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FOURTH stretch goal unlocked!!!


And beyond awesome!

We have unlocked the fourth and, arguably, one of the most important stretch goals: HARDCOVER!!

Radiance will be hardcover now and come with a ribbon bookmark!!

WE OWE YOU AWE!! (And we’ve said that before, but it still holds true^^)

NEXT up will be the EXTENDED version of Radiance!

Still a ways to go, but with 14 more artists and writers and almost 100 pages more oh so worth it! 

Please keep supporting us and help us to give you the book we envisioned! If we even reach the one after extended, Radiance will look like this:

Thank you for all your support and let’s create RADIANCE!

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Is it just me or Magnus was BEAUTIFUL the first time he introduce himself to Alec? I just keep watching that scene and putting heart eyes

oh I can guarantee its not just you anon I hear you loud and clear. He is truly a stunningly beautiful man and in that scene when he smiles everything is right in the world.

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honestly its no wonder Alec was heart eyes from the beginning 

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same Alec saaame

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look at this beauty, I’m speechless 

My favorite game is that meta RPG where the genderless child protagonist with strange eyes wakes up alone in an unfamiliar world and must solve puzzles to return to their home, making friends along the way and possibly even saving the world in the process.

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Gonna be cliche and ask for exr and got each other's bag au, if you're still into that

dear j tumblr user @marnz. i hope this missive finds you well, and i apologize it has taken me 5 days to respond due to Life. exr was a seismic emotional event which i will never not be into BUT this one is short, for me, and everyone should be proud of my restraint. it almost qualifies as a “drabble” at only 650 words! i hope you enjoy.


Grantaire has been awake for 36 hours. He’s done longer, but not in a while, and not without gratuitous amounts of caffeine. The flight from Toronto had been long, and there were three separate babies that burst into tears, and the suitcase Joly bequeathed to him looked exactly like every other black suitcase on the baggage carousel.

All of these are excuses, he knows, but the last is actually the most direct cause of the sinking feeling in his stomach when he gets back to his shitty apartment and opens his suitcase to retrieve his laptop, only to find that it is not, in fact, his suitcase. And it certainly does not contain his laptop.

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In Her Honor

series: khr
tags: gen, wip, one-sided K27
summary: Tsuna was born a girl. 
notes: I could give you a full essay rant on the way genderbent Tsuna is potrayed in fanfic

Sawada Tsunayoshi is born a girl and although he is briefly disappointed, Iemitsu is mostly relieved. A daughter to dote on, he thinks. Far away from blood and mafia. Pure and innocent. His child.

“My little darling,“ he coos to the baby. “My tiny, itty-bitty tuna fish!”

The nurse in charge of writing the birth certificates hesitates over her name. Tsunayoshi, she mouths, brows furrowed and uncertain. This is a little scandalous, isn’t it? Out loud, she asks the couple if they are sure. After a minute of their reply, she writes the characters down, slowly and carefully.

The ink is barely dry when Iemitsu leaves for Italy.

Nana smiles distantly and thinks about nursery room colors and spinning mobiles.

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our day was spent
dreaming under white sheets
veils hanging
masking our desires
in the pale moonlight
until the sun rose
and we decided
to pull back the shroud
unlock the inner majestic beauty
that had been denied
locked up and repressed
unable to experience
the beauty that surrounded us

now the dream
was revealed
through passionate words
which mapped the inner
pathways of our minds
meandering to deep caverns
brining light
to what had been kept in the dark

Today we walked together
hand in hand
into the fiery sun
and the heat consumed our skin

We were reborn…

- Storm // Reborn

greaser boy - part II

High school AU - bad boy!Bucky

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Characters: All the avengers, Peggy Carter, Loki

When a new student from Brooklyn joins the reader’s school, she doesn’t know what is in store for her. He is the epitome of trouble and she finds herself caught in his headlights. The more she resists, the harder it gets. Limits are tested and so is patience. Will she fall for the greaser boy with the bad reputation?

