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I will fucking flip a table if it turns out that Amanda Brotzman going “full Rowdy” means that she’ll be able to sense people’s emotions and feed off their psychic energy somehow.


I was having dinner in the Kirkland dining hall with Mark, and I had the chicken with me because I had to have the chicken with me at all times. This was college. And the dining hall was serving chicken for dinner and I had to feed my chicken, so I… Well, I took little pieces of chicken and I gave it to the chicken. Someone must have seen me because the next thing I knew, I was being accused of forced cannibalism. 

All’s fair in love and fish plushies

I’m about to do something I wouldn’t normally do, and share bit of drama concerning another company. I’ve been trying to keep this professional(ish) but recent happenings have pushed me to want to talk publicly about it and to make folks aware of what has been going on.

So you folks might remember I began making Otocinclus plushies in around November 2016, and they were a big hit! I can’t remember the exact inspiration that brought me to making suction cup mouthed plushies, but it was certainly influenced by their name “suckermouth catfish” as well as other plushies I’d seen online. Little did I know, this would be the beginning of DRAMA™.

In January 2017 I posted some photos of my Otos in some local fish groups and was snapped up by a local aquatics shop called New Concept Aquatics (who are now my business partners, woo!). I gave them some examples of my work including a suction cup Oto… who was promptly snatched up by a writer for The Practical Fishkeeping Magazine, UK and was featured in the April issue! Exciting Stuff!

… However, throughout all this the owner of the company called Green Pleco, who produces suction-cup mouthed Pleco soft toys, got in contact with me. They claimed to hold a patent for “soft toys in the shape of fish with suction cups for mouths” since 2013, demanded I limit production to 25 a year or pay them royalties for each one sold.

Which would be fair, I suppose, if they actually had a patent for this. I stopped producing Otos whilst I negotiated with them. They were not able to give me a patent number. They’re based in the US, and I am in the UK so even if they did the patent would probably not even exist over here.

At the same time I was doing whole bunch of patent searches and research, including getting some help from friends and some trainee patent lawyers on Reddit who couldn’t find this mysterious patent either.

Another hole in this story is that there’s loads of examples with soft toys with suction cups attached “in the wild” already prior to 2013, including Plecos! Here’s some examples I could find easily by the plush artist I admire, Whittykitty:

I actually contacted Whittykitty and it turns out they’d been contacted by Green Pleco too, despite their Plecos being made in 2011, before Green Pleco even started making plushies! Their advice was to just ignore them, and after all this research I agreed.

I contacted Green Pleco stating pretty much all this, and after being unable to come to an agreement they said they’d put me in touch with their lawyer, which never happened.

I was ready to move on with my life, and Green Pleco had faded into nothing more than a joke (I’m sorry, you can’t do X because I have X patented). One day I stumbled over to Green Pleco’s page again, only to see…

Now, this could be some kind of magical coincidence that Green Pleco has suddenly branched out into a totally different style of printed fabric, but it does look extremely similar to the plush fish I’ve been producing recently. HMMMMM.

Oh, look, apparently these are patented too.

Here’s my Corydoras sterbai for comparison:

I’m pretty annoyed, but the purpose behind this post (other than for me to publically vent my rage) is mostly to let you guys know I have nothing to do with the plushies Green Pleco are producing; they’re using their own artwork and patterns and are nothing to do with me.

There’s nothing I can do in this situation, because unlike GP I’m not claiming to own a patent to “soft toy fish with digital designs printed on fabric” that I don’t have.

It doesn’t mean to say I can’t be a little bitter about this, though. Bastards.

Fact: The myth that pansexuality doesn’t exist is partially due to a situation not unlike with the Wizarding World. Ancient Pansexuals hid away their existence to protect the other sexual orientations from fearing their power, however this has now backfired as despite our efforts to make peaceful integration, the amount of Obliviation has left many unable to comprehend pansexuality.


Pairing: Bucky/Reader.

Warnings: SMUT. Metal arm porn, fingering, dirty talk, Bucky being a cocky lil shit. Me loving my Buck-Buck.

Word Count: 2631.

Rating: 18+

So… @sexylibrarian1 once wrote me something about Bucky’s hands and I had this floating around (obviously what she wrote is 1000% better than this, go read it) and I decided to post it. My wife is inspiring, if I was John Legend she’d be one of my Chrissy’s because @thecrownedrose would be the other.


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Writing a bilingual character: tips

(This is from my own personal experience as a Chinese person who’s better at English, my “first” language, than Chinese, my “second” language.)

When your character is going speak unintentionally in their second language instead of their first one:
• When they’re tired, they could slip up and accidentally start a sentence with their second language. Generally, though, they realise and correct themselves before finishing the sentence
• When they were just thinking in their second language/ talking to someone in their second language. The shift from one language to the other is where they could get caught up
• If they were startled, after just speaking/thinking in their second language.

Keep in mind though, that people very experienced in both languages will probably not be tripped up as often. Your character who has been speaking their second language for 10 years is going to trip up a lot less than your character who’s only known their second language for 5 years.

