unnamed band

Fandom Manipulation

I was talking with @parodiesofuktabloids about the allegedly unnamed band and thinking about that recent post about the Sony guy being SO PROUD of how they manipulate fans for marketing purposes. And how that post ended up with the very true statement that we play into their hands more often than not.

But while Sony thinks they understand us (and they do get that the more we think our boys are the underdogs, the harder we go in support of them), what they do not get is that because we perceive Sony/Syco as treating them like dogs for years on end (and rightfully so), we will not blindly support any other act that they try to push on us. 

The unnamed band, James Arthur, Cheryl, and even Little Mix only got widespread fandom support after Zayn and Perrie split because they overplayed that hand so hard that no one could stomach it. The only real exception is Steve because he’s a wonderful guy that honestly loves Louis and was complimentary of the band long before he met them.

So while yeah, we do play into their hands with our overly enthusiastic support of 1D based on our perception of their situation, they ended up playing themselves.  Because if we thought they were a good team, we’d be a fantastic marketing base for other artists, but as it stands, we’re actively hostile to anyone they try to foist on us.

We can be manipulated, but we’re aware of it, and we only will play along so far. Then we start fighting back.

Anons about Triple Strings

I’m not here for people to bash Louis.

We do not know what his reasons were, we do not know what agreements were made, we do NOT know what Louis stands to gain from this association.

I’m not happy either, but assuming other things conclude shortly, I’m willing to wait and see how it goes.

I’m also not here to bash the unnamed band. Those girls are kids and they just want to make music and be successful, they are not the problem. Like or dislike them and their music once it’s released, your call, but their existence is not doing harm to Louis.

What you say on your blog is your business, but please don’t bring Louis or unnamed band hate to me.