Why I like/don't like that Sun sign
  • Aries:They are so energetic and fun to be around. They shine like the sun. Their happiness is so contageous. They finish their tasks. // They are so annoying when annoyed, they get so unlogical. Sometimes the simplicity of their basic selves gets to my nerves.
  • Taurus:They can be so creative, if they give it a try. They are helpful people. They know how to relax. They know how to adapt. // They can be so loud. Doing what is told seems like such a difficult thing to do to them.
  • Gemini:They have such a weird humor. They are fun and I think their energic balance is perfect. They know how to have fun and are very logical. // They know how to hurt other people and aren’t afraid to do that. Their actions and beliefs don’t always sum up.
  • Cancer:Their smiles brighten up the day. They want to care. They think about you very often. They want to help. // They often make all about them. They let their emotions control them.
  • Leo:They let you be you and it’s easy to make them laugh. They are so generous. You rarely feel awkward around them. // They forget a lot. They don’t really have motivation to do their tasks as well as possible and give it any more effort than is needed.
  • Virgo:They understand the world so well if they give it a chance. They pay attention. They have such a great humor. They want to be useful. // They have such a complicated thinking progress. They easily feel unwanted.
  • Libra:They aren’t afraid to bring up the things they love. They have a unique way of talking. They know what is justice. They are good with kids. // They don’t understand what is good for them. They can be easily tricked because they pay attention only to certain things.
  • Scorpio:They are very interesting. They know what to say to get the conversation where they want it to go. They are charming. They aren’t afraid of touch. // They sometimes unintentionally be rude or disrespect the things that matter to you. They don’t understand other people’s limits.
  • Sagittarius:They have kind eyes. They might not have the most interesting stories, but they tell them the way it’s relaxing to listen. They get excited by their own little projects. They are quite modest (even if they don’t want to be). // They aren’t that good at expressing feelings. Their answering to questions is inadequate.
  • Capricorn:They are friendly. They want to learn. They understand that they don’t understand everything. They talk quite much the right amount. // They get mad because of stupid things. They don’t always respect your opinions.
  • Aquarius:They are so lovable. They are adorable when happy. They have the desire to entertain and help the world. // They only want the fun part. They are impatient.
  • Pisces:They have that calm and loving vibe. They are really nice to you if you are to them. They get shit done. They like to try new things. // It can get hard to understand them when they are lost in their own world.
  • All of the texts are my own opinions.
A Muslim woman was jumped by a few Chicago police monsters. They profiled her, ganged up on her, took of her hijab, grab her back pack full of food to break fast with, interrogated her with uneducated and unlogical questions such as "why are you carrying food?", "why are you covering your body?", stripped searched her after arresting her for not conducting herself properly to the monsters who jumped her, all the while the Internet bigots add more ridicule to not only her but the religion she so proud fully carries with support full comments such as Islam teaches Muslims to kill white people and non believers. It is incidents like this that has me locked in my room with my phone off and my head in my pillows. I never thought I would live a world as such as this one, where bad guys walk freely after tearing a nation with war and genocide and innocent people who walk with conviction and purpose are left naked and bloody. I'm one more bad news from drowning myself in a sea full of sharks. Someone please do something. Someone please say something. Men, where are you? Why are you turning into monsters? BTW, fuck you Chicago and fuck you social injustice.
At least, there is no lie

Mom: “What do you usually do on the internet?”
Me: “Nothing indecent, surely.
I just appreciate the work from authors, video-editors and artists”
*fanfictions, fanvideos, fanarts*
Me: “…which are usually about polemic themes…”
*beautiful, mostly unlogical otps*
Me: “…and tend to explore the depths of relationship between characters, which at first-sight or by unexperienced eyes are not able to be seen…”
Me: “…tracing lines in the territories of the relationship field. They put into discussion: "what is love?”. From that knightly love, full of orders, conduct and adoration for the maiden…“
*cute fluff, g-rated*
Me: ”…to a more primitive, obscure and omitted by society love.“
Me: "It is beautiful, however, don’t search about it.”


