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People are getting mad over the idea that Danny Rand should've been asian; Like yeah, he was white in the comics but unlike a superhero like Luke Cage, who's ethnicity is central to his character, Danny Rand doesn't need to be white to be the same character as in the comics. And either way, Lewis Tan, who auditioned for the role, is half white and white passing. Plus he actually knew martial arts. Am I wrong?

Hell no you’re not wrong.

Lewis Tan could’ve easily been Danny Rand and it wouldn’t have jeopardized anything. In fact, it would’ve added more to it. Tan could’ve been an Asian diasporan who tries to connect with his roots or whatnot (he actually is an Asian diasporan, being born in England). Not only that but he actually knows martial arts, does his own stunts, and just him being Asian could smash the white savior/whitewashing/yellowfacing stereotype we’ve been getting for over a hundred years.

Marvel has changed the source content many times throughout its movie adaptions so “sticking to the comics” is not even a good argument. What the “source” argument does is allow fanboys/fangirls/fanpersons to cover up their racist/prejudice/colonial mentalities because they just want to see another basic, lame ass white person on television. Finn doesn’t know martial arts and he can’t act but he’s white. That’s pretty much all you have to be in order to get a leading role lol.

Angry Asian Guy

Destiel Superhero AU

I still want to read/write a story (hint: writing is unlikely to happen) where superhero “Hunter” aka Dean Winchester is called to a crime scene and comes across a super villain he has never encountered before. This creepy guy is all shadows and oozing black slime and he calls himself “Leviathan”. He’s very clearly very evil and Dean is elated because ‘lo and behold, he’s finally found his arch nemesis. His parents will be so proud.

But it turns out not everything is all that clear cut. Hunter and Leviathan play a game of cat and mouse (it’s not all that clear who the mouse is in this scenario though Dean would like to believe he’s the cat, I mean hunter, hello) and Dean slowly starts to realize that something is weird about Leviathan. Weirdly familiar too. It’s those inkly black eyes that sometimes show a glimmer of bright blue. It’s how Leviathan’s crazy muttering sometimes sounds so tortured and pleading. It’s the way Leviathan somehow seems to shy away from actually killing people.

Then there’s that encounter where a rooftop chase ends on a high building and their fight takes them to the very edge and then Dean makes a fatal mistake - he missteps and looses his balance. He’s about to drop from a very great height, and not even Hunter will be able to survive that. A split second before he plummets to his certain death, however, he finds himself suddenly caught in tendrils of black goo that catch him and yank him back from inevitable doom.

Looking up in surprise, Hunter sees Leviathan’s shape as the man clings to the edge where he must have flung himself in order to catch him. What surprises Dean most are the skeletal wings unfolding from the black goo that is always surrounding Leviathan like a living thing.

As soon as Hunter is safe, Leviathan vanishes like a shadow and Dean is left with a myriad of questions. He can’t help but remember the mysterious winged superhero who pulled him and his brother from the house fire threatening to engulf them, who then proceeded to save Dean’s mother too before vanishing into the night, never to be seen again. Dean had been searching for this man for his whole life, becoming a superhero in the process, but no one ever saw “Angel” (that’s the nickname Dean had given to the unknown superhero whose face he never saw) again.

Once in a While (Bonus Track)
Ryan McCartan
Once in a While (Bonus Track)

“Once in a While” was written for The Rocky Horror Show in its early Roxy days, but like its 1975 counterpart, this track was cut from the final release of the movie. The song is at the beginning of Act II, after Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me, when Brad stumbles across a TV feed of Janet in bed with Rocky. Dejected and defeated, Brad musters the strength within to remind himself that Janet is still loyal, and still loves him as much as he loves her. Like Superheroes in the 1975 film, this scene was shot and later cut. However, the uncut version can be found on the DVD/Bluray of the 2016 TV movie.

Damian Wayne the ONLY Robin

I have been reading Robin Son of Batman and as with Batman and Robin this has ironed my understanding that it took over 60 years to get Robin right.

Mike W .Barr´s and Jerry Bingham’s conception from Son of Demon has finally been given fleash thanks to Grant Morrison, Peter J Tomasi really created a Robin that has personality and serves to some other function than for an artist to show exactly how massive Batman is.

This Robin is also the only besides Jason Todd that has any significance as a character. Also the first one that feels like a child superhero. Because unlike others, Damian Wayne is NO sidekick.

While having Dick Grayson as Batman was a utterly shit idea this Robin is  totally awesome. We are Robin is also highly recommended to any one but Robin has also a stellar cast of supporting characters:

Totally awesome and underappreciated gem.

So... about ‘that bit‘ in the Civil War trailer

I love everything about Spider-Man’s reveal.

I love how him holding the shield is instantly iconic and will surely be one of his most famous poses within the next few years.

I love how it doesn’t entirely give away the context of why he is there, unlike another superhero trailer I can name.

I love how his costume looks like something a teenager would wear, something only a genius could put together, AND looks like the comic book version jumped off the screen.

I love how his eyes move, allowing for greater expressions even with the mask on while also making it closer to the comics.

I love how Tom Holland actually sounds like a teenager, and manages to sell Peter’s underdog personality in two words. TWO. WORDS.

I love how every part of his introduction, from his taking the shield, flipping over the Captain, webbing his hands together, posing and then casually saying ‘hey everyone’ like this is an everyday occurrence, is both a great & iconic introduction and also completely in tune with his character.

I LOVE SPIDER-MAN IN CIVIL WAR!!!! I had my doubts, but if Spider-Man in the rest of Civil War, his own solo movie, and possibly Infinity War is half as good as this few seconds, than this may be the greatest movie version of Spider-Man ever.