unlove quotes

You lied to me. You hurt my feelings. And yet for some reason I was walking on eggshells around you. I was apologizing for how I was feeling because of your actions. Like I did something wrong? Fuck you for making me apologize when you were the one who ripped my heart into two and handed it to me.

I feel myself getting worse. I’m scared because I havent been suicidal in so long. Now I keep visualizing myself ending my life. I even think about how people will respond to it. Life just keeps letting me down and I’m just not good enough for this world. I’m stupid, unlovable, annoying, and most of all worthless. I’m told and shown these things constantly and I 100% believe them.

I realized that I cannot unlove you.โ€จSo now my heart has a new prayer.โ€จI pray that youโ€™ll find happiness.โ€จAnd in return , I will find mine.โ€จI pray that someone will love me the way I loved you.โ€จAnd may I love this person a thousand fold more than you.โ€จBy then Iโ€™m sure my heart will stop looking for you.
—  A Prayer For My Heart // Conee Berdera

“It’s so fucking painful, the thought of them together. I have never been a possessive person but the idea of him being with her just makes me feel a kind of pain I haven’t felt before.”

— why her and not me