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When did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?

Matthew 25:39

After Thought

There are many who feel shut in, separated and alone. To know that need and to meet it is to do what Jesus would do. It is the investment of our time and tells shut-ins that they are not invisible.

~ Pastor Bob Barnett

—  (ˌɛs əˈtɛr ɪk), noun | Connoting a metaphysical, abstract and private urge, esoteric is defined as the quality of being understood by a small group of people, specifically those who have an interest or expertise in obscure ideologies, such as philosophical doctrines, literature, the human psyche and more. Unlike many words in the English language, esoteric has a personality; the word sounds, looks and feels like its transcendental definition. 

i cant believe people are actually offended that the barça players decided not go to the fifa gala like imagine being that dumb


Spielbergs and Kubricks

Supernatural Song Challenge : Renegades by X Ambassadors

When you feel like it’s impossible to get along with someone, just remember that Sunggyu couldn’t stand Woohyun before Infinite debuted. Now they are pretty much married.

I know people are a little anxious about how good a possible stormlight archive movie would be, but here are some positives:

  • Screenshots to caption
  • its unlikely to be word perfect so we’ll probably get some new memes
  • There will definitely be at least one dramatic scene with music we can replace
  • Renarin gets a canon eye colour
  • Films bring more merchandise a lot of the time
  • It would be really nice to know what the stick looks like. I appreciate that in the book, brandon was more focused on portraying the stick’s noble personality, but I’d be interested to see how they interpret the stick’s appearance.
  • Wyndle’s voice is going to be incredible, I just know it.

giving peridot a tablet was a stroke of storytelling genius

such an excellent way of showing us her thoughts and feelings and how she processes and deals with the world around her and what does and doesn’t come natural to her and her frustration when she can’t find an answer to these questions

So we all know that Orihime, unlike Rukia, can’t get through to Ichigo, right? How, unlike Rukia, she can’t cheer him up and make him see her as someone special. But it just hit me that it’s worse than that - it’s worse than this unlike Rukia, the words that we IRs tend to repeat like a mantra.

Because what about Orihime in comparison to… herself? Now here’s where lies the true tragedy and perhaps the biggest anti-I/H argument. After all, so what if she can’t connect two hearts together like Rukia can, she could learn it in the future, right?

Wrong. Because Orihime Inoue already knows how to reach out to people.

I mean, this girl was able to get through to some of the most emotionally unavailable characters in the series - Ulquiorra and Riruka (also Loly in the anime, but let’s stick to the canon). 

[I’m not including Uryuu, another seemingly cold person who opens up to Ori, because he’s in love with her, therefore you could say it’s not her making. Although I would still say it is, as her character is the reason he fell for her.]

This isn’t a coincidence, it’s a theme. A theme that is Orihime being able to make even her enemies change for the better, simply by showing them her caring side. Ulquiorra changed his whole life philosophy because of her. And Riruka? That case is even worse, if we talk anti-I/H, because well, Orihime made her feel loved again. Meaning she is perfectly capable of touching others with her love - in fact, she may be better at it than most of the other characters.

And yet.

And still.

She can’t get through to Ichigo. 

Ichigo, who’s her friend from almost the start of the series. Ichigo, who does have a tsundere side to him, just like Riruka, therefore you can’t say oh he’s just not the type she’s good at reaching out to. Ichigo, who’s best friends with Chad, a cinnamon roll just like Hime, therefore you also can’t say that well Orihime’s not the type of person he likes to open up to. No! Look at how much Ichigo shows that he cares about Chad, especially in the first arcs, at all the smiles and puppy eyes he gives him. Chad got through his tsundere side even before Rukia, but Orihime?

She can’t do that.

And that makes her, the girl who changed so many lifes, think she’s not good enough. Do you see how toxic it is to her?! It seriously makes me, an Orihime fan, so sad - to see my girl make a damned nihilistic hollow understand human emotions… and then be desperate enough for Ichigo’s attention to wear a boob window dress. Girl, you already accomplished so much more than having Ichigo’s attention! So. much. more. Why is this Ichigo guy still the measuring stick for your worth, so important that you’re willing to be uncomfortable for him?!

