At least, there is no lie

Mom: “What do you usually do on the internet?”
Me: “Nothing indecent, surely.
I just appreciate the work from authors, video-editors and artists”
*fanfictions, fanvideos, fanarts*
Me: “…which are usually about polemic themes…”
*beautiful, mostly unlogical otps*
Me: “…and tend to explore the depths of relationship between characters, which at first-sight or by unexperienced eyes are not able to be seen…”
Me: “…tracing lines in the territories of the relationship field. They put into discussion: "what is love?”. From that knightly love, full of orders, conduct and adoration for the maiden…“
*cute fluff, g-rated*
Me: ”…to a more primitive, obscure and omitted by society love.“
Me: "It is beautiful, however, don’t search about it.”

I wasn’t going to speak on this matter anymore but this has been bothering me since Sunday. Although the reactions to Jadis and Rick aren’t shocking it is bothersome to say the least. As a black woman I am never numb to the type of comments I have seen about Rick and Michonne and the unlogical perceptions of Rick and Jadis’ interaction. It’s amazing to me how far and how low people will go to reinforce age old sterotypes heaped upon black people especially black women. We have a painful history in this country of perpetuating the false image of black as undesirable and inferior and this image has been passed down from generation to generation (knowingly or unknowingly) and crossed over into our media. No race in history has been negatively characterized like black people and it’s happened for so long that it has become normal. Individuals hold bias of what they perceive us to be. Any image that disrupts what makes people comfortable or disrupts normalcy causes problems internally because it makes them face that bias. Some people are outwardly racist and do not care, others are “I like Michonne but she’s not Rick’s type” as being undoubtedly loyal and loving him unconditionally is not qualities he desires in his woman. The remarks about Jadis are a harsh reminder that some people would rather be comfortable than enjoy the most authentic relationship television has seen in decades. Their emotions are controlled by look on each other’s faces. One struggles to function if the other is off kilter. THAT IS true narrative. THAT should be the topic of conversation when speaking about Rick and Michonne. I say that to say this, this relationship is validating for myself and a lot of people that is where the passion stems from, no matter what people try to say or do, we will continue to enjoy and uplift Rick and Michonne’ relationship because in turn it’s helping to lift my sister’s and my queens up. We are magic and we are royal. Blessings be upon you.

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Okay so i used my mothers laptotp two days ago and forgot to unlog from tumblr there and kinda found my writing blog AND she kinda read a namjoon fluff I wrote back then in summer... and I'm just like thank GOSH she didn't read the smut one .. Has it ever happened to you?


so my parents have always been super against talking to strangers online, the internet etc.

so its a fairly big secret that i do all this. and the worst part is that i dont have old clueless parents i have old technology savvy parents who think its super great to flaunt the fact that they have complete control over our technology and can see what we’re doing at any point in time

and im pretty much at the point where even if they found it i wouldnt leave this blog because like 13k and a years worth of work isnt going in the toilet until my pulse is

but earlier in the year i was scrolling through my dads phone looking for a picture of our dog and i found a picture of Do You Find Me Distracting? ON HIS PHONE


like he knew??

idk if he read it because i think he probably would have locked down my whole life if he did, but he knew at some point

and like it was just a little baby account, only a couple hundred followers with only two scenarios up that were barely smut

and he probably wouldnt know what the word smut is

but like if he came back now im pretty sure it’d be war and im gonna inevitable end up emotionally scarred from keeping my passion a secret :///

i ended up ranting but its because i care a lot about this and i fEEL YOU SO HARD MAN



(click to see these babies in all their glory~)

Bury me, I’m dead, these took way too long but people have been asking for the girl’s and Zoro’s design so I just did all of them _(:3 」∠)_

  • Nami- Aladdin      Vivi-Jasmine      Zoro-flying carpet
  • Chopper-Abu       Sanji-Rajah        Luffy-Genie
  • Crocodile-Jafar    Robin-(way cooler) Jago     Cobra-Sultan Hamed
  • Franky-Razoul     Brook-Guardsman               Usopp-Guardsman

the logic of this events era really unlogical and immature:

- nina and nikki reed friends and the proove was all the thousand pictures together in diferent events 

- nina and nikki double date with their boyfriends

- nina and ian broke up after 3 years of relationship 

- nikki divorce is on january and in april she and ian get married

- nikki and ian shove their happy life in all events all social media all paparazzi all conventions of TVD and even on the SET of TVD 

