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Door Struggles

Critters asked: How many cumulative hours has Vox Machina fought with doors on stream?

It’s impossible to say in in-game time because some of it wasn’t measured in neat 6-second rounds. We can, however, measure real life time! For this (and for fun), we decided to include some barriers and portals that functioned as doors as well. We didn’t include doors that didn’t pose a threat to Vox Machina. Updated to Episode 85.

Time Spent Dealing With Doors and Barriers: 4:11:13

Thanks to icecream-s-coops, @JacobSBrowning, @_miss_maria_, Monique S., and our past volunteers for their work compiling this list!

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Summary: She was fearless, and cared too much for other people and too little for herself. She hid behind walls of humor and sarcasm. Bucky saw through her walls; through her facade. He saw her. Bucky Barnes x fem reader

Word count: 2737

Warnings: a lot of angst, a little fluff, language, some more angst, y/n has a dark past and some self destructive tendencies and good ol’ Bucky just wants to help, MF ANGST JESUS, Sequel question mark???

She was new to the team. Fury had brought her to the Tower four weeks ago under the guise of simply wanting her to consult on a mission, and had ended up recruiting her. She fit in quickly, her jokes constantly making the people around her laugh and her sarcasm rivaling Tony’s. She cared for each and every person on the team, and would easily throw herself in front of a bullet if that meant saving one of them. Bucky had fallen for her the very first day she was brought in, when she had made an offhanded joke at Steve’s expense that made him double over in laughter. He hadn’t laughed like that since before. They had formed an easy friendship. It wasn’t any deeper than any of the friendships that she had formed with the rest of the avengers, and Bucky realized one night when they were all gathered for dinner that it was because she didn’t allow people to get any closer to her than necessary. She hid behind a wall of sarcasm and humor that distracted anyone asking about anything deeper than the surface, she was the master of deflection. He realized that Fury danced around her history just as she did, saying something brief about how she was an asset to the team. After that night, Bucky observed her more closely. He watched as she pushed questions about herself away with a comment that had Clint doubling over in laughter, he saw how when she thought nobody was looking her eyes would drop with exhaustion and her smile that seemed ever constant would fall from her lips. He watched as she agreed to dangerous missions without a second thought, took the most dangerous role in the mission immediately. He had watched her when she disappeared from one of Tony’s parties with a bottle of tequila. He saw her.

It was the day of a briefing for what was supposed to be a relatively difficult mission, taking out a remaining factory that was under the control of hydra. Allegedly, they were making aerosol poison that was supposed to be able to weaken inhumans considerably.

“Alright, it’s going to be relatively dangerous for the first pair. They’ll need to breach the main gate and take out as many guards as possible near the main guard tower so that Tony can override the lock systems that are held there for all the main doors,” Steve said and looked up for a moment. “Nat and Y/N, you okay with that?” Y/N nodded and a playful smirk crossed her lips.

“Exciting,” she said teasingly and glanced over at Tony to send him a wink. “I’ll be done with the guards before you’ve even started on the system.”

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lenasdayoff pt 12 -  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

Alex Danvers was the complete opposite of her sister, Lena mused as she watched the DEO agent glance around the coffee shop, eyes scanning quickly past each of the patrons.  Lena waved, nudging the mug towards the second chair at her table.  

It was the first time she’d actively sought out Alex, going as far as asking Kara to pass along her phone number, so that Alex had the freedom to contact Lena when she was comfortable with the idea.  Honestly Lena was terrified that she’d overstepped, spending the entire evening prior working up the courage to ask Kara to bridge the communication gap.  

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If You Scratch My Back... - Mercy x Sombra

Dr Angela Ziegler finds an unexpected ally in Sombra. Actually, she finds an unexpected LOT of things in Sombra. 



It wasn’t so much a sound that woke Angela. It was a feeling, she decided, an uneasiness. The type of feeling you get when you’re driving to work and wondering if you really did lock your front door.

She opened her eyes and stared up at the familiar ceiling in her Gibraltar HQ residence (it was still so odd to be back here again), wondering what it meant. Perhaps I’m subconsciously aware I forgot to do something important? she thought, rolling over to look at her clock: 3:42am. Hmm.

There wasn’t anything she could have left on, though. And when she tried to methodically go through her evening minute-by-minute, routine-by-routine, she couldn’t pinpoint anything she’d forgotten. Her new nanite formula was refrigerated—she remembered doing that. Ana’s new bullets (secretly altered so they damaged unintended targets less) were ready to be batched in the cupboard. Even her new formula for the ‘resus pack’, as she called it, a tiny life support implant with a single dose of a chemical cocktail to automatically resuscitate you if your heart slipped into arrhythmia was safely locked in the fridge, waiting for her to continue trying to convince those difficult new directors in Ethics to let her run live tests. Honestly, she couldn’t think of what she mightn’t have done.

The uneasiness remained, though, and no amount of closing her eyes and reassuring herself everything was fine was helping at all.

Well. Perhaps she should just get up and check the lab? You know, just in case.

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Zootopia Fanfiction: Star of Ceratais chapter 2: The Last Night of Normal

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceratais. Ok I really want to thank everyone who has supported this new story so much within a week this story has amassed 143 followers, 109 faves and 70 reviews. Thank you from the bottom of my heart guys you really are great people and I hope you enjoy what’s to come. Oh and to answer a common question I’ve got this week Ceartais is a Irish Gaelic word for justice and it’s significance will be addressed in upcoming chapters. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link… https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12439999/3/Take-A-Stand-Star-Of-Ceartais

Chapter 2- The final night of normal.

Hannah raised her paw and placed it under Robyn’s chin then guided her in for a kiss, Robyn could hardly believe what was happening, she closed her eyes and focused her other senses on the kiss. Hannah’s kiss was soft and sweet, just like her. Robyn’s heart was thundering along as she felt all the skin under her fur heat up, the butterflies in her stomach were dancing and her lips felt like they were melting. Hannah ended the kiss, pulled back before admitting shyly “I like you too.”

“You…you….you.” Robyn uttered, her head hazy from the kiss.

“I like you Robyn.” Hannah repeated, trying her best not to giggle at Robyn’s dumbfounded face.

Robyn’s face was a muddle of shock, confusion and celebration, she just didn’t know what to say. Her plan to ask out Hannah had never got past confessing her crush, there was no chance in hell she was going to admit she was in love, that would be a disaster. “Can you say that again?” she asked, pretty sure her voice was more shaky than usual.

“I like you,” Hannah smiled “I’ve always had a crush on you.”

