Mental Hospital! Michael

Pairing: Y/N and Michael


Words: 3K

Summary: Michael is a new patient at the mental hospital which Y/N works at. Y/N looks after many patients but Michael is her new favourite.

Sorry if this offends anyone x

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Another day at the mental hospital. No I’m not crazy. I’m a nurse at the hospital, I got my nurse diploma and I look after the people in the home. It’s actually a fun job, you get to see so many people with all different things. This one time we had a man who couldn’t help but keep getting naked and run around. It was a pain as you had to hold him down and shove his pills down his throat but in the end he overcame it and I heard he’s living in LA with a beautiful wife. The mental hospital was quite a large home, we took up to 500 people and had around 95 nurses which worked different shift. My shift was all day and some night. I don’t know what it is but I love working here. I love meeting people and finding ways to entertain people and make them smile. I sometimes think I’m the only nurse that actually give a shit. The other nurse are just to strict and treat the patients like they’re un-human. I think that’s wrong, no matter what is wrong with you, you should be treated equally.

Today I was doing a one hour shift in the medic centre. Which is where all the medicine is stored. Luckily during my hour nothing usually happens as the patients have had there pills after lunch and currently it was 2pm. As nothing happens during the hour it gives me a chance to catch up on ‘Perks of being a wallflower’. It such a beautiful book. It has such a commitment to the ugly side of the truth, it ride’s with honesty and has a lot of captivating drama along the way. So far I’ve gotten half way through the book and it’s one of my favourite books. I don’t usually read but ever since I read The Fault in our stars I’ve been addicted to these sort of books. I’ve also started reading because the shift in the medical centre is usually quite boring. Luckily in the medical centre they have a window with a small window perch. Which you can sit at and the window shines in, in all different shades of orange and yellow. Usually I bring a pillow but today I forgot it. 

I went and sat on the window perch and removed my bookmark. I looked down out the window and all the patients were dressed in all white or blue and white nighties. They were all sitting on the grass outside with plenty of nurses. Even though it looked beautiful, I know that there’s still a massive spiky grey fence surrounding the area and that all of them are only aloud out for a hour a day. As the hospital management are scared that the patents will manage to escape. Which is bullshit because they’re mentally ill and can’t even count to ten let alone figure out how to escape.

I was sitting peacefully until I heard the bell for the desk ding.
I jumped and dropped my book to the floor.

“Crap I lost my page”I picked up my book and walked towards the desk whilst trying to find my page.

“Hi can I help?” I looked up to be met with the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen. There was a boy at the desk, skin as white as snow, his lips were a beautiful rose colour and he had wild blue hair and a eyebrow piercing.
He was the most beautiful man I’ve ever laid eyes on. He started laughing and I shook my head.

“S-Sorry” I apologised. That’s so embarrassing he caught me staring.
“It not a problem, could I have my medicine I have the prescription here”
I looked at his clothes, of course he’s a patient and not a nurse. But there didn’t seem like there was anything wrong with the beautiful man. Shit. I can’t think he’s beautiful when he’s a patient.

“W-well you’re not actually a loud to collect your pills, your nurse has too”

“Oh…I don’t have a nurse”

“Ok hang on, I’ll look in the database and see what nurse is supposed to be assigned to you, what’s your name?”

“Michael Clifford”

As he said his name I couldn’t help but smile, it was said so smoothly and ran perfectly off the top of his tongue. I searched the name on the computer and it came up. He checked into the hospital two days ago, I looked at the nurse. Y/N. I was his nurse, that’s strange I never got a email or text saying I had gotten a new patient. 

“Well Michael it seems like I’m your nurse" 

"Oh, What’s your name?”


He smiled at me and I grabbed his medication. Since it was 3pm, Amber was here for her shift in the medic centre so I left with Michael and we walked to his room.

“So you’re new here?’


“What are you in for?”

“Depression, anger and attempt”

“I’m so sorry”

“Nothing to be worried about I’m alive aren’t I?”

