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Every time you post a work out/fitness post your form or advice is totally off. And everyone who comments seems to have no clue either. Know your facts before advising others incorrectly. Coming from a long time personal trainer.

This comment is coming from a Whiney anon who is unlikely a trainer. The advice I give online is not only basic as hell but it’s based on years in the gym and as an athlete. I am not a certified trainer (though that’s definitely something I’ve always been interested in) and I make this known, but for that reason I do not go into in depth training regimens or talk about dieting/nutrition outside of my own experience in what I eat and what I do and what I’ve been coached or researched. Most questions I get ask for basic exercises to target x,y, and z or what I do myself in the gym– none of which is “way off.” I’m pretty sure you’re commenting regarding the handstand push-ups video I posted on Instagram today? My post-workout burnout exercise of strict handstand push-ups? Yea, I did those perfectly fine, thanks. I don’t have perfect form in everything I do, it’s something I work toward, and try to make progress in, but I’m not here selling fitness videos and I’m going to post gym updates whether you approve of them or not. If you have advice for people, including me, I’m always looking for new workouts and further fitness knowledge but you’re just a hater without anything constructive to say.

Lumière and Plumette Headcanons

So I realized that a most of my Post-Curse/Parenting headcanons have been pretty heavily focused on Adam and Belle and I felt the need to write a post dedicated to Lumière and Plumette headcanons because let’s face it, they are adorable! So here are some fluffy post-curse/parenting Lumiette heacanons. There is a little bit of cross-over with this post here but most are new… Enjoy!

- Lumière and Plumette get engaged shortly after the curse is broken. Now that they are human again, they can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. Lumière plans this grand, elaborate proposal with flowers and candles and feathers everywhere, a fully choreographed song and dance number with Cadenza, Garderobe, and Chapeau all set to accompany him in the ballroom. When he leads her down the hall to the ballroom, he finds himself overwhelmed by his love for her. The sparkle of curiosity in her eye as she asks him what he is up to. The way she laughs as she plays along with his antics. The way her hand feels in his. He realizes all the spectacle in the world he could create would never compare to this beautiful woman beside him. Just like that, all of his plans go out the window. He proposes right there in the hall. When Cadenza and Gardarobe start to wonder what is taking them so long, they go looking for them and find Plumette and Lumière making out on the floor. Lumière smiles up from the floor at them, Plumette still on top of him, and giddily says “She said yes!”

- In the weeks that followed the curse being broken, Lumière and Plumette end up having many a romantic tryst about the castle. It is not an uncommon sight for them to be found emerging from some secluded corner looking a bit disheveled, Lumière fixing his jacket and nodding casually to whoever catches them.

-  Adam insists on paying for Lumière and Plumette’s wedding. He feels guilty that the curse prevented the happy day for so long, so paying for the wedding is the least he feels he can do. “Anything they want.” He insists. Lumière makes this into a bit of a game and begins to come to Adam with increasingly over the top ideas. Adam, still being the extra party thrower that he is, is completely on board with these ideas. Plumette eventually reels Lumière in before things get too out of hand.

-  Cogsworth is Lumière’s best man and Madame Garderobe is Plumette’s matron of honor. Adam and Belle serve as groomsman and bridesmaid as well. Maestro Cadenza walks Plumette down the aisle. He considers Plumette to be like the daughter he never had. Garderobe gives a long, gushing speech on how beautiful the love that these two share is and includes a few funny stories of their antics that make everyone laugh. Cogsworth’s speech is very short and delivered in his signature matter-of-fact way, but heartfelt. Everyone is in tears when he is done.

- Every now and then Lumière will talk with Cadenza about just how in love he is with Plumette because he knows the Maestro gets what it feels like to be so overwhelmingly in love with your wife.

“Do you ever just look at her and wonder how you got so inexplicably lucky to have her in your life?”

“Only every day.”

- When Lumière first finds out Plumette is expecting twins he oscillates from overjoyed excitement to uncharacteristically quiet worrying. Adam figures out how to use the magic mirror as a sort of magical ultrasound. After that, Lumière is completely at ease.

-Any time Plumette has even the slightest pregnancy craving, Lumière is hell-bent on getting it for her. No matter what it is, he will run about until he finds it for her. 

“My Prince! I am in search for some blackberries for Plumette. Do you know where I might find some?”

“Lumière, it is November…”

“And my beloved has requested berries and she will have them! Are you going to help me or not?”

- Just like Plumette and Belle end up supporting each other through their pregnancies,  Lumière and Adam end up supporting each other as they both step into their new roles as fathers. They’re both just so incredibly proud of their children. The sounds of them playing and laughing with the kids becomes pretty common around the castle. 

- Plumette and Lumière and up having a boy and a girl. They name their son Lumière Soleil Henry Adam and their daughter Claire Luna Aria Belle (Soleil and Luna for short.) They both have their mother’s curls and their father’s smile.

- One day, when the twins are about three years old Cogsworth comes to Lumière and says “Congratulations. Your children officially talk more than you do.” And just walks away, looking exhausted and defeated. A few minutes later the twins come scampering in asking where “Uncle Cogsworth” is. Lumière smiles and tells them “You just missed him. He was just saying how he wants to teach you all about the castle. But you have to find him first!” gesturing in the direction that Cogsworth just went, laughing to himself as he watches his children go bounding along in search for his friend.

- Whenever the twins get scared of the dark, Lumière tells them the story of “The Candelabra and the Feather Duster” until they’re no longer afraid. He makes sure to leave a light glowing outside their door as a night light as well.

- Tickle fights happen quite often with the twins and Plumette. They can happen at any time, without warning. 