Okay I’ve heard a lot of bad things in the past of people who speak their mind getting treated badly by Flight Rising(or have their threads deleted, alas I am posting here because my chances of being heard are maybe just as little but at least I won’t be silenced)

at this point I’m just really sad.

yet another accent maker decided to retire due to Flight Risings inconsistency and straight up unlogical reasoning. And I’m not being bicker-y here I’m just really tired of this and I’m tired of having to act all sweet and dandy about it out of fear of being recognized as a “troublesome Player” or something. All I see lately is people being sad about Flight Rising and Plague Flight. Everyone I know and see on my dash, they’re all let down by this years ROR and the regulations introduced especially seeing how they are, still and again, vague and don’t even apply to some skins/accents you deny though FR stated it is based on those reasonings.

You shroud it under the veil of “new, young users” needing other regulations but what this really feels like is

“We have secured the older Userbase, now we want younger ones”, like you feel safe enough with everyone right now to straight up mess with them repetitively. You, as in Flight Rising as a whole has created the Plague Flight. You might hear this enough but I don’t feel like it is really being understood. There are people that you attracted because of that flight, just like Nature might attract people specifically.

However Flight Rising knew exactly what it was doing, making a Plague Flight. It is obvious that it will attract younger and more mature players due to its dark lore.  “ Rot and runaway viruses pulse through the landscape, infecting the terrain as it spreads ever outward in a sick spiral of death and decay“.

This is not about accents with gore or guts hanging out of their bodies-(even though, seeing how the Plague nest has what looks like intestines laying around you had to be 100% aware that this would attract people who are into more gorey things, which is also evident by older plague related accents that had been accepted in the past)

its about accents that should 100% be accepted at Teen Rating standards. (I will not name or show any because I do not wish to drag people into this.)

Teenagers experience far worse than seeing a cut on a digitally drawn dragon and I am 100% sure you yourselves know that. So why all this? That’s what everyones wondering? It doesn’t make sense.

You secretly had changed Accent “rules” behind everyones backs wich resulted (and still results- even if you try to showcase new regulations which are also vague, though.) in peoples skins/accents being denied without understanding.

Often without real information- I got 4 different reasons for a repetitively denied Accent of mine, stated at 4 different times of the Denies.

I just hope you are aware that you are really kicking a good part of a userbase. Making accents has slowly stopped being fun a while ago, for many people. (not even exclusively plague related, but even “normal” accent makers have found it to be way too tedious nowadays. Now I am aware that you stated future updates and supposed Clarification on that part but right now it is a matter of fact, still.)

If one is a person that actually enjoys the “Plague Flight”, which has been advertised (And I mean advertised)

” Rot and runaway viruses pulse through the landscape, infecting the terrain as it spreads ever outward in a sick spiral of death and decay“

Flight Rising is a product, I understand that it makes money, every flight is a product- it has advertisement. With the recent regulations and changes one could really say it is false advertisement. It is like you want everyone, children and adults- but the issue is that

the site is Teen rating. I am not expecting gore, I am not demanding cut open throats- But accepting Zombies is way more damaging than cuts on a dragon, if we really want to speak “Young userbase”.

If they can handle Zombies with open throats and exposed flesh they can 100% deal with cuts on a dragon.

So that brings up the question.. What is this really about?

Is there really that much profit in those mysterious younger players you mention, that for some reason are fine with messed up rotting Zombies but cannot be exposed to a SINGLE blood drop on a dragon, how pixelated and tiny it may be?

There is no consistency. I understand not wanting gore and I can support that (even if I myself wouldnt mind it, but I obviously understand it is not so teen rating). When you have Zombies, a few blood drops should not matter. A cut should not matter.

What is the real and actual reasoning here because I am not buying any of this and I know many others are not either.

