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Fandom Manipulation

I was talking with @parodiesofuktabloids about the allegedly unnamed band and thinking about that recent post about the Sony guy being SO PROUD of how they manipulate fans for marketing purposes. And how that post ended up with the very true statement that we play into their hands more often than not.

But while Sony thinks they understand us (and they do get that the more we think our boys are the underdogs, the harder we go in support of them), what they do not get is that because we perceive Sony/Syco as treating them like dogs for years on end (and rightfully so), we will not blindly support any other act that they try to push on us. 

The unnamed band, James Arthur, Cheryl, and even Little Mix only got widespread fandom support after Zayn and Perrie split because they overplayed that hand so hard that no one could stomach it. The only real exception is Steve because he’s a wonderful guy that honestly loves Louis and was complimentary of the band long before he met them.

So while yeah, we do play into their hands with our overly enthusiastic support of 1D based on our perception of their situation, they ended up playing themselves.  Because if we thought they were a good team, we’d be a fantastic marketing base for other artists, but as it stands, we’re actively hostile to anyone they try to foist on us.

We can be manipulated, but we’re aware of it, and we only will play along so far. Then we start fighting back.

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How about Jamie and Claire take Manhattan (mid-20th century AU)?

We Live For Love

Two hours into their first rehearsal, Jamie Fraser asked Claire Beauchamp for a break.

Ever since he had shuffled out of The Broch and shrugged his shoulders against the cold wind pushing toward the East River, heading to catch the IRT back downtown, his mind had been swirling.

At this time yesterday he had been ironing his jeans, dreaming of taking the stage at Madison Square Garden. Standing by the side of some faceless frontman whose wails matched those of his guitar.

Now he was sweating in a third-floor room of a run-down factory, in between the flophouses and Chinese restaurants which reminded him why he always steered clear of the Bowery, praying the electricity wouldn’t fry his only amp – and trying for the life of him to figure out how to coax Claire into sounding like a rock and roll star.

Claire looked from Jamie to Ian – sweating behind his drum kit – to Willie Coulter, another guy from The Broch who Ian had quickly pressed into service as a bassist.

“Sure – I don’t mind if you guys smoke. But I could use some lunch.”

Willie set down his bass and Ian stood, stretching. “Want us to bring you something? I gotta take a walk.”

“The Chinese place two doors down has good lo mein. I’ll pay you back.”

“Get me one, too?” Jamie met Ian’s eyes in silent understanding. “And a Coke?”

“Sure.” Willie nodded, and soon his and Ian’s footsteps echoed in the stairwell.

Jamie shifted his guitar and turned to face Claire. She was perched on a high stool – just like she had been last night – pursing her lips.

“Look – you got a gorgeous voice, Claire.”

“I hear a ‘but’ coming,” she sighed.

He licked his lips. “But you can’t just sing like you’re on a Broadway stage, or in a cabaret. Your voice is too thin above the music that way. It’ll get lost. And you *can’t* get overpowered by the music.”

“I’m not overpowered – ”

“It’s not *you,* Claire!” He stepped a bit closer to her, feeling the ancient floorboards give a little. “Nothing is about you. It’s your *voice.* It’s about how you present your voice – it’s about your attitude. You have to really *feel* what the song is. To really *feel* the instruments – the rumble of the bass, the thump of the drums.”

She stood then, holding her ground. “I don’t want to yell or scream. I can’t lose my voice.”

“You won’t,” he promised. “I won’t let you. Look – you brought me here to help you. Let me help you.”

His eyes searched for hers, pleading. Willing her to understand what he was saying.

Wanting more than anything to establish that connection.

He launched into the opening riff of Blondie’s “Call Me” – the song they’d picked as the first to rehearse.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,” he counted, watching her. “One more! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight – GO!”

“Color me your color, baby, color me your car,” she sang. “Color me your – ”

Abruptly he stopped. “No, Claire – no. You can’t just sway into it – it’s not supposed to be a smooth transition from note to note. That’s not how Debbie Harry does it – that’s not how you’ll do it. Make it choppier. Again.”

She frowned, nodded. Wanting to argue back – but willing to learn. Open to his advice.

Four bars – sixteen beats for the intro. He nodded her cue.

“Color me your color, baby – ”

Again he stopped. “No, Claire. Too much. Too choppy.”

She folded her arms over her chest. “Show me, then.”

“You’ve got to remember that this is a song about a gigolo, Claire. It’s not a nice topic. Put yourself in his shoes. ‘Color me your color, baby…’”

Then she tried it again.

“Closer. Getting there. You have to just let it out, Claire. Forget every fucking thing your fancy voice coaches ever taught you. Push yourself into it. Let that beautiful voice just GO.”

She looked like she wanted to say something – but then thought again. Steeled herself.

Holy God, she was a warrior.

He plucked the opening chords again – and then –


Her gorgeous soprano floated aggressively over his raw guitar. Ethereal.

“Keep going!” he yelled over the chord progression between the chorus and next verse. “You got this. Keep going!”

She smiled triumphantly. So radiant. And drew from some spirit dwelling deep within her, and sang her heart out.