- Lumière and Plumette teach the twins how to dance. Lumière uses “demonstrating” a dance as an excuse to dance with Plumette during the start of these lessons. He’ll dip her or twirl her around dramatically to get the children to laugh.  The twins mostly stand on their parents’ feet in their first few lessons.

- Both children end up taking music lessons from Cadenza and Gardarobe. While both twins are equally talented, Luna practices more so her musical technique is better. Soleil makes up for his shortcomings with showmanship. Cadenza and Gardarobe absolutely adore the twins and insist that they are prodigies fit to tour the world. Plumette convinces them not to plan any concert tours until the children are grown for the sake of their schooling and keeping their childhood as relatively normal as possible. 

- While the older members of the castle still stick to more proper titles, Belle convinces them to let the titles slide with the younger generation of the castle. To the rest of the castle Belle’s daughter might be Princess Amélie Rose, but to Soleil and Luna she is just their best friend, Rosie. When the twins are toddlers they refer to Adam as “Uncle Highness” and Cadenza as “Grand-père Maestro.” Lumière and Plumette love the familial sense that Belle brings to the castle, even if they themselves can’t quite feel comfortable calling their prince just “Adam” after so many years of addressing him formally.  

- Rosie, Soleil, and Luna often orchestrate little plays and perform them for the members of the castle and the villagers. They perform a variety of literary based shows, but their favorite story to reenact is that of the enchantment of their own castle. They’ve heard versions of the tale as a bedtime story from just about everyone in the castle. They also like to add their own spin to the tale every now and then. These shows end up being fairly improvisational and there is usually a lot of audience participation involved.(I wrote a short fanfic of this. You can read it here)

- As the twins get older, Lumière relishes teasing them, making terrible dad jokes, and playfully embarrassing them from time to time. He gets really excited when he finds out Soleil has his first crush on a girl. He sits him down and gives him some really good fatherly advice on how to court a girl (unlike Cogsworth’s advice of “flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep…”) When he is older, Soleil ends up writing several notes and poems for Rosie. The two become quite an item, ultimately ruining any chances other suitors may have had with the princess. Because of their childhood friendship, Soleil has always treated Rosie like a person and a friend first and a princess second. This won her over more than any note ever could have.


“I’m especially more proud of BTS. They are incredibly amazing. The way I entered the international market was pretty unique and they are a unique case too. In a way, I feel like the people who did not intend to do so bring unexpected results. They are gaining great reaction overseas. I believe they’re also attending ‘Billboard Music Awards’.Of course, all hoobaes work hard but I ran into them during a music show rehearsal when I was promoting ’Daddy’. They worked really hard to the point where it felt like their bones will break off from dancing. They are worthy of close attention and I think they will continue to be. I can’t give them any advice because unlike them, I have absolutely no visual. All I want to tell them is that no matter how long or short they go, they’ve already achieved an amazing score as an Asian artist so I want to tell them to not feel pressured.” - Psy

RED VELVET REACTION: Falling in love with a girl for the first time and realizing they aren't straight

Irene: When she noticed that her heart melted when you were around, it was a shock. She lost her air and tried to think but she couldn’t. Her cheeks turned red and she finally knew that she was gay. Irene would keep this for a long, long time because she doesn’t like to talk to people about her problems/feelings; and somehow she will make her way to accept herself and tell you her feelings.

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Wendy: If she could talk to Irene, she would. Wendy would get so nervous and shy around you, the person that pulled her out of the closet even for herself. Irene would give her some advices that she wouldn’t follow even if she tried. But at the end everything would be ok because Wendy would understand her feelings.

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Seulgi: Of the 5 girls, Seulgi would be the most confident to confess and deal with her feelings for you and would be the most worried by people knowing that she is gay. If she tells you her feelings for you it’s because she knows that you feel the same and she trusts you. But your relationship would be a secret for a long time.

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Joy: Would try to play it cool, but she is freaking out inside. Gay? Well, she takes a little to finally understand that she likes you, and she is afraid that someone will notice this. Joy is famous and she doesn’t know how her fans will react about it.

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Yeri: She is so young and at that age everyone is confused with everthing I mean, I was confused and I get even more when I noticed my gay side so. But finding out that she liked you, a girl, was even more crazy for her to deal with. Yeri would talk to her unnies about it, asking for some advice that - unlike Wendy - she would follow.

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About Supreme Chancellor Obi-Wan: does he manage to get his office moved to somewhere more secure and to his taste? Maybe with a small space for meditation or practicing his saber form?

Combining this with:

Anonymous said:
…welp since now Obi-wan’s life is so freaking busy, how does anyone get him to actually like.. sleep… at all…

Now, they don’t seem to be on the same topic, but you’ll see why. You’ll see why as soon as you read. lol

Obi-Wan has had to give up his small desk in the corner of the huge Chancellor rooms, instead he has a huge desk in the corner of the rooms. He adamantly refuses to sit with his back to those huge windows, even after he managed to convince the staff to let him set up thick curtains to cover them. It means that there’s no natural light in the rooms, but it also means that no sniper has a free shot straight into the rooms.

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This Is How You Help People

 A wise man was once asked “how do I help others?” and he replied “by acknowledging that there are no others.” I interpret this to mean that we are all one and in order to help others - we must first help ourselves. 

Many of you in the conscious community are looking to help elevate others so that they may begin creating the lives they want to live. To do this effectively we cannot go around preaching to those who aren’t on the journey of self-discovery. We must start with ourselves.

When you give yourself all of the energy you would like to give others to help them - you can concentrate on fulfilling yourself to the extent where you become the example of that which you’re preaching. Through doing this others will then approach you and ask how they too can experience this fulfilment.

