unlikely singapore

i know its unlikely since singapore was such an intimate thing but dan and phil could draw such great aesthetic inspiration from their singapore trip and make merch out of it like personally id fuck up a poster of the pictures dan and phil took of each other in the crystal lights


Whoo, it’s our favorite time of the week – #FridayReads! I’m flaunting my ARC privilege with Vivian Shaw’s delightful Strange Practice.

Our Gal in London Annalisa Quinn is acclimatizing herself to British food with Nigel Slater’s Eating for England.

Co-Tumblrina Nicole Cohen says Killers of the Flower Moon has hooked her with its storytelling.

Big Boss Edith Chapin is reading Singapore: Unlikely Power.

And our wonderful Intern Kelli is rubbing it in that today’s her last day with Todd Parr’s The Goodbye Book. Goodbye, Intern Kelli! We’ll miss you, but we fully expect to see you pop up somewhere else in the building.

– Petra

Xian Jie.

[A few] weeks back I went to Hong Kong to help film the protests.

Just a few hours after landing, I found myself on an overpass when I heard shooting down below. There were rumours that rubber bullets were going to be used so I thought that’s what it was. Then the police on the overpass started running away, so out of instinct, I started running too.

It turns out they had been shooting

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I am a film photographer from Singapore.

Unlike other film-converts(from digital), I began venturing into photography with films. The inability to look at your shots immediately or delete them, together with the thorough thought process that happens behind every shot makes film a very special and initimate photography medium for me. Currently, I am shooting with my favourite Nikon FM1, LC-A+ and occasionally on my phone too.

My goal: I believe that to continue leasing new life into film photography, one must not only continue shooting in film but also to try to breakthrough the main stream photography industry which is, admittedly, dominated by digital mediums.

Bring back the beauty to analog photography.