You better not cry
  • You better not cry
  • SHINee
  • Christmas Special

Now I don’t know about you guys, but this has always been my Christmas jam.


Taemin: Aaaahhhh! *Crying* Why is this happening?

Key: Aigoo, you’re so noisy! Why are you crying on Christmas morning? You can”t cry on Christmas morning!

Minho: You can’t!

Jonghyun:  Why?

Key: Listen here why!

Onew (yes, that’s onew): You better not cry!

Taemin: Why?

Onew: You better not cry!

Taemin: Why not?

Onew: Santa won’t give presents to those who cry.

Key: Really? He’s mean.

Onew: He is…

Taemin: Santa knows,

SHINee: What, what does he know?

Taemin: Who has been good or bad.

SHINee: He is coming to town tonight~

Onew: He’s scary!

Jonghyun: Oh, is he?

Key: When you’re sleeping or awake,

SHINee: *Aah*

Key: When you’re naughty or playing pranks.

Jonghyun: Santa sure knows it all,

Onew: *Creepy laughing*

SHINee: Hey, hey, hey~!

Jonghyun & Onew: You better not cry,

Key & Taemin: Don’t cry, don’t cry!

Jonghyun & Onew: You better not cry,

Key & Taemin: Don’t cry, don’t cry!

Minho: Santa won’t give 

SHINee: presents to those who cry *Jonghyun does weird ass note*

Jonghyun: Aren’t there something wrong with the lyrics?

Key: It’s not “daeyo~”, it’s “dae~” .

Onew: Oh!

Jonghyun: Then let’s all go “dae~” *Does weird ass note again*

SHINee: Yeah, yeah! *Onew trying to do weird ass note*

Jonghyun: All together now. One, two, three.

SHINee: Dae~! *All doing weird ass note*

Jonghyun: Everyone,

SHINee: Merry christmas!!

Onew: Happy new year!

*Note: This is not mine. Video found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMs-WxYag4Q