Unrealistic scenarios:
• Slipping into their second language in the middle of a sentence accidentally, unless they forgot a word they needed to use
Unrealistic: “Ok so you’re going to go down the hall and— 他妈的! I forgot my homework on my desk! Gotta run and get it” (The Chinese is a swear)
Realistic: “We’re going to need a… 车? What do you guys call that again?” (The Chinese character is the one for car)

• Suddenly saying something in their second language, when they were just conversing in their first language. There’s a mental switch you need to make when changing from a conversation in one language to a conversation in another which makes those situations pretty unlikely.
Person 1: “Could you send the powerpoint to me?”
Person 2: “Just did that. Did you get the email yet?”
Person 1: “我– oh whoops. Sorry! Yeah, I just got it”
(Chinese character is the character for “I”)

Bilingual things you could include in your writing:
• Thinking in one language when doing one specific thing. For instance, I almost always do Maths in Chinese. The whole structure of the language and how the words for numbers work out means it’s a lot easier in Chinese than English.

• A conversation that’s a mess of two languages all mashed together. Frankenlanguages. As stated before, I’m personally better at English than Chinese. So, when I’m speaking in Chinese, it’s often with English words interspersed throughout when I forget the Chinese word. In that case, there is no mental shift between languages needed. Instead, you pull from both languages at once. Ex: “我今天在学校的时候跟我的 Chemistry 老师 discuss 我的essay on the effects of acid rain on 咯房的 roofs.” (Translation: today, at school, my Chemistry teacher and I discussed my essay on the effects of acid rain on the roofs of buildings.)

• Your character could speak one language at home and another language when at work/school/with friends. For example, I speak Chinese when I’m at home with my Chinese family and I speak English everywhere else because I live in Canada. This makes for interesting situations where, even though I am highly proficient in English, I lack some basic vocabulary. What is a blouse? Not really sure to be honest. I used to get “dress” and “skirt” confused a lot because I only used Chinese to refer to those things and thus never built up my English vocabulary in those areas. I’ve had to awkwardly describe the fruit I was looking for in stores before because I didn’t know the English name for it.

Anyway, if you need help with writing a bilingual character, feel free to shoot me an ask!

Bts losing an argument

I’m back!! thank you all for the wonderful feedback from my first post!

 this was requested by @m-a-da-l-i-c-e, “ Hi, I was hoping that you Gould make BTS react to losing an argument with their S/O I loved your first react🎀 “

  thnx for requesting love ♡

seokjin- After such a long day, all Seokjin wanted to do was relaxed but as soon as he got home he couldn’t believe his eyes. His entire living room, a mess. And you were there in the middle of it, crying. He knew exactly what happened, you must have tried to clean the room but instead you made a mess. And you had the nerve to lie about it.

 “Seokjin i’m telling you, a bird flew in here and messed this place up!” 

He scoffed,“Well, where did the bird go then huh?”

Right at that moment a dove flew past his head outside the window and he didn’t even know how to react to this unlikely situation. With a small smile he said  “Found him..”

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yoongi- You called for the 6th time today and Yoongi was so done with you, that he turned off his phone and took some time to himself. However he only got 20 minutes of rest when he heard the studio door opening and your voice shouting at him. You were doing this intentionally. He was so stressed with the comeback and he just knew that you were doing this to make him mad. 

“How can you accuse me of not loving you? I do fucking everything for you!” He screamed, way too mad to even care about his tone. 

“If you love me so much, why don’t you come home to me? Why don’t you care about me?” you shouted, just a bit louder. And that’s when Yoongi just froze, he was speechless. Too stubborn to admit to his mistake, he just stood there.

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namjoon- “No no, i swear to god Rihanna wrote Diamonds herself!”

 Namjoon was so sure of himself. The two of you were in the car when diamonds came on and you told him that Sia actually wrote this song. Namjoon laughed in response because he was 100% certain that Rihanna wrote it. 

“Wanna bet? Whoever’s right buys the other one dinner.” you smirked. After a quick google search, the truth was revealed…. and you were right. (ofc) Namjoon looked at you with a defeated look and held his chest dramatically. You playfully hit him as you continued singing loudly.

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hoseok- “Hey babe? Can you give back my headphones now?” Hoseok asked. While trying to gather his stuff as quickly as possible. He has a concert and that means that he has to be in the car for over 2 hours and he wasn’t looking forward to the silence.

“I need them today, so i would appreciate you giving them back.” You calmly told him that you didn’t have them and that he probably lost them. You were busy with work so you couldn’t have had them. But Hoseok was convinced. “Listen okay, I really don’t want to get mad at you but don’t play these stupid games with me.” he said, his tone hostile. 

Hoseok left without his headphones and you were so hurt that he didn’t believe you. When Hoseok got in the car he saw what he had been missing, his headphones. Feeling guilty, he called you to ask for your forgiveness.

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jimin- His eyes were starting to water as he read the article. His everything was seen kissing a guy on his cheek whom he’d never seen before. The article mentioned that you had been close with him for months. “Don’t even bother to come home.” he texted you, and he called up his friends so that he could forget you. 

