unlocked beauty

consider this scenario: marinette is generally nervous about being around adrien and talking to him in a comprehensive sentence, let alone hugging him and invading his personal space in any way. as their friendship develops into a close bond, she can finally see how this invasion of personal space affects him and not just herself.

he doesn’t like when girls - trying to romantically pursue him - physically hold onto him (try to hold his hand, kiss his cheek, squeeze him to death in hugs) and so she resists completely from expressing any physical affection to him so that she won’t accidentally make him uncomfortable because her crush hasn’t gone away at all (you know it’s the kind of selfless behavior marinette would do) (although she pretty much dies any time he touches her shoulders in any way) (and it happens a lot).

adrien, unbeknown to her, really likes cuddle-bug marinette; leaning her chin and head in alya’s lap, easily hugging and letting herself be embraced by her best friend. he’s tried to jumpstart some consensual affection by holding onto her arms a lot, but she still doesn’t offer any of her own affection like she does with alya. he is pretty sad about it, but doesn’t want to demand anything she doesn’t want to give on her own accord either.

marinette (becoming even more perceptive of his moods after becoming his friend) notices his silent angst and has the courage to show she cares and asks about it. adrien shyly but honestly tells her what’s been on his mind, and she admits she’s been scared of invading his personal space because she doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable (she doesn’t reveal her crush cause she’s got an extreme sense of self preservation).

adrien thereby grants marinette permission to invade his personal space any time she wants. it’s not even an invasion, so adrien says, but more like an open invitation and marinette is very hesitant to take it at first. adrien tries to ease in this new affection in their friendship by initiating shy hello and goodbye hugs. marinette is slow to reciprocate them, though they get less awkward each time.

soon enough marinette is on cuddle bug mode when it comes to adrien agreste. hugging him from behind and saying guess who, side hugs where she wraps her tiny arms around his waist and pecks her nose against his cheek in a boop to cheer him up, attack hugs around his shoulders when something particularly exciting happens, and of course hello and goodbye hugs. sometimes, when it’s just the two of them, their goodbye hugs will turn into a minute long embrace where they’re swaying side to side and won’t separate until they’re actually ready to go.

adrien and marinette are very pleased in the direction their friendship has taken.

  • Allura: is a strong leader, is courageous, is beautiful, unlocks new incredible powers, re-evaluates her belief system when necessary, knows when to apologise, loves her friends unconditionally and considers them family, had to hold off mourning the genocide of her people, has cute pet mice

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Marilyn Manson performs “The Beautiful People” with middle school metal band.

With the Eat Me kickstarter over 100% funded, it’s time to start thinking about stretch goals! 

There’s still more than 2 weeks to go, so hitting $15k is absolutely doable, and that unlocks these beautiful die cut stickers, professionally printed on high quality glossy vinyl. Everyone getting a physical book will also get one of these stickers if we hit that stretch goal.

Now for an announcement that’s half snafu/half blessing in disguise. 

My dang ol’ computer decided to corrupt the file I had with the tote bag design. (First thing on my list of things to buy with any profits from this fundraiser is a new computer.) So I had to start almost from scratch with the design, and I looked at this sticker and thought it would be much nicer art than the original tote bag design.

I hope you agree, but it this causes a problem for those of you who backed at that level, let me know. Hopefully the new (and I think better) art with entice more people to grab one of these really nice canvas totes, homemade by me. The prototypes are really slick.

It’s entirely possible we could hit the $30k stretch goal and get a new chapter added on to the book. Some friends of mine suggested Roxy visit a Dorito girl on the Cool Ranch, and that is making me laugh quite a bit, and hopefully I’ll get to draw that.

Make sure to keep tweeting, reblogging, and sharing the project. This project will only get cooler.

Go and grab yourself some smut, secure in the knowledge that this project is happening and you’ll for sure get a book!


Don’t fear the power.

The Mercedes-AMG GT3 is the racing version of AMG’s latest sports car sensation, the Mercedes-AMG GT3. Right at home on the racetrack – and on PlayStation 4.

Download the free AMG Tour Pack for Driveclub, complete all races and unlock this beautiful beast for your garage.

Raven Queen hates to admit it but she’s actually a little vain. She uses magic for her makeup and hair just like her mother did, and now that her powers are unlocked, her beauty is on par with Apple’s.

I am tired of being common and human i want to shine I want to be magic hiding in every corner just waiting for the loveliest creatures to go beyond the veil and unlock the most beautiful things the world has to offer I’m tired of my limits and imperfections please let me transcend,

“Youth of color in the streets of St. Louis and now everywhere have been unlocking a beautiful new paradigm for this country. Blackness may be the keyhole but innovating new models of shared power is the key to real justice for all. I believe we’ll completely change the game as we continue to evolve a national movement led by people of color with a radical analysis of power.” -Sarah