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Soulmate! Jeong Sewoon

A/N: Here is my first Soulmate au and it features Sewoon who debuted yesterday. Please make sure to give his album a listen! Dedicating this to @pinksausageduo, who had been fangirling me with me on his album and who also hit 400 followers!! Congrats again & I’m so happy for you <3

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“He walked into my heart like he always belonged there, took down my walls and lit my soul on fire.”

  • A universe where every voice except yours sounds the same to you until you hear your soulmate’s voice
  • Since you were born, everyone sounded the same 
  • It was always like a sort of low and deep voice 
  • You were taught to differentiate people by they looked and not how they sound 
  • You could tell if someone was angry or sad as emotions could still be heard, but it was just impossible to tell, regardless of gender, who was speaking to you unless you looked at them and saw their mouth moving
  • You didn’t know if someone had a honey voice like they claimed on tv or how someone singing could make you cry 
  • Your parents like to explain to you how your dad has a deep voice while your mum’s was a lot higher and airy 
  • The voices honestly scared you at times as you have gotten into trouble for unknowingly ignoring them 
  • After all, how would you feel when the same voice was that had been scolding you was suddenly praising you even if your eyes were telling you it was a different person?
  • The majority obviously had no problem to cope with it  
  • Due to that, you prefer to keep a small group of friend and you found solace in art
  • You didn’t need to listen to anyone to draw and your art teacher was honestly the nicest person ever
  • She purposely made all her lessons in powerpoint form so you guys could just read it off the slides
  • She knew people will most likely doze off if they hear the same voice drone on for the past 6 hours in school 
  • Art was always something you could dump your frustration in and it mostly rely on your sight and touch
  • Your drawings always project your feelings on how you think voices would sound like and you even had a colour coding for different people’s voices that you think would sound like
  • Green was for those you think would have a lower voice while pink would for someone who will have a bright voice, purple would be those who soothe you and so on
  • You imagined your soulmate would have an ethereal voice hence the person was always drawn with your favourite colour, periwinkle blue
  • One day, your art teacher wanted you to have one of your art pieces to be displayed in the upcoming art exhibition during your school festival
  • You wanted it to be something really unique cause you knew there would be some art lecturers visiting and if they liked your piece, it might result in you getting a free scholarship to one of the most prestigious art colleges
  • You decided to look for inspiration during your lunch time 
  • After informing your friends, you took your sketch book and went to the school’s garden
  • Even while observing the scenery around you and listening to the sound of trees rustling and birds chirping, you were still looking at a blank piece of paper when you could’ve normally finished a general outline
  • Suddenly, the sweetest and most melodious laughter of a male entered your ears
  • You swore your heart stopped beating for a moment
  •  You instantly break off everything you were doing to look for the source
  • In that instance, all the murmurings you heard as you ran across the hallway sounded so different
  • But none of them was your soulmate
  • You spent your entire day looking for him in school but it was impossible to find him
  • That was the moment you realized while you have unlocked an important part of your life, you lost the key who had helped you
  • One week later, there was still no traces of him in school even if you searched high and low
  • You reckon he had been a visitor who left the instance you tried to find him
  • What were the chances he was even coming back?
  • You weren’t one to mourn for your losses but losing your soulmate was indirectly losing a part of yourself
  • You were sure your soulmate still did not realize your existence as you had not uttered a word yet when you heard him
  • You felt sad knowing you couldn’t share with him 
  • You decided to channel all your thoughts and feelings upon listening to his laugh onto your art piece 
  • The joy and the despair you felt and just how 5 seconds of his voice had already sent shivers to your lungs
  • On the day of the school festival, your friends and teachers praised you as your art piece was definitely a stunner, some even saying that it was no-brainer for you get the scholarship you wanted
  • It featured a life-size drawing of a boy with a periwinkle blue guitar holding a microphone that had throned vines on it
  • While his hand was bleeding, he still held on, seemingly singing his lungs out to the person he wanted to reach out to
  • You were grateful for their support but you knew that in your heart, you hoped that the painting could reach out to the person who had been haunting your mind every minute for the past week
  • You left the exhibition after explaining to several parents about it to get some food with your best friend as you were starving and you wanted to experience the festivals as well
  • Your annual school festival was one of the events it took pride in as all students took part in coming up with different booths and showcase their various talents
  • Besides parents, there were also many different schools who would visit the festival as there was no entrance fee and students would get discount regardless of which school they were from as long as they wore their school uniform
  • After having some fries, you walked back, chattering animatedly with your best friend
  • You enjoyed conversations like this now that you could easily differentiate voices
  • As you approached the painting again, you saw a boy in a uniform from the neighboring school reaching out for it, seemingly going to touch the painting 
  • “Hey! You can’t touch -”
  • But you froze when you heard him laugh and turned towards you
  • It was the same laughter you heard a week ago in the garden
  • It was like heaven to your ears and it tingled when it reached your earlobe
  • He walked up towards you with a warm smile and you noticed how everything about him was blue - his uniform’s vest, his shoes, and even his guitar case he had on his back
  • “It’s you, isn’t it? Well, I’m Jeong Sewoon and I’m your soulmate.” 