Jimin was absolutely wasted when he saw you sitting in front of your shared apartment. “We need to talk.” you said with a firm tone.

 Jimin scoffed as he started shouting at you about how you betrayed him. “He’s my brother you asshole!” you screamed while holding up your phone which showed a baby picture of the two of you. Jimin calmed down and begged for your forgiveness.

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taehyung- He was so confused, How could you not want kids? They were cute sweet and most of all, they were a mix of him and the person he loved the most. However you would not budge and you kept telling him that you didn’t have the time or the right mindset for children.

“Okay, but what about in like a year?” He asked once again. You didn’t want to get mad but you had to be in order to get your point across. “Listen Kim Taehyung, in the end it’s my body and i have to push out a child so it doesn't matter that you really want them, its my choice!” you looked at him but you couldn’t read his face very well. After a few minutes of silence he spoke with genuine regret “You’re absolutely right, i’m so sorry for pushing you.”

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jungkook- This was the third night that Jungkook wasn’t in bed with you. He’d run in to get his stuff, kiss you on the cheek and run out. You were so fed up with him and you decided to call him. 

“Hello?” You could clearly hear people laughing in the background. “Hey it’s me, i was just wondering if you’ll be home tonight, I really miss you” your eyes began to water. He responded with a short “don’t know” and hung up. 

You felt betrayed, neglected and unloved. you decided to text him. “Jungkook, i have trouble telling you how i feel so ill do it quickly. I can’t keep waiting for you to come home and I’ve been considering leaving, however i end up staying every time because i love you, and i know you love me too i just wish you’d show it a bit more. Sleep well x

The next morning you woke up to Jungkook sitting at the foot of your bed. He had tears in his eyes just kept saying sorry over and over again. 

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That what have cartoons/animated movies taught me? Boy, let me tell you!

Adventure Time- Your journey will be filled with obstacles in the most unlikely situations, but you will be always be accompanied by the people you know and love. You’re not alone.

Aladdin- Don’t change yourself over the person you love. They will and need to love you by who you are!

Ben 10- If you find something, use it for the world’s advantage. Go out there. Make yourself useful!

Big Hero 6- Same as Ben 10, but still. Go and show the world what you got. You’re a legacy.

Brother Bear- I know that this is cliche but is the typical “you don’t know what you have until you lose it” lesson, but it’s still really meaningful.

Chicken Little- People might not be at your side, even your family, but your friends always will.

Dumbo- Don’t let your physical condition or identity stop you from chasing your dreams.

Fairy Godparents- Just literally, be careful what you wish for.

Gravity Falls- This show helped me to create a better link with my sister and helped me see the world in a different way. Your family and friends will always be your best allies!

Hercules- Doesn’t matter where you’re from, you still can go to distance!

Miraculous Ladybug- Don’t let your negative feelings control what you do! They can create disastrous consequences!

Steven Universe- Your purpose is something that you’ll find eventually. Your parents are leaving a purpose within you, it’s just a matter of time to find out what it is.

Voltron- A group or a team might be different physically, mentally, and morally but it’ll find a way to make things work. Teamwork.

Winx Club/World of Winx- Same as Voltron. Your world is out there, your purpose and the way you see things will change completely.

Zootopia- Well, heck. Try everything. Don’t give up, just try everything once again and again. Society might establish something, but do what you know it’s right.


fandom: monsta x
member/reader: Hyungwon, female
genre/warning(s): smut, mob hitman!Hyungwon, tw: mentions of murder (brief)
length: 3K+  
summary: [request] hyungwon smut with female reader where he wears a suit and reader gets turned on and thinks he doesn’t know but he does then they do it when they get back home? ^_^

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Lean on Me

Oh boy, it’s another fanfic. It is gonna be fluffy a little with a bit of angst as well. But nothing too major, I assure you (I think. Like I said before, I don’t know how powerful my writing is now.). 

Like the other fanfic’s it is by @shinyzango 2D Bendy AU and is based on this post because I really want to write how Henry interacts with monster Bendy for the first time, so this is the first. 

So here we go! 

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{Reaction} Monsta X college AU

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Lee Minhyuk

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Minhyuk is that kind of student that jokes around and doesn’t really get that much work done but still manages to enter an exam and walk out with straight A’s, much to your annoyance. He’s a distraction, and he laughs to much when you’re trying to focus. But that’s what makes him somewhat attractive. When you’re watching him joke around, you can’t help but notice the way his smile lights up the room, the way his eyes are so beautifully attractive and drawing. It seems he notices your stare, because he turns to look back at you, sending a wink when he notices your eyes scanning his pure face.

{y/n}: “Aish, you’re so annoying.”

Minhyuk: “Annoyingly handsome, you mean?”

Yoo Kihyun

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Kihyun is that student that hangs around with his friends, but studies the most and puts a lot more work in than his friends do. He’s the shyer of his friends, the one that’ll skip on flirting with girls and hide in the library instead before his friends drag him into some kind of awkward situation. That’s how you met Kihyun, and it wasn’t long until the two of you became study partners. A romance began to blossom from there on, and he’ll be the kind of crush that’ll blush and pretend he doesn’t understand something just so you can keep talking to him that little bit longer.