“Barley in this place” he sighed and hummed along with me. We got to his room and he sat on his bed. I opened up his medication and poured him a glass of water. I passed him his pills and he tilted them back. 

“So Michael what do you do?”

“I write..songs, but its hard to get inspired in this place”

“Not even writing about being beside someone? Girlfirend? friend? family?”

“My family sent me here, my friends are in a band and yeah I miss them but they’re just friends and I don’t have a girlfriend”

“A beautiful boy like you doesn’t have a girlfriend?”

“What about you? shouldn’t you be getting home to your boyfriend?”

“No boyfriend I’m by myself”

“What? A beautiful girl like you doesn’t have a boyfriend?” he said mocking my words from earlier. I laughed at him and sat crossed legged on his bed.

“You want to hear part of a song I wrote?”

“Yes!” he passed me over his book

“Everybody’s got their demons 

Even wide awake or dreaming

I’m the one who ends up leaving

Make it okay

See a war I wanna fight it

See a match I wanna strike it

Every fire I’ve ignited

Faded to grey

But now that I’m broken

Now that you know it

Caught up in a moment

Can you see inside?'Cause I’ve got a jet black heart” 

I looked up at him and he was smiling at me

“Wow Michael, you have a amazing talent! Keep it up”

“T-thank you”

It had been 4 months since Michael had checked into the hospital and he was by far the best patient ever, he was kind, beautiful and amazing at singing. At first he was shy to sing to me but after I had sang a awful version of Michael Jacksons the way you make me feel. I had also managed to bring in my unplayed guitar to him so he could string the cords to ‘Jet Black Heart’. 

I never felt, that being around someone like Michael I could laugh so much, that I could adore one person for there many insecurities and there in perfections. Maybe I was falling for him, but theres nothing I could do about it. Yes he could get out, yes we spend most of the time here together, but being so close but so far away hurt..there was a reason he was in here although I don’t like seeing the world in that way. Even if I do love him its not like his head is in the right state of mind to feel what love is or decided what he wants. 

“Y/N! Damien wants to speak to you!”

I looked up from my book and looked at Amber she was chewing her gum and leaning on the counter top. 

“Ok look after the medicine” I said letting her into the centre 

“Will do” she yawned

I made my way to Damien’s office. Damien was the man in charge of the hospital and he are sure that everything was in check. His attitude towards the home was the same as mine. His wife was checked in here a long time ago and he spent every moment with her before she passed away. He doesn’t necessary come into the patient part of the home he stays in his office and checks on things.

I knocked on the door to his office and I heard a faint come in.

“Ah Y/N, just the gal”

“Hello Sir”

“Please call me Damien”

I walked in and took a seat.

“Now I’ve noticed a lot of things over the past 6 months, I’ve noticed how your attitude is one of the bests in the hospital and as you can see I’m getting old, I don’t have any children or and siblings so its my duty to pick someone to look after the hospital when I’m gone. So Y/N what I’m asking is would you like to become joint manager with me?”

I couldn’t say a word. I was so shocked, I didn’t realise that my work had gone noticed, I always thought he was flirting with the older nurses. 

“I can see you’re shocked”

No shit.

“I would love to Sir thank you so much”

“Great! You can start today, Your office is over there and you’ll be working on the paperwork and you can go into the canteen and garden anytime you want”

“A-And what about my patients?’

“They’ll be passed onto Amber”

My heart exploded, will I not be able to see Michael? But looking after Michael was the only part of my day I enjoyed now, I was his escape from the hospital and not going to see him could harm him. Leaving him with Amber also, its not that she’s not nice she just doesn’t care.

My promotion in the hospital could not have been better I was in charge and I made sure that the nurses treated the patents like humans. Even though I missed a few of my old patents…especially Michael.

It had been a week since I had gotten to see him, Amber had put restrictions on his door because apparently he lashed out, but knowing the Michael I knew he would never do that. I hadn’t heard any updates with him within the week and I was so worried. So tonight I had the late night shift so I could go check him and make sure he’s ok as Amber doesn’t like to speak to me about him.

