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imo the exclusive battle music with Ho-oh and Lugia is pretty cool, at least there's some effort to make different lore for the box legendaries. And unlike the clothes, the music can be listened to with a quick Google search.

It’s cool in theory, absolutely. But my issue is that you can’t unlock both as wifi battle music options. You only get the track for the bird in your game. And that’s bullhonkey if you ask me. Defeating your version’s bird should have unlocked both tracks as options.

the gotham girl gang has a white board on the front of their apartment that can’t stay the same for more than 24 hours. some classics:

-the bad dads club
-tim drake’s early onset ulcer
-the real housewives of crime alley
-team chicks before dicks (that means you grayson)
-being invisible to batman just makes us sneakier
-here, top-tier and incredibly queer
-Kidz BoP
-cullen’s angels
-the #keepharperawayfromartilery initiative
-plz leave if u don’t have cereal ❤️ cass
-yes, damian we are available to gossip
-babs’ bitches
-who needs funding when you have a 2 bags of pretzels and the neighbors unlocked wifi???
-the team gotham doesn’t need but sure as shit deserves

Don’t Let Me Down (Young Sirius)




* * *

You knew he was going to be late. But honestly, it didn’t really bother you that much. It was kind of his thing. The phrase “Sirius is late” was one often heard you were beginning to like the sound of it for some reason. A little part of you wished that the phrase would go from “Sirius is late” to “Sirius and y/n are late”. But maybe that was a little far fetched. 

You slid your back down the wall of the empty corridor where you were supposed to be meeting Sirius and sat on the floor, cross legged. You pulled out your phone and stared at it. You had no use for it while at Hogwarts but you were still very much involved with the muggle world, and parting with your phone wasn’t something you were about to do, even if Hogwarts didn’t have service or wifi. 

You unlocked your phone and started randomly flicking through it. You smiled when you saw the last song you had been playing was “Don’t Let Me Down” by the Chainsmokers. You locked your phone. 

hit a wall
right now i need a miracle’

you sang quietly to yourself. You closed your eyes and continued singing, smiling to yourself. 

‘I need ya, I need ya, I need ya right now
yeah I need ya right now. 
So don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me down,
I think I’m losing my mind now
It’s in my head
darling I hope
that you’ll be here when I need you the most so
don’t let me don’t let me don’t let down
don’t let me down’

You opened your mouth to keep singing but a small noise made you jerk your eyes open. You looked towards the noise to see Sirius standing a few meters away, an apologetic look on his face. He picked up the pen he dropped, 
‘Stupid thing.’ He laughed nervously. 
‘Sirius!’ You cried, standing up, ‘How long where you standing there?’ You asked. Sirius shrugged, 
‘Only like a second…’ You folded your arms, ‘Okay fine, since the part about the “miracle.” He admitted. You swatted his arm, 
‘Dick!’ You said, slightly embarrassed. 
‘What? It was good!’ He said defensively. ‘I mean a bit pitchy,’ He jokes and you hit him again, ‘I’m kidding!’ He laughed, ‘You have a nice voice.’ He said honestly. You rolled your eyes, still trying to hide the fact that you were very embarrassed. ‘Whatever.’ You said, grabbing his hand, ‘Let’s just go. And not a word of this to anyone! You hear?’ You demanded. Sirius didn’t say anything, he just smirked. 
‘I need ya, I need ya, I need ya right now.’ Sirius sang in your ear - which resulted in another smack around the head. 

to the person who set up an unlocked wifi signal in the convention center that exclusively redirects to never gonna give you up: well played. you’re an inspiration.

New Roomie Blues

Description: Reader meets Sam & Dean under unexpected circumstances…
Warnings: A bit of violence and like 1 swear word? That’s it!!
Words: 1,707
Author’s Notes: This is the first fic I’ve posted online so constructive feedback would be lovely!!! I apologise in advance for the slight star wars references that (probably) won’t be a recurring thing! Here goes nothing - enjoy, I guess?!