“Come up off your color chart – I know where you’re coming from – Call me!”

“Call me!” Jamie echoed the backing vocal.

“On the line, call me, call me any, anytime. Call me!”

Her eyes locked with his.

“Call me!”

It happened then – a connection sparking between them. In an instant, he recognized himself in her. Saw his future in her.

“My love, you can call me any day or night. Call me!”

And from the stunned look in her eyes, she did as well.

They finished the song, transfixed in each other.

Shaking with adrenaline.

And woke to the enthusiastic whoops and whistles of Ian and Willie, arms weighed down with paper bags full of egg rolls and lo mein and fortune cookies.

By three o’clock they’d nailed down not just “Call Me,” but also a fun, rollicking version of John Cougar Mellencamp’s “I Need A Lover.” A more traditional rock song, but with much different timing and tempos than Blondie.

It wasn’t too difficult for Willie or Ian – but Claire was clearly exhausted. She was too stubborn to admit it, but the last thing Jamie wanted was for her to truly blow out her voice on their first day.

“Hey – let’s call it a day?” he suggested after they’d finished yet another run-through, watching Claire quietly lean against the stool for support. She had been on her feet since they’d finished lunch – rocking and lunging and strutting as she sang. Her voice – and, more importantly, her confidence – seemed to grow stronger and stronger with each song.

But there was such a thing as too much practice. And Jamie desperately wanted to get some time alone with her.

“Yeah, fine by me,” she agreed, bending over to take a sip from her Coke. “You guys OK with that? Will you be ready for Murtagh to visit in the morning?”

“Not a problem.” Willie was already packing up his bass, and Ian reached for the bag where he kept his drumsticks. “You OK, Claire? Want me to walk you to the subway?”

“We’re going to stay back a bit,” Jamie interrupted, slipping his guitar off his shoulder and nonchalantly unplugging his amp. “Want to pick another song for tomorrow. Three is always better than two.”

He turned back to Claire, who had climbed back up on the stool, watching the three men put away their instruments.

“I want to thank all of you,” she said quietly. Voice strong, but a bit subdued. Awed.

“Oh, it’s nothing, Claire,” Ian smiled back. “We’re happy to – ”

“With respect, Ian,” she interrupted, “You don’t understand. This is – I’ve waited for this day for so long. It’s a dream I’ve risked a lot for. And you’re helping make that dream come true. So thank you.”

Willie picked up his case and softly crossed the room to gently lay a hand on Claire’s shoulder.

“We’re not done yet – tomorrow’s another day.”

She smiled at him – suddenly looking so tired. “Indeed it is. See you here at ten sharp?”

Ian shrugged into his backpack, clapped Jamie on the shoulder, and once again the drummer and bassist for their still-unnamed band slipped out of the rehearsal space.

Jamie knelt to close his guitar case, then stood to face Claire.

How to keep her by his side now, for even a few more minutes? How to extend this indescribable, incredible day?

“You want to get a drink somewhere?” he heard himself say.

This time when she smiled, it went all the way to her eyes.

God, she was beautiful.



Blondie, “Call Me”:


John Mellencamp, “I Need A Lover”:


Ninjavember day 13: Background/Minor Character

Every single background character in this show is such a cutie, but this one has stolen my soul since the first time I saw it.

Have some Cowbell~

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Julia, would you mind explaining to me the theme or problem of the girlband? I have never understood it, but when Alice or Annika are named; saying that they are broken up and other things; I'm a little lost in the space

sure, i have a tag that you can look through if you want but i would definitely recommend @parodiesofuktabloids’ blog for more details. 

the gist of it is that louis started being subtly connected to this band (then called breaking 27, later an officially unnamed all girl band that we found was supposed to be called ‘did alice call’) in july 2015 and was dubbed their mentor by various media outlets and simon cowell. louis has attended a few of their studio sessions, got papped at two or three gigs and liked some of their social media posts over time. there’s never been an official connection or promo though. the band never released any original music or had a name (even when they played on stage the calling card only read grrrlband if i remember correctly), louis never promoted them outside of the stuff that would only reach the fandom - sometimes there even were stunt and girlband mergers (speaking of the fandom: annika’s sister is or used to be a UA co-owner and coveniently “leaked” footage before). we know they had a connection to syco/sony through an A&R liaison (alice) and my assumption is that they were led to believe they were gonna be launched and taken on as a new syco act. it has been almost two years though and it seems like there has been a lot of disharmony - between the band members, their families, the label - in the last few months leading up to what is now believed to be the disbanding of the band.

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This it's Louis *something* so you have to support it mentality needs to stop the fuck now! If you're a fan of Louis but he does something you do not agree with you don't have to support him. If Louis does something you're not interested in you don't have to support it. You just don't. Being someone fan and being supportive no matter what are two very different things and the second one is not healthy.


i don’t like the niall/modest golf thing. i also don’t like the continued link between niall and simon jones. i don’t know if it was his choice or part of a larger compromise but i think it’s a terrible decision if it was solely up to him and i’m not going to pretend otherwise.

that doesn’t mean i don’t support *niall* or that i don’t wish him all the success in the world. it means i have a brain and the ability to think for myself and that i’m choosing not to be excited about niall tying himself to simon jones and modest management after all the shit they’ve put the boys and the fandom through over the past 6 years.