Word count: 1,269

A/N: Here is part 2 of greaser boy and I’m pretty proud of it. I hope I tagged everyone and again if you want to be tagged, just ask and I will gladly do so. 

Part 1

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“He did not!” Nike squealed. A smile plastered across her face as you told her about your encounter with Bucky Barnes earlier that day. “I saw him and he looks like quite the catch.”

“He’s probably already forgotten about me,” You mutter. “With girls like Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff roaming the school? I am easily forgettable.”

“I guess you’re right,” She frowned. “But hey! Are you going to Thor’s party tomorrow?”

You shook your head, “I have far better things to do.” You crumpled up the wrapper of your, now gone, granola bar. It was lunch and you only had two periods left. Fifth and sixth. Bucky Barnes was in both of those classes.

“Heads up, Steve Rogers is heading over here,” Nike pulled you out of your thoughts.

“Hey Y/N, Nike,” Steve smiled.

“Hi Steve,” You greeted.

“Did we have homework for Madden?” He asked referring to your shared math class.

“Yes it was the chapter review, questions one through fifteen, page 352,” You answered. “But it’s not due til Monday.”

He seemed to be making a mental note on that, “Thank you, Y/N. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Steve,” You smiled as he walked away. Your eyes flickered down to your hands.

Nike sighed, “That boy is so sweet, he gives me cavities.”

“I’m gonna go,” You stood up and gathered your things. “Bell rings in two minutes.” With your backpack slung over your shoulder, you walked out of the cafeteria.

“Where are you heading to, doll?”

Your head snapped in the direction of Bucky Barnes, who was walking next to you. He looked at you and smiled. Your heart immediately began pumping faster.

You straightened up and raised your head high, “Class.”

“Been looking for you. Turns out, you’re hard to find,” He shoved his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket.

“Didn’t think you’d be searching,” You bluntly reply.

“You kidding me, doll? I said I’d come find you,” He continued.

Now, a bit agitated, you stopped and turned to him, “And here you are. You want a prize or something?”

A look of both surprise and admiration flashed across his face. He smirked and you watched as his tongue brought in his bottom lip before he lightly bit down on it.

“No need to be hostile, doll, it’s just a statement,” He defended.

The grip on your phone tightened a little. You knew you have no reason to be giving him smart-ass comments but he just got you so flustered.

“Do you like the school so far?” You asked instead.

He shrugged, “It’s fine. Really isn’t any different from my school back in Brooklyn.”

“So you really are from Brooklyn,” You mumbled. “Humph.” You didn’t think the information Nike had gotten from Margery was correct.

“I’m guessing you already heard about me before I even got here,” He said.

“There was a rumor going around,” You confessed. “About a troublesome kid from Brooklyn, that got kicked out of his school for getting into a fight.”

He let out a single laugh, “Not bad.”

“So the rumors are true?” You asked.

“Partially,” He paused. “You should’ve seen the other guy.”

You shook your head and rolled your eyes at what he just said.

“I kid,” He added. “It wasn’t really my fault, he threw the first punch, I simply defended myself. That’s not the only reason I moved. My Ma, she wanted a fresh start. Somewhere new.”

“Did you want to leave?” You asked, genially curious.

“Not really, no,” He laughed lightheartedly. “But where she goes, I go.”

You enter the classroom and walk to the back of the room before sitting down in your usual seat. Bucky sat next to you and watched as you got ready for the period. At one point, you looked up and locked eyes with him. You immediately averted your gaze.

The class was now beginning to fill up. Some students walked into the classroom clutching paper bags with various fast food logos plastered on them. Bucky leaned back in his seat and drummed his fingers on the desk. You hadn’t noticed before, but now that you were this close to him, you realized that he smelled really good. It was a mix of smoke, clean laundry, and cologne. It all managed to mend together perfectly, which was quite surprising.

He remained quiet for the rest of the period. Which you were grateful for because this class needed your full and undivided attention.