I said goodbye to Amber and I walked to Michaels room. I got the key and unlocked the door. I walked on in and he wasn’t in there, he must have been in the toilet (in the room but in a blocked off bit) I walked over to his bed and his journal was lying there. I know I shouldn’t but I want to make sure he’s ok, so I opened it. I skipped to around a week ago and read what he had written.
“today has been the worst day. she’s left me. I’ve never felt like this, she makes me feel human like I mean something to the world and not some depressed kid. she’s so beautiful and I’ve lost her. it’s great she got the promotion and I know I’m being selfish but I love her. I love Y/N” I read the last line over again. He loved me. I heard the toilet door unlock and I placed his journal on the bed. I stood up and sorted out my skirt.

“Hey” Michael whispered as he walked over to me

“How have you been Michael?”

He looked at me with glossy eyes and blinked away the tears 

“I’ve never felt so empty, Ambers not the same as you, she treats me like I’m a dog” I walked over to him and hugged him

“She shoves the pills down and leaves, she doesn’t read me stories, she doesn’t help me write songs and she never talks to me” he sobbed into my shirt.

“She’s not you” he said whilst leaning his head on mine.

I wiped away his tears and left my hands on his cheeks. He looked so sad and I couldn’t help it, I hated seeing him sad. I leant forward and attached his lips to mine. I heard his breath hitch as he responded to the kiss. His lips felt like heaven and he was the Angel that in no way should be in this hell hold. He detached his lips from mine and looked me in the eyes. 


“Yeah” I whispered

“I-I love you, you make me feel real”

“This is against all the rules but I couldn’t help it, I love you too”

“I promise I’ll get out of here and I can take you on a date" 

I laughed at him and reached my arms around his neck.
I kissed his cheek and slowly edged towards his lips. He crashed his lips onto mine once again. He swiped his tongue against my lips and I moaned as his tongue entered my mouth. He picked me up and placed me on the bed as he crawled over me.

I nipped on his lip and reached under his shirt and caressed his sides. He groaned and started to suck purple love bites into my neck. He sat up and removed his white shirt. He leant down and grinded into me, I wined and grabbed hold of his shoulders. His hands came under my shirt and grabbed hold of my boobs.

“Aw baby you’re boobs are so perky” I shot my eyes open and looked at him, he had a small blush on his cheeks as he removed my top. He leant down and kissed above where my bra meet’s my breasts. He squeezed them upwards and licked in between them and sucked hickeys onto them. I reached around my back and undid the clasp. I ripped it away from his grasp and he went straight into tugging on my nipples with his hands. 

“Mikey it feels so good”

I sat up in the bed and he stroked up my chest and he grasped my cheeks and kissed me hard. I reached down and pulled his sweats down revealing his white underwear. I stroked over his bulge as he pulled down my skirt. He leant back and I climbed onto of him. I ran my hands over his tattoos and his pale white arms as I grinded over his bulge. 

“Shit Y/N” he stuttered, I felt his dick twitch as I leant down and kissed his nipples. I made my way to his neck and felt where his pulse was and sucked hard. I felt him whine underneath me and he held my hips still.

“I haven’t done this in so long Im not going to last please just remove the dam boxers” he pleaded

“But Mikey” I pouted whilst grinding down on him

“Y/N I mean it, just make love to me” my heart fluttered in my stomach and he gave me a goofy smile. I removed his boxers and my panties and lined up his dick with my entrance. I sank down on him and we both let out animalistic groans. I rested the palm of my hands on his chest and bounced on his dick. It hit all the right places and I could feel it rubbing up against my walls. 

“God you look so beautiful” he moaned

He reached up and cupped my breasts the pleasure was so good I couldn’t bounce so I grinded down on him. I could feel my orgasm approaching and i grabbed hold of Michael, He brought me down to his face and kissed me. He held onto my hips and thrusted up, he hit my g-spot multiple times and I moaned into his neck.