{y/n}: “You don’t understand? Want me to teach it to you?”

Changkyun: “Of course he understands, he just fancies you. I thought you were smart, how come you didn’t work that out yet?”

Kihyun: “Shut up before I punch you.”

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Good social life, average grades, amazing looks. Wonho is that student in the year that all of the girls have a crush on. You’d like to set yourself apart from that, and for the longest time, you did, but as time ticked on being his friend, you realised how hard it was not to like him. He’s the kind of guy that can pull of the ‘cute’ and the ‘bad boy’ type, only contributing to his ultimate sexiness.

Wonho: “Do I look good today, {y/n}? I bought this leather jacket because I thought it might make me look like a bad boy.”

{y/n}: “Oh yeah, you’re so bad, I saw you rip a piece of paper out of your maths book yesterday.” *sarcasm - trying to hide utter attraction*

Son Hyun-woo/ Shownu

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Shownu is the student that spends the majority of his time in the gym working out, either that or he’s playing football with the team he’s the captain of. The rest of the time he’s with his friends or trying to kindly reject all of the girls that confess their love to him. He has a lot of unwanted female attention, mainly because he only has eyes for you. The two of you met in the gym one day, on the running machines next to each other. It turned into a competition to see who could go the fastest. You were upping the speed, and he would. Once you both finally stopped after half an hour, hot, panting and sweating. You agreed to be friends. Ever since then, you’d secretly liked each other.

{y/n}: *struggling to put a weight back on the shelf.*

Shownu: “You’re so weak” *winks teasingly as he takes the weight from you and places it back.*

{y/n}: “I’m not!”

Shownu: “Lifts you up with one arm* “You sure, honey?”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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The student that is incredibly smart in every since class, but no one ever knows why because he doesn’t seem like he studies all that much. He’s confident and sweet, but can also be sarcastic and rude when he wants to be. Was bullied in primary school but became popular in high school. He writes a lot of songs, something that you love about him. He’s written a few for you in he hope he’d understand that you’d understand the hints of his crush on you.

{y/n}: “It’s a beautiful song.”

Changkyun: “Nothing compared to you though.”

Chae Hyungwon

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You and Hyungwon met in an unlikely situation. You were both at a party through mutual friends, and were somehow the only two people in the whole room that were sober. Ever since that experience, you have come unbelievably close to Hyungwon. The two of you talked rationally while the others made fools of themselves. It seemed almost like love at first sight that night as Hyungwon found himself attracted to you instantly like a sudden shot of sparks. 

Hyungwon: “Can I see you again?”

Lee Jooheon

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Jooheon is one of the more confident students in class, and even though he spends a lot of time messing around with his friends, he likes to impress you in class with his smart brain. So whenever there’s a discussion in class, it’s usually him participating with you because 1. He gets to engage in a conversation with you and 2. He can prove to you how bright he really is.

Jooheon: “Our discussions may be heated, but I can make you even more heated in the bedroom.”

QuickTypes: Skam

UNOFFICIAL TYPIGN by @personalitypie

Noora: ENFJ

Noora oozes extroverted feeling. She is very attentive to others and extremely loyal to her friends. This is evident when, for example, she sticks up for Eva even after the whole school has turned against her. She is externally focused and adept at maintaining order in her environment. She has a strong desire for harmony and is passionate about her beliefs, but sometimes fails to think them through or consider other perspectives. This is shown best through her initial conflict with William, when he challenges her to consider the logic of her appeals, and then later when she discusses war and violence with Sana (inferior Ti). Like Sana, she can be judgmental, appears to feel like she knows best, and doesn’t like being questioned because she has trouble articulating why she feels so right (Ni). She not a huge fan of parties, but expresses her tertiary Se by keeping a clean, calm environment and having a simple, but strong and classic fashion sense.


Eva is dictated by her inner world of emotions throughout the first season, when she’s paranoid that Jonas is cheating on her (unhealthy Fi).  She rarely seeks tangible evidence and instead relies on her personal worldview, which has been tainted by her own experience as a cheater and her consequential sense of guilt (Si, she’s looping in season 1). Once she is pushed to examine her own feelings rather than project them onto others, she recognizes the problem and takes concrete steps to deal with it (Te), and is healthiest once she has reestablished her own sense of self.  Once she’s in a healthier state of mind, she begins to engage in the world in a more carefree manner, as can be seen is seasons 2 and 3 (Ne).

Vilde: ESFJ

Vilde is very concerned with the social atmosphere of the school and enjoys participating in and running established systems such as clubs and Russ (Fe+Si). She consistently encourages others to participate as well by invoking social roles, such as when she tells Isak to join the Kose group, otherwise he will risk becoming a nobody. She is very attentive to details and has no qualms about taking charge of the Russ group. When she develops a crush on William she begins to read too far into every potential sign that William might possibly like her back (Ne) and her inferior Ti makes it difficult for her to let it go as long as she can justify it with shoddy logic. It’s not until others intervene that she regains proper perspective.