- if i was nina of course i leaved tvd IMAGINE the love of your life and your close friend FOR YEARS backstabing you and even appear on the work place ( set of tvd)

- ian was nice to fans ian was quiet with the media WITH NINA 

- with nikki they are both ATTEnTION FAME WHORE´S 

- nikki goes to conventions of tvd to the set when shes part of the fucking twilight series LOL dafuqqq





MY BETS - Ian is going to regret his decision and nikki will leave him when TVD ends lets hope he did fiil a pre-nup or nikki will steal his foundation and he will be poor and old and nina famous beatifull with tones of money and men better them him

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Why do you ship... baitsabee.... macabee was DISGUSTED by Baits.... hated him... killed him. Baits never cared about anybody but his horses and family and Macabee was expendable. There is nothing there for a healthy dynamic. Why the FUCK would you ship that lmao

Bc I do the fuck I want bitch.

Why did you come there to tell me that I shouldn’t ship what I ship? Like, are you serious?
It’s a fictional couple. Why would you even mind and tell me that, logically, that’s not a good idea? Pls.
And yes, I know that they’re not canon. I’ve read the books. I know that both are assholes and I also know that Maccabee killed Baitsakhan. I know that thinking that their romance would be likely is unlogical. But I still do. I ship it bc while I was reading I thought “lol those two are cute together.”
And yes, I know that if they got together it would probably be toxic and bad. But many ships are like this and people keep shipping bc of the AUs. Because of the what if-s.
Because what if Maccabee wasn’t so ruined by Ekaterina? What if Baitsakhan hadn’t learnt that love was sufference?
Yes, I like to imagine they had feeling for each other and they suffocated (lol pun) them. And I also like to imagine another ending for them. And I don’t see nothing bad in this.
Yes, I know this isn’t logic. I know this isn’t likely to really happen, but… Honey, they’re fictional character. It’s not such a big deal.
Do you realize that being happy or sad for someone that doesn’t even exist is illogical anyway? Where is the line that divides “logical” and “illogical” when you’re in the fandom?
I’ve explained many times why I ship Baitsabee. I collected details, I made theories and headcanons, I made AUs. I’ve even answered to questions like yours and I did it politely, when, unlike you, they were polite as well. You weren’t. I’m ok with people saying “I don’t ship Baitsabee and I can’t understand why you do, can you explain?” But not “You can’t ship them they would be toxic wtf.”
Well, news for you: I ship them. And all my whole blog is about why. Go check it out and never tell me why I shouldn’t ship them, or you’ll face me and my army. **shows her pitchfork**

PSA to people using custom ask pages

Tumblr now requires unlogged people or people without a tumblr account to prove they’re not a robot before sending you an ask. It works fine on the default /ask page, but if you set a special ask page like me, the size of the captcha makes the ask button disappear. 

All you have to do to fix that is TURN SCROLL ON. Go to your custom page, in <html>, find the bit that says “scrolling=“no”” and change it to “yes”. 

this is what it’s gonna look like: 

Note the scroll bar. 

that is all! please reblog this even if you don’t have a custom ask page, bc its impossible to know about this if you never log out like most people. And people who don’t have tumblr don’t know that they can go to your /ask directly, so they can’t contact you to tell you about it! 

