I have been challenged! The rules are as follows:

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1. Favorite movie?

Oh lord! I’m not really sure about this one. Hrmm… I don’t really have one. One I could watch many times over, and do still watch on occasion, is A Goofy Movie. I just like the movie, and it’s from my childhood. A simpler time with really stupid jokes, not terrible music, and just a happy film.

2. Do you prefer movies, television, plays, or books?

Out of these? Books. I prefer games, though not like Halo (stupid) or even RPG games like Fable or Final Fantasy. As interesting as they are, they aren’t pressing the medium further ahead enough. I like a few indie games for more meaningful pieces, ones that leave me with something outside of a fun shooty time or something.

3. Favorite blog?

I don’t really have one?? No offense to my followers or anything, but I like reading about the stuff that goes on in their lives, not the random fandom or the silly jokes. I’m a very personable person. XP

4. Favorite eye-color?

I’m not really sure. Is it pretentious to say green if my own is bright green? I love having bright green eyes.

5. Favorite fandom?

Erm, I’m not big into fandoms. Homestuck is neat, Sherlock is cool, and The Avengers is probably the one I like the most, not because I’m totally into anything beyond the movie, but just because it was a really REALLY good movie.

6. What is your favorite season?

I don’t like summer. I love winter, fall, and early spring before it gets hot.

7. Top three favorite songs?

Something by Green Day first… probably Jesus of Suburbia. In fact, I love the whole album American Idiot, but that’s beside the point. Next I guess must be metal, which is likely either Schism by Tool, or some other neat sounding song. I don’t usually have favorite things?? Am I weird because of that? Anyway. Eminem is a good artist too. Catchy and silly stuff, but not the more serious bits really.

8. Four things you hate.

Spiders, people who make assumptions about others based purely on looks, nationalist ideology which perpetuates stereotypes, and the scientific method as it can be applied to interrelationships with other people.

9. Top 3 favorite ships?

Erm… John Hancock’s The Liberty was probably pretty neat.The Black Pearl is cool too.

….No, but seriously, I’m fairly certain you’re talking about wishing two people were together from some sort of series?? Let’s see, um… Big Bang Theory: I’m still all for Leonard and Penny dating as of the last season. I’m not sure why that didn’t or hasn’t worked out too terribly well, beyond that they have very, *very* little in common. Hawkeye and Black Widow from The Avengers?? I think they do in fact have something going on betwixt them, but it just doesn’t seem like they can date because of professional issues coming up. Well, you got TWO out of me, and that by itself is amazing.

10. Your favorite clothing style?

Comfortable?? I like something that looks nice, but liking punk as a style kind of ruins the whole point of punk, so… NOT punk, but totally punk.

11. Top 3 favorite animals?

I’ve never cared for animals that much. I’ve owned like many cats and dogs, and I don’t mind taking care of them. I pet them, I’ve fed them, and I frequently just play around with them, but have not really felt too attached to animals, even the dogs I grew up with that died not too long ago. But snakes are interesting because of a lot of symbolism; lions are neat for the same reason, and our obsession with them in modern culture is very interesting as well; and finally, scorpions. Just because they’re neat.

Now for the 11 questions that the people I tag must answer! MUAHAHA~!

1. What is your opinion about conspiracy theories / theorists?

2. First time your mind was blown: What happened and why did it blow your mind?

3. Pick one to lose and / or never use again: A telephone; your computer; your legs. Why did you pick that one?

4. Your friend just inherited a million dollars! Who are they and what is the first thing they did with it?

5. Do you think Extraterrestrial Aliens exist? What about Ancient Aliens (Theory: They created us or influenced our cultural development)?

6. What do you use to make art? Which one are you best at, if more than one?

7. Is reality subjective (it is different based on your perspective / background / life experience)? What about morality?

8. How many fingers am I holding up?

9. What book (or film) should everyone read (or see) at least once?

10. Who has been the biggest influence on your life (spiritual / fictional / literal)?

11. If you could change one thing about the entirety of your own local society / culture, which would never be traced back to you in any way, what would you change?