Sana: INFJ

Sana’s Ni and Fe shows clearly at the first Russ meeting when she strategizes how to increase their buses’ popularity amongst upperclassmen. While Vilde is concerned with budgeting and toilet paper, Sana is considering the long game and thinking about where they’ll be socially when Russ time rolls around. She trusts her own judgement and doesn’t like to be questioned, and tends to be right about the big picture, but she sometimes makes assumptions that get her into trouble (Ti). This became clear when she needlessly exposed her brother’s fiancee, as well as when she initially refused to double check her facts during her argument with Isak (inferior Se). Her Fe shines brightest when her friends are in trouble, as she’s often the first to notice and offer sound advice.

Isak: ISFP

Like Eva, Isak feels very deeply but is very private about his inner world, and tends to jump to conclusions without any verification, such as when he was so easily swayed by Even’s ex-girlfriend (inferior Te). When he was in denial of his sexuality, he projected his own discomfort onto other gay people, which is similar to the way Eva projected her guilt onto Jonas (unhealthy Fi). His jealousy drives him to complicate things between Eva and Jonas’ relationship even though nothing would come of it. He shows unhealthy lack of foresight in how he deals with other people, often having to apologize to them afterwards.  He’s adaptable and easily engages in any situation, unlike Eva who (when unhealthy) often withdrew into her own head (Se vs Ne). His tertiary Ni shows when he passionately talks about parallel universes and what they mean with Even, but it also gets him into trouble when he withdraws and tries to figure things out on his own. He prefers to go with the flow and follow other people’s plans, and his final conclusion that he should take his relationship with Even minute by minute shows him at his healthiest.

William: ISTP

William embodies the cool and mysterious action hero figure. He’s prickly on the outside and mostly deals with the world using hard logic and in a direct manner (Ti+Se), but on the inside he has a soft heart that he’s trying to protect. Noora sees him as cold at first, but soon realizes that he simply prefers to base his decisions on his internal logic, and, because of his lower Fe, he doesn’t know how (or see reason to be) diplomatic about it. His struggle with relationships is evident throughout all of season 2. His attempts to deal with Vilde often backfire, as well as his initial attempts to win over Noora, nor does he try to deal peacefully with his family or the Yakuza. However, he does feel strong loyalty to those he lets in, and often makes their safety his first consideration. He prefers to deal with action and concrete reality rather than theory or ideas (low Ni).

Even: ENFP

Even is difficult to type because for most of season 3 we can’t be sure when his bipolar disorder is affecting him.  However, he seems to be constantly playing with ideas as shown with his drawings. He took what Isak said about parallel universes and, even though he admitted it scared him at first he ran with it, often uses it as a metaphor for what he’s trying to express (Ne). His advancements on Isak are inconsistent. He goes from flirting to withdrawing to trying to kiss him, without taking Isak’s understanding into consideration and instead assumes the details will work themselves out (inferior Si).  He’s compelled to go after what he wants without talking about it first, which can make him confusing to others (Fi+Te).

Jonas: INTP

Jonas’ TiNe is more prominent than his inferior Fe, but it still does show through. His healthy Ti, balanced by his mature Ne is evident by the way he is often nonjudgemental and not personally involved in other’s life decisions, but respects them regardless. TiNe’s tendency to instinctively fight against social norms unless they discover a solid, logical basis for them shows in Jonas by the way he goes against what is considered to be popular (shown by his hatred for Russ time and capitalism) and how he enjoys experimenting with drugs and going to parties. His inferior Fe shows in how he fights with Eva in front of his friends (not socially appropriate) and is not good at reading her emotions unless he’s really paying attention or if she’s being very obvious. He invites his friends to the cabin because he wants Eva and his friends to get along, but the fact that she does not want them there goes completely over his head. Eva also points out how he sometimes does not answer her texts, which he does not think is a big deal. This exchange is made to make the viewer think Jonas has something to hide, but like most INTPs, he simply isn’t bothered by not constantly communicating, even if it’s with a significant other. He prefers not to be emotionally involved in the situations he’s surrounded by, which are often emotionally-charged, like Isak’s, but when Isak asks him for advice, he approaches the situation in a logical manner by being pragmatic and still helpful. Additionally, when Eva cheats on him, he responds by immediately withdrawing himself and waiting until he’s had time to process.


I never wanted to leave my home. I did it out of the necessity to survive; I loved my family more than anything in the world and leaving them was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life.

My mother, she… she worked hard for us. My father worked in Bogota for weeks at a time and it was my mother who took care of Camila and I. I was ungrateful back then. I had no idea the sacrifices she made for us and did not realise until I was much older.

