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So I want to write a story

Chuck is fed up with Castiel getting the shaft. He feels bad that he didn’t give Cas the closure he needed (that even LUCIFER got, might I add) before he absconded to wherever the fuck with his cunt of a sister, so he gives Dean a new perspective on things by forcing Dean to rebuild Castiel from a molecular level, as once Cas did for him.

Dean gets no instructions as to how to rebuild his angel, but is given all the means with which to do so. He has to rely on his instincts to save people to keep Cas from disappearing from his life once and for all. 

The only part that has vividly played out scene by scene is the after. (I’m a happy person and I love these characters so you best believe it gets a happy ending). The actual rebuild is in my head, I have images that I have plotted out with singular pivotal points that stand out (read:angst), but it wouldn’t flow right unless I sat down and wrote it from the start. 

Featuring my headcannon for how Destiel becomes cannon, where no one actually talks about it after the fact, and it is not explicit, just hand holding when the camera is focused elsewhere. And one particular scene of Dean and Castiel being woken up by Sam barging into their room for a case/emergency while they’re in the same bed. (Cas being awake since he doesn’t sleep, sitting up quickly when he hears Sam coming down the hall and getting an arm in the face from the movement, off camera of course) When Sam opens the door all you see is Cas trying to gently pry Dean off of his bare upper half and Dean grumbling sleepily to quit squirming) and Dean coming to life instantly on high alert (hunter reflexes) when he finally recognizes the tone of Sam’s voice, grabbing clothes haphazardly and tossing them on as Cas does the same (in NORMAL clothing ya’ll) and following Sam down the hall (and Dean doing the hop thing that happens when you throw on pants while you walk) where he sets the laptop (that he had in his arms when he came into the room) on to the map table for Dean and Cas to look at while he gives the details of the case. 

I don’t want onscreen smut. I don’t want an explanation as to the how. That is what fan fiction is for, and why I love those who write it (even if we sail different ships, you best believe I read that shit because a good story is a good story, regardless if its my ship or not). 

All I want is for my boys to have a weird shaky truce with the world. For a Winchester that is as close to paradise as you can get outside of a dock perched over an unnamed lake, with the one being in the world that knows you, truly knows you inside and out, and loves you anyway.

I have the whole thing (its going to be LOOOOONG) plotted out in my head, but I don’t know if people would actually read it. The parenthesis are annoying to me, but I don’t know how else to convey the non-action portions to get across the whole picture as I see it in my head.

SO! If you actually read this far, either you want me to write it, or you’ll help me write it, both are needed greatly. 

Icy lake of azure hue

The great chain of the Himalaya, marking the suture point where India is ramming into the Eurasian mainland, is filled with unnamed lakes, many of which display a beautiful blue or green. Reaching most of them to take a snap involves weeks of trekking through difficult terrain, but the astronauts aboard the International Space station with their bird’s eye view get to see some stunners. The contrast between the blue and the ochrey red sedimentary rocks around (coloured by iron oxide particles in the sediments) makes for a powerful colour contrast, and the cracks in the ice of the frozen lake accentuate the pattern. Ain’t the world beautiful?


Image credit: Scott Kelly


Mt Daniel | 6/27/2015

1. Unnamed lake behind Cathedral Rock
2. Mt. Daniel as seen from the ridge on the approach. 
3. Traversing to the saddle.
4. Venus (closest) and Spade Lakes from the saddle. 
5. Summit. Mt. Rainier in the background. 
6. Wildflower macro. 
7. Descending the traverse. 


Mungo Man is a physical reminder of the need for Indigenous recognition

Forty years on from the discovery of Mungo Man, what he represents is as pertinent now as ever

  • by Jim Bowler 

“26 February 1974 was a historic day, one destined to change my life and affect the lives of many others. It was the day I encountered the eroding remains of Mungo Man on the shores of a distant and then unnamed lake basin in western New South Wales.

Five years earlier, on those same dry lake shores, I had happened upon the cremated remains of a young woman, now known as Mungo Lady. Her discovery established that fully modern humans had been in Australia for longer than any European expected. But just as significant were the complex ceremonial features of the burial of Mungo Man, which presented one of the dramatic mysteries of ancient human cultural development. His emergence 40 years ago was a special moment, the opening of an entirely new page in Australian history. The circumstances of that encounter help clarify understanding of who we are; they establish an ancient link with this land and our shared past.

