Boredom is different nowadays. It’s about super-saturation, distraction, restlessness. I am often bored but it’s not for lack of options: a thousand TV channels, the bounty of Netflix, countless net radio stations, innumerable unlistened-to albums, unwatched DVDs and unread books, the maze-like archive of YouTube. Today’s boredom is not hungry, a response to deprivation; it is a loss of cultural appetite, in response to the surfeit of claims on your attention and time.
—  Simon Reynolds, Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction to Its Own Past
Day Ninety-Two

-I discovered that while I had signed on to pick up a shift that was listed as softlines, I was, in fact, assigned to the fitting room, an area entirely beyond my understanding. Thankfully, the years of theater training that I have amassed have come in handy. I was able to flawless assume the guise of one who knew precisely what they were doing.

-A woman softly shouted, “Don’t you almost kill my baby!” These words themselves were not my main cause for concern, but her nonchalant tone of someone repeating an oft-used line.

-I happened upon a six-sided die, featuring depictions of a satchel, a chalice, a cactus, a sunrise, a character of indeterminate origin, and a large monkey. It is not an item we sell nor was anyone in the store looking for such a relic. I can only assume that those who used this die have completed their occult ritual and decided that they had no further use for it.

-While sorting through returned clothing, a pair of pants was found with incriminating brown stains and an even more incriminating stench. The largest stain was located in the seat of the pants, but this was not the only one. There was a faint trail leading down the left leg, culminating in a large splotch at the cuff, suggesting that whatever had been laid at the start of the path was kicked along downwards in an attempt to get rid of the evidence. While I can only imagine the circumstances this person was facing, I am more interested in why they thought this was the appropriate time to return them.

-A young girl told her unlistening mother that she likes to put Tic Tacs in her butt. I feel that her mother should have cared much more about this than she did.

Hello friends if you’re in the UK. Please go vote today.

Polls are open until 10, you can take time off work to vote.

If you’re aged 18+ PLEASE, OH GOD PLEASE VOTE.

It’s your future you’re in charge of and every vote does count, and DOES matter.

Don’t say you won’t because the outcome will be different or you’re not bothered because it will if you go down and actually use your voice to get the way it is changed.

Young people are the most affected and the most unlistened to.

What are you waiting for?

All of the Time
Alex Chilton
All of the Time

Alex Chilton - All Of The Time (1975?)

You know kids, once upon a time finding music was not quite so simple. You really had to search. I’d gotten a hold of Big Star’s Sister Lovers, but it was difficult to find anything else. I mean anything. As I mentioned in an earlier post, someone had given me Like Flies on Sherberton cassette, and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Then, to confuse me even more, I found Bach’s Bottom (title a play on Box Tops). It was less an album than a collection with some demos, studio jams, etc. There were several songs which were unlistenable (Summertime Blues/I’m So Tired/Oh Baby I’m Free), but as with Flies, there were several really good songs. This particular one wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Radio City.

You know I shake like static, on a late night TV


Likely, this q&a video seems to be coming to life. It seems. Because my accent is unlistenable, when I speak I feel like Al Pacino in the Godfather and that discourages me.
English people just forgive me.

(If you want to send me some other questions, I’ll put them in time on the video!)

pain is beauty (listen)

shades of cool (lana del rey) girls (the 1975) i know what boys like (the waitresses)  lolita (lana del rey) whatever lola wants (sarah vaughn) national anthem vs bubblegum bitch (lana/marina mashup) candy store (heathers: the musical) bend and snap (leagally blonde: the musical) it’s raining on prom night (grease: the musical) donatella (myrtle snow AHS remix) cherry bomb (kylie minouge) toxic (britney spears) that girl (ts madison) attention whore (melleefresh vs. deadmau5) would you say thank you if i spank you? (the turbomen) gods and mosters (lana del rey) million dollar man (lana del rey) young and beautiful (lana del rey) yayo (lana del rey) 400 lux (lorde) yellow flicker beat (lorde) earned it (the weekend) skinny love (birdy) homewrecker (marina and the diamonds) house of the rising sun (lauren o'connell) shades of cool (lana del rey) big spender (fosse) glory box (portishead) fear and loathing (marina and the diamonds) happy (marina and the diamonds)

It is the way of the gods.