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O.M.G. I just did the calculations, QuiGon is 38 b.92BBY, Palps is then 28 b.82BBY, so the Sith ObiWan detected would be Hego Damask(!) b.147-120BBY and his apprentice, Sheeve Palpatine. And ObiWan has NO KNOWLEDGE OF DARTH PALAGUEIS, who is between 66 and 93 years old... that is a LOT of Sith knowledge. Uh oh. This might open up a whole new world of hurt for Obi and the Jedi Temple. Care to indulge my paranoia? ;-)

Staring in surprise, Obi-Wan slowly lifted his head from the items in his hands to a blushing Qui-Gon, who was currently hiding his face in his hands.

Lips twitching, Obi-Wan stood slowly from the garden bench. “…Qui-Gon… did Tahl put you up to this?” He questioned carefully.

“…Micah.” The taller man confessed, visibly flustered as he peeked through his fingers at the grinning redhead in front of him holding two kissing teddy bears, quite pointedly dressed in Jedi robes with tiny bows around their neck, blue and green respectively.

Then he smiled when Obi-Wan squeezed the bears to his chest, the other laughing in delight as he did. “I adore them Qui-Gon, they’re… cute.” Obi-Wan chuckled as he squeezed the soft toys to his chest with another happy laugh.

“Really? Oh thank the Force, I was worried they’d seem… stupid.” Qui-Gon confessed, moving closer to Obi-Wan while dropping his hands to his sides as he peered down at the other. “Or childish…”

Humming, Obi-Wan tilted his head back to peer up at him. “Its not childish to want a hug of something soft and warm.” He beamed at him.

Unable to resist, Qui-Gon reached up and cupped the others cheek with a soft chuckle, sliding close enough for him to feel the heat of the others body. “I see… well then… I know you’re still temple locked for your own safety but I was thinking… well I’m not much of a cook.” He confessed, snorting when Obi-Wan quirked knowing eyebrows while leaning into the hand on his bearded cheek. “I was thinking you could come by my quarters for a dinner date. Us two, some takeout I plate up, music…” He let his words trail off.

Obi-Wan smiled softer at that and nuzzled the hand, beard tickling at the others warm palm. “I like that idea… wine?” He raised his brows.

“Of course, a nice vintage.” Qui-Gon leaned in slowly, smiling as he gave the other a chaste kiss on the lips.

Obi-Wan melted against him, a soft sigh escaping the others lips as he clung to the bears in his arms.


Smirking to himself, Hego Damask gave a low chuckle as his apprentice relayed the information he had managed to secure by being discreet around both the Senate and those close to Jedi in the temple.

A time traveler.

Someone outside the time stream.

Their midi-chlorian would be unique to this galaxy, perhaps even the key to unlocking the secret behind eternal life if Hego’s suspicions were proven correct.

