Okay, but listen to me, I can’t get over how in TLD we were told that our reading of the drink code was correct. I don’t think spotting the drink code was an easy task, it was really subtextual, and we got IT  RIGHT. We know now 100%. And then only one episode later everything goes to hell, Johnlock never happened, even though it is much more blatant than the drink code, so are they telling me we got that little subtextual thing right but the huge romantic plot…nah? I just don’t get it. This is killing me, it makes no sense, it has no logic, and I can’t stand unlogical things as huge as what’s happening.

At least, there is no lie

Mom: “What do you usually do on the internet?”
Me: “Nothing indecent, surely.
I just appreciate the work from authors, video-editors and artists”
*fanfictions, fanvideos, fanarts*
Me: “…which are usually about polemic themes…”
*beautiful, mostly unlogical otps*
Me: “…and tend to explore the depths of relationship between characters, which at first-sight or by unexperienced eyes are not able to be seen…”
Me: “…tracing lines in the territories of the relationship field. They put into discussion: “what is love?”. From that knightly love, full of orders, conduct and adoration for the maiden…“
*cute fluff, g-rated*
Me: ”…to a more primitive, obscure and omitted by society love.“
Me: “It is beautiful, however, don’t search about it.”

To Love You

Someday, you will understand why I never stop to love you.

End. Period.

Maybe, there is a thing that no need to explain. Without words. Without logic to tell. Because love is an unlogic reason why I keep waiting for you.

Even after years.

Sooo… I watched ep 3 of the Boruto anime.
Basically it was shit, pure shit.
The plot is stupid, Shino makes a shit teacher, the punishmen they didn’t deserve was to fix the Hokage monument… For some reason.
And they’re surprised that it didn’t end well, I suppose it’s unlogical to make actual sculptors do it, lets send the academy students instead (not even a genin team), some free labor.
They can’t afford it with Konoha’s failing economy either way.
Temari is a shit mom, she’s supposed to be stern (?) like Yoshino or something.
On the other hand Shikamaru makes a good dad. About the thing with Metal, where was Lee in all this? And the other teachers for that matter.
Boruto has a new doujutsu apparently. And he also has no idea about his mother’s entire family’s kekkei genkai at all.

Naruto comes back home (early as Hinata says, haha) says hi and inmediatly goes to sleep, he even misses diner because he’s too tired, he looks miserable too I find it really funny.
Wasn’t he a shonen hero a year ago or something?
Boruto is really a brat, he steals and every time he fucks up all he has to say is sorry and he’s forgiven.
The only positive thing I have to say is that Shikadai is a good kid and really tries to apologize to Metal and be friends, Inojin is cute, I like how he uses his paintings to fight which he got from Sai but he adds color to them probably due to his personality which I suppose he got from Ino and it’s sweet imo.
Little details like this.


(click to see these babies in all their glory~)

Bury me, I’m dead, these took way too long but people have been asking for the girl’s and Zoro’s design so I just did all of them _(:3 」∠)_

  • Nami- Aladdin      Vivi-Jasmine      Zoro-flying carpet
  • Chopper-Abu       Sanji-Rajah        Luffy-Genie
  • Crocodile-Jafar    Robin-(way cooler) Jago     Cobra-Sultan Hamed
  • Franky-Razoul     Brook-Guardsman               Usopp-Guardsman
Theory Time

So basicaly I had this small theory that Lena in season 3 will be a part of the Checkmate organisation. So basically this vison has more and more shape in my head for example Lena’s call history shows two pople who in the DCuniverse are a part of that. The first one being Tom which could be a shortend version of Thomas as in Thomas Jagger whose the White King’s Knight (that’s a position in the organisation) he was featured only in one issue in the comics but you know maybe he’s Lena’s GBF because as a charecter in the comics i think is cannonicaly gay.

Second person on that list is ladies and gentelmen is Amanda as in AMANDA WALLER whos actually one of the founders of the whole organisation. We met her in the SS(suecide squad) movie played by the talented Viola Davis

this could be far fetched and it’s unlogical for Lena to have those numbers so openly displayed but you know I girl can dream

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Would it be weird if i asked what the fusions would be like with the Sanders Switch AU? just curious - Luna Howl

Well at the moment I’ll try to interpret a switch au version of Law and Night Terror.

Also I’m calling Night Terror Anthony at the moment and Law is going to be Lucas.

Well Anthony kind of have Switch Prince’s personality, but more slightly more sadistic and less lazy.

The Switch! Anthony would be called Day Dream and he’d be kind-hearted and productive, though both Day Dream and Night Terror have constant changes on the theme of dream, on and off calmness and creepy until they accidentally give Thomas a short round of Sleep Paralysis.

