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Gay Date Ideas

Costs at least a little:
• the movies - horror movies & cuddle, empty movie & kiss, etc
• bowling
• zoo date
• coffee shop
• ice cream / fro yo
• restaurant dinner date
• Canoeing / kayaking (ex. there’s a place near my city called Fort Whyte you can do it, they have the boats)
• Attempt to learn how to rollerblade or skate together if only one of you knows how
• Go out to a group dinner w friends together
• Go to a cat cafe together & take pictures of her & the cats
• Hang out at a pool
• Go to an amusement park. Hug her and scream on roller coasters, share cotton candy, take scenic pictures of her & with her, kiss her on the top of the Ferris wheel 🎡
• Bake cookies together (free if you already have all of the ingredients)
• cafe
• aquarium
• go to a bookstore and pick out a book for each other that means something / represents something about the other person
• thrift shop & pick something out for each other that you think they’ll like

• walk around a beautiful park talking & holding hands
• card & board games night
• the mall
• movie night at home
• cloud gazing / watch the sunset / star gazing & cuddle & chat ((stargayze, if you will))
• binge-watch Netflix and cuddle
• walk around parks AND play Pokemon go together (it’s no longer popular but you can still do it)
• sleepover & waking up/staying up to enjoy the sunrise together. Bonus points if you do so at a lake or if you find a bridge over a river to do to so
• drive down to the beach & spend a couple hours there just the two of you, swimming, photography, sand castles, etc
• Drive around town listening to music & talking
• Hang out at home, listen to music, make out, talk
• Go hiking together somewhere beautiful, or just for a walk
• Nap while spooning/cuddling
• Paint on each other’s backs/bodys
• Find a secluded nature spot & go on a picnic!
• If there’s a drive-in
• free day at the museum
• Go to an animal shelter that will let you & take pictures of her playing with a puppy or several
• Get a table at Olive Garden & chat & eat only the free unlimited soup, salad, & breadsticks. (If they would even give you any if you don’t order!)
• go to Pride together
• play loud music and dance and sing together
• serenade her
• run around the city (or bus, or drive, w/e) and practice photography using each other as subjects. Post the pictures
• paint together
• try to draw each other realistically
• walk your dog together
• blanket and/or pillow fort

Winnipeg Specific:
• hang out at the Forks, river trail if not flooded
• walk around Assiniboine Forest in the fall. Or summer
• Park ideas: Assiniboine Park, Vimy Ridge park, Grants old mill park that one
• Fort Whyte
• Assiniboia Downs (has a cost)

anonymous asked:

I want all of your oc's to sit on my face as I eat that booty hole like olive garden after a month of lean cuisunes

Olive Garden. Huh. So you comparing my OCs booty holes to free bread sticks and unlimited salad– LMAOOO On a real note, that made me hungry for some bread sticks.

I really want to see a fanfic of supercorp where Lena brings Kara to a brazilian steakhouse, like Fogo de Chao or CHIMA or something even more spectacular. Omfg. KARA WOULD HAVE A FIELD DAY.

And Lena just sittin there like.. “ ouo;;… umm. Yeaaahhh… honey, you enjoy all that artery-clogging goodness. *munches unlimited salad bar >_>; * )”

I’m at a Brazilian steakhouse and they just bring it like 20 different meats on swords they just walk around with and unlimited appetizers and salad bar and stuff and I tried everything and feel like I’m dying so now I’m thinking about Dean going to a place like this and the servers are like “you know you can flip the marker over if you need a break” and he’s like “I ain’t no quitter, keep it coming” and everyone is like impressed but also vaguely disgusted except for this one server who keeps being like “you should try the pineapple with cinnamon and the mustard sauce on the sirloin”

ataraxycravings  asked:

im running out of breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas!!! i try to stay vegan most of the time 😁 do you have any wonderful meal ideas? by the way i love your tumblr and you seem like such a sweet person! xx

Aww love you I just want to give you a big hug!
Here’s a list from my page Vegan Meals and Snacks :)

Heheh hope this helps xxx


- oatmeal with flaxseed, almonds and a banana

- any whole-grain, high fibre cereal with berries

- grape fruit with toast and nut butter (cashew, peanut or almond)

- fruit salad (♪ yummy, yummy ♪)

- protein pancakes with strawberries, blueberries and banana with nuts

- avocado on toast (YUM!)