“What?” Robyn squeaked “Hold on, you have a crush on me? Since when?”

“Honestly?” Hannah replied, looking at her feet “Since before I came out, long before actually…you were my first crush.”

“W-why didn’t you say anything?” Robyn reacted.

“I didn’t think you were into girls.” Hannah answered.

“Holy crap.” Robyn mumbled.

“Sooooooooooooo….” Hannah dragged, tilting her head and staring at Robyn with her aqua blue eyes “is this the part where you ask me something?”

“Oh yeah,” Robyn realised, she could hear her own racing heartbeat as she asked “You want to go out with me?”

“Of course you dummy.” Hannah answered before kissing Robyn again.

“I-I can’t believe this.” Robyn gave a lovesick grin.

“Well it’s a bit of a surprise for me too.” Hannah charmed, keeping her cool as she took hold of Robyn’s paw. “I have to ask though; who knows about you being Bi? I mean I’m your best friend and you didn’t tell me.”

“Only Luna and Kodi know.” Robyn revealed, loving the feel of Hannah’s paw.

“You haven’t told your parents?” Hannah nearly gasped.

“Look it was hard enough telling you.” Robyn jested.

“So when are you going to tell them?” Hannah wondered.

“My plan was to have you pick me up for a date and then kiss you in front of them.” Robyn joked, scratching her head awkwardly.

“That’s a wonderful idea.” Hannah complimented with a smile.

“Huh?” Robyn sounded, not believing that Hannah didn’t know she was joking.

“Skip the awkward coming out speech and just say ‘Hey this is my girlfriend’, your parents are cool so they won’t make a big deal out of it.” Hannah followed up. “I wish I had done that with my folks, would’ve been a lot easier.”

Robyn was about to protest but then actually thought about the option, Robyn knew that her Mom and Dad would have no problems with her being in a relationship with a girl, seeing a few of Judy’s siblings were gay and two same sex couples were close friends with the Wildes. Robyn could avoid all the anxiety and the uncomfortable confession by just showing up with introducing Hannah as her date. “Hmmm that ain’t a bad idea Savage.” Robyn grinned,

“So when do want to go out on a date?” Hannah asked, a little giddy.

“How about tonight? I kinda’ had this little fantasy where we would go for a nice meal in the Sapphire quarter of Sahara Square.” Robyn voiced her plan.

“That sounds amazing, but aren’t you grounded?” Hannah shot down.

“Crap, I forgot.” Robyn huffed.

“We can do it next week, don’t worry.” Hannah soothed.

“Wait, I got an idea.” Robyn smiled, getting her phone out of her jeans pocket. Right now she felt like the luckiest girl alive, she just hoped that this streak of luck would stay with her as she selected Luna’s number.


In the business sector of Savannah Central different skyscrapers rose like trees in a woodland, some were gaudy eyesores, some were well designed pieces of architecture but one particular building stuck out like a sore thumb it was Zootopia’s first skyscraper ironically called the Small tower after it’s architect a Echidna named Cuthbert Small who designed the building for a steel firm back in the 1920s but now it was all refurbished and the corporate headquarters of Dawson Tech. A company that was leading the way in healthcare technology, pharmaceuticals and more importantly augmented limbs for amputees, within four years the company had grown to unprecedented levels and consistently making profits while keeping drug costs down for the consumer. The CEO and chief engineer of the company was Olivia Dawson and she wasn’t like any other CEO in Zootopia or the rest of America, she implemented some very conscious rules but also some very odd ones. The first and most welcomed rule was a zero tolerance policy on discrimination of any type be it species, gender, sexuality, and religion but there were other rules like board member must take suggestions from staff and there was no dress code so you could either come in your best suit, pyjamas or cosplay if you wanted.

But as Luna Wilde stepped out of the elevator at the forty second floor, simply known as the lab she was wearing her best suit and holding two paper coffee cups and headed straight for the desk beside the lab entrance where a small pot belly pig barely out of his teens was typing away at a computer, he had very short white fur over him with black spots the most noticeable one was over his right eye. “Morning Pua.” Luna greeted brightly.

Pua looked up from his laptop, a little surprised “Oh good morning Miss Wilde, I didn’t hear the elevator.”

“Let me guess, you trying to organise Olivia’s crazy schedule?” Luna asked rhetorically with a laugh, passing the pig a cup of coffee “Hazelnut Latte with an expresso shot, just how you like it.”

“Thanks, you didn’t need to.” Pua replied gratefully, he was dressed in a casual white shirt and black shorts.

“I figured you need it with little miss tornado in there.” Luna chuckled, nodding at the lab entrance.

“Believe me Miss Dawson is a great boss, she’s kind and very caring,” Pua sighed “but she has more energy that any mammal I’ve ever met, I mean how can a person so small have that much fire in them?”

“Ha! She’s nothing compared to what she was like when we were kids, I remember one summer she modified my parents’ police cruiser so much it was like a tank and that was just with stuff she found laying around the precinct.” Luna reminisced.

“Sounds like her.” Pua replied before taking a swig of coffee.

“Is it cool for me to go in?” Luna asked, the manners instilled into her as a child would never die.

“Miss Wilde you own 10% of this company, you may go wherever you like.” Pua answered with a knowing grin.

“Thanks Pua,” Luna responded, putting her paw on the scanner beside the double door to the lab “and for the last time; please call me Luna.”

“Not going to happen Miss Wilde.” Pua bantered, as he went back to work.

Luna just shook her head as the door unlocked and she entered the lab, only to be met with the sound of very loud metal music and the clinical smell reminiscent of a surgical theatre. “Olivia?” Luna announced her presence, but received no answer. She walked by a glass case of robotic limbs of varying sizes and around the corner to see Olivia on a table top looking down a mouse sized microscope with a bank of rodent sized computer monitors next to the scope. The twenty two year old brown mouse had a wrapped lollipop tucked behind one of her heavily pierced ears, a simple white lab coat covered a red tartan dress with torn fishnet tights and had a multitude of necklaces hanging around her neck. “Hey!” Luna barked over the loud music.

Olivia looked up from the mircroscope and looked at Luna with a hint of surprise “Hey, I thought told you to swing by in the morning?” she queried, her Scottish accent sounding tired.

“It is the morning, it’s like 8am.” Luna tittered at the sleepy look on her best friend’s face as she hit a few keys on her computer to silence the music.

Olivia let out a groan then griped “Yet another night of sleep eludes me, I swear I’m starting to forget what my bed looks like.”