It’s like if you went to a gym and you wanted to become healthier and work on your muscle tone. If you were approached by someone who’s morbidly obese but preaching about their program - you’d be unlikely to take their advice. Whereas if you noticed a personal trainer who already had the physique you’re trying to acquire - you’d be more likely to ask them for nutrition and exercise advice.

Keep this example in mind when interacting with others on their spiritual journeys and those who are not. We will always come across people we wish we could help - but remember that in being the example of what you want to see in the world, you will attract those who are seeking change.

The world will not change overnight. People will not change just because you told them to. Belief systems will not vanish quickly. We need to focus on elevating ourselves because the world changes one person at a time. Put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others with theirs.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Peace & positive vibes.

Dean Winchester by Jensen Ackles.

Okay, feel free to give me some tips about realism and portraits, or just reviews about this, because it’s my first digital potrait ever… 

That ridiculous doodle I finally finished
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With Love (Chanyeol x You)

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 4,249

Note: First scenario since my semi-hiatus! I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but I wrote angst? Based on somewhat of a true story.


The shrill ringing of the school bell has the teacher announcing sudden homework and students scrambling to keep up with her rapid chatter as they scribble down the endless list of homework, before being dismissed for recess. You sling your heavy bag over your shoulder, before slipping out the door of the classroom and to your locker. Your mind is so busy trying to process the amount of homework you’ve begin given within your first three periods of class that your head almost reels.

Low murmuring in the school hallways and sneakers squeaking against recently polished floors is soon interrupted when an unmistakably familiar voice booms, “_____!”

You’re almost expecting it when a pair of arms is thrown around you from behind and a heavy weight falls on you. “My _____,” his deep voice chimes. “I haven’t seen you all day!”

“Chanyeol, get off me,” you croak to the male who is twice your size. “If you continue crushing me with all your weight, I’m probably going to die and you’re never going to see me again.”

Immediately, your words cause the giant to get off you and look at you with panicked, widened eyes. “Oh my gosh, did I hurt you?” he asks.

“Maybe you should’ve asked that the first million times you’ve done that to me,” you grumble, recalling each moment Chanyeol has thrown his weight on you when enveloping you into a supposed “back hug”.

Although you’re seemingly irritated by Chanyeol, when he flashes you one of his toothy grins, your rigid lips can’t help but crack a smile. No matter how angry or sullen you appear to be, Chanyeol has always had the power to make you smile with his toothy grins and peculiar antics.

That is the Park Chanyeol who you had become best friends with.

That is the Park Chanyeol who you had fallen in love with.

And your thoughts travel back to a breezy autumn day in sixth grade. The day you first met Park Chanyeol.

Students chased each other around the class and Oh Sehun was teasing you about your hair as you sat at the desk by the open window, attempting to read a book. Sehun had been playing with your hair, and you had been swatting him away, as usual. Immediately, Sehun slipped in the seat beside you, and students scrambled into their chairs and muffled their chuckles when the door swung open and the teacher stepped in, a stern look upon the contours of her face. You could already hear the stream of murmurs in the class when your teacher glanced over at the troublemaker boys at the back of the class and announced, “We have a new student.

Heads whipped towards the door as a tall boy with scrawny limbs and a head of ruffled dark locks stepped through the doorway, his uniform shirt slightly wrinkled. “Hello, I’m Park Chanyeol,” the boy chimed. “I hope we can all become great friends!”

Uninterested in the new student, you simply kept your eyes glued to your book. “Take any empty seat you’d like,” your teacher instructed, and the boy named Chanyeol took the seat right behind yours.

At that time, you had mistaken fate for an act of sheer folly which had gotten you into detention for the first time.

It had been twenty minutes into your teacher’s lecture when a finger tapped on your shoulder and a low voice called, “Hey.”

Although you chose to ignore it, the boy continued prodding you with the end of his pen and blowing puffs of air at the back of your head until you turned around in frustration and hissed, “What?”

“I’m Chanyeol,” the boy introduced, his voice a hushed whisper. “How about you? We should become friends.”

“I’m trying to pay attention to the le-”

“Mr. Park and Mrs. _____, would you like to tell the class what you are talking about?” the teacher suddenly asked. All the students turned their oppressive stares to you and Chanyeol. “What is so important that you are interrupting my lecture?”

You stammered as you tried to form words. You could hear the other students snickering at your baffled state. You were never one to cause trouble and get into detention.

“Although you are a new student, Mr. Park, I’m afraid rules are rules,” your teacher sighed. “Detention.”

Thus, a  long afternoon was spent in an empty classroom, angrily glaring at the white board on the wall before you. Chanyeol sat at a desk on the opposite end of the class, glancing guiltily at your hunched figure. Not ten minutes had passed before the teacher announced she would be back after a teacher’s meeting and left the room.

Once the door had clicked shut, Chanyeol arose from his seat and nonchalantly walked through the room, taking the seat in front of yours. He turned around in the chair to face you, a silly smile plastered on his face. “Do you want us to get in more trouble?” you asked.

“I’m sorry about getting you in detention,” he apologized. “But I want to make it up to you?”

You averted your gaze elsewhere.

“Meet me outside the school. Tomorrow after school.”

Although you attempted to stay angry at the boy, he wiggled his eyebrows playfully and drastically begged you to meet up with him, causing you to crack into a smile and roll your eyes playfully. “Fine,” was your answer.

But one meeting led to many.

And many led to something more than just acquaintances.

The two of you, despite such drastic differences, had become best friends.

And you still are, even in your Junior year of high school.


Chanyeol shouts, bringing you back into the realm of reality.

“What?” you ask.

“Come on,” he says, grabbing you by the arm, “we need to talk.”


“What is so important that you literally dragged me outside?” you ask, sighing heavily. With your backpack slung over your shoulder, you and Chanyeol walk side by side, the January breezes tickling your cheeks.