The worst part is that I feel like you know it doesnt make sense, the whole of FR knows but we will never hear true reasons or logic about this and it is really upsetting.

It leaves me feeling like a ditched member, one who will stay anyways and whose voice isnt important enough because there are mysterious younger users who cannot experience cuts, only zombies. I have heard of people feeling specifically picked out to be getting the worse of your regulations, Accent makers that feel somewhat “bullied” cause repetitive un-understandable denies can feel like a personal thing. Worse, Accent makers create a lot of your money because people buy gems to buy accents, yet many of us feel like this. If this is how you treat a good portion of Users who literally make money for you.. what can you say to that? People leave and people stop making accents. Its just sad and I’m tired of feeling like a broken voice so I just want to say that I hope you know youre messing with a lot of people and a lot of people are losing the joy because of all this, and I hope that you actually take it SERIOUS.

(And I especially hope you don’t just see this and roll your eyes like, whatever, we got enough users to support us without you- because that is how all of this  feels.

Lonely nights and early mornings. // Dean&Renee

It was a long drive for Dean but for some reason he was willing to take it. He couldn’t wait to see the blonde, which admittedly scared him. Two days ago he was all crazy about Summer and heartbroken that she was pregnant with Nick but ever since Renee crashed by his place and they shared the night, he, for to him unknown and completely unlogical reason, couldn’t stop thinking about Renee. It’s like she was the only thing that managed to get Summer out of his system and most importantly, out of his mind. As soon as he got to her house, he was tired. The drive was long but he needed to see her. He walked up the three stairs to her house and rang the bell, waiting for her to open the door.


PSA to people using custom ask pages

Tumblr now requires unlogged people or people without a tumblr account to prove they’re not a robot before sending you an ask. It works fine on the default /ask page, but if you set a special ask page like me, the size of the captcha makes the ask button disappear. 

All you have to do to fix that is TURN SCROLL ON. Go to your custom page, in <html>, find the bit that says “scrolling=“no”” and change it to “yes”. 

this is what it’s gonna look like: 

Note the scroll bar. 

that is all! please reblog this even if you don’t have a custom ask page, bc its impossible to know about this if you never log out like most people. And people who don’t have tumblr don’t know that they can go to your /ask directly, so they can’t contact you to tell you about it! 

the logic of this events era really unlogical and immature:

- nina and nikki reed friends and the proove was all the thousand pictures together in diferent events 

- nina and nikki double date with their boyfriends

- nina and ian broke up after 3 years of relationship 

- nikki divorce is on january and in april she and ian get married

- nikki and ian shove their happy life in all events all social media all paparazzi all conventions of TVD and even on the SET of TVD 

- if i was nina of course i leaved tvd IMAGINE the love of your life and your close friend FOR YEARS backstabing you and even appear on the work place ( set of tvd)

- ian was nice to fans ian was quiet with the media WITH NINA 

- with nikki they are both ATTEnTION FAME WHORE´S 

- nikki goes to conventions of tvd to the set when shes part of the fucking twilight series LOL dafuqqq





MY BETS - Ian is going to regret his decision and nikki will leave him when TVD ends lets hope he did fiil a pre-nup or nikki will steal his foundation and he will be poor and old and nina famous beatifull with tones of money and men better them him

I wanted to point out a few things I noticed in the trailer for City Living that are related to build and buy things.

First I noticed a lot of new build items on the brownstones. The only issue I see is that possibly these could be fake building facades and we don’t actually receive these items.

  1. This appears to be a new floor trim.
  2. This window we have in the game as a three and two tile version. But now they are adding a single tile?
  3. I am most excited about this. It appears to be a garden level window. You can clearly tell the building is on a foundation and that is actually a window on the foundation. Meaning we could finally have windows in our basements possibly?
  4. Also this could just be a fake building in the city but it does have a different frieze on it. Which could mean finally a new frieze option after 2 years!
  5. We already have this floor lamp in game. But it doesn’t have that pattern on it! Now I know it is completely unlogical to suppose there is CASt going to be added in BUT… Does this mean that they are going in and adding new swatches to old outdated base game items to fit in with their new much more improved content?