“Aww poor little genius.” Luna cooed “Anyway why’d you need me to come in? I thought we were meeting for drinks tomorrow?”

“We are but this couldn’t wait,” Olivia replied, sounding excited yet sleepy as she pressed a key on her computer, the large screen on the wall came on showing a schematic of what looked like a robotic insect “I finally cracked it.”

Luna’s eyes lit up with wonder and gasped “You finished the prototype!?”

“Prototypes,” Olivia corrected “I managed to make two batches last night; project steel blood is a go.”

“I can’t believe it,” Luna yipped “all your hard work has finally paid off. Medical assisting nanomachines, you’ll win a nobel prize for this!”

“It ain’t about the prizes,” Olivia said, sounding proud “it’s about who we can help. Think about it, cancer sufferers, mammals with HIV and Aids, we could change their lives.”

“So what did you program the nanomachines to do?” Luna asked, unable to tear her eyes away from the technical marvel.

“A simple command; adapt and survive.” Olivia answered.

“You do realise that medically that is the furthest thing from simple?” Olivia asked with a slight laugh.

“Meh.” Olivia shrugged “It’s only the prototypes.”

“I’m so happy for you, Olivia.” Luna expressed.

“Well I couldn’t have done it without your help, that’s why I’m crediting you as well when I announce it.” Olivia informed with a knowing smile.

“What?” Luna gawped “No, I didn’t do anything important I just gave you some pointers.”

“You taught me how the nanomachines can act with white blood cells, hormones and enzymes. Without you I would’ve probably ended up making something that would kill a patient.” Olivia pointed out “You’re getting some credit for this whether you like or not.”

“…Thank you.” Luna replied timidly.

“Anyway there’s something else I need to talk to you about.” Olivia changed the subject as well as her facial expression, it was one of worry “I got some intel on Rosethorn robbery from Marian, seems the same thieves just arrived in Zootopia.”

“My Nan gave you this intel? Where did she hack into this time?” Luna asked, fully aware of Marian Wilde’s alter ego.

“The aviation authority’s network, seems like the same plane that the thieves used in Scotland landed in Zootopia yesterday morning.” Olivia relayed “These bastards stole all my data and the only working model of the Elixir system and bet my vinyl collection that there in Zootopia to attempt another raid.”

“What are you going to do?” Luna asked, guessing that her friend had already formulated a plan.

“Easy I’m going to track the lowlifes, Marian locked onto to one of the thieves’ phones so that a certain Metal Vigilante can welcome them to the neighbourhood.” Olivia voiced her plan with a little devilment in her voice.

“So I shouldn’t be surprised if I hear reports of Spitfire on the TV tonight?” Luna asked rhetorically.

“I could use another pair of paws on this, you sure I can’t persuade you to suit up for old times’ sake?” Olivia queried cheekily.

“No.” Luna said flatly, but her amber eyes looked sorrowful.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” Olivia apologised.

“It’s ok, I miss the old days to. It’s hard to think it’s been four years.” Luna remembered with a sad smile.

“I just keep imagining that Andraste will make a heroic comeback.” Olivia hoped.

“Andraste is dead, the only way I can help folks now is as Dr. Wilde not as some mad vixen with a bow.” Luna said, trying to remain positive “Besides with work, hanging out with you and Aleks I’ve got no time to be a super hero.”

“How are things going with tall, grey and handsome?” Olivia probed, hungry for gossip.

“He’s so sweet, he had a candle lit dinner ready for me when I got home from my parents’ place. I’m thinking of asking him to move in with me.” Luna admitted.

“After only three months? Damn it must be love.” Olivia joked.

“Well he spends most nights at mine anyway, his apartment is like a shoebox and yeah I do love him.” Luna justified, realising how much Aleks meant to her.

“Well before you give him a key you best introduce your Romeo to your parents.” Olivia advised

“Do I have to?” Luna whined, the prospect of introducing Aleks as her boyfriend was daunting to say the least.

“What are you going to do? Wait for when you’re walking down the aisle with lover boy to say to your parents 'Hey this is your very soon to be son in law’?” Olivia badgered, knowing Luna was avoiding the conversation with her parents.

“Ok, ok.” Luna gave in “I’ll talk to Aleks later then see if Mom and Dad want to come out to dinner, I’ll have to make a nice public restaurant so Dad can’t make a scene.”

“There you go, I bet it won’t be so bad, besides I’m sure your Dad’s mellowed a bit by now.” Olivia assured, taking out the lollipop from behind her ear and unwrapping it.

“Ugh, I wish.” Luna grimaced, picturing her Dad’s reaction.

“So what happened with Robyn yesterday? You said something about a fight at her school” Olivia wondered, popping the cherry flavour confection in her mouth.

Luna was about to answer when her phone began to ring, she pulled it out of her suit pocket to see it was in fact her little sister calling “Speak of the devil,” Luna commented before answering the call “Hey Robbie.”

“Hey Lu.” Robyn greeted and instantly the older Wilde sister noticed that the younger was excited about something.

“Everything ok?” Luna asked, pondering whether Robyn had asked out Hannah.

“So I need a favour, a pretty big one actually.” Robyn opened.

“Ok shoot.” Luna replied.

“I need you to convince Mom and Dad to unground me for tonight.” Robyn requested.

Luna wondered why Robyn had asked for such a thing but answered “I can give it a shot, but I’m going to need a reason to give them.”

“I have a date with Hannah that I can’t miss.” Robyn revealed sounding giddy.

“Oh my god!” Luna squealed with joy “Robbie I knew you could do it! Don’t you worry I can make it happen.”


Judy wasn’t focusing on her surroundings, the bunny’s mind was still on her daughter’s brawl the day before, part of her knew that she needed to give her kit space to sort this out on her own but then again her maternal instinct wanted to get to the bottom of the problem so she could protect Robyn from it. She was only brought out of her thoughts when a voice spoke “So in closing; our ZPD overseas recruitment initiative has been a great success and I propose we make it an annual practice.” Commissioner Mason Bogo said in his usual deep tone.

“I see no problem with that, how about you Judy?” Mayor Trevor Moon asked for the chief’s opinion, the 78 year old wolf looking dapper as ever.

“Y-yeah, the recruits from Europe have been great.” Judy answered, caught a little unawares. The three were sat in Judy’s office at precinct 1 for their monthly meeting, the formal stuff only took about half an hour so the rest of the time the three friends would just catch up.

“Something wrong Chief Wilde?” Bogo asked, his cop gut telling him something was bothering the rabbit.

