Today I have my first flight in the CFI flight course!!

Report generated on Sep 19, 9:53 AM
Summary: VFR
Winds: From 50° at 6 Kts
Visibility: Unlimited
Sky conditions: Few clouds at 2500 Ft AGL, Few clouds at 11000 Ft AGL
Temperature/dew point: 28/22C
Altimeter setting: 30.00 Hg

Gonna be a wonderful day to fly


(It’s my first time voice recording, so please excuse the quality)

I’ve just recently reached a milestone of 3k followers, and it’s that time again!

First of all, I’d like to give my deepest and warmest thank you and appreciation to each and every single one of you for supporting this humble blog of mine, because without you guys, I wouldn’t have reached this milestone.

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i-ate-the-biscuit prompted: “Belle wants to get a dog, but it isn’t easy to convince Rumple”

I kind of twisted this one a bit because I’ve always thought that Rumpel is a definite dog person and wouldn’t need all that much convincing to get one. I hope you like it nonetheless!


“We’re not getting a puppy.” Rumpel’s voice is flat and its tone brokers no negotiation.

“But why not?” Belle persists. “You love dogs! I know you love dogs, and you used to have sheepdogs, and I’ve seen how well you get on with Pongo.”

“I have absolutely no issue with getting a dog,” Rumpel says. “What I am not getting, however, is a puppy. If we get a dog, we are getting a grown-up one that is already housebroken, does not chew everything in sight and has had basic obedience training.”

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