Why I like/don't like that Sun sign
  • Aries: They are so energetic and fun to be around. They shine like the sun. Their happiness is so contageous. They finish their tasks. // They are so annoying when annoyed, they get so unlogical. Sometimes the simplicity of their basic selves gets to my nerves.
  • Taurus: They can be so creative, if they give it a try. They are helpful people. They know how to relax. They know how to adapt. // They can be so loud. Doing what is told seems like such a difficult thing to do to them.
  • Gemini: They have such a weird humor. They are fun and I think their energic balance is perfect. They know how to have fun and are very logical. // They know how to hurt other people and aren’t afraid to do that. Their actions and beliefs don’t always sum up.
  • Cancer: Their smiles brighten up the day. They want to care. They think about you very often. They want to help. // They often make all about them. They let their emotions control them.
  • Leo: They let you be you and it’s easy to make them laugh. They are so generous. You rarely feel awkward around them. // They forget a lot. They don’t really have motivation to do their tasks as well as possible and give it any more effort than is needed.
  • Virgo: They understand the world so well if they give it a chance. They pay attention. They have such a great humor. They want to be useful. // They have such a complicated thinking progress. They easily feel unwanted.
  • Libra: They aren’t afraid to bring up the things they love. They have a unique way of talking. They know what is justice. They are good with kids. // They don’t understand what is good for them. They can be easily tricked because they pay attention only to certain things.
  • Scorpio: They are very interesting. They know what to say to get the conversation where they want it to go. They are charming. They aren’t afraid of touch. // They sometimes unintentionally be rude or disrespect the things that matter to you. They don’t understand other people’s limits.
  • Sagittarius: They have kind eyes. They might not have the most interesting stories, but they tell them the way it’s relaxing to listen. They get excited by their own little projects. They are quite modest (even if they don’t want to be). // They aren’t that good at expressing feelings. Their answering to questions is inadequate.
  • Capricorn: They are friendly. They want to learn. They understand that they don’t understand everything. They talk quite much the right amount. // They get mad because of stupid things. They don’t always respect your opinions.
  • Aquarius: They are so lovable. They are adorable when happy. They have the desire to entertain and help the world. // They only want the fun part. They are impatient.
  • Pisces: They have that calm and loving vibe. They are really nice to you if you are to them. They get shit done. They like to try new things. // It can get hard to understand them when they are lost in their own world.
  • All of the texts are my own opinions.
A Muslim woman was jumped by a few Chicago police monsters. They profiled her, ganged up on her, took of her hijab, grab her back pack full of food to break fast with, interrogated her with uneducated and unlogical questions such as "why are you carrying food?", "why are you covering your body?", stripped searched her after arresting her for not conducting herself properly to the monsters who jumped her, all the while the Internet bigots add more ridicule to not only her but the religion she so proud fully carries with support full comments such as Islam teaches Muslims to kill white people and non believers. It is incidents like this that has me locked in my room with my phone off and my head in my pillows. I never thought I would live a world as such as this one, where bad guys walk freely after tearing a nation with war and genocide and innocent people who walk with conviction and purpose are left naked and bloody. I'm one more bad news from drowning myself in a sea full of sharks. Someone please do something. Someone please say something. Men, where are you? Why are you turning into monsters? BTW, fuck you Chicago and fuck you social injustice.

I wanted to point out a few things I noticed in the trailer for City Living that are related to build and buy things.

First I noticed a lot of new build items on the brownstones. The only issue I see is that possibly these could be fake building facades and we don’t actually receive these items.

  1. This appears to be a new floor trim.
  2. This window we have in the game as a three and two tile version. But now they are adding a single tile?
  3. I am most excited about this. It appears to be a garden level window. You can clearly tell the building is on a foundation and that is actually a window on the foundation. Meaning we could finally have windows in our basements possibly?
  4. Also this could just be a fake building in the city but it does have a different frieze on it. Which could mean finally a new frieze option after 2 years!
  5. We already have this floor lamp in game. But it doesn’t have that pattern on it! Now I know it is completely unlogical to suppose there is CASt going to be added in BUT… Does this mean that they are going in and adding new swatches to old outdated base game items to fit in with their new much more improved content?

I’d be interesting to hear what you all have to say. I can’t wait to get more info for this pack! I can’t wait for November 1st.

Lonely nights and early mornings. // Dean&Renee

It was a long drive for Dean but for some reason he was willing to take it. He couldn’t wait to see the blonde, which admittedly scared him. Two days ago he was all crazy about Summer and heartbroken that she was pregnant with Nick but ever since Renee crashed by his place and they shared the night, he, for to him unknown and completely unlogical reason, couldn’t stop thinking about Renee. It’s like she was the only thing that managed to get Summer out of his system and most importantly, out of his mind. As soon as he got to her house, he was tired. The drive was long but he needed to see her. He walked up the three stairs to her house and rang the bell, waiting for her to open the door.



as 12, 11 or 10, your love for each member and for the fans have never changed and this makes me so proud to be an exo-l. thank you for putting up with all the stress and hardships, because that made eveything worth it in the end. i hope you all know how much we exo-l’s care about you. we may sometimes be hard-headed or unlogical, it’s all because we care for you boys so much. you have gone through so much for a span of 3 years, and it makes me feel so incredibly proud of what you all have become. i have run out of words to say so i’m just going to say thank you, because i think that already says so much after everything you have done for us. please don’t forget to take care of yourselves!!! i love you ;u;