The sky’s horizon is split

Zeus’ knuckles are split with the countless walls he’s hit. His hands are bloodied and broken, he is bloodied and broken. He haunts the shadows of bars, he coaxes women and men to his bedroom. When he wakes up in the morning, they are gone.
There are fifteen unlistened to messages on Hera’s phone, and all of them are from him. All of them are just three words– either: please forgive me, or I am sorry.

The cross hangs by a thread

Hera’s sanity hangs by a thread of spider silk. She works in a state office, now. In the day she gives out marriage licenses to couples she knows will fall apart. At night she cries herself to sleep, and asks why she isn’t enough. She wonders what she did to deserve this. There are fifteen unlistened to messages on her phone, but she listened to the other fifteen. She’s trying to stay strong.

The throne is breaking

Hades is breaking. He travels from place to place, and the news is always on in his hotel room. He wonders why so many kids are killing themselves these days. He wonders why things always fall apart when he tries to save them.

Anything his fingers touch turns to dust. They say Midas’ curse was bad, but he knows this is worse. Some days he tries to send messages to Persephone, but her mother has stolen her phone.

The flowers are dying

Persephone’s mother has captured her for another summer. On the days when she kneels in the ground and plants things she can almost believe she is whole. Then her mother comes, and she screams. She tells Persephone of who she will never be, and who she was.

Persephone says she could care less for what the others say, but she too is dying. She tries to talk to Hades, but her mother has condemned her and her love.

The book sits in an alley

Athena sits in an alley and her clothes are dirty. The goddess of wisdom is nothing more than a beggar, and her mind is torn apart by demons. She is the worst parts of intelligence as well as the best. She’s tried to approach a college, or a university. She’s tried to show them her brilliant ideas.

They turn her away at the door because of her dirty clothes.

The money always wins

Hermes is a famous business man. He sits up in a brilliant tower, encased in gold and silver. There is not much to be said about him.

He pretends that he doesn’t care that the scams he plays ruins lives, but at nights he spins a dagger in his hand and tries to put it through his head.

He’s always fine by morning, though.

It is the way of the gods.

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lp1 fka twigs

I find her near unlistenable lmao sorry. I just think like where are we going… where is this headed… why have you tied me up and put me in your car

two weeks is alright actually but eh at everything else

On that note, here is how I started to go on walks:

-I like podcasts so I told myself I could listen to podcasts on a walk. (I also feel guilty when podcasts pile up so that also helps spur me on, “well you should go for a walk, there are five unlistened episodes…”)

-I looked up a route I could take and how long it would take on google maps (I know from past experience that I walk about the same speed as the google map walking route guy). This is obv. enabled by the fact that i live in a relatively safe place with sidewalks and other pedestrian friendly infra.

-sometimes I vary the route, to go look at some new stuff. But mostly I stick to what I know because I prefer that sort of repetition.

-I just wear my regular clothes, I don’t have any exercise gear or anything.

-I heard that walking is the best way to prevent back aches that you get from slouching in front of the computer all day, which is what I do, so that also helps with motivation.

-I don’t go every day and sometimes I skip weeks, but I don’t beat myself up over it. I try to keep it casual so it doesn’t become a source of stress (sometimes it does, but I try).

antiquitea  asked:

1, 4, 51 for the dd asks!


1: What is your favorite song?



there’s soo many

probably Save a Prayer… but I am a big fan of Rio and Serious. And Midnight Sun (but only with the solo on the end)

there really are just too many for too many different moods, like when I made a list a few months ago I would have put Tel Aviv in the top 12 but now I’m like ??? how did I not put Come Undone up there ?? so it really varies

4: Which album is your least favorite?

Toss up between Astronaut and Medazzaland, both have brilliant songs on them but a lot of stuff that I find unlistenable :/  I like about 4 songs from both, so I’ll leave it at that

51:  Which Duran Duran song/s make you cry?

hmmm… The Universe Alone probably it’s so intense and existential. Midnight Sun always makes me emotional and I have cried to that before, along with Ordinary World as cliched as that is… Beautiful Colours is also a pretty emotional song but in a good way. 