“Do I seem different?” Chanyeol abruptly asks.

You pause in your movements to examine the lanky figure beside you. Same mussed, dark locks. Same pointed ears. Same bright smile. “No,” you say. “Why? Did you get a haircut?”

“No,” he almost scoffs. “I’m disappointed. You’ve been best friends with me since middle school and you don’t notice anything?”

You shake your head.

“I found a girlfriend!” he announces, jumping in front of you.

The moment the words leave his lips, a loud pang is heard as your heart falls and shatters. You draw in a shaky breath, before forcing a smile and proceeding to ask, “Who is it?”

“Jung Seoyoung,” he says. “I’m going to have to introduce you to her sometime!”

Immediately, you recognize her from a few of your classes. Seoyoung has flowing locks of dark hair and glimmering brown eyes, a face that has boys swooning. Not to mention, she’s light-hearted and laughs easily, always approaching others and being generous, unlike you- aloof and somewhat distant.

“How did you two get together?”

“Well,” he says, kicking dirt off the ground. “You know how I told you that I liked someone from my biology class.“

You nod.

"Well, that someone was Seoyoung, and I think we were meant be, because our teacher paired us up together for a project!”  Chanyeol beams, before continuing, “I decided to ask her out, and she said yes!”

A lump forms in your throat and you almost choke on your own words.

“Are you okay?” Chanyeol asks, cocking his head. “Whenever I tell you that I’m in love, you’re usually scolding me and asking me what I know about love.”

It pains you to know that he knew so much about you but couldn’t see your true feelings for him.

“Is there something you want to tell me?” he asks.

You want to tell him that you’ve had the biggest crush on him since your first year of high school, and in all honestly, your heart breaks a little each time he tells you about his latest girlfriend or secret admirer.

“You know, you can tell me anything,” he says. “We’ve been through everything together.”

It’s true.

You had even been there with Chanyeol through the period in seventh grade of his awkward voice cracks and sudden growth spurts, and Chanyeol had been there with you through your gawky phases of frequent mood swings.

You were never afraid to tell Chanyeol anything, except for this.

“I’m alright,” you sigh. “Just stressed from the amount of work I have today.”

Once again, a smile crawls up the sides of his face. Chanyeol ruffles your hair playfully and says, “My ______ is such a good student, I wonder how an idiot like me became best friends with her.”

You want to disappear, and your wish is granted when the bell suddenly rings.

“I’ll catch up with you later,” Chanyeol says.

As his heavy footsteps diminish, you pull out your phone.


“Explain to me again why we’re sitting here in the student lounge when I could be taking a nap in the library.”

Kris!” you shout at the lanky male, who is sprawled out on the coffee brown couch in the student lounge. “We are supposed to be having an important conversation!”

After seeing the exasperation and concern knotting  your eyebrows together, the male props himself up and sighs, “Alright, I’m sorry. Now, tell me- what’s wrong?”

You sullenly glance at the light olive green and crimson red squares furnishing the carpet of the lounge. You hug a pillow to your chest, unable to express yourself in words.

“You’re not usually this gloomy,” Kris remarks. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Chanyeol,” you sigh.

“Did he reject your confession?”

“No,” you grumble. “I didn’t even confess to him.”

“Then what happened?” Kris asks. Chanyeol may be your best friend, but Kris is a close childhood friend feigning to be your knockoff older brother. He is, perhaps, the only one who you trust enough to tell of your hopeless crush.

“He found a girlfriend,” you mutter.

Kris falls silent, his lips forming an ‘o’.

Your heads turn when the door to the lounge creaks open and a familiar male with scrawny limbs and flat hair steps in.

“Kyungsoo,” you call. Kyungsoo is another close friend, one who you had met as your desk buddy in eighth grade.

“You called Kyungsoo here?” Kris asks.

You nod. “He’s friends with Chanyeol, and he’s pretty good at giving advice, unlike someone,” you say, raising an eyebrow at Kris.

“Is anything wrong?” Kyungsoo asks, panting heavily and pushing his round spectacles up the bridge of his nose with two fingers.

“No,” Kris replies. “We were just talking.”

“I thought you were dying or something,” Kyungsoo sighs, plopping down on the seat next to Kris. “Do you know how worried I was when you sent me all those urgent texts begging for me to meet you in the student lounge? I literally sprinted here from study hall.”

“Sorry,” you grumble.

“Anyways, what’s going on?”

“_____ has a hopeless crush on Chanyeol but Chanyeol’s found a girlfriend and now she’s depressed,” Kris says.

Kris,” you shriek, smacking the male on the arm. “How could you so blatantly say that? I haven’t told Kyungsoo, yet!”

“Haven’t told me what? The fact that you like Chanyeol?” Kyungsoo asks. “I already knew that,” he states, shrugging his shoulders. “It’s pretty obvious. Anyone can see that.”

“Is it really that obvious?”

The two males nod in unison.

“If anyone can see that, why can’t Chanyeol?” you ask.

“Well,” Kyungsoo begins. “Maybe he does see it, and maybe he feels something for you, too, but he could just be mistaking it as friendship. He could think that the love he has for you is simple, platonic affection.”

“That’s obviously not the case since he found a girlfriend,” you grumble.

“Who is his girlfriend?” Kris asks.

“Jung Seoyoung.”

Pretty and popular Seoyoung.

“What I’m saying is,” Kyungsoo continues, “maybe he is in love, but he’s just lost. He’s looking around to find the one who’s stolen his heart, when in truth, she’s been here all along.”

Kyungsoo flashes you a smile, before Kris blurts, “Or Chanyeol’s just really stupid and a blind idiot.”