“It’s just something dumb with my youngest kit.” Judy tried to brush off.

“Little Robyn? Why what’s wrong with the little firecracker?” Trevor asked, concerned due to knowing the girl since she was born.

“She got in a fight with another girl at school.” Bogo answered instead of Judy.

“How’d you know that?” Judy asked instantly.

“Benjamin saw it on furbook, he is the king of gossip after all.” Bogo answered, used to his husband’s habits “By the sounds of it Robyn handled herself well, you should be proud.”

“It’s not about the fight, it’s about the reason for the fight, she wouldn’t tell me or Nick what it was about.” Judy complained.

“Didn’t you used to do the same at her age?” Trevor theorised.

“Of course I got into fights but it was always for a just reason.” Judy stated.

“Then there’s no reason to think that Robyn’s reason was unjust, she’s a lot like you.” Bogo countered.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” Judy sighed.

The conversation was halted by a rapping on the office door Judy turned and said loudly “Come in.”

The door opened slightly before the smiling face of Luna Wilde popped out “Hey Mom.” The young doctor greeted brightly.

“Luna,” Judy replied, happy to see her daughter “I can’t remember the last time you came by the precinct.”

“Must’ve been when I was still chief.” Bogo smiled as the vixen walked in.

“My word, I felt old when I got up this morning but seeing you all grown up now makes me feel ancient.” Trevor joked as he got to his feet and went over to the young woman.

“Oh Trevor, you’re still the most spry and dashing wolf in Zootopia.” Luna played along, getting on her tip toes to kiss the wolf on the cheek.

“Flatterer.” Trevor replied smugly.

“If I remember correctly the last time you were in this office you pranked me.” Bogo remembered, kneeling down to hug Luna.

“Oh yeah,” Luna recalled, hugging the big buffalo back “I hid in one of your filing cabinets and frightened you with a Halloween mask while my Dad filmed you.”

Judy suppressed a laugh before saying “Then he posted to youtube.”

“Which resulted in him being put on parking duty for a month.” Bogo finished sounding victorious.

“How are the twins?” Luna asked, Mason and Benjamin had adopted two jaguar boys six years ago and it turns out both cops were natural fathers who enjoyed every second with their sons.

“Well Arthur is starting karate lessons this week and Alan is obsessed with his latest science project for school, both of them have so much energy me and Benjamin can barely keep up.” Bogo gushed like any doting dad would.

“Give them a hug from me will you?” Luna asked happily.

“I’ll make sure of it,” Bogo acknowledged “right Mayor shall we leave the chief and her daughter to it?”

“I think we shall, goodbye you two.” Trevor bid farewell as he walked out of the office.

“Oh Wilde one last thing, I’ve scheduled a meeting Monday morning with Skye to discuss if the MCB can help with the Spitfire case, can you be at city hall for then?” Bogo asked, unbeknownst to both high ranking officers Luna froze and started to scream internally at the mention of Spitfire, the very vigilante Luna was best friends with.

“Sure thing, I’d love her opinion on this case.” Judy complied with a nod to which the commissioner nodded back before closing the door and leaving the mother and daughter alone.

“Did he just say Spitfire? I thought that was some silly urban legend.” Luna questioned, acting casual and unbelieving.

“No it’s true the ZPD has opened a case file on this 'Spitfire’ character, some security footage was passed onto us from City Hall, this legend is very much real.” Judy informed “Never mind all that, what brings you here? Is everything ok?”

“Don’t worry nothing’s wrong,” Luna eased her mom’s nerves “I have a proposition for you.”

“What kind of proposition?” Judy asked in return with an arched eyebrow.

“I will give you the juiciest bit of news regarding my romantic life in exchange for a favour.” Luna offered, flashing a smile reminiscent of Nick.

“Romantic life?! You have a boyfriend?” Judy yipped with glee, clapping her paws together.

“I’m not saying another word until you grant my favour.” Luna bartered.

“Name it.” Judy responded, literally bouncing up and down with anticipation.

“I need you and Dad to unground Robyn for one night so she can go on a date.” Luna informed.

“Robyn’s got a date?! With who?” Judy gasped, overjoyed that both her girls were being courted.

“You’ll find out tonight when her date picks her up at 7pm, they’ll be back home by 10.30 I guarantee it, do we have a deal?” Luna baited, noticing the excited look in her mom’s eyes.

“Deal!” Judy said way too loudly and way too quickly “Now tell me about this guy your dating.”

Luna’s mind filled with images of Aleks as she smiled “Well he’s a fox, no surprise there. He’s softly spoken and sweet, such a gentlemammal and…I can’t believe I’m telling you this but I think, you know, he might be the one.”

“Oh sweetie.” Judy reacted with sincerity, her paws taking hold of the vixen’s.

“I want you, Dad and Luna to meet him this weekend, I was thinking we could all go to a nice restaurant in the rainforest district together…just please try and reign in Dad, you know how he can get.” Luna gave her concerns, she really wanted the first impression to go well.

“Let me deal with your father, tell Robyn she can have her date too.” Judy promised.

“Thanks mom, I’ll text her now. You’re the best.” Luna replied, kissing her mom on the cheek before leaving the very happy bunny in her office to run the precinct.

Luna was hallway to the parking lot and had already text her sister telling her the good news when she spotted someone very familiar to her across the foyer. He was slim built fox with silver fur in his early twenties with a pair of gentle but focused eyes framed by a pair of designer glasses, he was obviously a SWAT officer owed to the fact that he wore combat trousers and a black ZPD t shirt which body armour could cover over easily. This fox was Aleks Rojek, precinct 1’s latest recruit and the mammal who had a hold on Luna’s heart and his heart belonged to her. Luna was about to walk over to him when she spotted someone else approaching her boyfriend.

“Rojek.” Nick Wilde called out, holding a mug of coffee. Luna saw her dad and made a quick escape to the stairwell to avoid any awkwardness.

Aleks turned to the source of the voice and as soon as he saw a superior officer was addressing him he stood up straight, saluted Nick and replied with a clear “Captain.”

“Easy with the saluting rookie,” Nick laughed off “you ain’t in the academy anymore.”

“My apologies sir, your customs are still a little strange to me.” Aleks reacted, he spoke perfect English but his Polish accent was clear to hear.

“Don’t worry you’ll get used to us crazy Americans soon enough.” Nick grinned “Anyway I didn’t get to compliment you yesterday.”

“Compliment, sir?” Aleks asked, unsure of what his captain meant.

