Now that I think about that part of my education, I often wondered what benefit my teachers thought I’d get from learning how to address a baroness or how to dance a late 18th century regency ball quadrille.

As it turns out, as I sit here writing a period style romance novel, quite a lot.


From a NY Times article about the Oxford University Press crediting Christopher Marlowe as Shakespeare’s co-author for Henry VI:

Mr. Taylor said that the exact nature of the playwrights’ collaboration cannot be certain, but that they did not necessarily work together in person.

So Louis and Harry were just channeling their inner Shakespeare and Marlowe when they wrote Perfect without ever being in the same room.


Whatever you do, you do not shoot Colin Firth in the head, you just don’t.

I loved that movie a lot more than I’m probably supposed to. Shit.

We’ll concede that the cat in this ridiculously cute photo appears less than thrilled about the hug it’s receiving from its affectionate sloth friend, but we’re guessing that’s simply because it took the sloth so incredibly long to wrap its long loving arms around its feline pal. Just look at the smile on the sloth’s face. Best. Hug. Ever.

Photographer unknown

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Manni is a five-week-old boar piglet (boarlet?) who was apparently found abandoned in a forest in Ehringhausen, Germany. Manni is now being hand-reared and loves to plays with Candy, his Jack Russell terrier friend. The amount of frolicking and cavorting fun being had in these two photos alone feels like enough to merit a Disney film.

[via Telegraph.co.uk]

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