An anime character’s importance to the plot is really determined by how bright and/or unnatural their hair colour is (please add to this)

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Homophobes: “I don’t support homosexuality. It’s unnatural.”
Me: I don’t support homophobia. It’s unnatural. There’s 8.7 million different species on Earth & only one practices homophobia whereas over 1,500 species practice homosexuality
Sooo please enlighten me, which is “unnatural” again?
—  Want some ice for that burn?
Believe in the unnatural

Science will tell you that fey creatures cannot exist, have never stalked your path, gulping when your heart contracts, exhaling when it expands.

Science learns new things about itself daily, and will be the first to say, “Look at this math, it proves a thing. We don’t know why or how just yet. But we will. Isn’t that beautiful?”

And it is beautiful.

Do not blame science for it’s sharp teeth – science is not the opposite of the fey, of the arcane, of the eldritch. It is young and still finding it’s way. There are enemies that pounced upon it continuously, that still yet lurk in it’s wake.

Science is not our enemy.

Believe in the unnatural world and explore it. Believe in the physical world and explore it, too. 

How the fuck you are a christian and say that being transgender or gay is unnatural? You fucking believe in a guy that was born from a virgin, that can walk on water and turn water in to wine, in talking snakes, in a guy that lived 3 days inside a fish, in a big boat that floated around the world for months with a lot of animals inside, in a woman that turned into pure salt… And you say that being non binary, transgender, gay, bisexual, is unnatural and against nature?
How did you make that conclusion?