unmapped territory

The Two Sides of a Capricorn

Flip flopping from playing by the structured rules of social norms to being completely reckless is a common trait seen in Capricorns. They know how to play, and in any environment they are extremely adaptable to any guidelines assigned to themselves. Whatever clique they are brought into, they ultimately conform to, but constantly improve the ways of their society. For sure, they are natural born leaders. They conquer unmapped or undiscovered territory, they pick dare over truth. Constantly they feed their lively rebellious spirit as well as their ego, which can often go completely hand in hand. They impress others through this method and get control, and seemingly power as well. Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens, Capricorn.

Setting Up For Love // Closed

Typical day, typical weather, typical people. It all was beginning to seem like a drag now. Like nothing really mattered. Day in and day out Zia worked the afternoon shift at FireSide Coffee House.
The weather was almost always pleasant, but it got boring after a while. She wanted to see raging storms, blistering heats, and dark colds. But, you don’t get much of that where she was.
The people were the only thing that really ever changed, for that was the nature of man. Some were kind and polite, others brash and cruel, and the rest were like unmapped territory.
Right now, she was dealing with an extremely rude one, and she was about to lose her patience. Finally, they grabbed up their coffee, and left.

Mumbling hateful curses and shrewd language, Zia turned around to clean out the coffee machine. No one else was in line anyways.
Then, against the boring drone of the coffee shop came the bell. And it was different this time. The sound sent a shiver down her spine, and her heart began to race. It wasn’t even the sound that made her that way. It was the feeling that came with it. Her mate had just walked through the door, and into her life.


Garl Askew

The Laid-Back, Mathematical Astronauts, etc.

As musical-project monikers go, Astronauts, etc., is an especially appropriate one: its frontman, the Oakland, Calif.-based Anthony Ferraro, is something of an artistic wanderer, dedicated to exploring unmapped creative territories. Ferraro is classically trained, but had to abandon the orchestral route midway through his studies at Berkeley, when severe arthritis began to take its toll on his hands, forcing him to pursue a less technically demanding musical path. 

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