- fruit smoothies- banana, mango, strawberry, passionfruit, watermelon, avocado (any fruit you name it) with ½ a cup of oats, a cup of milk of your choice (soy, almond, rice, hemp, coconut) and some ice

- scrambled tofu with tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and basil

- muesli and fruit with milk of your choice (soy, almond, rice, hemp, coconut)

- homemade 1lt juice with toast



- fruit mono meal (12 bananas, whole watermelon, 10 mangoes, 15 apples)

- falafel and hommus wrap with green salad

- salad sandwich

- green salad with rice and juice

- green salad with beans and fruit

- veggie burger with vegan mayo and vegan bread bun and salad

- avocado, carrot, hummus, lettuce, red onion, cucumber and tomato sandwich

- banana smoothie with 8 bananas

- tofu salad

- mix up wraps and pitas with fresh veg, spreads and fruit!

- soups



- veggie burger/bean burger

- stir fries with brown rice, beans and loads of veggies

- vegan spaghetti with bean, garlic and tomato bolognese sauce

- mashed sweet potato with pumpkin and roast vegetables

- lemon tempeh with salad and mashed potato

- bean curries

- noodles in broth with tofu

- vegan pizzas

- vegetable soups

- rice and roast veggies

- noodles, veggies with tofu

- stir fry with mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, tofu, rice and carrots

- vegan lasagne

- potato salad



- unlimited fruit

- vegemite and avocado on toast

- nuts & trail mix

- PB with crackers

- hummus on crackers

- carrot and zucchini frittata

- homemade muffins/banana breads

- veggies with a dip

- frozen fruit (grapes, apples)

- PB on carrot or celery

- muesli (dried fruit, shredded coconut, nuts, oats)

- fruit on skewers dipped in melted vegan chocolate


date night with karamatsu 😍🍷🍗🍷😎

karamatsu meets you at an olive garden at 6PM

you go in and sit
karamatsu just stands there, posing

it’s been 30 minutes. karamatsu is still standing

you begin to feel uncomfortable when the unlimited soup and salad™ come in

karamatsu moves towards your bowl of soup and asks you, revealing his eyes under his sunglasses “would you like some pepper… m'lady” he cracks his pepper shaker and you look at the soup. it’s not pepper, it’s sequins and glitter glue

you attempt to start small talk. “what’s your favorite movie” you ask. karamatsu has now been talking about his screenplay for an hour and 12 minutes

you get up, make the excuse your mother is in the hospital and run. run so far you end up in a forest full of cats

u never came out, the end


All taken at my absolute favorite japanese restaurant in the entire state and they have unlimited sushi monday - saturday for $16 as well as specialty rolls (see the American Dream in all of them which is salmon, avocado and cream cheese fried in tempura batter with spicy mayo and that brown sauce) and unlimited soup, salad, shumai, ice cream, tempura, fried rice, fried banana, etc. this place is a japanese heaven

the signs and their card against humanity
  • Aries: the feminist agenda
  • Taurus: pooping back and forth forever
  • Gemini: unlimited soup, salad and bread sticks
  • Cancer: a spontaneous conga line
  • Leo: harry potter erotica
  • Virgo: one thousand slim jims
  • Libra: a cartoon camel enjoying the smooth, refreshing taste of a cigarette
  • Scorpio: a cooler full or organs
  • Sagittarius: Fancy Feast®
  • Capricorn: Michelle Obama's arms
  • Aquarius: pretending to care
  • Pisces: Bees?
PIZZA HUT: A policy that makes customers unhappy

“With every main meal you buy, you get unlimited salad”

Two adult and 3 kids, we ordered one pizza and a portion of pasta to share. The waiter gave us two salad bowls to get unlimited salad from the salad bar. We wanted to share the salad too. Each of us wanted some salad, not just two of us, and when we asked for more salad bowl, they said they can only give us two bowls.


Conversation to the waitress:

Me: “We are sharing the main course, why can’t we get a few more bowls and share the salad?”

W: “Because for each main meal you order, we can only give you one salad bowl.”

Me: “So we can bring the salad back from the salad bar to our table and share it, but we are not allowed to get any bowl for it…?”

W: “No, you cannot share the salad.”

Me: “We are sharing the main course anyway, can’t we share the salad?”

W: “That’s your choice to share the main course, but we can only give you two salad bowls.”

Me: “……”


You know what, I just don’t get it. If you provide unlimited anyway, why can’t you give us another bowl so we can eat our food decently instead of passing our food around the table and makes a mess?

I understand that if you give us more bowls, everyone will start getting more. If Pizza Hut is worried about the cost of that, why did you offer UNLIMITED in the first place?