She was in a situation not unlike yours. Griffin - when you told me about him, I was reminded instantly of what happened to my mother, though instead of a boyfriend it was somebody else, a stranger I had never met. She became something of a ghost and wasn’t the woman I knew her to be; she never told me, though. She never told me about any of it. I only found out what had happened - and that she had fallen pregnant - after I witnessed her break down completely. She told me she would carry the child to term, and even I could not sway her choice. It would be difficult, and she knew that, and I had to watch as she struggled to patch her life back together again.

I was a teenager who didn’t understand the limits of my own strength. Camila asked me what I was going to do about it, how I could sate my anger, and I told her I would talk to the man who hurt our mother. She laughed at me, but she didn’t know I planned to do more than talk. And I did.

I found out where he lived; maybe it was foolish to go on my own, but I did it anyway, and all ideas of peace were abandoned. I felt his blood boil beneath my knuckles and I just kept hitting and hitting and hitting until he just… stopped. He stopped moving, stopped breathing, but I didn’t regret it. I didn’t regret any of it. So I dragged his body to the river and sent it downstream, watching as it sank like a stone.

A murderer… I regret it only a little bit, and it brought me bitterness to know that it was a secret I neglected to tell you. But I don’t regret the act itself - I never will. It took all of my strength to let Griffin go; after all, it was hard enough to watch something like that happen to my mother. It made me sick to think something like that happened to you.

When we point out that Amerika was the most completely bourgeois nation in world history, we mean a four-fold reality: 1. Amerika had no feudal or communal past, but was constructed from the ground up according to the nightmare vision of the bourgeoisie. 2. Amerika began its national life as an oppressor nation, as a colonizer of oppressed peoples. 3. Amerika not only has a capitalist ruling class, but all classes and strata of Euro-Arnerikans are bourgeoisified, with a preoccupation for petty privileges and property ownership the normal guiding star of the white masses. 4. Amerika is so decadent that it has no proletariat of its own, but must exist parasitically on the colonial proletariat of oppressed nations and national minorities. Truly, a Babylon “whose life was death”.

The settler masses of Colonial Amerika had a situation totally unlike their cousins back in Old Europe. For the privileges of conquest produced a nonproletarian society of settlers. The large majority of settlers were of the property-owning middle classes (insofar as classes had yet become visible in the new society): tradesmen, self-employed artisans, and land-owning farmers. Every European who wanted to could own land. Every white settler could be a property owner. No wonder emigration to the “New World” (newly conquered, newly enslaved) was so popular in Old Europe. No wonder life in Amerika was spoken of almost as a fable by the masses of Old Europe. Young Amerika was capitalism’s real-life Disneyland.
—  J Sakai, Settlers: the mythology of the white proletariat

druidgalrakeith  asked:

Not sure if you answered this already, but how do you think Iverson and the others at the Garrison would act or react if Shiro came back? If all 5 of them came back to Earth? Which seems more likely maybe. What would they think of the lions?

I’ve actually explored a scenario similar to this and the rough conclusion I had from Iverson’s attitude is:

First, he’d be pretty pleased that they’re all not dead, I think. Beyond that, I feel like he’d have the good sense to immediately recognize Zarkon and the empire as a threat, but would probably not be thrilled that the people called upon to risk their lives in this situation are 80% cadets and the one fully trained person in this situation is one who has lost a huge amount to the front line.

So I think Iverson would take convincing that he can’t just swap out the paladins with more experienced and rested personnel- he’d want to protect the paladins, and it’d be hard for him to shift gears to acknowledging people like Lance, Pidge, Hunk, and Keith, for example, as peers to listen to rather than trainees he’s supposed to be teaching and keeping safe.

Because we saw Lance grow and mature from where he was in s1e1, and we also saw that even back then, he had more depth to him than necessarily showed in the Garrison. Iverson didn’t see all of that. He saw Lance as potential, yeah, but, one that would take probably years to come to fruition.

And the “I don’t want you out there in mortal peril” would be probably a sore topic to Iverson because? At this point, he’s had to make unhappy phone calls to all of the paladins’ families boiling down to “either this person is dead, or vanished into thin air and we have no idea where they are.”

Shiro has likely been declared dead. His family probably had a funeral for him once already since it’s very unlikely, given the situation under which he did disappear, anyone would hold out hope of him being alive.

Lance’s family? Lance, who talks so much about his relationship with his mom, and home? They had to hear that one way or another he’s probably not coming back. 

Hunk? We don’t know about Hunk’s family but there’s probably plenty of people missing them.

Imagine the other cadets at the Garrison- everyone who knew Lance, Hunk, and Pidge.

If Dad Kogane is out there, imagine the possibility that Keith’s absence might not actually be reported with the others because it’d be harder to tell he was missing since no one was really keeping tabs on him that we know of.

The paladins coming back to Earth under any circumstances is going to be pretty heartfelt, and if it ends with “but we’re going back into horrible danger and don’t know for sure if we’ll survive” I can imagine some Impressive Resistance to that idea.

A Birthday to Remember // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff!
Words: 7.1k (whoops)
Relationship Status: together
Warnings: swearing
Summary: It’s Phil’s 30th birthday, and instead of waking up to his celebratory pancakes, he finds Dan missing and instructions for what seems to be a scavenger hunt. What will be his surprise when he gets to the end?