In the summer of 1974, in geological pursuit of ice age climatic change, I was using dry lake basins as rain gauge records of past wet-dry climatic oscillations. Heavy rain had interrupted my excursions into what was an eroding wonderland, the large high-rimmed dune or lunette lining the eastern shores of the yet-to-be-named Lake Mungo. I was temporarily “confined to barracks” at Mungo station, the homestead and shearers’ quarters of the late Albert and Venda Barnes. 

Eventually the rain stopped, the mud dried and the landscape brightened. Eager to explore surfaces refreshed by cleansing rains I hastened to the site of the earlier Mungo Lady discovery, the Joulni or southern sector of the big lunette, an area rich in items of archaeological and geological interest. While I was following a distinctive soil horizon, one that had already yielded many artefacts, the late afternoon sun highlighted a tiny patch of something white shining through a cover of expansive sand mantle. An immediate examination revealed what was obviously the domal part of a human skull. I brushed away sand to reveal that the jawbone was intact. This was part of an emerging body. Suddenly, and only 400 metres from the site of Mungo Lady, the number of human grave sites on the dunes was doubled” (read more).

(Source: Guardian)

#Supernatural TippiTV Recap: 10-4 "Paper Moon"

Previously on Supernatural:

Sam hurt his arm and had to start wearing a sling while it healed. Still, he managed to fight his way out of some pretty tough situations. He even managed to capture and torture demons for information, all without the use of one arm!

Oh, and Dean became a demon, but he’s basically cured now.

Currently on Supernatural:

It’s the night of a full moon in Durham, Washington. “Werewolves of London” plays while a young woman walks into a biker bar, much to the delight of the mostly male patrons. We don’t see her whole face just yet, because we’re supposed to think she might be werewolf Kate from two seasons ago. She picks out the youngest guy in the place and takes him outside. He thinks she’s gonna give him a beej or something, but instead she rips out his heart.

Hm. If you pause the title card at the right moment, it looks like an eye. A stern, disapproving, Muppet eye.

The Winchesters are on vacation at the shore of some unnamed lake. Dean’s hair is short again. I feel like we’re missing a scene of Dean getting his hair cut, with snipped locks falling symbolically in slow motion to the floor as “Roads” by Portishead plays.

Between swigs of beer, Dean broaches the subject of Sam’s arm. It’s odd that out of all Sam’s previous injuries, this is the one that’s really stuck. Sam offers no explanation beyond “it was a demon.”

Okay, I know Padalecki was injured in real life, so they had to write it in for Sam, but there better be some shocking back story to that damned arm now. They’re teasing it out instead of just explaining it, and it’s not like the show is shy about exposition. It should be like, Sam’s not actually injured at all, but is hiding some kind of Kuato-level monstrosity behind that sling.

Also, the sign at the lake says “No Hunting.” Hahaha. Oh, you.

The bros vacation for a couple more minutes before they decide to investigate a possible werewolf kill. Sam is against the idea at first, but Dean insists they can’t just sit around and talk to each other for a whole episode. So why not let other people nobody cares about do the sitting and talking instead?

They head over to the sheriff’s office and pretend to be sexy game wardens.

The sheriff points them to the biker bar, where they meet with a witness for a Sit ‘n’ Chat. It takes kind of a long, dull time to get around to the guy saying he saw the same young woman out by some farm.

When they get to the farm in question, they find a bunch of mutilated chickens. I think I feel worse for the chickens than I do any of the werewolf characters in this episode. Then they find Kate, talking on her cell with someone about how “it’s not supposed to happen this way” and quickly tie her up.

She cops to the murders. Dean wants to shoot her, but Sam is worried about letting big bro kill someone. It’s probably concern over that whole “Mark of Cain bloodlust” deal, although he doesn’t say exactly. During this moment of hesitation, the sheriff calls to say a still-warm corpse has just been found, so Kate is off the hook for the murder. Instead of being relieved, though, Kate freaks out, escapes her bonds and runs off. Dean checks her phone and finds out she was talking to someone at a nearby motel.

En route to the motel, the Winchesters use the time to argue with each other. Dean brings up Lester, the drunken idiot Sam got to make a crossroads deal. Even though we just saw flashbacks for this last week, we get to sit through most of the same flashbacks all over again. “Let’s talk about the guy who you made sell his soul,” Dean says. “The guy who you then killed,” Sam shoots back. A verbal slap fight ensues.

They follow someone that they mistake for Kate, but she turns out to be an entirely different young, blond werewolf. 