“The way you handle yourself during that drug raid yesterday, you kept a level head and were always looking out for your fellow officers.” Nick praised “I’ve seen so many newbie SWAT officers go into a raid and be trigger happy but not you, I like that.”

“We’re handling weapons that can kill Captain, to use a gun so recklessly would be betraying the badge.” Aleks explained, pointing at Nick’s shield on his breast pocket.

“Damn your just like Carrots when she was a newbie.” Nick chuckled.

“Carrots, sir?” Aleks queried.

“Chief Wilde, when we first met she sounded exactly like you, you keep being you Rojek and you’ll go far.” Nick smiled, patting the younger fox on the shoulder before walking up the stairs to his wife’s office, leaving the worried Aleks wondering how Nick would react to him dating Luna.


Nick’s good mood did not last, as soon as he went to see Judy to discuss some cases his overly jubilant wife had dropped not one but two bombshells; that Robyn was going on a date tonight with a unknown boy and Luna was currently dating some mysterious guy. It irked Nick that Judy was so happy for the girls when all Nick felt was dread, dread that his two baby girls were about to have their hearts broken by two callous and despicable boys, he knew these unknown dates were after one thing because it was the same thing he was after at that age. He always wondered why the fathers of all the girls he dated as a young fox were so apprehensive of him but now he knew he didn’t want his daughters getting hurt it any shape or form. Now Judy had given Nick a firm warning about not going into his 'Nightmare Dad’ mode, not to threaten the suitors, not to do a background check on them (Which he couldn’t seeing as the girls had very cleverly not revealed their names) and under no circumstances was he to wave his tranq pistol in their faces to intimidate them. It was bad enough for Nick when Luna graduated high school early just after her 15th birthday due to her gifted intelligence, she was too young to move into college dorms so he thought Luna would avoid the sleazy college frat boys which thankfully Luna never socialized with, but soon enough she managed to find foxes her own age and instigated relationships, Luna was confident and beautiful it was easy for her to ensnare a date, it was Nick’s worst nightmare.

At this moment in time Nick was preparing a thai prawn curry for him and Judy to eat when Luna entered through the front door using her spare key, carrying a large bag from Furever 21 and wearing an elated look on her face “Hey Dad.” She said, closing the door.

“Kiddo,” Nick gave a half assed smile “what’s with the bags?”

“These are for Robyn, so she’ll look even more beautiful for her date.” Luna answered, clocking onto her father’s lame attempt at being gleeful.

“Oh…” Nick sounded “So who is this guy that’s taking Robyn out on the town?”

“No comment.” Luna smirked as she made her way down the hallway to her sister’s room.

“Crap.” Nick mumbled to him-self, he looked at his watch Judy said she was going to put a couple of hours at the gym so she might not be back when Robyn’s date arrives “Screw it.” Nick said, setting down the chilli peppers he was slicing and heading to his room to get his bow, arrows and his baseball bat. Judy told him not to threaten Robyn’s date but she didn’t say that he couldn’t show off his weapons.

Meanwhile Luna opened the door to Robyn’s bedroom “Hey I got you a surprise!” she announced holding up the bag.

Robyn who was lying on her bed reading a chapter of 'Lord of the Flies’ for her literature class “What kind of surprise?” Robyn asked looking at her sister with suspicion.

“Ok don’t freak out,” Luna answered grinning like a Cheshire cat as she pulled out an eggshell blue dress with thin straps “I got you a dress! It’ll go great with your fur colour.”

Robyn’s eyes bulged at the dress, it was a pretty dress to be sure, but a dress all the same and Robyn detested wearing them “There is no way I’m wearing that!” Robyn defied, standing up, mortified that her sister was attempting to make her more fashionable.

Luna had expected this reaction but was undeterred “C'mon you’ll look gorgeous.” She tried to sway her sister.

Robyn crossed her arms and stated “Not happening.”

Luna then locked the bedroom door and sniggered devilishly “Yes you are.”

Five minutes later Robyn was stood up defeated, feeling like a fool and clothed in the dress, which she did look amazing in. Luna had a face of pure smugness as she got out a make up bag and held up some mascara “Now for some mascara.” She grinned.

“You touch me with that I’ll break your arm.” Robyn threatened, her face like thunder.

“Oh don’t pout.” Luna responded.

“I appreciate all this Lu,” Robyn sighed “but I was just going to go in some jeans and a t shirt.”

“You’re telling me that you have a date with the girl of your dreams and you’re going to dress like every other day?” Luna asked in a judging tone.

“Well yeah, let my natural beauty do all the work.” Robyn replied.

“Don’t you think Hannah’s going to make an effort and dress up?” Luna pressured.

“…I guess.” Robyn conceded.

“So are you going to let me do this?” Luna asked, holding up the mascara pen.

After a few seconds Robyn let out a quiet “Fine.”

Back in the open plan living room/kitchen Nick had placed his high tech bow and an assortment of arrows on the table so they were clear to see, Nick looked at the time on his phone it was nearly 7pm and Robyn’s date would be here at any moment. “Little punk, coming to take my baby out.” Nick quietly growled to himself, holding onto his baseball bat. “I’ll take him out with this if he tries anything.” The over protective dad was considering calling in a favour with Jack or Finnick to see if they could track this Casanova in the Sapphire Quarter. Just then a knock at the front door came dragging Nick from his plotting, Nick gripped the bat tighter as he went to the door and opened with his spare paw. He opened the door wearing a stern face but it vanished as soon as he saw who was standing there, it was his goddaughter Hannah Savage wearing an expensive looking black dress coupled with her signature kind smile, in her paws was a bouquet of pink peonies that looked like they came straight from the florists. “Hannah?” Nick asked, still not figuring it out.

“Hi Nick,” Hannah replied before looking at the baseball bat and asking “you off to the batting cages?”

“Oh this,” Nick replied, a tad embarrassed, he leant the bat against the wall “it’s nothing. Come in.”

“Thanks,” Hannah said, walking and noticing the bow and arrows on the table “sorting out your archery equipment huh? My Mom goes mental when Dad does that in our kitchen.”

“Uh, yeah. I was just tuning up my bow.” Nick lied but he had to ask “So is this a double date thing with Robyn or something?”

Hannah stopped herself from laughing at her oblivious godfather and answered “Not exactly.”

In that second Judy, dressed in her gym gear, bounded through the open doorway and greeted “Hi.” But was not expecting to see Hannah holding flowers “Oh Hannah, what are you doing here?”

