If your main reason to stop eating meat is “it's unnatural”

then here’s a list of unnatural things that you should stop using/doing:

1) Watching TV: There’s nothing natural about TV, so stop watching TV.

2) Your money: Get rid of your money. In nature you can’t find money at all.

3) Supplements: Nope, don’t use supplements. They’re not natural either.

4) Medicine: Not natural, don’t use it. It doesn’t matter if you’re sick.

5) Clothes: You can’t find clothes in nature, so you might as well take it off.

6) Toilet: Stop using the toilet you unnatural fuck.

7) Social media: No more social media for you. It’s not natural so it’s not good.

8) Your entire home: You should abandon your home immediately. The amount of unnatural things in your home is ridiculous.

9) Animal rights/welfare: Animal rights and animal welfare aren’t natural either. In nature you’re not supposed to care about any other species besides your own.

Dialogue Prompt #3

“There’s a darkness in you.”
“Oh shit, Sherlock, really? I mean, it’s not as if humans are meant to be dichotomous beings balancing at various points between light and dark, right?”
“Christ, child, would you keep that mouth of yours shut for one damn second? I’m trying to explain that something dark’s gotten into you. Bound there, perhaps. Only thing I know is that it’s there, it wasn’t there two days ago, and it doesn’t want to come out.”

Homophobes: “I don’t support homosexuality. It’s unnatural.”
Me: I don’t support homophobia. It’s unnatural. There’s 8.7 million different species on Earth & only one practices homophobia whereas over 1,500 species practice homosexuality
Sooo please enlighten me, which is “unnatural” again?
—  Want some ice for that burn?