It clearly says “Free Salad station for everyone - we are offering FREE UNLIMITED Salad with every main course at Pizza Hut”. It does not mention that customers MUST NOT share the salad.

So, why do you have to limit the amount of salad customers are eating when they are supposed to get UNLIMITED salad? Why do you limit the utensils customers are allowed to use when they are supposed to get UNLIMITED salad? So is that limited? Or is that unlimited?

It surely was an attractive advertisement, but is this good company policy? Is it ethnical? Is this good customer service? I doubt it, well, at least not at my standard. If it were to have specific terms and conditions pointed out to customers when they ordered, such condition of “not allow to share” might be reasonable but waiters did not mention anything or point out such onerous clause. It surely is not reasonable for some restaurants to offer UNLIMITED salad but limit the people who are allowed to eat them.

I am not sure whether this applies to every Pizza Hut in the United Kingdom, but I really was not impressed with the way they serve. And I am surely not a happy customer today.

Just So You Know, No One Is Perfect. Fix What You Can & Embrace What You Can't!

Wow, I didn’t realize how many posts I need to catch up on. I have Superbowl recipes, my birthday celebration, a couple road trips, workouts, and meals to do. I’ll start with the most recent, my lunch date at Olive Garden. When I posted this photo on my Instagram, I got a little uproar from some followers and that is okay! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and sometimes negative comments help me make better decisions in the long run. I feel like these comments are occurring more frequently, so I just wanted to make some things clear. 

We need to remember that no one is perfect. Your diet, your hair, your body, or whatever you are trying to accomplish will never be perfect. You can argue me and say I’m wrong. That’s okay; I’m used to it. But if you think you are perfect or believe others are, you’re lying to yourself or being lied to. You need to be realistic. Fix what you can and embrace what you can’t. Olive Garden is one of my favorite restaurants. Yeah…it’s not great for you, but neither is depriving yourself from the things you love. I’m a normal human being and shouldn’t have to defend myself because over something I chose to eat.

You can go to restaurants like Olive Garden once in a while and still eat light. Whenever I go, I get the minestrone soup and unlimited salad. There is nothing wrong with that! I usually have a couple bowls of soup, tons of salad, and a breadstick or two! And if I’m feeling frisky, I’ll order an appetizer or a glass of wine. To me, that is definitely not a diet killer, and especially when I’m not trying to lose weight. Yeah, the sodium is high, but that’ll go away in a couple days, or in a sweat session. I like to eat realistically. I try my hardest to eat clean, but if I can’t, I don’t let it ruin my day. I’ve done the whole “oh my gosh, I will not touch that” or “how many calories are in that” and it didn’t work.  That is just silly and no way to live. I do respect comments and opinions on my Instagram, but sometimes I will just ignore it. Sorry, but it’s the truth. If you are on a journey to be perfect…good luck! I hear it’s a never ending one! 

If you ever want to eat something, do it because YOU choose to. Don’t let the influence of others get in your way. It’s your life, your body, and your choice. You can’t please everyone. 

The Dating Games

Do guys just not take black girls as seriously? I’m beginning to feel that, like…y’know. Invisible in a sea of other faces, as if I’m absolutely not a threat, absolutely not even a consideration to anyone, just like in the movies where the black girl is just there for diversity’s sake, or for comic relief. I noticed this again while watching the Light Girls documentary (and I know everyone’s tired of hearing about it, but) I noticed that there’s almost a stereotype of high maintenance for other races, or for fairer women, like…they feel like they have to do more for a white woman than for a black woman. Black woman is low maintenance, black woman doesn’t need any effort, black woman has learned to accept the idea of being called a gold digger when he pays for dinner more than twice. You wouldn’t dream of doing that to a woman of any other race. But for me, I guess that’s normal. At least among the black men I’ve dated.

I feel jaded now, and tired. I’m tired of being the one who got away, tired of “if I could do it all over again, and I’m so sorry” I’m tired of being the “till I get my life together” relationship. I’m tired of guys either going out of their way to show me I don’t matter to them, or feeling entitled to sex because they’ve put in an effort where they really didn’t “have to.” Tired of having to prove I’m not a “thot.” I know it’s ignorant to think that dating outside your race is some kind of ticket to paradise—it isn’t. And I’m sure there are a lot of black men out there who are great and outstanding, and I just haven’t met them yet. But I can’t help wondering if there’s something better out there, because you can only listen to so many rap songs before you start devaluing yourself to set yourself apart because you haven’t done anything to “earn” unlimited salad and breadsticks.