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In the Arms of Justice Epilogue (Cop!Bucky x reader)

Characters: reader x Detective Barnes, Steve, Tony, Sharon, Natasha, OC Sarah and Maggie Rogers. (Most only mentioned)

Summary: Reader is a witness to a crime, tying her to the investigation as well as the police involved. She never would have guessed how that one night would continue to change her life years later.


Word Count: 1924

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A/N: This is it, you guys. The end. I loved the ending of Part 22 but I had a lot of fluffy thoughts about their future so here you go. :) Gimme all your thoughts about this last part if you’ve got ‘em!! I love you guys to the moon and back!! <3

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18 Months Later

“Please tell me this is the last of it,” you whined, huffing and puffing while climbing the stairs with a box in your arms. “Whose idea was it to live in a three-story walk-up anyway?”

“Yours,” Bucky answered from behind you, a teasing tone in his voice while equally winded.

“Excuse me? I do recall you were there for the whole apartment selection process, so you shoulder at least part of the blame,” you fired back jokingly, shifting the box to your left hip as you opened the apartment door that was left unlocked.

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Don't Forget to Breathe, and Drink Tea

TITLE: Don’t forget to breathe, and drink tea.


AUTHOR: Reflexivverben

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki being the only person who knows how to make your tea exactly the way you like it.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I’m not a huge tea connoisseur so yeah….don’t take my tea makings for gospel at all lol.
I also haven’t written anything (alone, i usually co-write) in a super long time, so sorry if it’s rusty. I also may have gotten side-tracked?


Loki was always an early bird, while you on the other hand generally never woke up before nine in the morning.  When he woke up not long before you the day always started with an easy question.
            “Vanilla or peppermint, love?” he asked softly.
            “Vanilla,” you murmured, half awake. The black haired one always enjoyed watching you wake up in the morning, however, today he had some errands to do. A small smile curved his lips, and he silently turned on his heel and moved to the kitchen. 
He would boil the water just right for the tea, and let the leaves in the bag steep for the proper amount of time. By now, however, he knew that the writing on the box wasn’t exactly right. Loki knew he’d get the best results and most vivid flavour if he left the bag in for half a minute longer.  He put half a teaspoon of sugar in the steaming liquid, gently stirred it, then brought it back to your shared room.

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Roughly based on this kinda wanna make it a little mini fic if ya guys are up for that. (:

“What’s with all the furniture?” You ask ask your brightly colored hair friend with creased eyebrows. The big truck with people pulling different furniture and boxes out was kind of hard to miss on your way into your apartment complex. “New guy,” he hums, standing by the residents’ mail boxes. You stop mid-unlocking your box, “Not..” you trail off pointedly. He grins wickedly with a smug hum.

“No,” you groan. “It was so nice not having anyone there, I’ll bet he’s just as bad as Alan,” you huff, grabbing your mail. “Nah, he’s probably worst,” Michael - your friend - smirks. “Stop looking so smug Clifford, this just means I’ll be over even more to bug you.” “I wont let you in,” he shrugs easily. “I’ll bang on the door until you do,” you counter. “I’ll put my earphones in.” “I’ll get your neighbors to hate you.”

“They already know you and they all love me,” he says matter-of-fact. You roll your eyes, stomping up the stairs - because of course the elevator isn’t working - and grumble out a we need more girls around here that has Michael snickering.


You don’t actually see your new neighbor for the first week and you’re not exactly keen on going over and introducing yourself since your last neighbor was such a nightmare. He was the noisiest, nosiest, most irritatingly there neighbor you’d ever had to deal with. Which says a lot with how many apartments you’ve had before your current one. Meaning how many people you dealt with before this one.

Still, you know eventually you’ll see him around. The apartment complex is a particularly close one. Everyone knows everyone and whether they’re irritating or not they’re there, it’s basically like having one big family.

But that doesn’t mean you’re in any rush to meet the guy. So far he’s not very noisy and he hasn’t come to introduce himself yet so he’s already got that on Alan.


The second week is when you catch the slightest glimpse of him. It’s just the back side as he’s walking into his own apartment. He’s got blonde hair, wide shoulders and lanky legs. He’s definitely tall that’s for sure and he wasn’t dressed like someone older so he has to be young, if not your age then around your age.

Still, you don’t say anything, just go about your business and reluctantly head out to the grocery store.


The beginning of the third week you find yourself the slightest bit curious about this neighbor of yours. Why hasn’t he come introduced himself yet? Isn’t he settled yet? Surely he’s settled. It’s been three weeks. What more could he possibly be needing to get done? What could he possibly be so busy with that he can’t stop by for a quick hello. You guys are living next to each other.

You also have to sign a package for him during the week. You’re not even sure when he’d left because you’ve been home all day and haven’t heard so much as a creak.