Several jaw-droppingly beautiful photos of one of Coil’s greatest and most underrated gigs, the 2004-07-25 Ocean Club, London, UK show. Only two AUD have surfaced - one riddled with cuts and incomplete, the other complete but almost unlistenable. There does exist a SBD recording or possibly another AUD, but only “Broccoli” from this source has surfaced. There’s only no video of this gig, making it the only “Black Antlers” show without a video.

source facebook coil

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I wonder how many other people's least favorite song on the HS album is also 'Carolina.' And yeah, a huge part of what turns me off about it is the lyrics. I don't deem it unlistenable by any means, I just think, "Do better" (especially since Harry is more than capable of something way better).

Agreed agreed agreed. And not just the misogyny but the repetitiveness as well. I think I may have said this before, it maybe my hopes were too high because this is the kid that wrote “shadows come with the pain that you’re running from/love was something you never heard enough”. I think he’ll get there though. He’s still young with plenty of time to grow. I think he’s got a great musicality to him so once his lyrics catch up with that he’ll be golden.

As for Carolina goooood question. It’s just so dull to me??? It just seems like it’s lacking energy, especially after seeing it live and also seeing how much fun they had creating it in BTA. Why doesn’t that translate to the studio version??

Witness First Listening/Review

Opinions are based on first listen and may change. This is the system I use to rank songs: 5 (love a lot), 4.5 (love), 4 (like a lot), 3.5 (like), 3 (indifferent), 2.5 (dislike), 2 (hate), 1 (unlistenable). 

Witness: I love the chorus and the whistling outro is so good! From what I heard from others, this is the best song on the album. 4.5/5

Hey Hey Hey: 

This is not my style at all. I really wish Katy would stop with the childish songs like this. Maybe it will grow on me but I doubt it. 2/5

Roulette: This sounds very late 2000s. I heard people compare it to The Fame which I agree. The chorus is a little weak but overall a good song. I feel like it might get old quick though. 3.5/5 

Swish Swish: I’m still not sure if I like this or not. I like the sample and Nicki’s verse but that’s about it. 3/5

Deja Vu: All I’m going to say is that the chorus annoys the hell out of me. 2.5/5

Power: Again not my style. It’s too messy and the lyrics are all over the place. I get what she’s going for but it seems overdone. 2.5/5

Mind Maze: The autotune is interesting but I like it, it goes with the overall robotic theme of the album. It kind of gives me E.T. vibes. I feel like this is one that will grow on people once they get use to it. 3.5/5 

Miss You More: I usually love ballads but this doesn’t go anywhere. It’s too boring and generic for me. 3/5 

Chained To The Rhythm: I won’t say much but I like it. It’s definitely not one of her best singles but not her worst. 3.5/5

Tsunami: Boring and predictable.I have nothing else to say. It’s not terrible but forgettable. 3/5 

Bon Appetit: I actually love this song. It’s fun, catchy and has a great beat. It really didn’t deserve to flop but I guess it’s not really radio friendly. Migos is still unnecessary though. 4.5/5

Bigger Than Me: Finally a song I like. The lyrics are a little awkward but I really like the overall production. It doesn’t really stand out in in the album but on it’s own it’s a good song. 4/5 

Save As Draft: A unique and interesting concept. I love her vocal style here and the instrumental.The tension building at the end is the best part. 4.5/5 

Pendulum: Probably one of the only different songs on the album. It feels a bit dated but there’s a choir and I love choirs. 4/5 

 Into Me You See: A good ballad to end a boring ass album but still doesn’t make me like it. 3.5/5

Overall: I was really looking forward to this album but I’m unimpressed. I really wanted Katy to do well this era but it’s just not for me. I’ll honestly probably only listen to a couple of songs off of it. 

Score: 3.4/5

Faves: Witness, Bon Appetit, Save As Draft 

I would love to know your opinion on Witness!