“Mikey I’m going to cum” 

“Wait I’m nearly there” he moaned, I sat upright and bounced on top of him once again and he let out a strangled moan

“I love you so much, cum for me” I came around him as I collapsed on him. I let my breathing get back to normal and I rolled next to him and placed my hand on his chest and I nuzzled my head in his neck.

“The first moment I saw you I knew I was going to fall hard. I never thought you’d love me back, I’ve never been loved and hearing you say that…I believe you, and I’m unworthy of love so believing you is like believing pigs can fly” he whispered 

“You’re not unworthy of love because I love you more than anything”

“and I love you Y/N” we laid on the hospital bed with Michael stroking through my hair, I knew this moment wouldn’t last but for the moment this was heaven.

Into the Machine (pt.3)

Ruri rolled over, looking down to see herself laying on top of the glass surface. She looked over her hands, seeing herself returned to normal. She popped up to her feet, hearing Iris shuffling next to her. The machine beeped a few times and announced, “Administrator access apporved.” Ruri patted over herself, ecstatic to be whole again as Iris stood to her feet. Iris blinked, a moan exiting her mouth as her polygonal form rippled with static. She looked up to Ruri, concerned that she had left the machine, but was now stuck as she was. Ruri ran to the terminal, watching as it displayed various numbers and statistics. “I… I… How does this work?” she asked, tapping hard on the screen.

“Administrator input accepted. Hello Administrator Ruri, please input your commands.” Ruri listended to the voice as she poked again.

“H-how… What does this all mean!? How can I have Iris be real again?” Ruri asked as a new menu popped up, showing Iris’ job role and system permissions. “Just make her real again!” Ruri yelled as she pressed several buttons, not understanding what their function was. When nothing seemed to change, she smacked the screen a few times, as static filled the display and the system started to crash.

“Permissions unlo… sentry mode ena… safety loc… unknown function… unknown function… error… error… mobile mode ena… error… printing…” The machine called out. “Hologram mode deactivated…” Ruri, in a slight panic looked up to see the Iris hologram start to glow and take physical form. After a few moments the light faded and Iris knelt on the platform. She was still mostly white in color, as it seemed only her skin tone had returned. She opened her eyes, a soft orange glow coming from them as her new form seemed to be going through a slight boot process.

“I-Iris?” Ruri asked as she slowly crept onto the glass, walking past a smaller version of the terminal that had extended from the machine. “Are you okay?”

Iris looked up to her wife, smiling, as she jumped forward. She clasped her arms tightly around Ruri, holding her close and tight. “I’m me again! Wow! Being made of light was really weird!” Iris exclaimed joyfully, before Ruri gave her a slight pinch on the ear. “O-oow, what?” Ruri was almost in tears as Iris held her, burying her face into Iris’ chest.

“D-don’t scare me like that! I thought s-something… bad was going to hap-pen…” Ruri’s voice quivered between inhales and sniffles. Iris calmed and soften, pulling Ruri in tightly, her arms seeming stronger than ever before.

“I’m sorry… We’ll be more careful next time…” Iris apologized as she spied the mini monitor, feeling a slight buzz rippled out from her core. In an instant, Iris understood what had happened, and knew their trials with the machine were far from over…

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(Side Story #1)

Gilded Butterfly: a JB fic

Previous chapters: 1, 2

Chapter 3

What was that saying about temptation?

The only way to get rid of it was to yield it.

If that’s the case, I’ll have Jaebum heel on command by the time I was done with him.

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Safe house

Fandom: The Originals

Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson x reader

Summary/Request:  After tonight’s episode of The Originals I would like to request Davina Claire’s death. Yep the bitch can suffer (no matter how much I love Kol, Klaus comes first) Ps. Make it painful x - doneherondale

Word Count: 2685

“There must be a way for you to stop them from doing the spell.”

“I am powerful, I am very powerful but those girls, together, are more powerful than Freya and I combined.”

