:[[ It’s said that if you encounter one of these beautiful flowers, it is sure to bring you good luck. It also guarantees a journey into the most beautiful of afterlives. Tall, lush greenery- wind that flows through fields of these flowers. And a never-ending trail of petals, indicating those who have made it to this haven. It’s only a story, but it’s a beautiful idea, hm? ]]:

Wrapping up the Of Sweaters and Men series tonight! I’ll be going into part 1 tonight to edit some details and then I’ll be giving the dudes a break to focus on another set for college!au girls.

Hasan’s got himself a zipper hoodie. Something easy to put on and take off for when he’s busy in the kitchen or heading to the campus fitness center. Also not too heavy and has a hidden pocket or two which I’d like to think was what prompted him to buy it in the first place.

To me, Lysander seems like he’d prefer to wear a fitted shirt. You know, something everyone can enjoy. Good to wear in that small window of the year where it’s nice and cool, but just before you have to succumb to wearing the thicker jackets.

I remember Torramh had a high school!au pic where he was also human which was really adorable, but I kept the ears because I thought it might fight with the rest of the series better. I’d like to think he’s just rock’n something comfy for that dreaded school AC or cooler nights of star gazing outside where he doesn’t mind getting grass stains all over it.

I’d like to think that working with students even in college all day, Professor Atka is looking for any opportunity to find some time to himself. Working late nights or weekends in the office, no one is going to judge you for dressing down from the usual buttoned vest and slacks. Something easy going and light for him to grade papers and work on lectures in. I’d like to think the sleeves have a coffee stain or two.

How to steal Hasan’s shirt and make it your own according to Habibah.

1. Steal the shirt. Wear it and act cute and stuff so you can get away with it. Promise to wash it or something.

2. Wear it to rehearsals the next day because “the shirt was already kinda dirty” and you’re gonna do laundry after later anyways.

3. Oops was this your shirt sorry I mistook it for one of my dresses.

4. Get sneaky. Roll up the sleeves and tuck it into your pants/shorts/skirt so it’s not as recognizable.

5. You’ve had it for a month. He’s either forgotten about it or has given up all hope. Do whatever you want with it because its yours now.

((alright now everyone can do it. go steal his shirts.))


((Since we’re doing videos his one kinda makes me think of either Leannán and Hasan or Eikaea and Leannán playing games~))