“See you in a hour, Y/N, I’m planning on doing pasta tonight!” Your colleague and roommate, Nina, waved you off. You loved your job, just a simple job as an office clerk but the people were always so friendly. You’d worked in the economic department for two months now so you were still relatively new to the big lights of the corporate company, but each day was worth waking up for. It had been previously owned by Dick Roman, he’d mysteriously disappeared from the face of the Earth only a few years ago. Part of the reason the job advertisement had caught your eye was the fact you’d been quite up to date on his campaigns, he was quite charismatic for a corporate leader, so the chance to be a part of such a large company was exciting! You’d gotten the job through Nina, a friend of a friend who had hurriedly invited you to be her new roomie since her last one had left suddenly a while back.

You hopped out of the elevator on the ground floor, walked across the large lobby and out into the cool, autumn evening. Normally you would drive into work but this morning had been so bright and fresh, you’d gone on foot. After a day of trotting from office to office with stacks of papers, the bus seemed like a great idea.

“Hey princess, where to?” A jolly looking driver said only a 10 minute wait later.

“Central station, thank you” you replied with a smile, flicking your long plait over your shoulder, before handing over the exact change and searching for a seat. The closest seat remaining appeared to be next to a rough looking man with short hair and, from this angle, green eyes, looking directly at you. It was only 2 stops so you weren’t fussed on company, you sat down gingerly, hopefully he wasn’t a talker. You weren’t so lucky.

“So, do you always get called princess?” The man said in a deep voice.

“Oh, all the time!” You lightly joked back, reaching for your tablet in your bag to catch up on some emails with the bus’ free WiFi. You unlocked the screen to reveal a brightly coloured star wars background.

“In that case, hope you don’t mind Princess Leia, but my friends and I are getting off at the next stop, do you mind swapping seats?” He half smiled nodding to the pair of men behind you. One was slightly disheveled wore a long dirty trenchcoat and the other, who could rival Chewbacca in both hair length and height himself. Apparently the green eyed man knew how to make some interesting friends.

“Oh gosh, yeah, of course” you smiled shyly to the other two men as both you and the man got out of your seats and awkwardly passed each other in the narrow aisle with a few ‘sorrys’.

Within a few minutes it was time for the unlikely trio to leave and you looked up from your emails to smile as a good bye to the briefly met stranger. He turned to wave at you as the bus pulled away, although you did notice that he followed this motion with slapping the tall man around the back of the ear following some comment he’d made. You chuckled to yourself and carried on with your tablet until your stop.

Your roommate was a little later than expected, something about sorting out a problem on the way home, but not too late for your film evening! She was bustling around in the kitchen sorting out some pasta whilst you chose the film and tidied back the lounge a little. It seemed no matter how hard you tried to keep the room tidy, wrappers appeared, cushions ended up flat and general clutter appeared on the stacks of old books with a plank across them that you called a ‘coffee table’. You liked the rustic feel that it gave the room.

“Y/N! Are you feeling like a tomato or cheese sauce?” She yelled from the room next door.

“Um, I don’t know, surprise me!” You shouted back.

“Will do!”

You smiled to yourself, Nina made the best food, it didn’t seem to matter what it was, even salad dressing - you’d asked her to teach you but to no avail! You heard a loud clatter of pans and what must have been a scuffle to clear them up, typical, she was so clumsy. Gathering up the last few random pieces of clutter you headed towards the kitchen to see if Nina needed some help with any finished touches. That was when you realised the eerie silence. The pan was still frying the bacon for topping the pasta and the pasta was still boiling away merrily, but something was off. Gently placing the things you were holding down, you rounded the corner. That was when you were met with a sight you had not expected.

Nina was facing you with a man in a choke hold. He was holding what appeared to look like cleaning products. She had a cut on her cheek that seemed to be leaking black blood.

“Nina! What the he-” you didn’t have time to finish your sentence before there was a raised voice in the hallway.

