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What places have you traveled to? Where would you like to go in the future? :)

I have been to over half of the states in the U.S. BUT I still haven’t been out of the country! I have never even had a passport. I know. It’s so embarrassing to call myself a traveler. I have decided to give myself the graduation present of flying overseas to backpack around Europe for part of a summer. I am beyond excited. 

My favorite part of your blog: Well, I just reblogged my favorite poem of yours. I love the endings of your written pieces. It is simple, but powerful. That is exactly what I strive for in my writing. Poetry doesn’t have to be where you write big words no one understands and are written off as a good writer because of it. The simplest language can be the strongest. You have a good handle on this. The collection of photos you have reposted are totally and completely my style to a T. I love the aesthetic of your blog.


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sarangtokki, unlivingly, arcanja

sarangtokki: that’s an interesting url. i actually love her theme and posts for some reason so i followed. 

unlivingly: really like nina’s blog. i’ve been following for a bit, i think. 

arcanja: love the url, the theme is a little weird, but some of the posts are nice. 

give me a URL and i’ll tell you my honest opinion of the blogger and their blog.

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unlivingly ♡

Nina’s a really cute person. She runs a lovely blog and I remember I used to see her A LOT on my dash haha. You’re spending less time on tumblr now >.< But it’s okay I guess~ We’ve never spoke properly and that’s a shame c: x

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Aw you're such a cutie, happy birthday Gabriela! Have a fantastic day (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

That smiley, awwwwh :’) It’s so cute hahahaha. I can’t believe I got called a ‘cutie’ omg, I’m usually the one that calls everyone a 'cutie’ hahaha. It feels nice though, I am a cutie c’; Thanks, Nina~! Have a wonderful day yourself ♥