Standing slowly, the muun made his way to the window to stare at the Jedi temple looming in the distance. In that building, behind guards and light Force wielders, the secret to his desire may be hiding.

But Hego could be patient.

He had been hasty before and acted rashly which had caused the Jedi to hide their secret guest even more firmly under lock and key.

No more, Darth Plagueis could lay in ambush and wait for the Jedi to lower their guards as they always did in the end.

It was only a question of time.

An Empire of War and Ruin - Chapter 1

Rating: Teen and Up (May change later)

Fandoms: A Court of Thorns and Roses, Throne of Glass

Chapter: 1/?

AO3: Here

Summary: She had meant to break the barriers, to allow Rhys and her Inner Circle to flee. She hadn’t meant to unlock a power that she didn’t know was caging her very soul, tearing her from the world she knows and throwing her into a new realm.

Feyre Archeron - Cursebreaker, Spellbreaker, Converger of Worlds

The only way to uncover where she is, and how to get back home, is by making allies in a torn and broken world, even if that means searching for a lost queen, finding friends in the oddest of people, assisting in a war, and realizing that fae in this realm want her as dead as those in Prythian. (Diverges from the end of ACOMAF. After EOS. Eventual ACOWAR elements)

A little idea I’ve had for a while. Will I finish writing the whole dang thing? I don’t know. But it keeps reappearing in my mind, so…

Deviates from the ACOMAF ending, straight to right after Empire of Storms. As the story progresses, some ACOWAR elements will appear. Woooo.

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The Key – An Ichabbie Valentine’s Day Fan Fic by like-bunnies. 

Crane was always forgetting his house key and Abbie found a way to make sure that never happened again. Rated M for Valentine’s Day smut. 

Abbie was used to rescuing Ichabod Crane from monsters and demons and the like. He’d often get himself into some sort of scrape and she’d roll her eyes a few times and save his ass and they would go on like normal. In between all those times, she would occasionally find that she needed to save him from freezing on her front porch.

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Hey um Kenzi,, I have a serious question. I'm live in South East Asia so we don't have it here,,, but what the fuck is a poptart??? I googled it and it looks like the most sugary shit ever?? Like someone smeared melted marshmallow and sprinkles over two crackers holding jam together?? What does it taste like???? Why do people like it??

I didn’t anticipate this blog turning into a Poptart discourse zone but I actually have a lot of strong feelings on Poptarts so strap the fuck in, this is probably going to be a lot longer than you wanted.

In its simplest form, a Poptart is like a soft-ish (kinda depends on how stale they are tbh) pastry stuffed with filling. If you want the best experience of your life you can pop the little bastards in the toaster for five seconds and then bite into the closest thing to heaven y’all sinners will ever experience.

What you probably saw was the standard Poptart, which is frosted strawberry or some shit like that. Idk I never look at the package or the name because that jam-stuffed hell pastry is not worth your time. Do not even think about eating this shit because I will come all the way to you and smack it out of your hand.

Look at that bullshit. Fucking disgusting.

Now, if you want a real Poptart you go for the ice cream sundae shit. That shit is straight magic and I will dead.ass. fight anyone that says otherwise. Meet me in Walmart’s breakfast aisle in 15 minutes for an asskicking. 

See, look. This brilliant bastard put actual ice cream between their hot fudge sundae pop tarts. If there was ever someone who deserved to be a world leader it’s this muthafucka.

Anyway yes Poptarts are sugary as all fuck and your stomach’s probably going to hurt if you have too many but it’s kind of like getting a hangover from drinking too much. While Poptarts will eventually cause you pain and discomfort they’re gonna make you feel like a straight baller while they’re in your mouth.

They’re also pretty cheap so a lot of people who have somewhat given up on life (or maybe they just unlocked the key to real success idk) just have some of these fuckers for breakfast and then they’re wired for a few hours because their blood sugar spikes higher than goddamn Everest. Also college kids tend to shovel them like it’s a job for whatever reason. 

