I’m not dead, I’m just a few weeks away from graduating uni! Have some Pumpkin Cats - the souls of black cats killed on Halloween are brought back to life by the Spirit of the Pumpkin Patch. They guide souls lost between the worlds on Halloween night back to beyond the veil (all the while causing ruckus for the still living).  

The Signs As: Unlucky Things
  • ARIES:Walking under a ladder
  • TAURUS:Opening an umbrella indoors
  • GEMINI:Hanging a horseshoe with the ends pointing down (the good luck falls out!)
  • CANCER:Saying "Macbeth" in a theatre
  • LEO:The number 13/ Friday the 13th
  • VIRGO:Placing chopsticks in a bowl of food sticking upward
  • LIBRA:Shoes on a table
  • SCORPIO:The number 666
  • SAGITTARIUS:Lighting three cigarettes off of one match
  • CAPRICORN:Black cats crossing one's path
  • AQUARIUS:Spilling salt
  • PISCES:Breaking a mirror

Thrusting Jared at Minncon 2015, requested by winchestersinthedrift (x/x)