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You are the only one that holds the master key to unlock your life’s full potential.  -Anon I mus (Spiritual Nobody)

K E E P I N G  Y O U R  F O C U S  a How To by mmostudies

I was planning to post this as a thank you for 100 followers, but now there’s twice as much and I can’t emphasize enough on how happy I am to know I can use this blog as a platform to motivate others, and not just myself. Thank you for allowing this to happen! (。◝‿◜。)


So, back to the topic at hand. Whether you’re doing homework or finishing a project, focus is a crucial part of any activity. Oh, and then there’s this procrastination that wears you off of your productivity. There’s only one way to fight it and it’s by throwing a ball of focus with a bat of determination. Here are a few steps you can try to enhance this skill:

1. Be aware of you. Knowing yourself is the key to unlocking any potential in life. In this case, realize what keeps you from doing work and the time interval until you lose your focus. You can jot them down, get rid of the bad habits, and keep the good. It might seem like a simple task, but to really put them into action takes a strong will. Be aware of your own capability. Everyone’s different, that established, so pushing yourself won’t do you as good either. Know your body’s limit and never abandon your own health.

2. Get a head start on your future. What I mean here isn’t paying some gypsy to see yourself studying in a crystal ball. Managing your time into a self-made daily schedule, is the task in this step. I use excel to make a timetable, and print it out to pin on my dashboard. Here’s how my most recent one looks like:

You can say how pretty packed and detailed my schedule is, but it’s only because I like having a grasp of when I can do my activities and adjust to it. There are chunks of small breaks in between that I practice daily and not type it out, like for example, when the teacher hasn’t come to class yet there’s about 5-10 minutes of break I use to play games on my phone, or during my daily bluelight-free time where I can choose to read non-digital books or play cards with my younger sibling (who sleeps even later than I do). You can make your timetable however you wish it to be, to however detailed you wish to ‘see’ happen in the future. In all honesty, I don’t always follow what my schedules say, which is why I leave a white space on my Sunday, where the ‘HW/Study’ time I chose to take a break from in the previous days, I can use in the empty spaces on Sunday. This is really just to help be aware of time and how to track it wisely, so it’s really efficient if you have short attention spans. At the very least, having a schedule will also manage your focus because you’ll have a grip on when you can do one thing then finish the other.

3. Write it down. The studyblr community is, of course, very familiar with the bullet journal method. And yes, they are aesthetic, pleasing to the eye, etc. But it’s not a must. One way I keep track of the things I should do isn’t very pretty, as in, aesthetic bujos are rewards. I own a mini notebook I can carry anywhere to write down what I have to do, and I only transfer them to my bujo once I’ve done all the important tasks. Or you can also type them in an app on your phone, or set it as your lockscreen, but keep in mind that if opening your phone can lead you into opening social medias instead, I suggest to write it down in a place only to jot down a to-do list. And if you’re slow like me, it takes up a lot of time to finish a bujo that pleases my aesthetic sense. Which is why I refer to it as a leisure activity I do in one (long) sitting on my Sundays. Don’t prioritize how your bujo looks, prioritize checking the lists on it.

4. Have a study space. Once you’ve rid of the distractions, create a comfortable space where you only do productive things in. If you own a study room, never do anything else in it so that all thoughts besides studying disappear. If your study desk is in your bedroom like mines, have it face backwards from your bed so you don’t think about how near to taking a nap you are. If it’s spacious, you can try keeping your bed as far away from your desk as you can as equivalent to that of getting rid of your distractions.

5. Set goals, set rewards. What drives you the most? What motivates you? Being the underachiever I am, I take huge pride in doing the smallest progress. Procrastinating is a huge temptation, so sometimes, after tackling it by getting some work done I reward myself with food. You can try making deals with your parents too, like to get you new clothes or stationary if you achieved grades 10 points above the average. You can also allow yourself to watch those TV shows you missed when you’re busy with a project! It’s all up to you.

These are some of the methods I’ve used ever since I became a high school student (I’m now in my senior year) and realized how much things I had to finish in so little time. Keep in mind that, as I mentioned before, everyone is different and that you’re allowed to find some of these steps unsuitable to how you work. Remember to not push yourself too hard and know when to relax! ―(≧∀≦)ゞ

Shoot me an ask if you ever need more tips or more elaboration! (´͈ ᗨ `͈)

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Strangers By The Ocean AU

| Clexa one shot
| Read all 5k+ words riiiiight here on ao3 

The AU in which Clarke and Lexa meet as strangers by the ocean

“Lexa… my name, it’s my name. Lexa.” She stumbles over the words, her eyes still holding yours in a tight grip.

“Clarke,” you say.

“That’s a boy’s name?” she raises an eyebrow.

“Well, there’s an e at the end…” You shrug.

“Ah,” she says, as if that e holds the key to unlocking the meaning of life, “there’s an a… at the end… of mine,” she blushes, averting your eyes.

No Rest

So helpless to another’s need
All we can do is watch them bleed
What do we lack so much inside
That we cannot become one, coinside

There has to be a better way
To know exactly what to do and say
To save each other from their hell
To have the key to unlock their cell

Life needs to be worth fighting for
When there isn’t anybody to destroy the door
The pain is still there no matter what
No one can get through; it remains shut

There has to be a way to take away your pain
Instantly, disperse the cloud, stop the rain
I’m not accepting limitations on this
I won’t give up until it is stolen like a kiss

Make you whole once and for all
Life should never have to be so dull
My heart hurts so bad for you
There has to be something I can do

You deserve better than feeling sad
I want to rid you of it all, not a tad
I would face all these demons alone
Take it all on me, scream and moan

I may be a fool, but I call it love
I can’t watch while you get pushed and shoved
Everything I can do I will
All I want is for you to be still

If you do not like your current reality, then you must change both your thinking, and your emotional misperceptions to change your vibration. Vibration is a vital key to changing your destiny - the final key that unlocks doorways to a greater life. The power to change your own destiny is in your hands and no one else’s.
—  The Hathors - Tom Kenyon

“The true Master Mason recognizes the value of seeking for truth. The Mason who feels holier than his fellow man has raised a barrier around himself through which no light can pass, for the one who in truth is the greatest servant of all. Many brethren make a great mistake in building a wall around their secrets, for they succeed only in shutting out their own light. Their divine opportunity is at hand. The time has come when the world needs the Ancient Wisdom as never before. Let the Mason stand forth and by living the doctrines which he preaches show to his brother man the glory of his work. He holds the keys to truth; let him unlock the door, and with his life and not his words preach the doctrine which he has so long professed.”

Manly P. Hall - The Lost Keys of Freemasonry: The Legend of Hiram Abiff

I live in a cage of
language and longing
flowers trying to bloom
in a dark dry corner
fire in a volcano that
will never erupt
and the stars laugh
never letting me feel them
they’re bright but not blinding
beautiful but distant
and I understand them
watching the world from afar
words failing me
my heart betraying me
i’m banging against these walls
but my fists hurt from fighting it
there’s no key that will unlock my misery
so I wait
for life to escape me
my spirit set free from feeling
but until then I will follow
the soft glow of morning
the pink purpose of being
that keeps this heart

- Ashley Dun