They’re also pretty good when you get the munchies after smoking a blunt. Like in ten years when I’ve given up on everything catch me higher than the Empire State building straight up tearing through boxes of Poptarts in the middle of the grocery store.

There’s a lot of flavors but they all kinda taste like the Lisa Frank aesthetic shoved in a blender with enough rainbows to supply every Pride parade for the next three years. 

So to sum up, people like them because they’re sugary and you can get them everywhere and also they hate healthiness in general idk

K E E P I N G  Y O U R  F O C U S  a How To by mmostudies

I was planning to post this as a thank you for 100 followers, but now there’s twice as much and I can’t emphasize enough on how happy I am to know I can use this blog as a platform to motivate others, and not just myself. Thank you for allowing this to happen! (。◝‿◜。)


So, back to the topic at hand. Whether you’re doing homework or finishing a project, focus is a crucial part of any activity. Oh, and then there’s this procrastination that wears you off of your productivity. There’s only one way to fight it and it’s by throwing a ball of focus with a bat of determination. Here are a few steps you can try to enhance this skill:

1. Be aware of you. Knowing yourself is the key to unlocking any potential in life. In this case, realize what keeps you from doing work and the time interval until you lose your focus. You can jot them down, get rid of the bad habits, and keep the good. It might seem like a simple task, but to really put them into action takes a strong will. Be aware of your own capability. Everyone’s different, that established, so pushing yourself won’t do you as good either. Know your body’s limit and never abandon your own health.

2. Get a head start on your future. What I mean here isn’t paying some gypsy to see yourself studying in a crystal ball. Managing your time into a self-made daily schedule, is the task in this step. I use excel to make a timetable, and print it out to pin on my dashboard. Here’s how my most recent one looks like:

You can say how pretty packed and detailed my schedule is, but it’s only because I like having a grasp of when I can do my activities and adjust to it. There are chunks of small breaks in between that I practice daily and not type it out, like for example, when the teacher hasn’t come to class yet there’s about 5-10 minutes of break I use to play games on my phone, or during my daily bluelight-free time where I can choose to read non-digital books or play cards with my younger sibling (who sleeps even later than I do). You can make your timetable however you wish it to be, to however detailed you wish to ‘see’ happen in the future. In all honesty, I don’t always follow what my schedules say, which is why I leave a white space on my Sunday, where the ‘HW/Study’ time I chose to take a break from in the previous days, I can use in the empty spaces on Sunday. This is really just to help be aware of time and how to track it wisely, so it’s really efficient if you have short attention spans. At the very least, having a schedule will also manage your focus because you’ll have a grip on when you can do one thing then finish the other.

3. Write it down. The studyblr community is, of course, very familiar with the bullet journal method. And yes, they are aesthetic, pleasing to the eye, etc. But it’s not a must. One way I keep track of the things I should do isn’t very pretty, as in, aesthetic bujos are rewards. I own a mini notebook I can carry anywhere to write down what I have to do, and I only transfer them to my bujo once I’ve done all the important tasks. Or you can also type them in an app on your phone, or set it as your lockscreen, but keep in mind that if opening your phone can lead you into opening social medias instead, I suggest to write it down in a place only to jot down a to-do list. And if you’re slow like me, it takes up a lot of time to finish a bujo that pleases my aesthetic sense. Which is why I refer to it as a leisure activity I do in one (long) sitting on my Sundays. Don’t prioritize how your bujo looks, prioritize checking the lists on it.

4. Have a study space. Once you’ve rid of the distractions, create a comfortable space where you only do productive things in. If you own a study room, never do anything else in it so that all thoughts besides studying disappear. If your study desk is in your bedroom like mines, have it face backwards from your bed so you don’t think about how near to taking a nap you are. If it’s spacious, you can try keeping your bed as far away from your desk as you can as equivalent to that of getting rid of your distractions.