But alas, you sign for the package anyway and sit with it on your kitchen counter as you stare at it, coming up with a plan of finally introducing yourself since he’s apparently not going to. Of course he’s not home by the time you get a call from work that they need you in on what is supposed to be your day off.

So you get ready, eyeing the package every chance you get. And maybe you move out the door slower than usual hoping to catch him on your way out. You don’t though. Instead, having to leave it with the boy at the end of the hall - Calum.


A month. It’s been a month and still no introduction. Now you’ve got suspicions. What if he’s some crazy drug dealer? What if he’s some psycho killer? What if there’s someone tied up in his apartment right now as you sit here with your legs dangling off the counter? What if he’s planning your attack next?

Of course he’d actually have to know who you are and what your look like in order to do that, which he doesn’t, you think bitterly.

After contemplating actually going over and bang on his door to ask him what the hell his problem was, you figure that’d be a bit much and you should probably not do that..ever.


It’s a couple weeks after that, that you finally see him. You’re just walking out of your apartment as he’s passing to get to his. The thing is. He’s hot. No, he’s fucking beautiful. With the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen and black lip ring and small little dimple-god, the fucking dimple-as he sends you a halfhearted smile and slightest nod.

It’s like in the movies, all slow motion and heart-fluttering and perfect. And so, so, incredibly not long enough. You find yourself lost and blinking at his door once it’s shut behind him.

You’re not even sure if it’d even happened. If he was even real. Him and his burgundy snapback and tight black jeans with a hole on one of the knees and band tee and fuck. Why haven’t you introduced yourself again?


The nod and smile becomes a thing. Whenever you see each other, your paths crossing - definitely just coincidently more frequent than usual because no you’re not finding more and more reason to be outside your flat - he’ll pop that little dimple and send you a small nod of acknowledgement. And so what if it happens to be the best part of your day, that was nobody’s business.

You know his name now with how many times you’ve had to sign for those packages of his since he’s apparently never home. You’ve sort of developed a system with that as well. Just like your nod and smile, you always leave his package at his door with a sticky note attached to it with a different message each time.

Mostly just clever witty jokes about him being a serial killer drug dealer that take you at least 15 tries before deciding on one.

You caught him smiling at one once and that was enough to fuel you for as long as you sign for them.


You don’t hear his voice until you’ve just roughly hit the third month of him living there. You’re just walking in from spending maybe a little more time than necessary in the rain so you’re absolutely drenched with hair matted and sticking to your face and squeaky vans soaked through the fabric and your socks and you’re sure you can’t look the least bit appealing.

He’s talking to Michael, both of them holding their mail in hand so it’s more than likely just a causal chat. But then Michael says something stupid that has Luke laughing, starting with a high pitched giggle before falling into a normal laugh and it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever witnessed you’re sure.

You get your nod and smile just before he goes over to the elevator and of course you nag Michael about knowing him which apparently everyone in the whole damn complex know him. They’re all head over heals for the boy which makes you feel a little left out and maybe also just a tiny bit jealous that he’s talked to everyone here but you. That still doesn’t stop you from denying Michael’s offer to introduce you two though.

You don’t want that. You want him to want to introduce himself. You’re just not sure when that is or if it’ll ever happen.


It happens on the fourth month. You wake to the obnoxiously loud fire alarm going off in the building. Although it’s a fire alarm no one seems too frightened, mostly just annoyed grumbling and grunting as you all pile out of the apartment complex. Sadly, this wouldn’t be the first time the alarms gone off at an ungodly hour thanks to your wonderful brightly colored hair friend.

But he was right, everyone does happen to love him. Even he does like pulling shit like this more than he should honestly get away with.

“Did you pull it?” you groan sternly at the pale boy giggling his little head off. “No I swear it wasn’t me this time,” he raises his hands in surrender, amusingly eyeing the unsteady dark haired boy slurring inaudible words to the owner. “Is he drunk?” You frown. “Mhm,” Michael replies a little more smug than your liking. “Did you make him do this?” “I didn’t make him, I just.. suggested it,” he grins proudly. “So this is still somehow your fault. Go over there and fix this,” you groan, Michael muttering a you’re no fun on his way over to help the poor incoherent boy.

You let your gaze on the boys and angry owner falter for a minute to look around at the crowd of familiar faces. Then, out comes your neighbor with a frantic look on his face but your not too focused on that when he happens to be shirtless, clad in only a pair of briefs. Granted, they’re covered in ninja turtles but he still manages to make them look unhealthily attractive.

He’s informed by the woman a floor beneath you that oh hun, it was just Mikey and he sheepishly relaxes as he realizes one, no one is in any state of panic and two, he’s the only one that didn’t bother putting clothes on or covering up.

