some things alec would totally say to his glittering warlock boyf

  • “i hate people. no offense”
  • replying to “fuck you” with “not now i’m in the middle of something”
  • very specific appearance compliments. “i like your triangle eyeliner”
  • “if we’re gonna watch this movie, you have to promise to cry too”
  • insults that he asks izzy to come up with. five minutes after an argument is over he goes to magnus & reads “dating you is like hugging a cactus in slow motion twice a day” off his phone screen
  • “you would tell me if my stomach wasn’t a good pillow, right??”
  • they both say “behave” like too often
  • “can’t you just [poorly imitates magic hand movements] it?”
  • “love you”’s that sound rly off-handed but if magnus turns to look at him alec is like. gazing back

“the future of gaming will be subscription streaming like spotify and netflix”

me if that day ever comes:


Lemme tell you about how Kaze fell hopelessly in love with me just because I gave him a motherfuckiNG FLOWER BAND 


He’s never been more serious.

Magnus’ face is saying “I dare you. I dare you to go on with this nonsense right in front of me. I dare you to ignore what I’m making you feel just by being in the same room as you and commit yourself, soul and body, to someone else that you can never love. Not like you love me. Not like I love you. Go on. Do it in front of me or don’t do it at all.”