5. Set goals, set rewards. What drives you the most? What motivates you? Being the underachiever I am, I take huge pride in doing the smallest progress. Procrastinating is a huge temptation, so sometimes, after tackling it by getting some work done I reward myself with food. You can try making deals with your parents too, like to get you new clothes or stationary if you achieved grades 10 points above the average. You can also allow yourself to watch those TV shows you missed when you’re busy with a project! It’s all up to you.

These are some of the methods I’ve used ever since I became a high school student (I’m now in my senior year) and realized how much things I had to finish in so little time. Keep in mind that, as I mentioned before, everyone is different and that you’re allowed to find some of these steps unsuitable to how you work. Remember to not push yourself too hard and know when to relax! ―(≧∀≦)ゞ

Shoot me an ask if you ever need more tips or more elaboration! (´͈ ᗨ `͈)

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Fuck women and the bullshit they put nice guys through. Nice guys make the best boyfriends in the world. That is all.

First of all, you sound super nice and I have no clue as to why you’re single; You’re so “Nice!”

Oh wait, I do. You think being nice is the be all and the end. That bullshit needs to stop right there. Being nice is the minimum requirement.

‘This film is terrible!’ “But the picture is in focus and the dialogue is audible!”

‘I don’t know about this car…’ “It’s got four wheels and an engine!”

'What is this? It tastes disgusting!’ “IT WON’T GIVE YOU FOOD POISONING! WHY ARE YOU BEING SO PICKY!”

Niceness, at the end of the day, is worth nothing. It is unexemplary, because it’s just expected. If you think adhering to a baseline of humanity makes you appealing? That is ridiculous and not very nice of you.

Stand out, find your niche. Find out what you can offer someone. Because I bet all these “dickheads and assholes” all the women you put on pedestals* go out with have something to offer them. They aren’t being passively nice in the hopes that someone will fall for them.

*Also, stop putting women on pedestals. That’s gross and problematic. Women are your equals. They aren’t fucking prizes to be won, or idols to be adored, or accessories for you arm. They are humans.

And so what if you think you would be the perfect boyfriend for her? If she doesn’t agree, fucking drop it. Respect her choices.

Nice Guys®™ suffer from the delusion that life is just a very involved Legend of Zelda of Fetch quest. You bring the girl on the date with the flowers you collected, buy the right meal and the correct wine and bring her home and *result noise* you unlocked her vagina! Which is fucking bullshit. You can’t put in niceness tokens into a machine and expect a relationship to come out at the end.

If you aren’t appealing to women, they won’t date you. No amount of baseline niceness will change that. Niceness is boring and unremarkable.  And in the case of Nice Guys®™ it’s utterly toxic.

Don’t be nice. Just be kind and have something to offer people besides that.

Also, relationships are in no way the key to unlocking a happy and successful life. Having a partner doesn’t wash away all the crap you were dealing with before. They’re just a person. Not a magic cure. Love is a four letter word, not an enchantment.

If you do not like your current reality, then you must change both your thinking, and your emotional misperceptions to change your vibration. Vibration is a vital key to changing your destiny - the final key that unlocks doorways to a greater life. The power to change your own destiny is in your hands and no one else’s.
—  The Hathors - Tom Kenyon

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Hello ! I have a question that I'm curious about (: A lot of people want Daryl to be with someone but realistically speaking do you honestly think he is emotional capable? Would he be able to show affection and to what extent? I think it would be really difficult for him but what do you think?

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The Universal Law of Vibration

In regard to the act of changing your destiny, the Master Teacher Jesus once said: “To he who has, it shall be given; to he who has not, it shall be taken away.”

What he was alluding to was the universal law of vibration. If you want to unfold something, to experience something in your destiny, you must hold it as a vibration in your own consciousness. You must have the feeling of it in order for it to express itself. If you do not have the feeling or vibration of it, then it cannot express itself into manifest reality.

If, for instance, you want a loving relationship, then you must hold that vibration of loving relationships in your own consciousness, and then you will draw loving people to you through the law of magnetic attraction.

If you do not at this moment have loving relationships, but are instead experiencing frustration, anger, separation, and isolation then you must own and accept the truth that you are holding a negative vibration and this is what you are drawing to you through the law of magnetics.

