans.
If the word were used in another context or said in an aggressive/hostile way of some sort, then yes, it’s something that could be interpreted to mean demeaning. BUT the point is that you can’t just look at the word, but rather the contextual situation of the action and the individual who initiated this action. From what I can see here, I agree with you that he meant absolutely no harm.
Contextually, it wasn’t a position to be demeaning. Looking at the individual - I mean, it’s Seungkwan. He playfully gets made fun of from members for crying easily, works his hardest to make sure all his members feel good about themselves, and makes sure the fans know they are appreciated - he’s just a softie.
He wouldn’t ever intentionally hurt his fans.