It killed you inside that a group of teenage girls were standing in the way of you saving Klaus. You had been a Mikaelson family friend, a very close one that when Esther turned her children, she turned you too. AS you were a siphoner the spell worked differently and you became what you were today. A heretic. You were the only one that each of the Mikaelsons trusted with their own lives. 

“We will need to stop them from finishing the spell.”

“I’m sure that I’ll be able to weaken at least two of them. That should leave them with three to do the spell with.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to murder one of them? I doubt Aya would be fast enough to recruit another witch in enough time.”

“I don’t think Y/N should murder them, it would only encourage them to come after us more”

“Actually, Freya, there is one person who has been on my mind that I wouldn’t mind killing.”

When Klaus heard this from the corner of the room he smiled to him it felt great knowing that you had adopted some of his homicidal tendencies.

“Very well then. Y/N will kill Davina and I will remain linked to my sire line.”

“How did you know she wanted to kill Davina?”

“I am a very good listener”

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H2OVanoss||50 Shades Insane (part two)

(Part one here if you missed it!)

Delirious awoke to the bright sun seeping through the windows of his room. He stretched out, a big smile on his face as he remembered what the evening would bring. “Man, I can’t wait for tonight!”

“Good,” a voice came from his doorway and he turned his head with a smile.
“Marcel! What are you doing here?”
“Well you left the door unlo-”
“I never leave the door unlocked.” Delirious rolled his eyes, still smiling.
“I know, just messin’ with ya.” His brother grinned at him and motioned downstairs. “Waiting.”
“Yeah, I’ll be there.” As Marcel left the doorway, Delirious went to clean up in the bathroom and quickly ran down the steps and into the kitchen where a breakfast fit for a king sat on the table. “Damn! You’re spoiling me! ” He laughed, his mouth already filled with food as soon as he sat at the table and looked around the room.
“Cartoonz, too? Hey guys!” He grinned in delight and finished the first plate of eggs. “What’s going on?”

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Code Black

Rating: R (for violence)
Word Count: 3.5k +
fbi mikey is finally here! hope you guys like this one as much as I do!
fbi calum // fbi luke

Michael’s feet drug across the carpet as he stumbled forward and landed in one of the desk chairs in the board room, leaning back and closing his eyes. The rest of the team filed in and sat down, letting their jet lagged bodies settle. After finishing a case in Washington they’d come back to Virginia on the jet, exhausted to say the least.

“I could sleep for ten years,” Michael mumbled, making Calum chuckle.

“Aw poor newbie still getting used to red eye flights huh?” Calum teased, but his eyes were closed as well. Michael scanned the rest of the team looking for support, but everyone- Luke, Ashton, Katie, Grace, Eli and Hannah- were all busy and too tired to notice.

“I’ve been here two years you dick quit calling me the newbie,” Michael frowned, pulling his phone out of his pocket. It was true that he was the newest to the team out of everyone; he had been an agent in the Virginia Threat Management Unit, specializing in stalking. He’d never really cared for the job, the only good thing coming out of it being his promotion to the BAU for his work and meeting his girlfriend, Y/N, through a case. Speaking of her, he shot her a quick text that said “made it home safe, hoping you’re asleep by now. I’ll be home soon, love you” before putting his phone back in his pocket.

“Alright everyone, you’re free to go home, good work,” Ash said through a yawn, effectively dismissing his tired agents as they all scurried out the door towards their cars, waving quick goodbyes in the parking lot. Michael lived about 20 minutes away from headquarters, but the drive always seemed longer when he was tired. He played music loud to keep himself awake, drumming against the steering wheel all the way to his driveway. Sleepily locking his car and heading inside, he kicked off his boots at the door and tip-toed upstairs, only to find Y/N tucked under the covers, sitting up and wide awake.

“Baby, what are you doing up this late?” He pouted, sliding off his jacket and tossing it by the closet before sitting down on the edge of the bed and pushing a hair back out of her face, scanning her features worriedly.

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