“Sammy? SAMMY!” The green eyed man from earlier pushed past you barely registering that you were there before spraying Nina with what must have been acid by how she reacted. She screamed in pain, releasing the man she’d held before turning, smashing through the window behind her and jumping down the 5 storey drop. The man she’d had in the choke hold you recognised. The two men were from the bus earlier, but you didn’t have time to question that.

“NINA!” You ran straight to the window where an arm shot up and Nina crawled back in the window. She shot her arm out with a cruel grin and she held you in front of her by your neck. “Nina! What the HELL is going on!? What the hell are you doing, are you okay!?”

“Well, it looks like my pal Y/N is here, it’s a shame really, I know your combined hero complexes are probably in overdrive,” Her voice came out a little deeper than usual. “I do hope you don’t mind, I’ll have to try you boys next time, got to dash” She punctuated the word dash with throwing you by your neck knocking over the the two men in the cramped kitchen as she jumped out of the window again.

“GO!” the Chewbacca man, presumably called Sammy, shouted, sprinting out the room. The green eyed man looked briefly at you, then followed, leaving you alone in the middle of the kitchen with your burning dinner. You blinked, took a deep breath and got out a bowl.


2 hours later and you were sat in your lounge nursing your burnt pasta in the hopes staring at it long enough would make it edible again. A knock on the door startled you, jumping so much that your bowl flew out your hands and smashed on the wooden floor. You stayed deathly still, no more than a small strand of hair moving.

“Um, Y/N? That’s your name, right? My name’s Dean, look, I’m sorry about earlier, will you let me in, we need to talk about what happened.” You knew that voice from the few times you’d heard it by now.

“One moment!” You shouted through to Dean. Grabbing a kitchen knife on your way past the kitchen and sheathing it carefully in the back of your waistband, you made your way to the door. Mentally counting to three, you opened the door wide to be faced with Dean and his friend, Sammy.

“What? Come to attack me this time!?” You screeched, fingers itching to grab the concealed knife and make a run for it.

“It’s alright, we need to talk to you about what you saw, we’re not going to hurt you, I promise Y/N,” Sammy said softly holding up his hands to prove he had nothing in them. Sceptically you stepped back slightly allowing them access to the apartment and then following them through to the lounge.

“So, Dean and Sammy, wasn’t it? Where’s your other friend?” You said raising an eyebrow indicating for them to sit. If you were going to let mad men into your house, you were at least going to have the upper hand by being the only one standing.

“Please, I prefer Sam, it’s just Dean who calls me that and our friend kind of had to… Um, "fly off”. Anyway, how are you Y/N? You look pretty shaken up.“ Sam pursed his lips slightly and tried not to notice the shattered bowl on the floor.

"I’m absolutely fine. Clearly. Where the hell is Nina? What have you done with her?” You hoped your voice sounded stronger than it felt. Sam and Dean exchanged nervous glances. “Well!?”

“Look, you seem like an intelligent young girl, Y/N. I’m damn sure you know something wasn’t right earlier,” Dean stated bluntly earning a disapproved look from Sam.

“What Dean is trying to say is Nina wasn’t like you or I… She wasn’t human, but I think you’ve worked that out.” Sam said softly. His brow furrowed slightly as he said that, softening his face. “The company you work for used to be run mainly by creatures called ‘Leviathans’, I’m sorry to say Y/N, but your room mate was one of these creatures that had survived.”

You hated to admit it, but it did make sense. Stumbling backwards you found a bean bag and plopped down on it, taking the kitchen knife out of your waistband and slamming it down on your coffee table.

“Well, shit, I was bunking with Satan spawn,” you muttered. This seemed to earn a smile from the two men. You took a breath and started the exchange that began the friendship between you and the Winchesters. “I’m going to clean up that pasta, then you guys will tell me everything.”

“Ahh, tell Leia the truth we must” Dean said looking between you and Sam, “What, really? No one? Aw come on!”

Hope it’s okay… Let me know what ya think!