“If you really think that way, what should I do?” you ask.

“Tell him you like him,” Kris shrugs nonchalantly.

“Do you think I wouldn’t have done that if it was that easy?” you hiss.

“Well, why haven’t you done it?” Kyungsoo asks.

"Chanyeol’s always talking about some girl he likes and it feels so out of place to confess to him,” you sigh. “He likes all these pretty girls with bright personalities like him, while I’m an antisocial and indifferent geek.”

“If I were you, I would’ve confessed to him anyway,” Kris shrugs.

“I’m sorry, but I am not oozing with confidence like you Kris Wu,” you scoff.

“Why don’t you write him a love note?” Kyungsoo suggests. “You always say that you’re awkward when speaking to people, but you’re writing is amazing. You spend a lot of time reading books and writing, so why not?”

“Yeah,” Kris agrees. “Write it with love.”

Kyungsoo’s words begin encircling in your mind, and you realize- it’s not such a bad idea.

“Not matter how much of an idiot Kris is, I’m with him on this one,” Kyungsoo says. “You should tell him you like him.”

You open to mouth to respond, but you’re interrupted and absolutely startled when a voice at the door asks, “Tell who?”

You whip your head to face a beaming Chanyeol nonchalantly leaning against the doorway and secretly pray that he hasn’t heard anything.

With a bounce in his step and a quirky smile, Chanyeol steps into the lounge and collapses on the seat next to you, wrapping an arm around you. “Does my _____ have a crush on someone?” he chuckles.

A veil of tense silence settles across the figures in the lounge.

“Who is it?” Chanyeol asks, wiggling his eyebrows playfully. Kyungsoo’s eyes widen in alarm and Kris almost chokes. When you don’t reply, his eyebrows furrow in concern, as he asks, “Is something wrong?”

Suddenly, Chanyeol whips his head to the two other males. “Did the two of you do anything to my _____? If you did, I’m going to make sure-”

“Chanyeol,” you say. “It’s fine. They were just helping me.” You shrug his arm off and sling your bag over your shoulder. You give a weak smile at Kyungsoo and Kris. “Thanks, guys,” you mutter, before dragging your heavy feet through the door.

Only one thought surfaces to your mind, and you’re sure Kris and Kyungsoo are probably thinking the same thing:

Park Chanyeol is an idiot.


After a night well spent tearing papers with sappy words and madly scribbling your feelings for Chanyeol, a simple letter with the blatant truth that you loved Chanyeol and could never get your mind off his goofy grin was what you had settled with. Sealed in a pink envelope with a sticker of a heart, the letter rested in your bag.

“Did you write it?” Kyungsoo asks, the next day, suddenly emerging and matching his pace with yours as you walk to your locker.

Carefully fishing out the pink envelope from your bag, you show it to Kyungsoo before slipping it back inside.

“What if he doesn’t like me back?” you ask, sudden trepidation pulsing through your veins.

“The worst he can say is no.”

And it’s almost fate, how Chanyeol just happens to be standing in the hallways as you and Kyungsoo pass him. “_____,” Chanyeol sing-songs.

Immediately, your fingers wrap around Kyungsoo’s wrist, and you flash him a look that says, “Don’t you dare leave me in this situation.”

When you whirl around to face Chanyeol, the color drains from your face and your stomach churns. Seoyoung stands beside Chanyeol, their fingers intertwined. Chanyeol mutters something, which causes her to giggle and turn away with flushed cheeks.

“______,” Chanyeol calls, “I want you to meet someone.”

“Yeah?” you ask, tremulously.

“This is Seoyoung,” he introduces. Although you’re familiar with the fact that she’s a nice person, you can’t help but feel resentment towards the girl.

“Hi,” you say.

Although you feel a jealous kind of anger bubbling up and turning your ears red, you can also see the reluctance and disapproval in Seoyoung’s eyes, as she greets, “I’m Chanyeol’s girlfriend, Seoyoung.”

You almost scoff at her childish jealousy, until you realize you’re the one being childish. As Chanyeol’s girlfriend, Seoyoung has the right to be jealous of you.

But you’re simply Chanyeol’s best friend.

“Should we all eat lunch together?” Chanyeol says, his eyes lighting up. “Kyungsoo can join us, too!”

You flash Kyungsoo a pleading glance, before saying, “Actually, we have somewhere to be.”

“Oh?” Chanyeol says, his face becoming sullen.

“Yeah,” Kyungsoo says. “We promised to meet up with Kris in the student lounge.”

“Maybe next time, then?” Chanyeol asks.

You manage to choke a weak, “Sure.”

“See you,” Chanyeol chimes, wrapping an arm around Seoyoung and leading her to the cafeteria.

Kyungsoo watches you with unease, as you lean against a string of beaten lockers gazing sullenly at Chanyeol’s diminishing figure.

“You alright?”

You nod.

As you begin to have second thoughts about delivering the letter in your backpack, Kyungsoo’s words ring loud and clear.

The worst he can say is no.


The following days are marked with nothing but brute emotional pain and constant wrenchings of your heart.

Between classes and after long tests, you’re always having to deal with Chanyeol asking you, “Do you want to study with me and Seoyoung?” or “Should the three of us eat lunch together?”, and Seoyoung giving you unfriendly glares and an obvious cold shoulder, which results in you politely turning him down and using the same excuse that you had promised to meet with Kris in the gym or Kyungsoo in study hall. It pains you to see Chanyeol’s glum face each time you refuse him.

But by now, you’re not quite sure whether you’re avoiding the happy couple because you don’t want to get in between their happiness or because you want to shun Chanyeol for not noticing your true feelings.

