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I’m free. Free as a bird. A bird who has spent eternity trapped inside of a cage she didn’t even know enclosed her. I’m able to spread my wings farther than I knew possible. I see the sun and I soar. I soar with the hope of tomorrow. I fly to the beat of my weary heart, finding quickly how strengthened I’ve become. I’m filled with passion and dreams once more. The dark and dismal nights I spent locked away are but a memory. My new life begins now. My freedom takes me far into the majesty of what seems to be wonderland. I am brave. I am strong. I am free.
—  LB

Do what feels right to you. Despite what you’ve read or may have been told, Tarot and its uses are whatever you want it to be. Experiment if you want to and let go of what doesn’t resonate. Your relationship with your Tarot deck does not need to be explained or justified to anyone else. Once you stop trying to follow every “rule” that someone else has set, you unlock the freedom to be whatever type of reader you want to be. There is no right or wrong way to use or learn Tarot and that is the beauty of divination.

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Heads Will Roll

Othardian: Intel is that a Juggernaut class ship had crashed somewhere in the shroud, an officer and his honor guards with strategic information of Garlean forces or perhaps movements. They’ve been hiding out there and finally got communication working and they’ve called for extraction. It is a race to get there first.

Garlean: Reports have come back that there are survivors from the assault on Baelsar’s Wall that have taken refuge from the wrath of the Touched Sylphs. Available resources are being put toward a retrieval effort for these loyal Garlean soldiers who have become lost.
However, in the midst of the retrieval, there comes a distress call..

So it began:

Othardian Resistance Scouts entered the Shroud looking for the ship they were tasked with. What was meant to be a simple recon and potential training opportunity quick turned as they were met with Garlean forces.

Battle Ensued!

The flood of Othardians were met with the might of Garlean Reapers. Heavy losses were taken on both sides. Though the battle continued…

The tide shifted as Othardian forces locked the Garleans in combat allowing a single Shinobi to make his way to the ship. The victory was at hand, but the Garleans would not give in so easily. From the shadows, their own General had been guarding the objective and came with vengeance..

“Going somewhere?” A Doman dropped down from the top of the ship.

 Baien Yatsurugi smirks behind his mask, his crimson eyes flashing red.  "Through you, if I must.“ he says, twirling his blades into a standard grip.

 Following the Doman was an Imperial Hound. A rabid, overly muscular creature. Clenching something in his hands, Zheng released a command, urging the Hound to sic.

 Zheng Diremite drew his daggers, attempting to defend the axe strikes, but a slash appeared on his side and he limped back, letting out a hiss.

 Keiho  Jizutsu rose to lift himself once he had thrown the spear only to stumble back, a knife sprouting from a space just beneath his left shoulder. The rings of his eyes burned brighter in the rain as he brought a hand up ripping it from his shoulder and tossing it to the ground. Stepping back slowly he spoke with iron in his voice "Yield…and I let your warriors live. Fight on….we bury them with dignity.” Turning he made his way back toward the field.

 Goro Majima: “Command your soldiers to stand down and no more blood will be shed, direct orders from the General to me.”

 Rafailleur Sangmarche: “Tell your soldiers to do the same, and I will issue the order.”

 Goro Majima: “He does not have faith in your word, lower your weapons and ours will as well. I’m an old man, one these people respect.. we will stand down.. but make the initiative. You’ve got to take the first step..”

 Rafailleur Sangmarche took a deep breath.

 Goro Majima: “Please..”

Amethyst Dracht mutters. “Always with the old men.”

Rafailleur Sangmarche: “Amethyst. Should they break their terms, blast them to pieces.”

 Amethyst Dracht: “Of course.”

 Goro Majima: “I’ll take my own life if anyone here attacks a defenseless soldier.”

 Belladonna Slater takes a backstep from somewhere unseen, falling to a knee before she rolled on her side till she hopped to a stand. “I hate politics.” She hissed.

 Goro Majima: “Your friend won’t have to.” He eases his grip on Zheng’s throat and lowers him to the ground, carefully.

 The Elezen takes a deep breath and holds up a hand, shouting from the top of his lungs. “Garleans! Stand down! Our commander is being held hostage and both sides have taken enough losses! This is a direct order! Should the enemy refuse to disarm, you may resume.”

With the ceasefire called, wounded were taken to Hawthorne and tended to by healers that stood ready. The Othardian Resistance had won its first victory against The Empire, and with it salvaged a key to unlocking the freedom of Othard.

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Encouragement // Mark Tuan

Originally posted by markjin

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: Fluff, best-friend Mark

Summary; You’re Mark’s best friend - and you’re always encouraging him every single day to reach to the sky to achieve all of his dreams.

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