Really? The guy who wouldn’t notice you if you performed a miracle right in front of him because he’d be busy looking at what’s behind you?! Like I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with Ichigo when he’s interacting with Hime, other than Kubo wanting to shut down I/H at every cost. Because I’m also an Ichigo fan, and seeing him become a cardboard cutout - as someone desribed it accurately - every time he has to talk with her when they’re by themselves, is depressing. I don’t really think Ichigo would continue to be so… out-of-politeness-nice to her, not after all they went through together. He should be more at ease around her by the time of the Fullbring arc, missing Rukia or not. But Kubo apparently thought that shouldn’t be the case. Maybe to not give I/H fans any false hopes? and then the ending lmao

I don’t know. I have no idea what is it about Orihime that would make Ichigo act so distant, but apparently there’s gotta be something… It just feels wrong to see both of them become shadows of themselves because of each other.

And that’s exactly why I/H is my NOTP. 

언제? - Asking When

In Korean to ask the question “when?” You use the word 언제 before the verb of a sentence. Unlike other interrogatory words like 어디, 언제 does not require location marking particles!

Example Sentences:

언제 했어요? - When did you do it?

언제 도착했어요? - When did you arrive?

오늘 - today
어제 - yesterday
내일 - tomorrow
지금 - now
아까 - earlier/awhile ago (today)
나중에 - later

By using these time description words you can answer questions asking “when” ! 

어제 했어요 - I did it yesterday.

오늘 도착했어요. - I arrived today. 

Sample Dialogue:

A. 언제 먹었어요? - When did you eat?

B. 아까 먹었어요. - I ate earlier.

Now you can ask “when” in Korean! Message me if you have any questions! Study hard~!^^


치즈인더트랩을 언제 봤어요? - When did you watch Cheese in the Trap? 

moonlightddrive  asked:

Yours is a beauty unlike any other . The words you speak and all that you write illuminate not only your soul but the souls of those you touch with your magic light .

Walter, my friend, thank you. I am honored by your kindness and support. I do not properly know how to accept this wonderful of a compliment, so I hope this does suffice. 

A Refreshing Start (Part 11)

Description: Bucky x Reader. The reader, a trained assassin, decides that she no longer wants to be a killer and that a new start is in order with help from the most unlikely places.
Words: 2,027 (OOPS)
Warnings: A couple instances of swearing…
Author’s Note: I was a fool to think I could “squidge it down” into one final part. Unless I’d made that part the length of five. This part is nearly three length of two as it is. I’ve actually had to put a keep reading break in this time.

Catch up here: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10

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You’d walked into rooms of Hydra bosses, you’d walked into rooms that you knew were traps before even crossing the threshold, but this? A board room containing the Avengers - it was like nothing else you’d experienced.

Maybe it was the fact you knew that as a group they could snap you in half without so much as breaking a sweat; maybe it was the fact you’d come toe to toe with a couple of them individually now… And hell, this was before mentioning the fact you were pretty much walking in on the arm of the Avenger who had toed the line the most himself.

“After you,” Bucky said, pushing the glass door open for you to lead the way. With a deep breath, you stepped in. You could put on a calm and collected act even if inside you were terrified - it was how you’d succeeded in the past. And for now, you had a feeling the old you was going to need to surface to get through this in one piece.

They turned around as you entered, the talking that’d been going on dying down within seconds. Steve was a friendly face, giving you an encouraging smile and “The Falcon”, aka Sam, seemed to have the same look. The jury was still out on Tony, he didn’t seem like a problem but he was reactive and therefore an unknown quantity. Then there was the infamous Black Widow, aka Natalia Romanova, though she’d adopted a more American tilt to the name in recent years. She had encountered you once of old and there was some history there that you’d assume she hasn’t told the others - you were willing to play ball there. She gave you a polite nod, nothing more, nothing less, pure professionalism. You could respect that.

Then there was Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch and even War Machine - you knew nothing more than basic files and news reports on them. You knew skill sets, aliases and affiliations but that was about it. There didn’t seem to be any hostility coming off of them so for now, you liked them.

If it weren’t so intimidating, you’d be honoured for the full turnout.

“Nice to meet you,” you said as you stepped in fully, protecting your voice so as not to sound shy.

“Nice of you to join us,” Tony said, clapping his hands together. You saw Steve throw an amused look past you to Bucky out of the corner of your eye. You guessed gossip traveled fast among the team, no doubt Tony had mentioned why you were a few minutes later to the party. “If you two want to take a seat, we’ll fill you in.”