The bell was about to ring and you were writing down the homework that was assigned. Bucky stood up from his chair. You expected him to leave, instead, he remained in his spot. After packing your stuff up, you grabbed your backpack and stood up.

“I’ll walk you to your next class,” He said.

You weren’t used to attention from the opposite sex. Now suddenly, here comes Bucky, calling you ‘doll’ and saying that he’d walk you to your next class. It made you nervous, yet it also made your heart flutter.

“Actually,” You intervened. “Surprise, we have the next class together as well.”

A smile broke out on his face and oh my god, you next got tired of it. “Then we should get going.”

You tried your best not to look at Bucky from the corner of your eye. He held himself together with such confidence that it was almost cocky. He walked in a cool and collected way. Like he was walking up to a stand to receive a trophy.

The students, especially the girls, were eyeing Bucky as if he were a brand new toy. You hugged yourself, knowing that they wouldn’t even give you a second glance. Continuing down the crowded hall, you led Bucky to the next class.

“Nearly lost you there, doll,” He said once he caught up with you.

Instead of saying something to him, you simply walked into your next class and sat at your seat. There was a seating chart so you didn’t have to worry about Bucky sitting next to you. You told him to get instructions from Ms. Blackwood. He did and strolled up to her desk. He introduced himself and she assigned him to an empty seat that was two rows away from yours.

As he walked past you, he winked. You hunched over your desk and gripped the sides of the wood. You inhaled sharply and did your best to keep it cool. You couldn’t wait for this day to be over.

Even though Bucky was far from you, you still felt his burning gaze in the back of your head. It was infuriating because you couldn’t think straight the rest of the class.

As if on cue, Bucky leaned against your desk. He looked down at you and smiled. “Do you have a ride after school? Or do you have your own car?”

“I have a ride, thank you,” You replied.

Bucky walked with you towards the school parking lot. You spotted Nike across the lot. She was smiling widely and giving you a thumbs up. Bucky unlocked his car, a beautiful jet black, 1971 Dodge Challenger.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked and rested his arms on the car door.

“Looks like it, Barnes. I suppose you’ll come find me if you don’t see me,” You said.

He smiled, “You already know, doll.”

You turned on your heel and walked across the lot. Before you even reached her car, Nike was already clutching onto you. She was nearly screaming in delight and demanded to know every single detail of your second encounter with Bucky Barnes.

A/N: This will get a lot better, I swear

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Little Witch Academia - 20

> “Yea… Diana couldn’t handle magic well, but during that same time ALL THESE LADIES WERE WITH ME!” Damn it Jimmy! LIES I TELL YOU, LIES!

> Akko… 1) I think you built up a tolerance! 2) JUST HOW MANY POISON EXPERIMENTS!


> why am i tearing too!

> Agreed… It’s Diana

>> Agreed more! because it’s Kirigiri!

> Merry F###’n Christmas!

>> She’s going HAM next episode with this unlock!


> LMFAO! “I will not repeat myself…”

>> we finally have a new found respect for each other … aka friendship!

Awkward Meetings

Pairing: Peggy Schuyler x reader

Words: 716

Warnings: my shitty ending im sorry

Request: Requested by @the-depressed-fangirl: 3(final one, promise) Peggy x reader + modern au The reader is friends with Angelica, and she introduces her to peggy. It’s just love at first sight and it’s painfully obvious. Peggy starts talking to the reader, but they only respond with stutters.

Requested by anonymous: Please do a peggy x fem!reader pleaseeeeeeee let it be fluffffffffff

A/N: Hey this is my first Peggy fic! (notice how I shamelessly quote satisfied/helpless because I mean the opportunity was right there)

Angelica strode through her home, with you in tow.

“Where are we going?” You wondered, following her confident stride.

“You never met my sister.” She commented. You tried to catch up to her, to no avail.

“Yes I have. Eliza.” You finally were able to walk beside Angelica, facing her.