Kate shows up just in time to pull this new wolf off the Winchesters. Dean aims a gun on her, but Kate jumps in the way. “She’s my sister!” she shouts, like that’s a persuasive thing to say when the guy was willing to kill you, too, just a couple hours ago. Everyone stares at each other while the music tries to make like this is a shockingly dramatic turn of events.

The sister escapes, but Kate sticks around to explain herself.

Kate says she hasn’t killed anybody who didn’t deserve it, and she sticks entirely to eating animal hearts, hence the dead chickens. She carries a silver knife with her in case she ever turns murderous and needs to kill herself. Tasha, her sister, is a different matter. Long story short: Kate kept away from her family until she heard her sister had been in a car wreck and wasn’t expected to survive. “Then it hit me! This curse that had brought me nothing but pain and suffering could maybe do something good!” So, hey, I’ll inflict my sister with pain and suffering, too! But Tasha started murdering folks pretty much right away and Kate’s been covering for her. Dean lies about there being a cure for werewolves so that Kate agrees to bring them to Tasha.

Sam takes Dean aside to call him out on the lie. The poor Impala is still filthy. Surely this is a sign that Dean is still some percentage of demon, right? How else could he be so mean to Baby?

As they drive off in search of Tasha, Kate catches a nap to allow the brothers more chatting time. Sam confesses that he did kill others in his search for Dean, although they weren’t people. Remember back in the early days, when they were super concerned about killing demons because it meant killing the hosts? Now it’s like stabbity stab stab all the live-long day. To sum up: Sam was really messed up about his dead brother disappearing, and Dean is pretty embarrassed about running off with Crowley. “Not to mention I never even said thank you,” Dean says. “You don’t ever have to say that to me,” Sam says. So he doesn’t say it. Maybe he’s not that thankful. Or maybe that counts as saying it.

When they get to the cabin to which Tasha has escaped, Dean slaps some silver cuffs on Kate and locks her to the steering wheel. She starts to suspect there’s no cure. She begs them to let her talk to Tasha. “She’s in too deep and you don’t ever come back from that,” Dean says. He and Sam exchange Very Meaningful Looks of Somewhat Parallel Sibling Storylines.

While Sam finds Tasha, Dean somehow gets jumped by some newbie werewolf guy. Did all of Dean’s finely honed hunter instincts get cured out of him, too? A second newbie werewolf guy drags Kate into the cabin. It turns out Tasha has been busy making herself a pack. The newbies drag the Winchesters into another room while Kate and Tasha blah blah blah at each other.

For some reason, the newbies just kind of stand around instead of killing Sam and Dean right off the bat. The Winchesters start taunting them.

Sam stabs both of the newbie werewolves in their hearts while they’re distracted by the taunting. That was… easy.

Kate hugs Tasha and acts like she’s going to join her sister, but then she stabs her through the heart. She apologizes, then flees through the window before Sam and Dean come crashing through the door.

On the drive home, the Winchesters decide not to hunt Kate down. Sam thinks they jumped on the case too soon. He starts to say they were supposed to be dealing when everything they’ve been through, then quickly corrects himself to say what Dean’s been through. Does this mean that Sam thinks he’s totally fine, or that the show thinks Sam is totally fine? “Maybe I’m not ready to hunt,” Dean admits, “but I’m just trying to do the right thing, because I’m so sick and tired of doing the wrong one.” Ah, there’s good ol’ self-loathing Dean. I almost didn’t recognize you after nearly three whole episodes away!

Overall, I feel like this was a pretty slow episode, and I just didn’t care what happened to any of the werewolves. Which is kind of weird, because I liked Kate in Season 8’s “Bitten,” and actually found that episode fairly moving–especially considering all the characters were unfamiliar. 

I give “Paper Moon” 2 out of 5 Hellhounds…


and one bag of chicken heart dog treats, for the modern werewolf on the go.

–Tippi Blevins

Since I keep seeing complaints that the Moffat era either doesn’t show alien planets any more or always visits Victorian London, I decided to go through each episode of the Moffat era that has aired so far, break them down by time and place and prove how inaccurate these statements are.

Note: the TARDIS interior is only listed as a location when an extended amount of time is spent there, at least half an episode’s run time. 