Now Law, him being both heart and mind he’ll have to be the opposite. He’d be called Lunatic. (eyy accidental name placement)

Law, even though having Logan’s trouble processing emotions, is very social and would love to talk and theorize even if his voice from time to time will be monotone.

So Lunatic would be able to express more sadistic emotions, he tends to be antisocial half the time and would accidentally say something morally displeasing or something unlogical which he’ll quickly corrected himself.

Now this seems like it doesn’t match the character’s, being fused to create them, emotions but that’s the fun of fusions for me.
They don’t have to have the other two’s exact traits, they are them, but they have their own personalities and I love it!

Soon I’ll make the two switch versions!

Thank you Lunar!

the logic of this events era really unlogical and immature:

- nina and nikki reed friends and the proove was all the thousand pictures together in diferent events 

- nina and nikki double date with their boyfriends

- nina and ian broke up after 3 years of relationship 

- nikki divorce is on january and in april she and ian get married

- nikki and ian shove their happy life in all events all social media all paparazzi all conventions of TVD and even on the SET of TVD 

- if i was nina of course i leaved tvd IMAGINE the love of your life and your close friend FOR YEARS backstabing you and even appear on the work place ( set of tvd)

- ian was nice to fans ian was quiet with the media WITH NINA 

- with nikki they are both ATTEnTION FAME WHORE´S 

- nikki goes to conventions of tvd to the set when shes part of the fucking twilight series LOL dafuqqq





MY BETS - Ian is going to regret his decision and nikki will leave him when TVD ends lets hope he did fiil a pre-nup or nikki will steal his foundation and he will be poor and old and nina famous beatifull with tones of money and men better them him

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hey i just wanted to say that i'm a pisces and i don't want to get married bc it's unlogical but i would like a wedding with the love of my life i never know what i want lol

I used to be EXACTLY like that I was like marriage is just expensive and pointless it’s all just for tax benefits and idc about taxes but now I’m in a committed relationship and I’m like I love marriage and I want to have a cute wedding and be able to call this person I love my husband. Also I care about taxes

The twists are predictable, the scenes are unlogic, 5.5/10, can’t be any higher.

But…wait, why would it be this? Sure those are the thoughts in my mind, but why hands are shaking, why there are jellyfishes swimming in my eyes? Although there is the most clichéd routine, and the most nonsensical plots, but with the earnest production and the performance with the true heart of every filmmaker, animator and voice actor behind the scene, there is a film provided to us, beyond compare.

I am not expecting very much. I had recently seen Zootopia and Pets, both animated movies set in worlds full of solely animals, and had similar expectations. Sing, however, had much more of a plot than I had expected.

SING will Blow You Away!

10/10 !!!!



12 Missed calls 42 Texts Later

Disclaimer: I do not own these gifs. I got them online, credit to the rightful owners.

You paced the width of your apartment, waiting for your boyfriend to come back. If he came back! You’ve been texting and calling him for the past two hours and he hasn’t picked up, answered a text, or bothered to try and reach you in any way. You knew Dylan was filming today, and that he was filming a particularly dangerous scene. He wouldn’t let you go with him just incase anything happened, and he assured you that he’d text you at every chance he got. His last text was four hours ago, and it said: Tyler messed up again :/ Last take. I’m okay, Love you xxx 

Two hours and thirty minutes, you started to panic. Picking up your phone from the couch, you called Tyler. The phone rang, and rang, and rang, but no answer. Straight to voicemail. “Oh my God,” tears stung your eyes. What happened? Is he okay? Finally, you couldn’t wait any longer, and you fetched your keys and went out the door. 

Two steps down, Dylan rounded the stairs and met up with you. 

His scratched face turned twisted in confusion, “where are you going?” The sight of his scarred face made you want to hug him and tend to him, but the anger and worry were much stronger. You tossed your keys at him, barely missing. He dodged the keys and glared at you, “what the hell was that?”

“I have been texting you! Calling you and Tyler! No one picked up! I was worried sick! Where have you been?”

“Filming!” He hissed, “where else? I texted you!”

Three hours ago! I thought something happened!” 

He raised his arms, “nothing happened! I’m right here! Why are you yelling?”

“Because I thought you died!”

The apartment doors around you started opening, your neighbors eager to get the front row seat on the fight between Dylan O’brien and his long term girlfriend. Dylan sighed, “lets go back inside, we’ll talk okay? Lets talk.” He picked up your keys then tried taking your hand as you climbed the stairs. You pulled away angrily, and beat him to the door. 

Dylan walked into the apartment and calmly closed the door, then he took a seat on a chair, “you thought I died? It wasn’t that big of a scene.”

“I called you 12 times!” 

He raised his eyebrows, then took his phone out of his pocket and said, “crap y/n. I had my phone on silent. I didn’t see, 42 texts. Holy crap you must’ve been worried.”