“I have two sisters.” She stopped in front of a door, knocking. “Peggy, you in there?” She called.

“Yeah, one sec!” An unfamiliar voice replied. The door unlocked, revealing a beautiful girl.

You froze.

“Hey.” She smiled, greeting you.

“H-H-Hi.” You stuttered, cringing at your words.

“I’ll leave you to it!” She abandoned you in your time of need.

“I’m Peggy.” She extended her arm, which you took hesitantly.

“Y-Y/N.” She giggled, which you realized was the most beautiful sound you’d ever heard.

“That’s a nice name.” Peggy complimented. You felt your cheeks burn a bright red.

“Y-Your name is n-nice too.” You mentally slapped yourself, and all you wanted was to crawl in a hole and never come back out.

“Thank you.” She smiled. “Well, I’m going to go get coffee. Do you want to come?” She offered.

“O-Oh sure!” The two of you walked out of the building to the nearby coffee shop. You ordered, each of you paying for your own drink.

You and Peggy slid into the booth seats, before she started talking.

“So you’re friends with Angie right?” She asked. You were jealous of how casual she was able to me when you were a nervous wreck.

“Yeah. Um, and Eliza.” You laughed, trying to ignore the rising blush that made its way onto your face.

“Right.” She responded, taking a sip of her coffee.

There was a long, silent pause before Angelica entered the small shop. She saw the both of you, quickly taking a seat beside you.

“Hey!” She greeted cheerily. You were about to respond, when you saw the knowing look she was giving you.

It was a look that purely read: You’re in love with her.

You responded with your best: Don’t you dare say anything look.

“You guys ok?” Peggy interrupted, and Angelica smirked at you before responding.

“Yeah, Y/N’s just a little helpless.” You groaned as Angelica nudged you playfully.

“Oh who with?” Peggy leaned forward over the table, resting her head on her hand.

“Angelica.” You warned. However, she waved you off.

“Well, she happens to like a certain girl…” Angelica started. You were oblivious to the small look of hope at Peggy finding out your sexuality. “And she’s only known that certain girl for a few hours.”

Your face had never been this hot. You tried to hide your embarrassment in your hood.

“Just tell me her name!” Peggy exclaimed jokingly.

“Her name is…” You shot Angelica a desperate don’t you dare expression. “Her name is Peggy.”

That was when you experienced the most tense silence in your life.

“Me?” Peggy whispered.

“Oh I know you Peggy, don’t act like you don’t have a crush on Y/N.” Both of you blushed a deep red, going silent.

“Ange-” You tried, but she stopped you.

“I’m going to leave you two, and you better have each other’s number before I get back.” She stood up, and exited.

“We should probably listen to her.” Peggy said, taking out her phone.

“Yeah.” You mumbled, taking out your own.

She handed you her phone, and you handed her yours. You each typed in your numbers, and handed the phone back.

“Ok, I really have to go, but I’ll text you ok?” Peggy got up, and waved goodbye.

You got home, sighing heavily.

Your phone buzzed, and you pulled out your phone from your pocket.

Peggy: Hey, you’re really cute :)

  • Allura: is a strong leader, is courageous, is beautiful, unlocks new incredible powers, re-evaluates her belief system when necessary, knows when to apologise, loves her friends unconditionally and considers them family, had to hold off mourning the genocide of her people, has cute pet mice
Dean X Reader

Request: Hi! [I love your one shots btw] If you have time, can you please write one where you’re a shy, but you know happy and kind girl and you meet Dean and Sam at a bar and you become friends. But then you like Dean more, and more but you don’t know how to tell him because you’re shy and you don’t know how to act around him. But then Dean thinks it’s cute that you’re shy an he figure out that you like him so he talks to you and then you like, fall in love <3Flufffffff :] 

Request: Love your writing!You do a Dean/ reader one Where the reader is a badass hunter and she and Sam and Dean just finished big hunt and decide to go to circus and Dean wins her a giant stuffes toy thing at ome of those impossible carnaval rather games and reader hates/ fears clowns. They go on roller coasters and eat fair food. Something romantic and cute. We need more happy Winchesters and such.

