unneccessary progress reports

Today I bring you Enjolras sketches!

my darling sath and i had very long and heated discussion about enjolras’s body language. I wanted more closed off and distant, she wanted more charismatic and passionate, and we agreed on a charisma that is carefully and very consciously composed.

I’ve almost drawn all the amis, the end is in sight! So close! Then i will clean up the drawings, color them, and make a mega post with all of them!

(Other amis so far: Combeferre, Feuilly Courf, Joly, Bossuet, Bahorel.)

Character design for grantaire. it was a really unusual experience coming up with a design for a character i have been drawing over and over and realizing that i haven’t been drawing him the way i want to?

mainly i just changed his nose, because i feel it would have been badly broken during an ugly boxing match that he was too drunk to have even attempted.

Sometimes i think about maybe making his face more square and his features broader and more unpleasant, but i really enjoy imagining grantaire’s ugliness as being conditional rather than inherent. Like, he wasn’t born ugly, but his life made him ugly. Grantaire as a wasted man with a wasted face.

Perhaps he was mildly pleasant to look at as a youth, with a charming smile, until he got older and his eyes grew sad. Then with the drinking and the opium came a sickly and worn face. Years of drifting between jobs in different towns with different lives wore him down until he looked haggard, ugly, and aged beyond his years. By time he fell in with the Amis he’d learned to embrace his ugliness and mask the bitterness with his now cynical smile, but maybe that haunted look never quite left his eyes.

(Other amis so far: EnjolrasCombeferre, Feuilly Courf, Joly, Bossuet, Bahorel. only jehan left and actually i’ve already finished his drawings)

WIP - Rough Sketch

Still working my way through Les Amis. This time its Feuilly, and he ain’t got time for your bourgeois bullshit.

The other amis so far: Courf, Joly, Bossuet, Bahorel

So next is Combeferre and then Marius

(i don’t think there’s any point to drawing out Enjolras,Grantaire or Jehan bc I’ve already got them figured out )


(then i can do final drawings *cries*)


Rough/Final Sketch of my design for Combeferre! One of the trickiest amis to pin down, but i think i got him??

He’s the dorkiest ami, and dresses like the professors he hangs around, but he’s also the one to always listen to your problems with a sympathetic ear.

(Other amis so far: Feuilly, Courf, Joly, Bossuet, Bahorel.)

bahorel and prouvaire from septembriseur’s fic, the bird that never alights,

i dunno why i started this when i have so many other drawings to finish!! also if the drawing looks weird  its bc i am drawing on my tablet pc, which means weird software and tiny screen.