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My Boys Drabbles - Hawaii Trip (Part Four - Final)

here goes the last part, guys! Thank you @jia911 for helping me out with proofreading! 

The previous chapters are here: 1, 2 and 3


My Boys Drabbles – Hawaii Trip (Part Four)


Over the course of the following weeks, Amelia needed regular consults with Ben Warren, especially after he’d noticed she’d lost weight during the course of the first weeks of gestation. But when Amelia entered her second trimester, the nausea completely vanished and she could easily make up for every pound she’d lost.

“I am glad to see your appetite is back,” Owen noticed with a smile while they had dinner at home.

“This is just too delicious,” Amelia affirmed, trying to manage slicing her chicken only with the fork as her other hand was busy balancing Thomas still on her legs. She was at fifteen weeks now and since she was carrying two, her bump was considerable noticeable, making it harder to fit her two year old between the table and herself.

“I am glad I can be of help,” Owen added, satisfied that she’d liked the dinner he had prepared. “Hey nugget, did you finish your dinner?” He looked at Thomas, seeing as the boy was picking food from his mother’s plate with his fingers.

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