That precious smile of his. Super Junior Edition.

LEETEUK: ”Dimple smile”

HEECHUL: ”Precious Smile”

HANGENG: ”Beautiful Smile”


YESUNG: ”Unique Smile”

KANGIN: ”Bear Smile”

SHINDONG: ”Sweet Smile”


SUNGMIN: ”Bunny Smile”

EUNHYUK: ”Gummy Smile”

ZHOUMI: ”Honey Smile”

DONGHAE: ”Fishy Smile”

SIWON: ”Gentle Smile”

RYEOWOOK: ”Warm smile”

KIBUM: ”Fresh Smile”

KYUHYUN: ‘Evil Smile”

HENRY: ”Mochi smile”

Kibum/Jinki; First Impressions; PG-13

Anonymous asked: can you write a highscool!au in which jinki is the caring and ever-so-helpful school president and kibum is the sneaky junior taking advantage of that

cackles softly bc kibum is fun to write

“In the corner?” Minho asks. “Lee Jinki, senior class president. He tutors math in this class because he’s smart as fuck.”

“He’s hot as fuck is what he is,” Kibum says.

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OTPs ; College AU Series

In which Choi Minho is your typical “boy next door” and also a brilliant ‘doctor-soon-to-be’ who happens to share his dorm room with Kim Kibum, a boy with exceptional personality who’s actually an aspiring fashion design student. (PS : Established relationship ensues)