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I want to address a specific kind of ask we get from time to time at lgunity, which basically boils down to this: “Trans people who pass extremely well exist. This means that sexuality is not based on biological sex.”

This does not disprove our definition of sexuality at all, and that’s what I want to talk about in this post.

Question: If a trans man has a beard and a masculine physique, would a lesbian be attracted to him just because he has a vagina? If a trans woman has breasts, curves, and an overall feminine appearance, would a gay man be attracted to her just because he has a penis?

Short answer: no, it’s very unlikely that in these situations, a lesbian would be attracted to the well-passing trans man or a gay man would be attracted to the well-passing trans woman. After all, the trans people described here have surgically and chemically altered their bodies to emulate the opposite sex. It may not be apparent at all that they are trans.

Of course, it isn’t impossible for it to happen, especially in certain contexts (and keep in mind that these hypotheticals are always given with no context, even though relationships always have a very personal context in our lives). For instance, if a lesbian dated someone who began to identify as a trans man and transition at some point in their relationship, it’s up to them whether their relationship will continue to work. The same goes for a gay man dating someone who transitions.

Question: So if gay people aren’t attracted to the trans people in these scenarios, doesn’t that mean sexuality is based on gender expression instead of sex?

Actually, it doesn’t mean that at all.

First, let’s think about things historically. People who are exclusively same-sex attracted have always existed. They have always been attracted to others based on their biological sex and secondary sex characteristics. Women who only desire other biological women and men who only desire other biological men exist. That’s a fact, and there’s nothing intrinsically immoral about it, as we’ve been trying to make homophobes see for centuries.

Next, please remember that biological sex extends beyond one’s genitals. It’s extremely homophobic and disrespectful to call gay people genital fetishists. It is the entire combination of someone else’s sex characteristics that attracts us to them (and this is just the basis; do not think gay people do not care about personality and compatibility). For this reason, a trans man probably won’t be attractive to lesbians, even if he has a vagina, and the same for trans women with penises in regards to gay men’s attraction.

The kind of arguments presented to us are disingenuous, anyway. This isn’t about individual well-passing trans people. This is about lesbians being told that they consider all trans women as dating options, and gay men being told they cannot rule out any trans man from their dating pool. A pre-op trans woman is supposed to be just as appealing to lesbians as a biological woman. This simply isn’t going to be the case.

Question: Doesn’t this hurt trans people? Why are you contributing to the kind of rhetoric that gets trans people killed?

Let’s be clear here: accusing gay people of being motivating factors in the murder of trans people is fucked up and nonsensical. The reasons that trans people are murdered have a lot in common with why gay people are murdered. Both of our groups are acting in a way that non-gay and non-trans people despise, because we are going against the sex roles we were supposedly born into. Trans people are killed because their gender expression does not match their biological sex. Gay people are killed because we defy gender roles by being attracted to the same sex.

It is cruel, then, to tell us we are contributing to the homophobic and transphobic mindsets that get us both murdered.

Even if every gay person in the world ignored our exclusive same-sex attraction and started dating trans people, even if we agreed wholeheartedly that trans women are exactly the same as biological women and trans men are exactly the same as biological men, trans people would still be murdered. That’s because gay people aren’t the ones oppressing and killing trans people. We have no societal power to create a transphobic instrastructure.

Name the problem: straight, non-trans men who hate anyone who defies sex-based roles, whether through being gay or being trans. Name the problem: a society that privileges people who behave in a gender-conforming, heterosexual manner.

Gay people are not the enemy of trans people. We share a common oppression. Instead of focusing activist efforts on forcing gay people into relationships and sex we don’t want, we need to fight the actual sources of homophobia and transphobia.



[ser-uh n-dip-i-tee] 

1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

2. good fortune; luck:
    the serendipity of getting the first job she applied for.

The word serendipity was formed by English author Horace Walpole (1717-1797) from Serendip (also Serendib), an old name for Sri Lanka, in reference to a Persian tale, The Three Princes of Serendip, whose heroes “discovered, quite unexpectedly, great and wonderful good in the most unlikely of situations, places and people.”

“Serendipity is nice, but hoping for luck and the magic of happenstance shouldn’t be an excuse for a lack of proactivity. I had to learn for myself that waiting isn’t a life plan.”
- Karen Finerman

Thinking about Susan Pevensie

I’ve always thought that the end for Susan was really cruel. She is the only friend of Narnia who can’t go back there, who can’t go to Aslan’s kingdom. They say that’s because she is no longer interested in Narnia, that she doesn’t want to remember it, that she prefers boys and lipsticks. It was like saying that she couldn’t go back to Narnia because she had become selfish. Selfish? Susan the Gentle a selfish person? I’m sorry to doubt that.An I started to think about how she left Narnia, about how she tried to forget it. And I have come to a conclusion.