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Your explanation of Louis makes perfect sense, but is there anything we should be looking for in terms of Harry, Liam and/or Niall?

Well, for Liam to actually release his music would be excellent, but he seems to be caught up in something that’s not necessarily Syco related, so that doesn’t feel like an absolute ringer.

Niall seems to actually be doing what he wants, so I don’t know if we’ll see anything by his movements (though god, I’d still love it if he dumped Modest. I just don’t plan on seeing that for quite a while now).

And Harry… I don’t know what else we can see from him to show he’s out from under them. Outwardly he seems like he’s doing what he wants (except for the part where he can’t/won’t mention Louis by name).

So Louis is the one to watch. BG, the allegedly unnamed band, Triple Strings, the LA stunt house, and Ann Marie showing up there - all things that need to go away. Soon.

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Cris, since as you've mentioned we probably won't get official band announcements (new mgmt, label etc.) until they are ready to come back, what do you think we should be looking for in terms of signs that they are no longer tied to Syco? Obviously the end of BG and Elounor for Louis, but what else?

I think the big sign will be when Louis breaks ties with Syco & JGG (or at least Rusty if he stays JGG and goes with a Deckstar manager). The thing is, as much as I’d LOVE a Louis solo album, I’m not sure we’re going to get one. He may continue writing and collabing and choose not to do a full on solo career that would require a label deal.

I know that’s blasphemy around here and I’m not saying that’s what I want, but I’m not sure what to expect from him right now. So waiting for him to announce a deal may not be something we’re going to get. If it happens, hell yeah, it’ll be HUGE and it’ll mean the end of Syco!  But if it doesn’t happen, I don’t know that necessarily means he’s still with Syco if other things play out - like the end of bg and maybe dissolving Triple Strings or launching the allegedly unnamed band and not remaining involved with them.

We’re just going to have to wait and see how this all plays out. Every time we think we know what to look for, they do a switcheroo on us, so it’s really hard to make predictions.

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loust91 asking the girl band in an IG comment to send him a video. Did whoever is playing the part of online Louis forget that he's supposed to be their mentor/boss? And would presumably have their contact info? And have heard/approved their songs? Been at rehearsals? Been in the studio? Nah. Ok.

yet another perfect example of 1dhq using social media as a performative medium and completely ignoring how things would actually happen irl but anyway

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hi im new to the fandom and i was wondering: if the band doesnt need to put out music(together) rn and the hiatus period is undefined, how are they-contractually still obligated to do stunts(especially louis)?

The original contract the band signed with Syco is effectively over. The NDA’s are not over. Louis’ joint venture label with Syco, Triple Strings, is still there. The allegedly unnamed band is still a thing.

The point is that one contract ending doesn’t mean that ALL contracts have ended. And there were a lot of contracts.

But more to the point, no one knows for sure.

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i'm sorry what's the diferente between 78 and tripe strings

78 Productions is a company wholly and solely owned by Louis. We don’t know exactly what its purpose is, but Jay used to be the other director (besides Louis) and now Dan is. I theorized that it had to do with his charity work, but I don’t know for certain.

Triple Strings is a company owned 50% by Louis and 50% by Simco (Syco). It is the owning entity of the trademark “Did Alice Call” which is the presumed name of the unnamed band that Louis has allegedly been working with.

Triple Strings has been called a label, an imprint, and an artist development agency. We don’t really know what it does either.

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hi idk if you discussed this already but i looked up triple stringles on the endole wesbite and it says that they trademarked "did alice call" on august 4th, and wasn't there something about the girlband making an ig account with that same name?? so maybe that really is their band's name?

LOL!  I knew it would happen eventually. And no, I haven’t discussed it.

I’ve been holding this information for bit now and didn’t want to post about it because I didn’t want to be the one to interfere with their marketing plan, but I figured once someone else found it, I’d spill.

Yes, Triple Strings trademarked “Did Alice Call” on August 4 in the US and EU. The trademark covers music, clothing, and items that would be ordinarily made as “merch” - jewelry, mechanical items, etc..  Additionally, Sony UK has registered didalicecall.com as a website and there’s a twitter account didalicecall, I think I’m the only follower right now.

We don’t know for sure that it’s the name of the band, it could be their first song or they could be doing a TV show (the name makes more sense for TV than a band name, but idk).

But that’s the reason when Louis & Simon were made directors of Triple Strings that I strongly believed that Triple Strings would be signing the band. And since the drummer made that comment about a major label signing the band, I figured it would probably be in conjunction with Columbia or one of the other Sony US labels.

Cat’s out of the bag.

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Louis at Sony could mean something or nothing. Maybe more bullshit is coming or maybe not. Liam was papped at the Sony offices two minutes before announcing the deal with Capitol so maybe it's nothing relevant. Idk, as always, we just have to wait. The only guess I feel comfortable to say is that maybe we'll have pap pics considering the locations and the stalkers.

the fact they bothered to send a stalker out there to make sure we knew louis was at sony is definitely putting me on high alert