“Well…” Hannah began but ceased talking when a jittery Robyn appeared from the hallway with an excited looking Luna behind her.

“H-hey.” Robyn stammered, her nerves wracking and feeling like an idiot in this dress.

Hannah’s aqua blue eyes absorbed the beauty Robyn that was radiating from her right now, if Hannah was smitten before she was definitely hooked now “You look beautiful.” Hannah breathed.

“Thanks you look amazing too.” Robyn replied with shyness.

Hannah took a step forward and handed Robyn the bunch of peonies “I got you these, you always said they were your favourite.” She charmed.

“Thank you.” Robyn smiled, touched by the sweet gesture. Now or never Wilde she mentally rallied before biting the bullet, leaning in and kissing her girlfriend on the lips, she pulled back to see a pair of flummoxed faces on her parents, she then nervously added “I think you already know my girlfriend.”

(AN/ How will Nick and Judy react!? What did you guys think!? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Review! Next time on Star of Ceartais Robyn and Hannah go on their first date, we catch up with Spitfire and the MM gang and tragedy strikes Zootopia. Please review and C YA SOON!)

TMNT Bodyguard!AU

Donatello/Part Three.

This had been the best mission of Donatello’s life.
He was in the home of one of his idols, was able to look inside of his laboratory (also known as nerd heaven), and had been tasked with protecting a beautiful, intelligent woman.
Who he had a little crush on.
Who might actually return the crush.
It was just a theory at first, more the more time Donatello spent with her, the more he was certain that she liked him too. He just wasn’t sure what to do about it.
He was her bodyguard, what was he supposed to say to her?
“Hey, Y/N, I know we’ve only know each other for a few weeks and I know that you’re father is STILL missing, but I kind of think we should go out. How about Italian?”
How stupid did that sound? No, he wasn’t going to do anything. He was just going to play it cool.
Which was a little difficult during moments like this.
They were returning to her father’s lab (Donatello had left his walkie talkie in there by mistake) and she was telling him about a book she had read. And he was listening, he really was. But more then that, he was looking at her lips, her soft pretty lips, and wondering what it would be like to kiss them.
“Donatello? Are you okay?”
“H-huh? Oh, yeah. Just…fine.”
Smooth, Don, real smooth.
But Y/N simply smiled (gosh, she had a pretty smile) and unlocked the lab. It wasn’t hard to find the walkie but when they both reached for it…and their hands touched…and they looked up into each other’s eyes…well…Don did something very stupid.
He made a move.
He leaned down slowly, his eyes half closed as he waited for her to pull away. But when she didn’t, he moved a little closer and their lips met in a soft, sweet first kiss. Which lasted only a minute when they were suddenly interrupted by a loud knock. They pulled away, flustered and smiling as a voice called out something about agents being there.
“We should…probably go.” Y/N mumbled.
“Yeah, yeah!”
They walked out together when Don suddenly remembered his walkie (which he had left behind again) and turned back to get it. Luckily, Y/N had left the key behind. He slipped back into the lab and reached for the device, scolding himself just a little, when he accidently knocked a book off the desk…the same book Y/N had been talking about.
What was it she had said about it?
“My dad used to read my one of the fairy tales every night before bed. It was our thing.”
Donatello picked up the worn, scarlet covered book when he noticed something inside of it. Pulling it out, he was surprised to find a small, circular holo-projector. It burst to life immediately, an image of Dr. L/N appearing in front of him.
“If you’re watching this message, it could mean many things. But the most likely option is that they have found us. I can only hope that my daughter is safe and perhaps even watching this. I owe you many explanations, Y/N. I always meant to tell you this in person but…just in case.
You know you are adopted, I once told you that I rescued you. But I never told you how. When I was young, still making a name for myself in the scientific community, I was contacted by an old friend. She wanted some help on a project, just a theory she told me. A theory on artificial birth. She wanted to create a perfect child, using only science. A baby, quite literally, born in a tube. It was you. As well as several siblings.
After you were all born, she contacted me once again. She confessed that she gone through with the theory, using my findings, and she wanted me to see the end results.
It was extraordinary. At least, the others were. They were growing at an incredible rate, with many incredible abilities. They weren’t just perfect humans, they were super human. Except for you, Y/N.
You were normal. A failure, she said. And when she told me she was going to terminate you…I couldn’t let it happen. I rescued you and she has been after us ever since. And, if I am right in saying so, she has finally found us. Don’t come after me, Y/N. Run. Find somewhere safe, before she-”
Donatello didn’t hear the rest of the message.
It was interrupted by crashing and shouting…and above all, a woman’s scream.

anonymous asked:

Matsuda, maybe you should really help Sonja and Hiyoko. They are trying to trigger their memories and I think that could be interesting for you to see how their brains react to that moment or even find a way to unlock them

*in his lab with Sonia and Saionji* I see. I understand what you want to do. I guess it will be interesting so I can help you?

You’re not going to try to stop us?

Why should I? It’s not like I care about you or how you’re going to feel about your memories. But if you wanted me to stop you then just leave, I don’t have time to waste on little girls who don’t know what they want.

What? Listen you-

Saionji-san, it’s okay. He is right after all. *turns to Matsuda* We are both ready, we will do whatever we can to get our memories back. Please help us.

Very well. Put those things on your head. When that girl…Tsumiki or whatever she is called, was in despair, I was able to perform various scans of her brain and was able to see what part was influenced by her despair.

Get to the point already.

*sighs and shows his laptop* Thanks to thoses things on your head I can see your brain here. I’m going to ask you question that could trigger your memories. If one of them is starting to get close to the truth, your brain should react in a certain way and we would know in what direction we should start searching.

That’s really incredible! I would have never thought to do something like that! You’re really talented!

….Of course I am. Now both of you shut up and just answer my questions.

A Final Severance

Rating: G

Brains worked briefly with Fischler after university. Briefly. Here’s what happened when our favourite engineer finally removed Fischler’s incompetence from his life.

Brains unlocked the door of his lab at the Inter-University Research Institute and slid into the dark room.

He shuffled forward and dropped his keys and his bag onto the nearest workbench. He carried his shoulders high, almost at his ears, even when released from the physical weight of books and research papers.

Work used to be a joy, but lately… It hadn’t been the same.

When he had first received this funded post, working with the brightest minds from all across the globe, on ways to make the world better, his every step had been marked with joy. Not long out of university, he was finally doing what he wanted.

But it had been marred by one particular blot of incompetence.

A man named Fischler.

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I wasnt going to write today but....