If you do not like your current reality, then you must change both your thinking, and your emotional misperceptions to change your vibration. Vibration is a vital key to changing your destiny - the final key that unlocks doorways to a greater life. The power to change your own destiny is in your hands and no one else’s.

The Hathors - Tom Kenyon - The Hathor Material

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Capricorn (F) and Scorpio (M) convo?

As you wish

C: *Laying on the floor*

S: “What are you doing?“

C: “Thinking about how most of the stuff I know is useless knowledge”

S: “Ahh well I hope you’re having fun"

C: *Gets up* “Like when will I ever need to know that the moon is about 238,000 miles away from earth? “

S: “When you’re an astronaut?”

C: “Not helping"

S: *Thoughtful for a minute* “You know…“

C: “What? ”

S: “Maybe you know all that weird stuff because you need to look at the world at a different perspective than the rest of us. And you can only do so with the right amount of useless knowledge. And then maybe you can unlock the key to the meaning of life or something like that…. Just saying if anyone could do something that significant it would most likely be you. “

C: “Hmmm well here I am knowing that every year sloths grab their arm thinking its a branch and fall to their deaths while here you are wearing beat up Converse telling me the most insightful thing I’ve heard all week.”

S: “Wait…. Sloths do what?“

Married to Death

On the cover of Chapter 13 is the image of Ciel about to kiss a skull decked out like bride’s head. It’s a fascinating image to say the least, but there’s so many details here.

First, there are the flowers. The skull has roses, which typically mean love (depends on the their color), which wouldn’t be that unusual for a bride.

The flowers on Ciel’s hat appear to be lilies.

While lilies often mean purity, they are common associated with funerals. They symbolize the soul had left the body and has been purified, which is ironic considering he’s already promised his soul to Sebastian.

There are also charms hanging from Ciel’s side.

The very first one looks like a very tiny pair of scissors, which might be indicative of someting being severed or cut. This is a rather unusual since a wedding would be ‘tying the knot’ instead of cutting it.

The second appears to be a key. Perhaps this is to unlock something or open up a new experience, life, person, etc. A key could also mean that something has been locked away or is hidden.

The next two look like a tiny cross and a celtic cross. While holy symbols would make sense at a wedding, it’s still contradictory with considering Ciel’s circumstances and choices.

'Bride and groom’ are dressed for the occasion, but their outfits (disguises?) don’t reach all the way to the floor. The veil is tattered and has holes. The meaning of the veil itself is to remind the bride she is dying to her previous life, but this one appears to have died long before this union.

The back of Ciel’s outfit is also torn. You can see the structure underneath, as if looking through the facade. The truth is there; just beneath the surface.

Overall, this seems to be a corruption of a wedding picture. Instead of wedding flowers, there are funerary blossoms. Different symbols show this isn’t a typical union. There are secrets there.

It’s possible that this is symbolic of Ciel’s contract with Sebastian. He’s given up his life, and things that should be holy and pure have become corrupted and torn.

“The true Master Mason recognizes the value of seeking for truth. The Mason who feels holier than his fellow man has raised a barrier around himself through which no light can pass, for the one who in truth is the greatest servant of all. Many brethren make a great mistake in building a wall around their secrets, for they succeed only in shutting out their own light. Their divine opportunity is at hand. The time has come when the world needs the Ancient Wisdom as never before. Let the Mason stand forth and by living the doctrines which he preaches show to his brother man the glory of his work. He holds the keys to truth; let him unlock the door, and with his life and not his words preach the doctrine which he has so long professed.”