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SIMON SNOW, anyone?
I just watched Charlie’s latest video and all I could think about (besides what he was talking about because, seriously, the guy has a way with words- unlike Simon- and the subject was hitting home) was MOLES. And then: Simon bloody Snow. How is it that I haven’t seen this before? This needs to be a THING. Charlie as Simon everywhere in fanart and colective imagination because he’s Simon as much as Ezra is Baz and I got feels. I wanted people to get feels too, thus this post. I’m rambling. But LOOK AT HIM! I mean, I even found a picture of him all battered up (disturbing, I know. The Internet is weird) and how is that not Si after fighting the Humdrum? And in a suit because- you know. And the whole Dr Who? thing. And the hair, the eyes, the smile. Come on.

I mean I COULD complain about how the characters I wanted the most have the artwork I like the least (I’m not a fan of the style Hector and Olivia are drawn in and don’t get me started about Florina’s molten moe blob face and incorrect eye colour), but that’d not be fair actually, because Lon-qu and Nino’s look great for example.

and actually Im just really excited about any new content for old FE games haha.

A Refreshing Start (Part Five)

Description: Bucky x Reader. The reader, a trained assassin, decides that she no longer wants to be a killer and that a new start is in order with help from the most unlikely places.
Words: 1,472
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: AHHHH. I’m loving this series. I’ve still got a plan up to at least part 10 so actually we’re only really getting into the juicy bit now ;)

Catch up here: Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four

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“I know you,” Steve said, his face hardening, eyes flicking back to Bucky in confusion. “You’re the Hydra assassin.”

“Not anymore,” you said quietly. You glanced to Bucky who gave you an encouraging nod. “I was never particularly a fan, but also never particularly on their side.“

"Tell me why I shouldn’t turn you in here and now.”

“Steve, Y/N is-” Bucky interpreted.

“I want to hear it from Y/N.”

Bucky sat back in his chair in defeat, throwing you an apologetic look. It wasn’t the end of the world, you’d handled worse situations but you’d been quite enjoying your date evening. You took a large sip of wine as Steve sat down in the empty seat next to Bucky, his eyes never once leaving you. He was bigger up close that was for sure, and you weren’t a fan of how he scrutinised your movements… Yet there had to be a reason Bucky trusted him so much.

You knew you could lie (and be damn convincing at it) but what was the point? With how much you’d divulged to Bucky in the past little while, anything you didn’t say would be filled in later anyway. You’d read a fair few files on Steve Rogers before now, you supposed it’d only be fair to level the playing field a little.

“I was a gun for hire, a specialised one. Hydra hired me the last time we met, but equally so have governments and even SHIELD. A job is a job… but I’ve given it up.” You looked around, making sure no one else was listening in on your conversation. “I make coffee now.”

“Coffee?” Steve said skeptically. You never knew the beverage could be spoken of in such a passive aggressive tone.

“Yes. Coffee.”

Steve looked to Bucky whose eyes were fixed on you. He looked as nervous as you felt and you couldn’t help but offer him a small smile. He returned it briefly but jumped as he realised his friend was clearly expecting a comment judging by the intense look.

“Hey, it’s good coffee,” Bucky said simply throwing you a wink. Steve noticed it but chose not to comment on that.

“Forgive me, but that’s hard to believe…” Steve trailed off, looking between the pair of you cautiously.

“Says the man who spent how long as a frozen mammoth?” you countered.

Bucky smirked and you felt a small inkling of pride. Sassing his best friend was going to go one of two ways and you were pleased it was a positive reaction. It meant a lot that he was sticking up for you, even if it was only subtly. Just a couple of brief comments was more loyalty than you’d seen in years.

“And you’re okay with this?” Steve said, uncertainty still in his voice as he turned to Bucky.

“Yeah, it took me a little while but yeah, I’ve not seen any reason yet to doubt what Y/N’s said.”

“Then I guess that’s good enough for me for now,” Steve said, pulling a tight smile. “You give me one reason though.”

“I won’t hurt you, Bucky or anyone - scout’s honour.”