More for my new Tony/Bucky fic. Can’t stop thinking about little scenes between them, so enjoy some Tony/Bucky fluff.
Also, I know this song tends to be Supernatural, and maybe I won’t use this exact one but it’s pretty so here you go
It was quiet in the lab, because Tony didn’t really listen to music anymore. It just reminded him of better times which made him want to cry.

And he was just… done… shedding tears over all this.

He put his tools down, powered down his screens and collapsed onto the worn out couch he kept in the corner, closing his eyes and wishing for sleep.
But he didn’t do things like that anymore… cry. Sleep. Listen to music… Smile. Not anymore.

He heard the whir of machinery before he realized someone was there, and nearly jumped out of his skin when Bucky spoke.


“Getting real tired of you lurking around my lab, Barnes.”

The soldier didn’t apologize or anything, just sat his heavy ass down on the couch, and Tony huffed in annoyance.

“Get out of my bubble. Irritating.”

“When was the last time you slept, Tony?”

“That’s…not your business. Whether I’m sleeping isn’t really– it’s just– you know what? My sleeping habits are neither here nor there so why don’t you–”

“Come ‘ere.” Bucky extended his hand, his left hand, and Tony reached for him before he even realized what he was doing, then tried to jerk away. “Nope, c'mon ya already started to, just c'mon.”
Cool metal fingers closed around Tony’s wrist and pulled unrelentingly until Tony was perched awkwardly on his lap. “Relax, won’t ya?”

“I literally can’t relax. Or escape, apparently so–”

“Hush.” Bucky wrapped both arms around Tony and tucked him closer to his chest, then began to sing in a low voice,

Carry on my wayward son,
For there’ll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don’t you cry no more

“I love that song.” Tony said, refusing to think about why he was choking up.

“I figured.” Was all Bucky said, and he shifted so Tony was lying more against him, and kept singing.
Steve came down to the lab looking for Tony the next morning because he’d missed breakfast.

“FRIDAY.” He said politely, because that’s just how he was. “Would you unlock the lab doors so I can check on Tony.”

“'Fraid not, Cap'n.” The accented voice of the AI responded. “Sir is busy now, nearly tied up as it were. But he is well taken of, so run along now.”

Steve frowned a little at her odd answer but left anyway.

Inside the lab, Bucky glanced up at the ceiling. “Uh, thank ya ma'am.”

“Of course, Sergeant Barnes.” FRIDAY replied, and Bucky looked back down at the sleeping pile of Tony still curled in his arms. He shifted just enough so he could run his fingers through Tony’s hair, then started singing quietly again.

Carry on my wayward son,
For there’ll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don’t you cry no more

OK! So…months ago, one of the Fam mentioned this idea. the idea was that Black Hat had dated a hero in the past. Her name was Angeltia. They of course split up, but remained good friends. even having a deal that they wouldn’t intervene with the other if they spotted them causing chaos/preforming heroic duties.

I’d been meaning to write something for this for a while… and then i listened to “Jolene” and it inspired this.

Angeltia IS NOT MINE. she belongs to @taterdragon

Title: Angeltia
Pair: Paperhat, past BH/Angeltia
Summary: Finding out Black Hat had dated someone before him, shouldn’t have been a problem. The fact that said ex was an Angelic hero was shocking, but still shouldn’t have caused an issue. But maybe it wasn’t that. Maybe it was just the fact that Angeltia had just appeared and asserted herself back into Black Hat’s life, that bother Flug so much.
Especially since it seemed so easy for her to take him away. 
Tags: past relationship, oc, jealous flug,



It was a good day as far as Flug was concerned. He and Black Hat were talking in the eldritch’s office discussing new weapons and the upcoming catalog. Flug was in the middle of explaining one of the ideas he had when there was a loud crash of the front door getting kicked in. Flug yelped, jumping and spinning to face the office doors. Black Hat stood and swiftly headed to the doors and leaned against them listening as he motioned Flug to be silent and follow him. He left the office, his scientist scrambling close behind him. The two were met by Dementia and 505, who rushed towards them falling into step with Flug behind their boss. Black Hat glanced back at them before leading them towards the stairs. He nodded to them before melting into the shadows. Flug pulled out a ray and crept down the stairs as Dementia crawled up the wall and to the ceiling. 505 stayed at the top of the stairs as Flug headed down them silently glancing around.

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This was always one of my headcanons back when the show was airing. Enjoy!

She’d never heard the lab so silent. The only noise came from the pneumatic pump and hum of the generator in back, the quiet gurgle of a beaker set to simmer. Alexa sat stiff on the assistant stool, and breathed.

“What do you mean…’The search is off’?”

Her father answered with his eyes, rare for a man who adored his own voice and his own science. It was the tightness in the lines on his face, a dimness that overwrote his usually mad genius fervor. He took the stool beside her, the scientist stool, and braced his elbows to his knees.

“There’s no point in trying any longer to get Zakk back to his own time. It’s a physical impossibility. I’m sorry, Sweet Pea.”

“That’s…nonsense.” She hopped from her stool, a spring snapping under pressure. “Who even are you? When do you ever talk about impossibilities!? We made time travel possible! So there’s no way it’s impossible to get him back!”

Professor Hadron put a hand up. Sharpness reentered his silver eyes. “I didn’t say the technology is impossible. I said it’s impossible for us to send him back.”

“Says who?

“Says history.”

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anonymous asked:

About IB EE: Do you have some general (non chemistry) tips?

Yes! Here are some TIPS FOR THE EE :D


Think carefully about your subject

It is generally easier to write an EE in languages / social sciences than in the natural sciences, mainly because languages / social sciences only require research, reading and writing, whereas the natural sciences requires an additional experimental and data collection phase (which could go horribly wrong). Unless you have amazing resources for an EE in a group 4 subject, I would advice you to write it in something else.

Choose your subject basing on the supervisor

This might sound weird, but from my experiences, the dedication of your supervisor is pretty much the most important thing when writing your EE. It is vital that you get a supervisor who has a broad knowledge in the subject, and who is willing to dedicate a lot of time to helping you. You might be passionate about physics, but without someone who can guide you (and unlock the school labs at the odd hours of the day) it will become harder than you think!

Keep it simple (and creative)

The best EEs I’ve read are not extremely complicated. They are simple but creative, because with the resources you get from high school, it is hard to carry out complicated projects to the perfection. E.g. if you’re writing an EE in English, it helps to choose a book that hasn’t been analyzed thousands of times before, because then it is hard to keep your essay interesting. This rule applies to pretty much any IAs you have to do in IB - keep it simple (and if you’re lucky - creative!)