Manly P. Hall - The Lost Keys of Freemasonry: The Legend of Hiram Abiff

You Save Yourself

People need to understand that their idols are people too. When fans of a particular person or band put them on such a high pedestal, they don’t realize the amount of pressure and stress they’re also subjecting them to. For example, there’s a really big difference between letting someone know they saved your life and then handing them a razor blade, attempting to symbolically tell them that you stopped cutting because of what they do and what it means to you. It sounds really poetic and almost romantic and it shouldn’t be that way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a positive thing that teens find hope through bands, singers, actors, etc. It’s also a positive thing that they can feel a sort of connection with their idol when they can relay to them just the kind of impact they’ve made in their lives. But I think that whole general idea has spun out of control, and your idols think so too. For too long we have ignored the pressure our idols feel at the end of the day of the true burden of being labeled as a hero.

We all know, because we have seen or heard it either first hand or through reading/watching it on the internet, that our idols do appreciate and recognize how much they have helped their fans through hard times. When seeing it, your heart probably melts because you either understand the feeling of feeling saved by music or if you haven’t you simply find it beautiful to see others proudly display how they have overcome their struggles. Which is good. It’s very good. But saying “you saved my life” has evolved into a sort of unintentional cliche that can result in a lot of misconception about what it takes to battle whatever struggle you endure.

The co-owner of Anthem Made (a clothing line famously known because of Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens) answered a fans ask here on tumblr once [x] about Kellin not reading everyone’s fanmail. The anonymous asker was clearly distraught at the idea that Kellin would not read their letter and the co-owner’s response was an eye-opener. The co-owner states that “If he said he could read all of it, it would give his fans the false hope that he can and will read and respond to every letter. Unfortunately he doesn’t respond, as that can result in more damage than good. Like, hypothetically, if Kellin responded to a depressed fan and they got really excited, but then wrote him again and this time he didn’t respond, it might actually have a negative effect and make that person more depressed now that their idol is no longer talking to them because depression and anxiety are really, really tricky. Being a hero to so many struggling teens and young adults can be challenging in that aspect because you don’t want to accidentally trigger a worse situation.” This is such a true statement. No person can sit there and say that they’re an exception to being triggered into a worse situation because if you truly understood mental illness you would understand the unpredictability aspect. And even if by some rare chance you were an exception, your idols still need to be cautious because they don’t know that, they aren’t you. It’s a really stressful and painful position for them to be in because they want to help but they have to balance the pros and cons, the potential risks of things backfiring. 

Elliott Gruenberg of Blessthefall [x] explains perfectly what it is that I’m trying to relay to all of you who read this and I hope instead of being quick to be offended and jump to conclusions that you step back and find a sense of enlightenment. In this interview, Elliot talks about how he can relate to his fans because he battled depression and suicidal thoughts but then his Aunt shot herself and watching his father cry and knowing that people are on their deathbeds, fighting for another day, he felt selfish for wanting to throw it all away. He admits that music helped him by being a light at the end of the tunnel, but it didn’t save him. He found the strength to turn his life around with his own two hands, because that’s truly the only way to do it. He goes on saying that kids constantly give him razor blades and notes stating that he saved their life.

Elliot continues this rant by explaining “it upsets me because kids say ‘hey you guys wrote a song called Don’t Say Goodbye and it changed my life, it saved me’ and it’s like I didn’t save you. You saved yourself. I didn’t stop you from putting a razor there. I told you things, I encouraged you not to, you’re the one that had the strength. So when kids are like 'oh you saved me’ I appreciate what you’re saying, but I didn’t save you, you saved yourself.”

So that’s it. That’s the answer. You save yourself. Whatever it is you are going through, whether it be a mental illness, abuse, trauma, neglect, abandonment, fear, etc… there is hope because there are people out there who love you and care about you and most importantly, you have the potential to recognize your own power over your life and turn things around. You do not need a person or a song or a band or a show to find happiness. It can serve as a light but at the end of the day it is up to you if you use your own two feet to stumble out of the darkness. Whether there is a source of light or not, you can still move even when blinded. So move. Don’t rely on others, don’t put pressure on other sources to be the answer you are seeking. Rely on you. You are your own hero.

Let’s spread this message of hope by changing the mentality of “you saved my life” into “you helped me save my own life” because there is a tremendous difference and only the second statement holds the key to unlocking the cure to your inevitable struggles in life.