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Marilyn Manson performs “The Beautiful People” with middle school metal band.

Cerebro training

Note: You’re Charles’ girlfriend and after discovering that you have powers in telepathy too, Charles agrees to help train you but you’re not as confident about it as he is.

Requested by: Anon requested, “Sure it looks safe but watch what happens when I do this.”

Originally posted by imaginessforall

“I don’t know about this Charles…” you said as you reluctantly trailed after him down the hallway.

“You wanted me to train you, Y/N and that’s what I’m going to do,” he said cheerfully.

You turned the corner and as you approached the large metal door, Charles pushed his wheelchair slightly more forward for the retinal scan.

As the doors opened, you felt your heart rate start to quicken. You never actually seen Cerebro in action before, and now you were going to be the one to operate it.

“I believe in you, love,”you heard Charles’ voice in your head.

“You have to say that, this was your stupid idea in the first place,”you said back to him, relaying your message telepathically as he had done to you.

“Stupid?” Charles scoffed, “I’ve not seen someone with potential like yours in long while, Y/N. If it’s stupid to want to help you unlock that beautiful mind of yours then so be it,” he laughed.

You groaned, “Fine, but if I die I’m going to kill you.”

“You’re going to be alright, Y/N,” Charles chuckled, moving his wheelchair slightly backwards from the control panels as he helped you put on the headset, “Besides, I’m right here, I won’t let anything happen to you… Press this when you’re ready.”

You nodded, “Okay, okay. Let’s just get this over with,” you shut your eyes, preparing for the worst.

“Y/N, it’s perfectly safe, honestly,” Charles reassured you once again.

“Sure it looks safe, but watch what happens when I do this,” you said, switching Cerebro on.

The room suddenly went dark before erupting into a brilliant flash of blue and red that you quickly realised was a large scale map of the world.

“Now, think of someone… Or something,” Charles instructed you.

Without thinking, your mind went straight to Charles and you soon found his image to appear before you.

He laughed, “That’s wonderful, darling, it really is. But, try and think of someone else– someone that’s not in this room,” he added for good measure.

“Okay…” you said, preoccupied as you scanned your eyes around the image. What would you think of? Or who? Your mind was racing as you tried to think of one single thing to focus your attention on.

“Y/N…” you heard Charles caution you, but you were only half listening. There was just so much to decide from, you could feel a connection to everyone. To everything.You could even smell… Something burning?“

"Y/N!” You heard Charles’ voice again and a small spark from the control panel suddenly made you jump, falling backwards onto Charles.

His arms immediately wrapped around you to ease your fall as you rested against him, “What the hell was that?!”

“It short circuited, nothing to worry about it really,” Charles explained as he removed the headpiece from you and placed it back on the control panel. He took your hand and kissed it softly, sensing how anxious you were.

“Is it broken? Oh, Charles did I break your–”

“Y/N, it’s fine,” Charles assured you, half laughing, “I think your brain was having a bit of a sensory overload. Cerebro isn’t used to that with me, that’s all.”

You sighed, burying your head in your hands, “I knew this was a bad idea, I’m so sorry.”

Charles lifted your head out of your hands gently and raised your chin so that you were facing him.

“Don’t you dare apologise to me, Y/N. I was half expecting it to spark like that with you anyway. If anything, it shows you how much potential you have.”

“Potential to mess up your technology, you mean?

"No, no, of course not,” Charles said quickly, “You’re a curious little thing, Y/N. I told you, from what I’ve seen of it, your mind is beautiful… Cerebro just isn’t accustomed to that sort inquisitiveness with me anymore because I’m so used to using it.”

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better about nearly breaking it,” you crossed your arms.

He shrugged, “So what if I am?” Charles reached up to kiss your forehead, “I told you, I believe in you, darling, and I won’t stop until you start to believe in yourself too.”