Work in small chunks

I have heard many legends of people writing their EE night before the deadline and still passing (and even getting an A!), but please avoid that if you can. Make a plan. Use my advice for writing an essay. Don’t care about not writing it perfectly the first time - the hardest thing is to actually get started.

Divide your work into small chunks. Write one paragraph at a time, then don’t think more about it the rest of the day. Don’t stare at your computer for 12 hours straight and end up having a nervous breakdown. 

Read around your topic

It is nice to read around your topic before writing, because that way you can write about more creative things. There is, for example, no need for you to mention metaphors that have been repeated thousands of times before - you can just cite it from a source, and expand upon that. 

Keep your supervisor updated

It’s actually important that your supervisor knows you’re working, because they will write a “viva voce” for you towards the end that will count for the “holistic impression” bit of the rubric requirements. Send them drafts, discuss your latest thoughts with them and show them the articles and books you’ve read! Also, sometimes you have to remind your supervisor about the EE!

Read some example EEs that did NOT get an A

I feel like too many people make the mistake of purely reading EEs that scored an A, and compare their own EEs to those unreachable EEs, then get super stressed. It’s good to do that so you know what the examiners are looking for, but try to get your hands on some EEs that scored a B, C or D just to calm your nerves. 


Check the formalities!

The layout and formalities of your EE actually counts towards your final grade, and with a bit of patience there’s no reason to lose those marks! Search up citation styles and stick to it.

Get other people to read it

Ask them if what they’re reading makes sense. Remember, the examiners are most likely going to read your EE once, so the shallow first impression is actually quite important. (Again, keep everything simple!)

Try to deliver it on time

As hard as it may be, try your very best to deliver it on time. Remember although everyone stresses the heck out about EE, it doesn’t count THAT much towards your final grade, compared to your exams and IAs. (Your world lit in the A language actually counts more, for some reason…) So deliver it as early as possible to avoid falling behind on your subjects and other IAs!

Submission: Any idea who wrote this?

I’ve finished the Pacifist route countless times, but in all those times I’ve never gone to the Lab, even after Mettaton tells you to.

So today, I decided to actually go there to see if anything has changed throughout my playthrough, and apparently this happens when you get to the trash can:

Any thoughts of who could this be? I’d love to see this in a video. I’m a subscriber on YouTube, (Mindevous)

Thanks. Undertale Science: it’s most likely Flowey, it’s not Gaster as they write in Wingdings and are completely uncipherable to Frisk, as shown by the blueprints. Alphys writes in chicken scratch that’s messy and parts are impossible to make out, so Frisk would know and mention if it was her writing, and considering we can read Happstablook’s diary (ghost that becomes Mettaton) we would recognize it if we read that, and Mettatons signature and message is on Alphys poster. It’s not in comic sans or spaced out proper capitalization 8bitoperator, so Sans is ruled out, we read Asgore’s diary entry and note, so we know that…. The only character that would be able to know and would want Alphys to unlock the true lab and want Frisk to be able to learn the truth would be Flowey. The little guy would know all about this, and if he can use vines to solve puzzles and sabotage the elevator and make a phone call while doing Asriel’s adult voice, then I’m sure writing a note would be possible.

GUYS?! Okay, spoiler alert for Undertale players who haven’t opened San’s room (so don’t read if you don’t know about that stuff yet), but I really need help with something…

Okay, so as many people know by now, if you save at the Judgment Hall, talk to Sans, quit, and then reload, he (eventually) gives you the keys to his room (which also leads to the key to his lab).

BUT, I decided to experiment by BACKTRACKING ALL THE WAY TO HIS HOUSE WITHOUT SAVING. After I unlocked his room and lab, I quit and reloaded back to the Judgment Hall…

… And then I got the dialogue pictured above; Sans gives you yet ANOTHER key…

But I can’t figure out where it goes to!!

I tried looking it up, but I can’t find any info on this key. I refuse to believe I’m the first person to discover this, so can someone please point me in the right direction? I really want to find out where this key goes to.

UPDATE: Read here.

To Give Up

Sherlock and John accompanied Molly Hooper home one night. It had been a long and exhausting day for the three of them, solving crime, saving a life and being on a date with Sherlock then taken hostage by one of the most wanted criminal in the British history.

Molly: You don’t need to do this, Sherlock. I will be fine.

Sherlock: See? Molly said she will be fine. I suppose we should leave and let her be, John.

John: No, Sherlock. You will, bloody, be staying here tonight and assist Molly with whatever she needs.

Sherlock: Me? Why me?

Molly (sighed): Really, John. It’s just a broken arm, not a big deal. Nothing I cannot manage.

John: No, Molly. You must stop spoiling the baby boy, here. He caused this, for Heaven sake. Your arm is broken because of his bloody plan.

Sherlock: Molly was taken hostage, John. I made the logical decision and it was the most likely to succeed option.

John: I don’t care, Sherlock. This woman, our friend, was hurt because of you, git! You are the one that put her in the situation. Don’t you ever feel anything.

Sherlock: Feel? Feel what to be exact?

Molly: (inhaled sharpely) Oh…God, please leave, both of you! I don’t think I am up to any of this tonight.

John: I’m sorry, Molly. If you don’t mind, I will stay, just let me call Mary.

Molly: No, that’s OK, John. Thank you very much. I really want to be alone at least for the night.

Molly then saw the two men out of her flat. Sherlock was bidding his goodbye when Molly decided to slap him across his face once.

Molly: You were heartless there, Sherlock. You asked me out on a date just to use me as a bait. How could anyone do that to a friend. It was stupid of me to think that after all these years, what we have is something close to friendship. You should have just told me the truth, I would not hesitate to help you.

Although Sherlock’s stern face showed merely no emotion, John could catch a glimpse of remorse flicker in his best friend’s eyes.

Sherlock: It won’t happen again, Molly. I am sorry.

Molly: No, it won’t because I’m giving up on you, Sherlock. Goodbye.


Molly came back to work after a week rest. She unlocked her lab and turned on the light. On her desk there were a brown teddybear plush with a broken arm, a get well card and some silly balloons. Molly flipped open the card and was surprised to see that the gifts were sent from Sherlock.


I have cruelly wronged you and I am sorry.

Please don’t give up on me now, not just yet.



The 2nd part of this is up, please find it here: http://nuchamae.tumblr.com/post/84409970333/to-care-sherlock-sat-quietly-in-his-armchair-and