Not to mention, you’re beginning to feel guilt towards Kris and Kyungsoo, who you’ve been constantly summoning to the student lounge after your classes to vent your bottled emotions. Each time you step inside the lounge, you have to deal with an overly eager Kris, who asks, “Did you give the letter to him yet?”

And each time, you answer with a concise, “No.”

It’s a stuffy afternoon after a long biology class, and you stand at your lockers, attempting to wedge your books inside. The sound of footsteps behind you, and you presume it’s Chanyeol, wondering whether you want to join him and Seoyoung as a third wheel. But when you turn around, you can quite confidently say that you’re alarmed when Seoyoung stands in front of you.

Although she simply wears tight jeans and a oversized hoodie over a simple shirt and her hair falls in unkempt swells over her shoulders, she still manages to look glamorous. But your stomach drops when you recognize the oversized hoodie she wears as Chanyeol’s. Your thoughts suddenly travel back to your middle school years, when Chanyeol had wrapped you in his oversized jackets and hoodies, incessantly whining that you would catch a cold.

“I’m sorry if I’m bothering you, but I’m just wondering, can we speak for a moment?” she asks.

With your lips pursed and eyes averted, you respond with a slight nod.

A thick wall of tensions stands between the two of you as you sit on a bench outside, watching as a few of the rowdy boys play a vigorous game of soccer in the grass field. Sunlight filters between the leaves of the trees looming over your two bodies.

“If you don’t have anything to say to me, I’ll be leaving,” you announce.

“No,” she says sharply. “I have something to tell you.”

You watch as she turns her head to face you.

“I don’t want you hanging out with Chanyeol anymore.”

Although you’re utterly shocked by her words, you pretend to scoff and ask, “That’s all you wanted to tell me?”

“Listen, Chanyeol and I are dating, so the two of us would appreciate it if you just left us alone,” Seoyoung says coldly. “I know you’re probably going to say that the two of you have been best friends for years and that Chanyeol is the one initiating your conversations, but it would be better if you just pretended not to know him anymore.”

Suddenly, you’re even more angry at Chanyeol.

How could he be dating such a jerk?

“You don’t have to worry about me speaking with Chanyeol ever again,” you say. “There’s nothing between us anymore.”

Without another word, you abruptly get up off the metal bench and run away. You can feel the tears swelling in your eyes, but you’ve promised to meet up with Kris and Kyungsoo in the lounge once more. What would they say if they saw you crying?

You wipe the tears away with your sleeve and heave a sigh.

As you enter the familiar hallways of the school building, a hand grabs you by the arm. “_____,” Chanyeol says.

Immediately, you wrench your arm free from Chanyeol’s grasp, lowering your head so that he won’t see your tears.

“Hey, are you alright?” he asks.

“I’m alright,” you respond.

“That’s good,” he says. “I was beginning to think that you hated me.”

“What makes you say that?” you rasp.

“I just thought you were ignoring me these days. I was getting worried that Kyungsoo had replaced me as your best friend.”

You mutter, “I should be leaving now.”

“Is it that guy you like?”

You abruptly stop in your tracks.

“Is he the one making you sad?” Chanyeol asks. “Remember, if there’s any guy bothering you, I’ll make sure they’ll regret messing with my ____. And if there’s any guy who turns you down, I’ll make sure to beat them up for turning down such a perfect girl.”

Oh, Chanyeol, you think. If only you knew.


It’s quite odd how you don’t see Chanyeol for the next few days, until you’re walking through the empty hallways after class and happen to encounter Kris. The tall male immediately grabs you by the wrist and asks, “Have you seen him?”



Although you’re avoiding Chanyeol, the look of concern on Kris’s face is enough for your resentment to wash away.

“What’s wrong with him?” you ask.

“He’s in the empty class next to the janitor’s closet,” Kris says. “Fix him. I don’t care what happened or what you do, but that boy isn’t himself.”

Immediately, you rush to the empty classroom and push the door open, revealing nothing but hazy sunlight of the setting sun through the vast windows and empty desks. When you step inside, you can see the faint figure of Chanyeol sitting on the ground with his back resting against the wall. You take the seat next to him.

“What happened?” you ask.

“We broke up.”

“Chanyeol,” you stammer, “I-I’m sorr-”

“Don’t be. Do you know why we broke up?” he asks. “She said it was because the two of us were too close and that we couldn’t date as long as you were my best friend. Have you heard anything more ridiculous?”

You do nothing but listen as he continues to ramble on.

“She had nothing to worry about. The two of us are just really great friends, and she doesn’t see that. You’re my best friend, and I can talk to you comfortably about anything, even about the girls I like and these odd questions I always seem to have.”

Once again, you begin to feel anger bubbling up.

Even now, he still can’t recognize your feelings?

“You seem to be really quiet today,” Chanyeol remarks. “Is something wrong?”

You startle Chanyeol when you abruptly stand up and yell, “Are you an idiot Park Chanyeol?”

The look of confusion on Chanyeol’s face is suddenly replaced with a similar anger. He stands up from the ground and looms over you. “What is wrong with you these days? You’ve been avoiding me but you won’t tell me why,” he retorts. “You’re calling me an idiot when you’re the one who can’t even muster up the courage to confess to the guy you like? Do you know how pathetic that is?”

His words cause you to wince. He knows that his words have hurt you, and that’s exactly what he meant to do.

“Why don’t you confess to the guy you like? Maybe then I’ll listen to what you have to say.”

Your sadness turns to anger, and you suddenly remember the letter in your backpack. “Do you really want me to confess to that guy I like?” you ask, a tear running down your cheek. “Fine.”

You zip open your backpack and pull out the pink envelope. You hand it to Chanyeol, who looks at it with confusion. “Why are you giving this to me? Give it to that guy you like.”