I’d be interesting to hear what you all have to say. I can’t wait to get more info for this pack! I can’t wait for November 1st.

Oh, dumb OUAT fandom

Once upon a Hook? Really?



Hook is NOT overpromoted, and his screentime isn’t incredible compared to the rest of them, he’s present, just like everyone else.

Not liking a character is one thing, but finding every single reason (unlogic and never accurate) to hate him is getting stupid at this point. Yes other characters don’t get screentime, but hello there, Hook is a main character, he’s a regular in the show, get over it.

The Charmings, Snow, even Emma got their arc reduced because of the amount of time, episodes used for both Regina and Rumple, who are big characters of the show. They probably have more screentime than anyone else in the show, especially Regina, and Emma, the main character barely got centrics.

So yes, Hook gets promoted wooow! He’s the main character’s true love, that is not a surprised, and he’s also loved, REALLY LOVED by the medias and most of the fans.

It’s not about him, we got two centrics for him, which is good but not too much, and he wasn’t the main focus this season. This is just ridiculous. He is important, really important to the show, which is normal but hating on him for being important, for not being the version you wanted/wished him to be is just stupid.

Suck up the hate, swallow your bitter tears and move on, it’s stupid and it hurts the writers/cast’s feelings, who, without them, you wouldn’t even have a show. Be mature and show some respect. That’s all you’re asked for.


as 12, 11 or 10, your love for each member and for the fans have never changed and this makes me so proud to be an exo-l. thank you for putting up with all the stress and hardships, because that made eveything worth it in the end. i hope you all know how much we exo-l’s care about you. we may sometimes be hard-headed or unlogical, it’s all because we care for you boys so much. you have gone through so much for a span of 3 years, and it makes me feel so incredibly proud of what you all have become. i have run out of words to say so i’m just going to say thank you, because i think that already says so much after everything you have done for us. please don’t forget to take care of yourselves!!! i love you ;u;

“There should be a class on drugs. There should be a class on sex education, a real sex education class. Not just pictures and diaphragms and unlogical terms and things like that. There should be a drug class, there should be sex education, there should be a class on scams, there should be a class on religious cult, there should be a class on police brutality, there should be a class on aparthy, there should be on racism in america, there should be a class on why people are hungry, but there not, there’s class on gym, you know, physical education, let’s learn volleyball. because one day…you know…there’s classes like algebra where I’ve yet to go to a store and gone xy+2 and give me my y change back thank you. I think you can let me out, I’ve lived alone by myself. And the things that helped me were the things I learned from my mother, from the streets.

Reading has helped me, I mean, schools taught me reading, which is, I love. Reading, writing and arithmetic, that’s it. Like foreign languages, I think they’re important, but I don’t think they should be required. Because…actually they should be teaching you English. And then teaching you how to understand double-talk, politicians double-talk. Not teaching you how to understand French, and Spanish and German. When am I going to Germany! I can’t afford rent in America. How am I going to Germany. This is what I mean by the basics aren’t the basics for me.

It’s just a place you go during the day to keep you busy while they’re at work…

We’re not being taught to deal with the world as is it is. We’re being taught to deal with this fairy land that we’re not even living in anymore. And it’s sad. Because it’s me telling you. And it should not be me telling you.”
-Tupac Shakur at 17.
#thepushdaily #2pac

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If the first thing you say is ‘sh**’ or something like that when you accidentally get hurt, then how do you expect to say the shahada when the angel of death is near to take your soul?

This may sound very unlogic, but one should learn to say the shahada or praise Allah when hurt or in shock, so he will -in sha Allah- automatically do the same when he dies/before he dies.

Wa Allahu Allem.