First of all their lives in Cair Paravel. I am sure she had the hardest time adapting to it. She always had problems to simply believe, unlike her brothers. She had to adapt to live in a world full of magic, full of talking animals and wonderful creatures, but she had a lifetime to do it. And she learned to love all the wonders of Narnia. She was the smartest of the four, with her intelligence she stopped wars. They grew up, she was no longer a child, she was a lady, so pretty and so smart, lots of men longed for her love, maybe she even loved someone. She and Lucy surely would have take care of abused girls and orphaned kids, because the two of them were just so kind. She would probably had became the mother for all those children and maybe she had kids for her own. But one day they went to the woods, found the wardrobe and returned to the real world, leaving everything behind. The four brothers once Kings and Queens from Narnia, grown respected adults had to learn to live as kids again. All of them had a rough time accepting it, all of them had their problems, but I think that Susan had the hardest one, for a lots of reasons (some of them I will add later). She never had been the kind of kid who can adapt quickly to the situations, unlike the others. She had been trying hard to accept that they left Narnia, she was losing the hope of ever returning to their kingdom. As she said “It’s time to accept that we live here”, not because she likes it, but because she tries her hardest to accept England again.

And then they are called again to go back. And I think that deep down she knows that they wouldn’t be able to stay for long, that they will have to go back to England again after all. In all the story of Prince Caspian she tries to not be optimistic about their return, but at the end she starts to hope that they will stay or maybe they will be able to go back again. Her siblings were to happy to notice that, they never lost the hope of returning. They were more childish than her, she was the mature the realistic one, the others never needed to learn to live in Narnia, for them it was natural, they had the ability to adapt to the two worlds.

So back in Narnia she started to have her old hope. But then, after saving Narnia again, after fighting for her land, for her home Aslan told her and Peter that they wouldn’t be able to go to Narnia ever again. And in that instant, she lost it, all her hopes broken, all her dreams again were destroyed. So she decided to move on, she used to be the practical one, the logical but she couldn’t find any logic in longing for something that she would never have. So when they get back to England for the second time, she decided to forget Narnia. She decided to fit in what she was supposed to be, a pretty girl. Of course she denied their adventures in that fantastic land, she couldn’t do otherwise, the pain was so strong. She wasn’t Valiant as Lucy she couldn’t endure her pain of losing everything again. She chose the easiest way but at the same time the hardest one. She left Narnia but she also left her brothers. She denied their adventures, not for finding them foolish and childish, but because she would broke, and she needed to stay strong, for Lucy who never gave up in returning to Narnia, for Edmund who will always blame himself for something that wasn’t really his fault, for Peter who always would be a King despite he would never go back to his kingdom.

But I think there’s something more important than that. I believe that in Narnia there aren’t the same gender roles that in our society. In Narnia she was a Queen, a hero, a warrior, valued by her intelligence and her kindness. She ruled a world where she was someone for herself. She had a voice and everybody listened to it, everybody respected her. She used to be someone, not just for being a Queen, but for being herself. Now she was send to live in a cold and hard world. She would be stuck for live in a world where she was just an object, a beauty pice of jewelry to carry around, she became a price for a pretentious man a speechless picture, nobody listening her, just a girl, a kid, with a great brain wasted in a misogynist society.

Her siblings didn’t see it, again. The boys used to be rulers and used to be listened, just as her, but they were boys, they would grew up and became man, and they will have the option of becoming someone, but not her, she wouldn’t. And then there was Lucy, to young, to pure to realize that. She was like a mother for her siblings, so she decided, she needed to be the “realistic one”, to protect them from the real world. So she left Narnia, so her brothers would be able to dream about a country that loved them. She did everything she could to protect them, and especially, to protect Lucy. She drew all the attention of the society so her little sister would be a kid a little longer, Lucy would dream about a magic land with talking creatures, instead of being afraid of the cruel world. She made herself an object, so Lucy would be a kid as long as it would be possible. But at the bottom of her heart she still missed everything, she missed being smart, she missed being respected by what she was, that’s why she aimed to be in the high society, she wanted to feel loved as a Queen of Narnia, and the closest thing she could have was being admired as a walking beauty. So she became “interested in nothing except lipstick, nylons and invitations”. Her brothers didn’t understand that. They thought she was just being selfish, she is beauty, she likes being admired by others about that trait and that’s all she cares, they thought, and they just saw her like all the society that pushed her in being that, so she became “no longer a friend of Narnia”.

So at the end she never had been selfish, instead she was the most selfless of them. She left Narnia so her brothers could stay.

And here comes the worst part of her story. She loses all her family and friends in a train crash. She always secretly believed in Aslan in his power and his kindness, but when she loses all her brothers she loses it. She can’t believe that Aslan, after all the things that they have done for him and his land haven’t saved her brothers, because of course, she doesn’t know that they are in Aslan’s land. She has lost everything again, and she doesn’t feel strong enough to keep going, but she is a Queen of Narnia, she is the last Queen of Narnia, Susan the Gentle, and she has to keep moving, without the magnificence of Peter, without the justice of Edmund and without the courage of the valiant Lucy. She will have to fight everyday, to keep going, to stay alive, to be the good woman wants her to be, to be the last Pevensie.