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YOI Cooking Headcanon

I don’t get the number of fics I’ve read in which Yuuri can’t cook.  He grew up in the hospitality business – at the very least he can at least cook anything that his mother serves!  And comfort food is important to him, so when he sees others upset his first instinct is to feed them.  Cooking will never quiet his anxiety in the same way that skating or dancing does because it isn’t physical enough, but it’s definitely soothing in its own way.  Bottom line: Yuuri can goddamn COOK!

Victor, on the other hand, is a menace in the kitchen.  Never mind that he takes the same more-is-more approach that he does in every other aspect of his life (it turns out that there is a critical mass of chocolate chips beyond which point there is no longer a possibility of “cookie” so much as a vaguely-cookie-flavored puddle of melted chocolate, go figure); no, the problem is that patience and focus are not skills he’s particularly interested in using off of the ice and after the third time the fire department showed up because Victor got distracted by a shiny thing Yakov had someone come in and disconnect the stove.  Fortunately his food plans ensure that he’ll never need to use anything more dangerous than the microwave anyway.

Yuri never had much interest in cooking, but recently he’s started asking his grandpa to teach him.  Starting with pirozhkis of course, but when he sees the way that dedushka lights up at the request he suddenly has a burning need to learn everything.  It’s a wonderful way to spend time together, and Yuri tries not to think about how much or little time his grandfather might have left…

Phichit has no interest in cooking.  That’s what restaurants are for.  This does not stop him from having over four thousand recipes pinned on Pintrest.

Of course Christophe can cook.  It’s a prime tool in his arsenal of seduction, but really he just enjoys indulging himself.  And while he could write an entire recipe book on dishes that are meant to evoke specific feelings (or are just stuffed to the gills with rumored aphrodisiacs), his guilty pleasure and secret weakness is tuna noodle casserole made with condensed soup and canned peas.

How could Seung-gil not love to cook?  It’s all numbers and science in the pursuit of perfection.  Following a recipe is the first step, of course – with no variables like the weakness of human muscles a flawless outcome is ensured every time – but learning the whys behind the formulas opens up unlimited potential for logical experimentation.  And… it just makes him happy, okay?

JJ’s thoroughly average in the kitchen, and he doesn’t mind a bit.  He makes a mean plate of spaghetti and his chili is outstanding, but anything containing eggs winds up a total disaster and he relies too much on shortcuts (instant gravies, condensed soups, frozen vegetable mixes) to ever really impress.  But Isabella tells him that everything he makes for her is wonderful, and even though he knows she’s being kind that’s good enough for him.

Otabek… Hmm.  He’s tough.  I think Otabek is too focused on other aspects of his life to really pay attention to what goes in his mouth.  He likes good food, but it’s not super high on his priority list.  That said, he’s a perfectly adequate cook and can make pretty much anything so long as he has a recipe for it.

Emil has been learning how to make Italian cuisine to try and impress a certain someone.  Michele thinks he knows who that is (and is super pissed off about it) but he’s kind of a clueless idiot.

Mila throws herself into cooking the same way she does with everything else: with ferocity.  She likes her flavors bold, and what she calls “bold” everyone else calls “basically inedible” and “what the fuck ghost peppers are not a vegetable are you trying to kill me”.  Phichit became her favorite person ever when he declared that her curry was “Not bad.  Warmish.”

The idea of cooking has never really occurred to Georgi.  Anya always did all of the cooking and it was always so amazing oh god Anya why did you leave me ANYAAAAAAAAAAA

Guang Hong was visiting Leo in America when Leo got invited to one of those cooking parties at Sur la Table.  Leo was going to cry off but Guang Hong insisted that he go; Leo demanded that they go together.  It was a wonderful evening and they had so much fun.  Leo snuck a picture of Guang Hong with flour dusting his cheeks.  They both secretly wish that they could do this together every day but are too shy to confess to the other one.

Michele is too hung up on gender roles to cook anything beyond heating things up.  He needs to get over it.  Among other things.  Sara is a perfectly fine cook but she’s been refusing to do so lately, mostly to annoy her brother vis-a-vis the gender role thing.

Kenjiro’s still a kid and doesn’t have much opportunity to cook.  But he knows that katsudon is Yuuri’s favorite food and is determined to be able to make it for him the next time that they meet.

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Do you believe capitalism needs to be destroyed, and can it be under the current circumstances. If not, what do you think we can do to bring about full gommunism

Capitalism absolutely needs to be destroyed, and its socialist alternative is completely viable today and has been for years. The material conditions are slowly unraveling capitalism in certain ways – a logic of unlimited growth is destroying our planet and the ever-expanding reach of technology and automation is set to increase inequality if there’s no system change. We produce more than enough food for everyone on the planet, we have the resources to house everyone, and we can launch our civilizations into de facto post-scarcity if we just recognized how necessary it is to democratically control the economy and resources. If capitalism set up the conditions for massive innovation with regard to the productive capacities, it’s now setting up the conditions for its own demise.