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Shoma performing his new program at the Gala Exhibition for the 2017 Four Continents Championship

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Yuzu performing his program at the Gala Exhibition for the 2017 Four Continents Championship

The Swan “Notte Stellata”

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How to Create New Characters! | Interview with Rebecca Sugar |


One of my favourite scenes so far from World of Final Fantasy


“A True True Friend” but the word “Friend” makes the audio slightly more distorted

i dont know i made this


All Kala and Wolfgang scenes


1989 World Tour - Special Guests + B-stage videos

We all know most of the tour videos are deleted from YouTube. I saved a lot of HQ full videos during the tour. Sometimes people message me and ask for certain videos. I decided to create a new Youtube account and upload all the video (unlisted).

  • Special guests (98 videos) - including musical guests and guests during style.
  • B-stage (28 videos) - Acoustic performances including holy ground, All too well. red, Ronan and more.
  • Other videos (89 videos) - Close up videos and rare outfits such as Japan shows, Oalf outfits and 5H blue outfit.

What you should to do:

  • reblog to tell a friend;)
  • follow me on tumblr @taylorswifthongkong 
  • promise you won’t post the videos/playlist publicly on other social media sites. So that the videos won’t be taken down and everyone can continue to enjoy them.
  • send me a message through Tumblr. I will send you the links of the playlists!

[영어자막/ENG SUB] 160110 Video Star Daehyun Cut 
Please take translations out with credit (cr. daematos@tumblr). 
Only parts pertaining to Daehyun are subbed.

Video is unlisted to prevent removal by MBC, but feel free to share the link.

Dan’s Unlisted Videos

These are all of the unlisted videos on the channels danisnotonfire and danisnotinteresting that we know of as of 18/2/16. If there are any we may have missed, please submit a link to us here and they will be added. 

Aeroplane Adventures - with danisnotonfire - 28/02/10

Uncle Ken - 14/04/10


Dan Mail - 16/01/11

Dan Mail 2 - 03/03/11

PSYCHO FRENCH TEACHER - 22/04/11 (alt link for UK)

Dan Mail 3 - 11/05/11

I am Mexican. - 15/08/11

EPIC PRANK OFF! - 01/12/11

If Dan was a Superhero.. - 21/12/11

Narcoleptic Laptop - 03/02/12

Prank winners! - 03/02/12

SuperNote 2012 - THE LLAMARMY - 01/10/12


Dan and Phil SIM SURPRISE PHONE CALL - 18/12/14



Aaron Tveit at the Grease: Live! after party

  • Okay, so I'm gonna assume everyone here has seen the video. At least once.
  • (You know what video I'm talking about)
  • Anti wasn't stupid about any of this. He knew exactly what to do get us going.
  • It was little in the beginning. Jack reblogged more Antisepticeye art, which consequentially causes more fans to create more Anti-art for him to reblog which only inspires fans more and that means there's only going to be even more. It's a deadly cycle, in this case.
  • Then the first little Anti-appearance happened, in the first Sister Location video. That got us hyped, because it was new and interesting and- let's face it- pretty damn cool.
  • Then there was more and more Anti appearances in more and more of Jack's videos, and suddenly we had Tumblr posts and YouTube comments and Tweets and unlisted videos and theories and more fanart and more attention on Anti.
  • The more attention Anti has, the stronger he grows. This is evidenced pretty heavily by the "Don't Watch" written on Jack's whiteboard yesterday, and Anti blaming us for what happened today.
  • Anti says that Jack was the only who could stop him, but could he really? He ignored Anti as much as he could because Jack knew that Anti feeds off of, thrives off of attention.
  • It's our faults what happened. We're the ones who shined the spotlight on Anti. We're the ones who gave him his strength.
  • We're the ones who can figure out how to stop him, too.
  • After all, notice how Anti took Jack's form after killing him. Jack is still there, I have no doubt. So, how do we give Jack strength, so he can take back his own physical form?

anonymous asked:

pst hey i wasnt sure because i fell asleep in stream, but did mark say he would post the bloopers for a date with markiplier when he hit a certain amount???

He showed it. I think he did post it in one of the unlisted video’s descriptions or something. idk.