If you’ve ever sat on the bathroom floor at school crying instead of going to class because there’s no way you can bring yourself to walk into that classroom and pretend everything is okay..
If you’ve ever gone completely out of your way for someone and felt 100% unappreciated..
If you’ve ever been hurt but still put the problems of others before your own..
If you’ve ever ran shower water but been too broken to even shower, so instead you sat (yes, sat) in the tub as the water poured out above you..
If you’ve ever lied stomach-down on the cold bathroom floor because you physically could not take anymore..
If you’ve ever been so terrified of losing a person that you would do absolutely any & everything you could think of that would make them stay..
If you’ve ever put someone else’s happiness before your own..
If you’ve ever wanted a relationship to work so bad that you prayed to God morning after morning, day after day, night after night for the person to stay..
If you’ve ever put every ounce of your being into a relationship and still felt like no matter what you do, you aren’t good enough, and you will never be good enough..
If you’ve ever longed for attention, but only HER attention, and instantly got sad when she didn’t give it to you..
If you’ve ever shut your friends out because that’s all you seem to know how to do right..
If you’ve ever cried yourself to sleep..
If you’ve ever lied to the ones you love most, to be with the one who makes you the happiest..
If you’ve ever gone above and beyond for someone..
If you’ve ever had your heart broken over and over by the same person yet stayed anyway because the very thing that crushes your heart the most is one of the few things that also makes you happy..
If you’ve ever felt like you would rather die than live without someone, literally or not..
If you’ve ever muted yourself on facetime or google hangouts because you just couldn’t hold the tears back anymore..
If you’ve ever lied and said “nothing” when someone asked you, “what’s wrong?” because the better question would be “what’s NOT wrong?”
If you’ve ever loved someone so deeply that you noticed yourself starting to make excuses for the hurt they’ve caused you..
If you’ve ever been confused as hell because the same girl who looks at you with such admiration is now treating you like the connection you share was never existent..
If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “why me?”
If you’ve ever planned your future with someone else in it and not been able to see a future with even yourself when that person speaks of leaving..
If you’ve ever felt like everything was going amazing when you’re with a person but it’s when you’re apart from them that everything starts crashing down..
If you’ve ever felt like giving up..
If you’ve ever felt like your entire world is tearing apart at once..
If you’ve ever had to pull yourself together for an entire day so people won’t harass you about what’s wrong..
If you’ve ever felt unheard, unlistened to, or both..
If you’ve ever written out your feelings and posted them to tumblr in hopes that SOMEONE, ANYONE out there understands what you’re going through..

So have I.
I hope you’ve never experienced any or all of those things, but if you have…
You are not alone.

Then again, maybe it’s just me.
No, I can’t be the only one.
Someone please tell me I’m not alone.


Several jaw-droppingly beautiful photos of one of Coil’s greatest and most underrated gigs, the 2004-07-25 Ocean Club, London, UK show. Only two AUD have surfaced - one riddled with cuts and incomplete, the other complete but almost unlistenable. There does exist a SBD recording or possibly another AUD, but only “Broccoli” from this source has surfaced. There’s only no video of this gig, making it the only “Black Antlers” show without a video.

source facebook coil

a film plays in the background, unlistened and misheard, and the blankets swamp in paisley tangles around the both of us. you are unsteady: leaning forward, pulling back, your lips play snow-breezes with mine, until eventually they crumble, a serac onto my gums, quiet. you float, poudrin, against the rose-skin of my mouth, until our hands touch, and we break apart. your breath comes light and frosty, and i hide myself inside.

the heaving swansong of the rain in the trees jerks us apart, but you remedy by whispering exultations into the webbing of my fingers. the wind rattles the glass panes into unsteady heartbeats, but the gym is only holding us. you wrap your fingers into my hair for the first time, pressing bites to the gap between my fleshy jaw and neck, and push me slowly downward. 

your teeth catch on my mouth for a moment, harrowing through the blood and the flesh until all i can think of is your mouth, red from cherry-aid and biting. you taste of salad cream, mint bubblegum, ruination, and the moonlight wilts when it touches my hands in your hair. your hands lift up my shirt, and we fall into the quickstep, stagefighting, a scene heated in between clothing creases.

you stink of face paint and gum arabic, costume still clinging to your forearms, chest an oilslick of colourlessness sweat. laughing, bounding, our teeth crack together, and the stage door swings lachrymose.

the morning is overcast, and so is your tongue. you press tepid kisses into my voiding mouth until you taste toothpaste, drawing balmy backwards, knowing you have wiped my day clear.

—  to my boyfriend: helen of troy, by aliya