Season Five

The Eleventh Hour

  • Leadworth in 1996, 2008 and 2010
  • London in 2010

The Beast Below

  • Starship UK
  • London in the 1940s

Victory of the Daleks

  • London in the 1940s
  • Dalek Spaceship in 1940s

The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

  • Alfava Metraxis in the 51st century
  • Delirium Archive (resting place of the Headless Monks) in the 171st century
  • Alistair’s spaceship
  • Leadwoth in 2010

The Vampires of Venice

  • Venice in 1580
  • Leadworth in 2010

Amy’s Choice

  • An illusion of modern day Leadworth and the TARDIS

The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood

  • Cwmtaff, Wales in 2020
  • Silurian’s underground colony 

Vincent and the Doctor

  • Auvers-sur-Oise, France in 1890
  • Musée d'Orsay, Paris in 2010

The Lodger 

  • Colchester in 2010

The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

  • Stonehenge, England in 102 AD
  • Leadworth in alternative 1996
  • National Museum, London in alternative 1996
  • France in 1890
  • London in 1941
  • Stormcage Containment Facility in 5145
  • Royal Collection, Starship UK
  • The Maldovarium in the 52nd century
  • Planet One
  • Leadworth in 2010

Season Six

A Christmas Carol

  • Space Liner
  • Ember in 44th century
  • America in 1952

The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

  • America in 1969 and 2011
  • Stormcage Containment Facility in 52nd century
  • England in 2011 and the 17th century
  • German POW camp during WWII 

The Curse of the Black Spot

  • The Fancy, a pirate ship, in 1699
  • Siren’s spaceship in 1699

The Doctor’s Wife

  • A living planetoid in a bubble universe 
  • The TARDIS

The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People

  • Earth in the 22nd century
  • Demon’s Run in the 52nd century 

A Good Man Goes To War

  • Demon’s Run in the 52nd century
  • Flagship of the Twelfth Cyber Legion
  • London in 1888
  • Zaruthstra in 4037
  • Stormcage Containment Facility in the 52nd Century
  • The Maldovarium in the 52nd century 

Let’s Kill Hitler

  • Berlin in 1938
  • Leadworth from 1996-2011
  • Teselecta
  • Sisters of the Infinite Schism (the greatest hospital in the universe)
  • Luna University in 5123

Night Terrors

  • 21st century England

The Girl Who Waited

  • Apalapucia

The God Complex

  • A prison ship disguised as a 1980s Earth hotel
  • 21st century London

Closing Time

  • Colchester in 2011
  • Luna University in the 52nd century
  • Lake Silencio in 2011 

The Wedding of River Song

  • Earth in an alternative reality where all of history is happening at once
  • Damaged Dalek ship
  • Some unnamed planets
  • Seventh Transept
  • Lake Silencio in 2011
  • 21st century London

Season Seven

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

  • England in 1938 and 1941
  • Unnamed snow forest planet in 5345
  • 21st century London

Asylum of the Daleks

  • The Dalek Asylum
  • Skaro
  • 21st century London
  • Parliament of the Daleks 

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

  • Silurian Ark in 2367
  • Indian Space Agency in 2367
  • Solomon’s ship in 2367
  • Egypt in 1334 BC
  • African Plains in 1902
  • 21st century London

A Town Called Mercy

  • Mercy, Nevada in 1870

The Power of Three

  • 21st century London
  • Savoy Hotel in 1890
  • England during the reign of Henry VIII
  • Shakri spaceship 

The Angels Take Manhattan

  • New York in 2012 and 1938 

The Snowmen

  • London in 1842 and 1892

The Bells of Saint John

  • London in 2013
  • Cumbria 1207

The Rings of Akhaten

  • Tiaanamat in the Rings of Akhaten
  • Pyramid of the Rings of Akhaten
  • Earth from 1981 to 2013 

Cold War

  • The Russian submarine Firebird in the North Pole in 1983 


  • Caliburn House in 1974 and other points in Earth’s history 
  • Pocket universe

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

  • The TARDIS
  • Van Baalen Bros. salvage ship

The Crimson Horror

  • Yorkshire in 1893
  • London in 1893
  • London in 2013

Nightmare in Silver

  • Hedgewick’s World of Wonders
  • Imperial Ship 

The Name of the Doctor

  • Trenzalore 
  • London in the 1890s
  • Glasgow in the 1890s
  • London in 2013
  • Gallifrey a very long time ago

The Day of the Doctor

  • 21st century London
  • England in 1562
  • Gallifrey on the last day of the Time War 

The Time of the Doctor

  • Trenzalore
  • 21st century London
  • Church of the Papal Mainframe

Season Eight

Deep Breath

  • London in the 1890s
  • 21st century Glasgow
  • “Heaven”

Into the Dalek

  • Rebel Fighter
  • Coal hill School, 21st century London
  • Starship Aristotle
  • Dalek spaceship
  • Rusty the Dalek onboad the starship Aristotle 
  • “Heaven”