unlove poem

I fell in love with you, but you don’t love me back. I don’t know what to do anymore. I live for you. Every morning I wake up, for you. I laugh for you, I smile for you, I do my best, for you. But I guess everything I did, for you, wasn’t good enough. Now I have two choices, I can give up and have my love for you die with me, or I can try harder to make you find some interest in me. Right now, one of those choices is more appealing than the other.
—  i’m thinking i should just give up
What are you supposed to do when you are falling in love with someone, and your whole body is being drained. What are you supposed to do when you feel yourself losing your sanity because you feel so empty by the end of the day. How are you supposed to explain how you feel to someone who feels no where close to how you feel about them. I’m loosing myself trying to love him. I’m losing my sanity, because I’m so caught up with him. I wait by my phone, waiting for another text, and it’s never quite fast enough. I feel like I care more, I feel like I want this more, and I feel like he doesn’t give a fuck what happens to us. I feel like i bother him constantly, I feel like I annoy him every time I overreact. I feel like he’s soon going to get sick of my uncertainty of myself. Eventually he’s going to forget the reasons why he ever fell for me in the first place. I’m waiting for this heart break to come, just like our over due earth quake.
When I say I’m hard to love
you won’t believe me.
You’ll think
they are self-deprecating words
and merely a misunderstanding.
That maybe I just
don’t value myself enough.
But that’s because
when I say I’m hard to love
I am not describing
anything explosive.
I do not mean
that I will be
screaming through my lungs
or wielding weapons
with my words.
Rather, I will be patient
and kind
and lead you to believe
in things that do not exist.  
Because when I say
I’m hard to love
I mean that I
am a mirage.
You will mistakenly think
it only takes time
for me to become
something more.
But no matter how hard you try
you will not find
what you are looking for.
—  Mirage, V.P.
Some girls are full of heartache and poetry and those are the kind of girls who try to save wolves instead of running away from them
Some people manicure their nails,
Some people trim them neatly
Some people keep them filed down,
I bite ‘em off completely.
Yes, it’s a nasty habit, but
Before you start to scold
Remember, I have never ever,
Scratched a single soul.
—  Shel Silverstein, ‘The Nailbiter’