Prompt: Alone Time (with Taemin)

> anonymous asked:  could you write onho where jinki pays a lot of attention to taemin, since he’s the youngest and pretty clueless in general, and it makes minho jealous.
> ship: onho (feat. taemin)
> words: 1024
> note: let’s pretend taemin lives in his own apartment and it needs a key instead of a passcode lmao. enjoy :)

Minho loves Taemin. He loves his voice and his smile. He loves how afraid he is of bugs and his abstract humour. Yeah, he loves Taemin. He especially loves when Taemin butts his way into every single date of his and Jinki’s. And he loves when Taemin shows up at the dorms, a place he hasn’t lived in for years and acts like he owns the place. Oh, and who can forget how much Minho loves when Jinki has no idea that whenever Taemin is around, he pays absolutely no attention to his boyfriend. He doesn’t hold it against either of them of course, but sometimes he likes to spend time with Jinki without having to fight for his attention.

This isn’t just a one-time occurrence either, this has been happening for months now. Everytime Minho thinks he and Jinki are having some much needed one on one time, Taemin saunters in and Jinki’s attention is taken.

Like right now, for example. They’ve just returned from their world tour and they have a few days off until their Japan tour starts. Jonghyun is still in the States working on his album, Kibum is off somewhere doing something and Taemin is supposed to be in Japan.

The keyword is supposed.

He and Jinki are sitting on the couch watching a movie, well, they’re not really watching it. Minho’s been biting at Jinki’s neck for about ten minutes now, reddening the skin and licking the tender spots, all to hear Jinki’s low hums of approval.

“Mm, Minho—” Jinki’s groan is cut off by the distinct sound of the door opening, and Minho is off of Jinki in a flash and the eldest is scrambling to cover his neck with his shirt. It’s not often their managers come in unannounced but it was better to be safe than sorry.

“Hyung?” It’s Taemin.

“We’re in here,” Jinki’s voice is gravely and Minho longs to continue what they had started.

Taemin wanders in with a smile on his face, “Hey… So, I have a dilemma.”

“What is it?” Minho asks, a bit harsher than he intends.

“I’m supposed to be flying to Japan,” Taemin plops down on the couch right in between the couple, “but I locked myself out of my apartment… So, I have no way of getting my luggage.”

Minho blinks, “Actually?”


“You locked yourself… Out of your apartment?”


“Call your manager.” Minho says with a huff, “He’ll have a key.”

“He’s not answering his cell,” Taemin shrugs and leans back, “You guys have a key, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Jinki stands up and leaves the couch. Taemin follows him quickly, leaving Minho alone on the couch.

After five minutes or so, he joins them in the kitchen where… Taemin is eating a bowl of rice and leftover meat Minho had made Jinki for dinner. “This is really good, hyung!”

“Right?” Jinki beams at him, “Make sure you eat a lot before your flight.”

“When is your flight?” Minho asks.

“Uh, two hours,” Taemin says with a mouth full of food.

“Two hours? And you haven’t checked in yet?!” Minho shouts at the man, “You need to leave!”

“Minho, it’s fine,” Jinki says and pats Taemin on the head, “he’s got time.” Taemin smiles like the little shit he is and continues eating.

Minho lets out a quiet huff and goes back into the living to finish whatever movie was playing on the TV. It’s some movie in English that he picked because he thought it wouldn’t matter if they struggled to understand it, when they wouldn’t even be watching it.

About twenty minutes later, Taemin and Jinki leave the kitchen, and pass right by the living room. Minho can hear the shuffling of shoes and then Jinki calls out to him, “Minho! We’ll be back soon!”

“What?” He stands up just as they’re leaving the dorm, “Where are you going?”

Jinki holds up a key, “To let Taemin in.”

“Can’t you just give him the key?”

“You know Taemin, he’ll lose it,” Jinki waves goodbye and Minho sees Taemin smiling as if he’d won a prize, “Bye!”

And the door shuts.

Minho sighs loudly and heads back into the living room. He pulls his phone from his pocket and sees a message from Taemin in the group chat. He looks and sees it’s a picture of him and Jinki walking to his apartment. Kibum responds saying Taemin is an idiot for losing his key, and then sends another message saying: I thought Jinki and Minho were watching a movie tonight??

Minho responds, We were before this bastard interrupted.

Taemin sends back a simple smiley face while Kibum sends several laughing emoji’s. Jinki remains silent.

About an hour later, Minho is still watching the dumb English movie. He has no idea what’s happening other than there’s been a few explosions and some death scenes. He hears the door open and he expects Taemin to come running in, freaking out that he’s missed his flight.

Instead it’s Jinki. “Minho,” Jinki says, his voice is quiet, “I’m sorry. I didn’t realise you were upset.”

“It’s fine,” Minho says because it really is fine. He’s being dramatic and a bit of a spoiled child.

“It’s not fine,” Jinki sits down next to him, “We never get to spend time together without someone else being here. I should have realised that earlier when Taemin came by.”

“Hyung, it really is fine.”

“Stop,” Jinki pouts, “it’s not. Sometimes I have a hard time realising Taemin isn’t 15 anymore and I worry about him. I should realise that he’s in his twenties now and that I have a boyfriend that I should be worrying about now.” Jinki rests his head on Minho’s shoulder, “I’m really sorry.”

“Thank you,” Minho says softly, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Jinki says. “Now let’s watch the movie.”

“I was thinking we could do something else,” there is a lilt of playfulness in his voice that Jinki catches onto immediately.

“What do you have in mind?”

“Changing the passcode to the dorm so Taemin can’t come in.”

Jinki’s laughter is music to Minho’s ears.

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