Steve nodded slowly, settling back into his chair as he cast another brief look to his friend.  "Look, I came for a quick take away meal, came here a lot when I first woke up. They package it up normally but I’ll ask for a plate while you start from the beginning and explain. Deal?“


So you did - with some details softened a touch for his patriotic ears. He knew Bucky’s and the infamous Black Widow’s colourful histories so you were sure he could fill in any blanks you’d skirted around. You briefly told him how you came to be in that line of work and you told him what lead you to quit, the bits in between were irrelevant. You spoke of the coffee shop and your apartment above it that you basically had to yourself thanks to your absent roommate. Bucky chipped in sometimes with little details he remembered you mentioning about your new work and the conversation drifted on from there.

Steve began to relax, telling you of a mission that somehow obscurely related to coffee by the end and you were all laughing together. It was only when a waiter came over, visibly nervous to interrupt that you all realised the time. The place was meant to close at 11 and that time had gone by about 20 minutes ago.

The waiter placed the bill on the table apologising before he walked off to allow you to pay.

"I’ll hand it to you, you don’t seem like a bad person,” Steve said, looking from you to Bucky with smile.

“Thanks?” You said with a chuckle. You dug through your purse and found enough to cover your share of money to put on the little silver dish and a little extra tip as an apology for the overtime. You placed it down, only for Steve to suddenly burst into life.

“Oh no, Y/N it’s on me,” Steve said, tipping it off so it landed in front of you and grabbing his wallet. He leafed through, finding enough to cover all three of you and put it down on the tray as you looked at your money, confused. “I disturbed your night. Keep it for the next time you two go out.”

You felt your cheeks flush and you hoped that it was dark enough that no one would see. It was an embarrassing reaction that didn’t want anyone to see and as you looked to Bucky you realised he had definitely noticed, his gaze fixed on you with a slight smirk. Asshole.

“Thank you,” you said grabbing your money back with a sheepish smile, “Despite the initial surprise it’s been a pleasure.”

“Likewise,” Steve nodded, standing up and tucking his chair in.

“How’d you get here? D'you need a lift?” Bucky said, moving to stand up. You followed his lead and gathered your bag and cardigan as Steve spoke.

“Nah, we’re only 4 blocks from the tower, I ran here. I’ll walk back though, nice to stretch my legs.”

“Of course you did,” Bucky scoffed, “See you at the tower then, just need to drop Y/N back.”

Steve nodded giving the pair of you a polite nod before he wandered off. You watched him go and turned to Bucky, who was just shrugging on a jacket. Exchanging a few last thank you’s with the waiter as he wiped down a table, you made your way back to Bucky’s loaned car.

“Sorry it wasn’t the low key, normal evening I planned, doll,” he said, opening the door for you to get in.

“I seem to be having a lot of that kind of luck lately,” you said with a laugh as you got in.

Bucky smiled and nodded, closing the door and jogging around to the driver’s side to get in. He opened the door and slid in, switching the car on and he did so. It purred into life and you sighed contently as you felt the engine rumble through you. You wondered if he was going to say anything as he began to drive so chose to break the silence yourself instead.

“I honestly thought to start with he was going to drag me outside and try to kill me.”

“Try to?”

“Well no one’s succeeded yet,” you shrugged, “Must admit I’d always hoped my first chat with the great Captain America would be on slightly different circumstances.”

“He’s not all that perfect…” Bucky started. You detected a slight hint of jealousy in his snappy reply but his face fell minutely as he spoke again. “Well, I know he’s better than me after all I’ve done, better than I could ever be now, but I still like to think back to when he was a weedy little punk.”

“You’re not a bad guy,” you said quickly. You knew he hated his Winter Soldier self. You paused, deciding on your tact and spoke again with a dark kind of optimism, “Look, at least you were brainwashed to do what you did, mine was entirely optional. Shit happens.”

Bucky grimaced and you could see he didn’t quite know whether to laugh at the attempt to make him feel better or focus on the later phrase. You liked keeping him on his toes like that.

“But you’ve made a change.”

“And so have you,” you reminded him with a small smile, “Plus you’ve been nicer to me than anyone else in town. Thanks for tonight, minus the fearing for my safety it was lovely.”

“I’m glad,” Bucky replied. He paused, raising an eyebrow and glancing at you, “Hopefully we could do the same again sometime? Minus the fearing for your safety, of course.”

“Yeah,” You laughed, “That’d be great.”


Part Six