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Would you ever date a girl with schizophrenia? My girlfriend just broke up with me because I have it and I just feel so unlovable right now

absolutely!! in fact i actually have before, i adored her and it never got in the way of that. i’m so sorry that you feel bad bud, i’m sending you so much love

Explain to me why Snow White and Prince Charming wouldn’t raise their child to be a fighter, when they spent so much of their life running and fighting the Evil Queen. 

Explain to me why we got an AU showing Hook as a shy deckhand, and still rose up to protect Emma, and not have Emma stand up for her parents in her AU. 

Explain to me why Regina thought the best way to jog Emma’s memory was by murdering her parents in front of her, and causing her more pain.

Explain to me why Emma thanked her for that! In what universe is it okay to kill someone’s parents in front of them? In what universe is it better for Emma to grow up unloved and alone?

 Now let’s point out how Emma’s way to jog Hook’s memory in season’s 4 AU was to try to remind himself who he is. Let’s also point out that Killian would have done the same for her in this case. 

Killian should have been the one to go after her 1000000% I don’t even care anymore. I’m all for the characters shifting focus. But in an episode like this, that was supposed to be about Emma.. I’m so mad.

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my best friend… she’s bi and she . i’m scorpio and she’s aquarius and she reblogged from a blog called scorpio and aquarius and it said “i wanna ruin our friendship, i wanna be lovers” or something and. i’m th only scorpio she knows. what


Azalea: Woo, it’s been a minute since I’ve drank that much. I think I might have overdid it a little, hehe.

Noble: You and me both. It’s okay, though. We’re celebrating, remember?

Azalea: Oh yeah. Glacier’s mayor. Ha. Who would have ever thought?

Noble: Remember back in college when he said he wanted to be an actor? Whatever happened to that?

Azalea: I guess he grew up. I miss who he used to be… I’m glad you haven’t changed, though, Noble. You’re still the same great guy you were way back then.

Noble: You think so?

Azalea: I know so. It’s been nice having you around to remind me that things weren’t always like this. So… unloving and cold.

Noble: Hey now, Glacier loves you. He’s just busy trying to make a better life for you two.

Azalea: Sigh. I know, but…


** Correcting misinformation: Etta’s actress, Lucy Davis, was not put in a fat suit according to pictures of her in recent TV roles. The Mary Sue article played a big part in spreading this misinformation.

Some of the fat actresses of colour suggested for Etta Candy, following the release of set photos** from the Wonder Woman movie. Fat women of colour have had abysmal representation, always portrayed as unlovable or punchlines and they could have taken the opportunity to have Etta as a fat woman of colour.

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🐢 Pokey says hi!! 🐢Pokey also says he hopes things get better. 🐢 Pokey loves you! 🐢❤

Thank you pokey. 💜💜🐢
I’m feeling pretty unloved right now and you brightened my day.


I hate how fat girls are deemed unlovable. Now some people do have a preference but some just don’t want to be judged by others. I remember the boy I lost my virginity to didn’t want people to know he fcked a fat girl. Everybody was playing him when they spoke of us to. He rather claim a girl he considered to be ugly then fck with a fat girl in public. Like it hurts my feelings but it is what it is. Or like when I like boys, my friends who are smaller than me always stress how I should talk to them and I should tell them I like them but they don’t understand that it’s not the same as them tryna talk to them. I have to ask myself do they like fat girls. For ex. So I sent one of the boys I have a crush on a dm. I see him a lot but when I finally got the guts to say something it was late so I sent a dm. All it said was “ I think you’re cute” and he never replied my friend was like it’s homecoming he’s probably really busy just give him a few days. So I did. And the next week I posted a picture of a girl and he liked her photo but never responded to my dm. When I told my friend her jaw dropped. But it really didn’t shock me. I expected that, why?? Because boys don’t want to fck with fat girls. And it’s so obvious that me being fat was the case. Because me and this girl are equally pretty. And when I told her I liked him she kept saying Imma put you on. And I begged her not to. Because she can easily slide in someone’s dms and get a reply I can’t do that. One time I approached someone and they dead laughed in my face. It’s just been soo hurtful. And it’s like when I do get approached it’s by boys who actually want to talk to me or it’s the boys who figure cause I’m a fat girl I’ll be a easy fck, because I’m happy someone is looking my way. I’m just tired of it. Like I always say when I reach my goal weight I’m gonna curve those same niggas who curved me but what’s the point? The damage has already been done.

SNK Readthrough: Volume 17 Part 16

Two months have passed since the coronation. Historia’s first order of business was to provide a place in the sun for children who had previously known only darkness. She rounded up the orphans of the underground and brought them to a farm.

Levi backed her in this effort. Together they wrangled politicians and aristocrats to make her dream a reality. I do wish we had more than a single panel of Levi looking so determined. Historia seems surprised by his passion. Clearly she missed the memo that he’s a big softie.

I just love how everything comes full circle. Farm life isn’t new to Historia. Her childhood was spent on a farm where she was alone, unloved and unwanted. Now she’s back by choice, this time surrounded by the smallest victims of the corrupt regime, making sure they never feel that way.

i just wanna say that all of you matter and have value regardless of who you are or what you do or what stage of life you’re at, and that you deserve love and kindness and patience no matter what