“You think?!” You screamed, frustrated at how calm he was. “You knew how worried I was! I called you 12 times Dylan! 12 and you didn’t pick up once! I was terrified! How could you turn your phone on silent? You knew I was worried! That’s seriously the most inconsiderate and stupid thing you’ve ever done!”


“While you were over there laughing with your shitty friends I’ve been shaking with worry!”


“How daft do you have to be to forget your girlfriend? Eh? Tell me that!”

“Y/N!” He shouted.


“Can you shut up for a few seconds and listen? God Dang!”

Your jaw dropped, “Did you just –”

He stood up and stormed to me, his face inches from mine, “I just spent eight hours in the hot sun! Doing crazy stunts, my face is burning! Because it’s scratched, if you haven’t noticed. I slid on the gravel. But that doesn’t matter because I didn’t pick up your damn phone calls? I get you were worried! But I’m okay y/n! And I’m tired as hell! I’m at your apartment because I expected  you to take care of me after such a hectic day! I was ready to kiss you and for you to help me fix this!” he pointed at his wounded face, “then we could lay down and relax! Instead! I get a psycho girlfriend who’s badmouthing my friends and I because I didn’t pick up the phone!”

“You don’t understand how worried I was!” you yelled, though not as loud this time, “you weren’t thinking straight Dylan! This isn’t about your wounds or how bad your day was, it’s about the fact that you couldn’t pick up a phone and tell me you were okay! Seriously! If you can’t bother with that we shouldn’t bother with this relationship”

He turned around, ran his hands through his hair, and turned back to me. His lips were in a grim line and his tongue was pressed to his cheek the way it did when he was trying to control his anger. Deep down, you knew you went to far, but you was still scared for him, he looked like he was in a lot of pain and that made you angry! Why couldn’t they get a damn stunt double? And why couldn’t he just find the time to text you? It may seem like you’re over reacting, or overly attached. But you were just worried, really worried, out of your mind and unlogically worried for this crazy man you’re madly in love with. 

“You want to break up?” He whispered angrily, making you realize what you had said, “You really want to do that? Because I didn’t reply to your damn text y/n?”

“You don’t understand,” you repeated, “I was –”

“WORRIED SICK!” he screamed, “I get it! But damn! You’re really over reacting don’t you think?” He had his hands in fists, and he was shaking. Time to pull back and calm hm down.

“Dylan, I’m– calm down okay? Lets just talk calmly okay?”

“Calm never works with you!” he screamed, “you fight over the silliest things y/n and I’m getting sick of it! I’m really starting to resent you.” He tugged on his hair, then picked up my favorite mug and chucked it at a wall.

“Dylan!” you screamed, “Stop what are you doing!”

He didn’t hear you, he threw his phone at the wall, “I’m so sick of always doing something wrong! Everything I do is wrong to you!” he screamed.

“Baby please calm down!”

“Don’t baby me!” He shouted, “I’m done!” He chucked a vase at the wall behind you sending a shock through your body, causing you to fall. He glared at you, his eyes still full of fury, “I’m done. I can’t live like this.” He mumbled, walking out and slamming the door behind him.

You felt numb for hours after that, and you didn’t cry because it all had to be a nightmare. you waited to wake up, and see him walking through the door, unhurt and smiling at you. But that wasn’t going to happen, and only when you realized that the tears started coming, and you couldn’t stop them. You sat on the floor, with tears on your face, thinking about all you said and how you’d take it back in a second. It didn’t matter that he didn’t text back, as long as he was there at the end of the day so you could kiss him goodnight. You loved him so much it physically hurt you, and thinking about him leaving you tore you into a million pieces over, and over, and over. Until you thought you’d die right there.

Then the door opened, and Dylan sheepishly stepped in. He looked at you, then his eyes met the floor, “I bought you another mug,” he mumbled.

In a flash, you were in his arms, “I’m so sorry,” you cried, “I’m sorry I’m sorry I love you so much Dylan I’m so sorry Please don’t leave.”

He rubbed your back soothingly, although his eyes were also red from previous tears. “I’m sorry too,” he whispered in your ear, “I over reacted. It’s been a tough day. I love you more than ever y/n and I never planned on leaving. I’m sorry.”

You kissed him softly, careful not to get near the scratch on his face or apply pressure on his hurt lip. But he wouldn’t have it, he moved your hands into his hair, where he loved them the most. And deepened your kiss, making sure to remind you of why you couldn’t go a day without his soft lips.

When you finally pulled away for breath, your hand softly brushed his scratches, making him flinch. “Let’s fix this,” you said, “so I don’t have to think of anything else when I kiss you.”