He spots you and let’s out a relieved sigh, coming over to stand by you. He doesn’t say anything at first, just kind of stands there and watches Calum drunkenly rambling on and the owner still scolding Michael. “I’m Luke by the way,” he says hesitantly after a moment. You weren’t expecting him to say anything, that’s your guys’ thing. That’s just what you guys do - or don’t do. But he does. He did. And you’re so shocked by it, it takes you a minute to reply.

"I know,” you grin. “Drug dealing serial killer neighbor,” you manage to hum smoothly, getting a smile and breathy chuckle in return. “Nice underwear by the way,” you stifle a giggle, looking up at the tired looking blue eyed boy.

His smile turns more bashful than anything, his cheeks going the slightest bit pink and there’s that dimple of his.

dipping-the-dots-deactivated201  asked:

between the lines pt 2!! it's really good!


A/N: Thank you, Sweetie. That’s really sweet of you to say! And I am really sorry if this not lives up to your expectations, it kind of sucks.

[Part One]

Luke was now slowly getting over the wave of shock that washed over him when he entered the room and saw you standing there by his wooden desk that he had gotten when he was twelve. You stood and waited for the reply Luke owed you, but you had a heavy feeling in your stomach that it meant exactly what you read between the lines.
You looked at the page that was still so tempting for you to read and as you looked down on it again, it revealed a sketch of a heart just in the corner where you picked up the picture.
Luke slowly moved over. It was definitely not the perfect time to confess to a friend, who just last night had gotten a major heartbreak, that you liked them. Not liked them, but really developed feelings for them over the past year you had known each other now.
He remembered it so clearly, how excited he was that night of October the thirtieth. The smile on his face was still visible if only in print, but the memory was fresh like it had been yesterday. Probably because Luke had been thinking about it every now and then, trying to make out the moment that everything went wrong.
You had worn this terribly itchy red wig of wavy red curls that feel down almost the full length of your spine and this accurately mermaid lined silk skirt that implied the flosses. You looked stunning that night. Luke had told you that at least five times. How couldn’t you realize?
You thought back and standing here now, you probably had simply guessed there was nothing more to the flirt than a compliment on your costume. After all, he had told Mali-Koa a similar thing when she met us with Calum at the party, dressed up as the dark fairy in Maleficent.
But why didn’t he say anything? Your heart was feeling tied up, pumping too little blood down your veins as they were overflowing with guilt. He had been your prince and instead of Eric, you almost spent the entire time past nine with somebody else. So how could he?
You shook it off. In the meantime that you had spent in your thoughts, Luke had closed the big distance that kept you apart and was standing by your side now. “I-I’m sorry” he stuttered almost too low for you to notice. But you did and it made the corners of your mouth rise a little. “What are you apologizing for?” you weakly smiled. “I was the one who invaded your privacy. I should be sorry.”
He just shook his head at that. “No, it’s okay. It’s not really an invasion when the diary is openly lying there” he figured and though he was partly right, you knew better. You should have just turned your head when you had seen it instead of approaching. With your head hung low, you heard this voice thread your auditory canal again: „Horrible timing to tell you I like you, mh?” he asked.
You laughed more freely now. “Well, it’s not the best” you confessed and dared to look straight up at him, that was a first today. “I wanted to let you know, I really did. But when I wrought up the guts” he held his words there for a second, “you were in his arms.”
More guilt. “I am sorry, I was so stupid.” Luke instantly shook his head, no. “You weren’t. It’s not your fault.”
“Actually, yes” you corrected, since it was your decision to look for someone out of your comfort zone. It simply felt impossible that one of your famous best friends would see you as anything more than that, if even. They had millions of girls at their feet, so you had tried to not let the idea of maybe being able to date your favorite, get to your head. It was ironic, wasn’t it?
“It could have saved me a lot of trouble” you then said as you were thinking it over. All this time that you wasted on your former boyfriend, could have been used to build a relationship with Luke instead. And just maybe, you wouldn’t feel devastated now. “Luke, you know I like you and I-“
Luke cut you off. “No.”
“I don’t want you to feel like you have to say anything like that now. I don’t want to put any pressure on you, I never wanted. I gave you all the time you needed to get used to us being friends before I tried to take the next step and now, I will do the same in reverse. You have to sort out your feelings first. So please, don’t say anything you don’t truly mean.”
Your heart pumped heavily inside your chest.
“First you get over that asshole” he said and you threw him a stern look. Even though you knew he was right, you didn’t feel like it was necessary to sink down to that level of insulting a lost love.
“Alright, him” he corrected, making sure to accentuate the pronoun.
And you probably then and there, unlocked the box inside your head that filed him as a no-go to you and instead allowed yourself to think of him as more than a friend.