You can see the utter realization flash through his mind when he looks at the tears streaming down your face and the words scribbled on the pink envelope:

“To Chanyeol, With Love.”

Something about Lily Evans: she had a lot of friends. Years after her death, her son would examine the few photographs he had of her and wonder which of the people pictured there had donated them. (He would find out later that most of them had come from Remus Lupin.) It would cross his mind occasionally after that: he had the framework of the Marauders, but where were the people who had known Lily Evans?

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From the askbox:

Have you ever considered using the UFYH as terrifying motivation for unhealthy people with really messy eating habits? I’m asking this because the cleaning tips have helped me get over all the perfectionist thoughts about cleaning. If only that was the only problem. The thing is I’m also trying to eat healthier and all I see are meal plans for families with kids and all the clean eating perfect menus (with insanely unrealistic photoshop pictures). It’s overwhelming. Any thoughts about this?

I’ve been asked this several times, but I have no intention of getting into the health/fitness/nutrition arena, and here’s why:

  • It’s deeply personal. There’s so much variation on what’s “healthy” for people that no one system could possibly be right for everyone.
  • It’s potentially triggering in a number of ways, and I don’t want to get into that.
  • It’s far too easy to give bad advice. And unlike bad advice here that really only results in stuff around your house not getting clean, bad health advice is potentially dangerous, and I care about Team UfYH too much for that.
  • The principles of UfYH (20/10s, doing what you can while working within your own limitations, celebrating your accomplishments instead of beating yourself up for what’s still left to do) can all be applied to many things, health included. I want to leave it up to each person to do what’s right and healthy and best for them.

Basically, I don’t want to fuck around with people’s health. There’s too much potential for harm.

ETA: This is a general answer because I’ve been asked similar questions a number of times, and is no way meant as any kind of dig at the asker, whose intentions were nothing but good and who asked respectfully and who is a valued part of Team UfYH. I just want to be completely clear about that.

piplup  asked:

Hello! I really love your blog and I am hoping you can help me with a bit of angst I have been feeling. I love writing, and recently a story I put online has been getting a lot of attention. I was thrilled, all of it was positive... until I got some hate. It wasn't even constructive criticism, it didn't offer advice on how to improve, it was just backless, brutal attacking of my first chapter. This hurt a lot more than it should. How do I deal with haters?

Hello there, writerly friend~ ♥︎

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve gotten some haters :c

Now, you would be surprised to hear that my blog gets hate-mail. I know! That’s weird, right? I can’t believe it myself half the time. It’s super-weird for me because this blog is built around empowering writers, and encouraging everyone to create art. Like, I don’t understand how anyone would disagree with that :0 I have Anon messages turned off and I still get people yelling at me from time to time.

That aside, much like you I have gotten negative feedback on my work. And yeah, it hurt– but overtime I have learned many things. Let me pass them on to you (and all of our writerly friends c;).

1. If there is objective/constructive criticism there, take it and leave the rest. All feedback is important, even when phrased badly.

2. Your writing is not an extension of you. The more you write, the more books you complete, the more you will realize that although you wrote those books… they are not an extension of your persona. They’re things you made, but they are not parts of you. It’s harder when you only have a first chapter to your name, but (trust me) in time you will realize that those stories are products of your persona– not extensions.

3. Getting hate-mail does not mean your writing is bad. I talked about this recently, but your confidence SHOULD NOT be an extension of what people think of you. That is a very dangerous way to live. First learn to love yourself, and value what you do. Again, the quality of your writing has NO relation to what people think of it. Although it is likely that good writing will be liked, there is plenty of evidence that people are willing to hate on something without any objective reasons. Finally, If you need people’s approval to be happy, then you’re in the wrong profession, because…

4. You have no control over what people think of your writing. This is something that I have been talking about for years, but I seriously mean it. Don’t waste your time worrying about what people will think, or say, or tell their friends, about you. You have NO control over this. No matter what you do, people are going to love you– and they are going to hate you. You can write this on your wall if you want to. You have NO control over what people think of you– so instead enjoy the process of writing, and create the stories that excite you, that make you happy.

I really hope this helps. It’s tough putting your work out there, but you cannot let the opinions of some shitty people stop you from making your art. Every artist in history has faced some sort of backlash for their work– this is the struggle of every medium.

Be strong, writerly friend. I know you can overcome this~ ♥︎

observations from “too far”

amedot just makes so much sense

  • amethyst finally has someone who is her equal (garnet is too mature, pearl is too stuffy/coddling, steven is like a baby to her, even vidalia now is a mother and is the one giving ame advice). unlike in the other relationships, neither has more “power” 
  • peridot is not condescending to ame (though unadjusted to earth so she errs), unlike others. peri doesnt try to even play the “inferior” role despite according to homeworld customs she’d probably be beneath amethyst
  • peridot is the first one we see who seeks amethyst’s approval and attention; in the end, seeing amethyst laugh and making amethyst happy is what makes peridot happy, which is the mark of a caring and healthy relationship. 
  • peri actively asked for amethysts forgiveness while she only begrudgingly accepted that pearl is a handy technician, which imo was more a lesson of playing nice than anything, and she still hasnt apologized to garnet. peri’s apology was much more difficult for her because her feelings were more complex. adorable.
  • amethyst was more aloof at the end of the episode rather than emotional like we’re accustomed to seeing. part i think is amethyst maturing but another part might be amethyst thinking more critically over what happened–her feelings for peridot and their new relationship (unlike the way shes reacted to garnet and pearl, she was calm and even helpful to peri despite being upset). this is then another mark of a healthy relationship; rather than seeing only the bad of what happened, she tries to understand peridot, and allows herself to forgive
  • dey gay & smol

The Wall Street Journal’s attack on Trump could spell even more trouble for his campaign

The Wall Street Journal is out with a blistering editorial calling on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to start behaving like a normal party standard-bearer or exit the 2016 race. He’s unlikely to heed their advice — but it’s symbolic of the Republican establishment and that should have him even more concerned.

