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Senki Zesshou Symphogear XD Unlimited OP official upload (mobile)

With the convoluted, byzantine process that Soundcloud makes artists go through to monetize their content, and the fact that they STILL have to pay $115~ annually for unlimited upload time and barely functional stat tracking, I’m not surprised at fucking all that Soundcloud is going belly up. You can’t generate revenue if nobody wants to go through the process to let you play ads on their shit. It’s so aggravating.

Tried out Google +’s new editor tonight. Rather disappointing, I must say. Most of the effects and filters are presets that are too harsh, or have little control in adjustments. There is a nicely attenuated tilt-shift feature that varies angle, is quite easily adjusted for attack rate, area of coverage, and blur strength. I’m thinking that’s the only feature they have that I might make use of. I keep most of my raw files there as a cloud back-up for a short term anyway, so they’re easy to access there for starts. Strange that a much smaller group (PicMonkey) can offer so much more with their ‘free’ online editor than does a giant like Google. Paid service with PicMonkey comes with a lot of effects and tools as well as unlimited access to all uploads (storage), and all Google is selling is graduated levels of cloud service.

I think I’m going to stick with off-cloud duplicated storage, and my dear PicMonkey, combined with several other online free editing websites that work so well, and aren’t the least bit complicated to use and learn.

This image doesn’t look entirely horrible as an art piece, but It doesn’t fit my personal style…It fits Google’s.