A difference in Tactics, Closed RP with Azenyanistan

For a week now, the Azens, Ayans, and Bouzac were holed up in the trenches of their front line. Brotherhood and Unnan infantry and tanks continually charged their lines, only to be mercilessly mowed down and torn apart by Bouzaculan machine guns, and Bouzaculan artillery blasted down enemy positions. The difference between the Azen/Ayan way of doing war and the Bouzaculan way were highly apparent, and tensions between the soldiers of the three factions were high. Wolf and Tanyah sat in high command, heatedly arguing.

“Those fascists don’t deserve mercy for what they are doing to the people!” Wolf growled, “I am not taking down those emplacements, otherwise our lines will falter, and our arty will be exposed!”