Respect Me or Else!

So as I think about the various police killings of the last few months (Brown, Garner, Rice) and other incidents of violence (Ray Rice; George Zimmerman, countless other reports and instances of domestic and other forms of violence), I find myself struck at how clearly one concept or emotion seems to be at the heart of most of these horrible incidents:


Think about it. At the end of the day, what got Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson angry at Michael Brown was not that Brown had allegedly robbed a store (since Wilson did not yet know this), or that Brown had allegedly roughed up a store employee (since Wilson did not know this, either). Nope. What Wilson reacted to, blocking traffic as a consequence, was that Michael Brown was walking down the middle of the street.

How dare he? And when Brown refused to move when ordered (disrespecting Wilson, at least in Wilson’s view), the confrontation escalated to its brutal end.

Likewise, what did Eric Garner do “wrong?” Well, nothing – legally. But he did not comply with police orders instantly, without resistance, docilely – which, of course, he was under no legal obligation to do. The officers, feeling disrespected, fought. And Eric Garner died.

This doesn’t just happen for police officers, of course. George Zimmerman seethed with perceived disrespect as Trayvon Martin walked through Zimmerman’s gated community. It takes little imagination to imagine that the last thing that flashed through Ray Rice’s mind before he punched his then-fiance was that she was disrespecting him by challenging/arguing/whatevering was going on that ended with him punching her and knocking her out.

And then there are the mass murderers, so many of whom seem to have scores to settle with people who never had the slightest idea they were on a “hit list.”

The thing about disrespect is that it is perceived in the mind of the “disrespected” person as much (or more) than the “disrespecter.” I might have no idea I hurt someone’s feelings or made them feel disrespected: I, after all, live inside my head, not theirs. Alternatively, I can intend to signal disrespect but reap only mockery or indifference: if the person I intend to disrespect doesn’t care about my opinion, my disrespect is of no matter to them.

Somehow we have built a society filled with people who feel disrespected all the time and who are willing to act out on that feeling – all too often to deadly effect. I wish I had an easy solution to this problem, but I don’t. Fewer guns would probably help, as would group counseling for the whole nation. Presuming both of those are unlikely, perhaps the best advice is: next time you get mad because you think someone has disrespected you, breathe. Take a brief break and remember that it’s about them, not about you. You’ll feel better. Really!


It do not say that in the bible. And if you have something against my religion we have a problem. Plus you do have the comment thing on your post. 2nd of all it is a sin to be another religion. Like if your Islam. But i dont think witchcraft is a religion anyway and you dont have to give a smart reply . Because unlike you im not a witch and i do read the bible. And i have proof that it doesn’t say that in the bible. Oh wait there is no proof.

-chuckles, sighs- It’s gonna be one of those nights, isn’t it.

Okay, I can see from your blog that you’re on the young side, so I’m gonna check myself a bit and try to be polite about this, but honey…you need to learn.

Let me address these points in order.

“It do not say that in the bible.”

Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. (Matthew 7:1-3)

How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. (Luke 6:42)

Nuff said there.

“And if you have something against my religion we have a problem.”

Hi, my name is Bree and for the first 20-some years of my life, I was an active, and enthusiastic Christian. I went to church and youth group regularly and attended Bible Study. Even as a pagan (Irish Polytheist), I retain a healthy respect for Christianity, and I think the idea of a creator so loving that they would sacrifice their own progeny to better the minds and hearts of a flawed and undeserving populace is moving and wonderful.

I also think that the Christian maxim of “Do unto others as you would have done unto you” is a fine idea and more people ought to take it into account. Hint hint.

Furthermore, you don’t know me and this hasn’t come up in a while, but I am a staunch supporter of Christian witches and the right of everyone to practice their religion freely, without judgment from others, as long as it is not infringing on the right of anyone else to do the same.

It’s not your religion I have a problem with; it’s your attitude.

“2nd of all it is a sin to be another religion. Like if your Islam.”

That is your view according to your faith. It does not give you the right to tell others that they are doomed or evil or deserving of ill treatment because their faith differs from yours.

Also, I believe the word you’re looking for is “Muslim.” Islam is the name of the religion. And if you’re already Islamophobic at your age, then I weep for the future of this country (some more).

“But i dont think witchcraft is a religion anyway…”

You’re correct! Witchcraft is a craft, not a religion, although some people combine their faith with their magical practices. And witchcraft is practiced by a goodly number of Christians as well as non-Christians. There’s a very wide array of people there. None of that means that practitioners of witchcraft are not deserving of the same respect and religious freedoms that you are.

“Plus you do have the comment thing on your post. […] and you dont have to give a smart reply .”

The comment icon is neither an invitation nor an excuse for rudeness.

As for smart replies, I have not spent the better part of my life studying comparative religion and arguing for religious equality to watch somebody get run down for their faith just because they aren’t a Christian. Especially when nobody asked for religious commentary, but rather for practical legal advice.

“Because unlike you im not a witch and i do read the bible. And i have proof that it doesn’t say that in the bible. Oh wait there is no proof.”

You may not be a witch, but that’s no reason to assume that I’m somehow morally or intellectually inferior, or that I haven’t read the Bible.

Also, you’re contradicting yourself pretty badly on that last bit there, but if you’re referring to the proof about judgmental and hypocritical statements, please see Point #1.

If you’ve read all this, then you’re a patient person and I thank you for taking the time to listen to someone else’s point of view. I hope you have a very nice evening.