unlikely besties

You know what I would love? Riverdale hogwarts AUs. Hufflepuff Betty and Slytherine Veronica becoming unlikely besties, Ravenclaw Juggie and Betty spending more and more time togeather in the library, lunching a Hogwarts paper, investigating the death of Gryffindor Jason Blossom, all of them coming over to Archie at the Gryffindor table to eat together, Gryffindor Cheryl creating the Velas, a quidditch cheer leading team, Slytherine Josie arranging little gigs for her pussycats at house parties, Juggie sneaking into the hufflepuff common room to hang out with Betty and vice versa, Hufflepuff Kevin helping Juggs and Betts beacause his dad is an Auror…. just so many possibilities.

In fact I love it so much I may just write one :)


Gif sources:  Nat  |  Clint  |  Thor  |  Bruce  |  Tony  |  Steve  |  Bucky  |  Sam  |  Pietro&Wanda

Imagine an Avengers College AU where Nat is your super supportive feminist protective roommate/BFF, Clint is your other bestie who sleeps on your couch, Thor is the intimidating, but actually super sweet neighbor, Bruce is a frat boy, but actually an okay guy, Tony is the unlikely bestie and roommate, and Steve and Bucky are the super hot guys everyone drools over, but who actually have an ultra cute crush on you, Sam is your other lovely neighbor who really loves baking and is always dropping cookies or whatever over to you and Nat whenever one of you sounds particularly stressed through the wall, and Pietro and Wanda are the cute exchange students.

——— Request for anon ———

“Are you ever going to get your own place, or are you going to permanently reside on this couch?” Tony quips as he nudges Clint’s legs off the couch to where he can plop down beside your friend.

Clint rolls his eyes, “I’m good where I am.”

“Where’s your rent money, then?” Natasha calls playfully as she walks into the small living space of the shared apartment, only for her small giggle to be cut short at the sound of a knock on the door.

“It’s my turn,” you groan as you push yourself from where you’d been sprawled over the floor, carefully stepping over your notes and books as you make your way to the door.

“I bet it’s those two guys again—  What were their names? Bucky and Steve,” Clint smirks, waggling his brows at you, and only causing an annoyed blush to crawl up your neck. “Third time this week, huh?”

“Yeah,” Tony agrees, pursing his lips into a kiss teasingly, “they’ve got the major hots for you!”

“Shut up!”

I said I could name 20 Heroines who I'd pay to see in their own films...

And damnit, I’m gonna do it. These are in no particular order and while some of them may be strange, remember, not every hero movie has to be a big o'l Iron Man III type thing. You can have some Blade-esq small fish too:

1. Black Widow - A sci-fi thriller featuring the rise of a Neo-Hydra organization that shows us what kind of jobs Nick Fury sends Natasha into when the Avengers would ask too many questions. Possible Foes: Madame Hydra, the Von Strucker twins. 

2. She-Hulk - A tongue-in-cheek action-comedy featuring Bruce’s lawyer cousin who gets a transfusion or transplant from him and gains her powers. Gives a ‘slice of life’ look at superheroes. Possible Foes: Titana, Volcana, the Mad Thinker and his Awesome Android. 

3. Firestar - Teenage girl gets microwave/fire powers in an accident (keeping her a mutant means she might not get into the Avengers-verse) and does the Spider-Man thing, just genderswapped. People remember her from Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and she’d be a great audience proxy in a later Avengers movie when Cap has figured more shit out. Possible Foes: Pick a Spidey baddie that isn’t going to be used in the Spider-Man series.

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