Having conversation about my future plans and stuff with my parents is really nice and helpful but also not because there is a lot of stuff I don’t want to share and it makes my ideas so unlogical and slighty stupid

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idk I think its better that Jon and Sansa weren't close as kids because that makes it way less incestuous (see: the Westermarck effect) they never thought of each other as siblings? they weren't loving brother and sister like Jon and Arya?

I think bringing psychological theories here is pointless. Not only because we are talking about fiction and GRRM can say anything he wants and the storyline will go with it because he’s the God of his books, but because the human brain and the human behaviour remains mostly, to this day, a mystery.

You speak of the Westermarck effect, then I’m talking about the sexual imprinting of Freud that occurs in childhood, the exact opposite of what the Westermarck effect claims. This one speaks about the imprinting of the main traits of a certain relative that’s later searched for in potential partners (and I can claim that Jon, indeed, has imprinted in Arya because of the traits he finds desirable in both Ygritte and Val).

I think Jon and Sansa as a couple are unlikely and, most of all, unlogical, not only because of their strained relationship, but because all these traits Jon keeps finding attractive in other woman are Arya’s, the exact opposite of Sansa. Why would he feel attracted to her? Not to mention Sansa still tries to emulate her mother, the woman who mistreated Jon his whole childhood.

Plus, I question this “loving brother and sister” category you put Jon and Arya in. There’s been some analysis of the scenes and the thoughts Jon and Arya share and they are seldomly completely innocent. There’s always some weird undertone to them that makes us wonder what was GRRM trying to say? Was it just a couple of innocent and “loving brother and sister” there or was there more?

Why I like/don't like that Sun sign
  • Aries: They are so energetic and fun to be around. They shine like the sun. Their happiness is so contageous. They finish their tasks. // They are so annoying when annoyed, they get so unlogical. Sometimes the simplicity of their basic selves gets to my nerves.
  • Taurus: They can be so creative, if they give it a try. They are helpful people. They know how to relax. They know how to adapt. // They can be so loud. Doing what is told seems like such a difficult thing to do to them.
  • Gemini: They have such a weird humor. They are fun and I think their energic balance is perfect. They know how to have fun and are very logical. // They know how to hurt other people and aren’t afraid to do that. Their actions and beliefs don’t always sum up.
  • Cancer: Their smiles brighten up the day. They want to care. They think about you very often. They want to help. // They often make all about them. They let their emotions control them.
  • Leo: They let you be you and it’s easy to make them laugh. They are so generous. You rarely feel awkward around them. // They forget a lot. They don’t really have motivation to do their tasks as well as possible and give it any more effort than is needed.
  • Virgo: They understand the world so well if they give it a chance. They pay attention. They have such a great humor. They want to be useful. // They have such a complicated thinking progress. They easily feel unwanted.
  • Libra: They aren’t afraid to bring up the things they love. They have a unique way of talking. They know what is justice. They are good with kids. // They don’t understand what is good for them. They can be easily tricked because they pay attention only to certain things.
  • Scorpio: They are very interesting. They know what to say to get the conversation where they want it to go. They are charming. They aren’t afraid of touch. // They sometimes unintentionally be rude or disrespect the things that matter to you. They don’t understand other people’s limits.
  • Sagittarius: They have kind eyes. They might not have the most interesting stories, but they tell them the way it’s relaxing to listen. They get excited by their own little projects. They are quite modest (even if they don’t want to be). // They aren’t that good at expressing feelings. Their answering to questions is inadequate.
  • Capricorn: They are friendly. They want to learn. They understand that they don’t understand everything. They talk quite much the right amount. // They get mad because of stupid things. They don’t always respect your opinions.
  • Aquarius: They are so lovable. They are adorable when happy. They have the desire to entertain and help the world. // They only want the fun part. They are impatient.
  • Pisces: They have that calm and loving vibe. They are really nice to you if you are to them. They get shit done. They like to try new things. // It can get hard to understand them when they are lost in their own world.
  • All of the texts are my own opinions.

A: By the angel – please not! It’s embarassing…

M: Nonsense, Alexander! I found it rather endearing.

M: It all started when……

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PSA to people using custom ask pages

Tumblr now requires unlogged people or people without a tumblr account to prove they’re not a robot before sending you an ask. It works fine on the default /ask page, but if you set a special ask page like me, the size of the captcha makes the ask button disappear. 

All you have to do to fix that is TURN SCROLL ON. Go to your custom page, in <html>, find the bit that says “scrolling=“no”” and change it to “yes”. 

this is what it’s gonna look like: 

Note the scroll bar. 

that is all! please reblog this even if you don’t have a custom ask page, bc its impossible to know about this if you never log out like most people. And people who don’t have tumblr don’t know that they can go to your /ask directly, so they can’t contact you to tell you about it!