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A Medieval Latin Song

I’m currently working on an article discussing a rare fragment of medieval Latin.  It was only discovered in the 1970s, scribbled in the margins of a 10th century manuscript of Horace at a monastery outside Cologne.  What’s striking about it (to me at least) is its sheer modernity - it eschews traditional quantitative meter entirely, and instead maintains poetic coherence by heavy use of anaphora and parallelism, not unlike, say, Walt Whitman.  Here are the first two stanzas:

O iuvenis, non necesse est lugere;
O iuvenis, inquam, temet leva de solo.
O iuvenis, inquam, quoniam in novo oppido es
Non necesse est sine laetitia vitam degere.

O iuvenis, est quo ire possis,
O iuvenis, inquam, cum pecunia eges.
Ibi habitare licet, et non dubito quin
Multos modos gaudendi reperturus sis.

If you’d like to hear the poem performed aloud, with period-appropriate musical accompaniment, you can view this video:



We also visited the Enchanted Tiki Room when we went to Tokyo Disneyland! Unlike the Walt Disney World and Disneyland versions, theirs is based off of Lilo and Stitch. They sing songs from the movie and Stitch himself even shows up. They also have different birds, so no Jose, but they do have a lady bird as a star which I thought was pretty cool. This was one of the attractions where you could request a handheld device that shows English subtitles of what they are saying. 

I didn’t want to bother everyone else by taking pictures inside the show so I just got a picture of Stitch’s spaceship outside of the attraction. The book inside is the Ugly Duckling


A Grand Californian Lobby by Brendan Bowen
Via Flickr:
I had the pleasure of stay at The Grand Californian while my family was in town this past weekend! What a fantastic place! I wanted to get up early…like 4am early to get a clean shot of the lobby here. I’ve heard unlike the Walt Disney World Resorts, security is not kind to those of waltz around here with the intent of taking photos. As a resort guest though, no one gave me any trouble while I toured around here for an hour or so.

"I.F.T" - Or Why Skyler White Wins This Round

Skyler White has had more to bear than most. Among being a victim of Walt’s more aggressive tactics, she’s also the first to meet with backlash from audiences any time she takes Walt’s conduct and gives it back.

But this isn’t about Skyler’s fan treatment, a topic that’s already been covered throughly and much better than I could. Instead I wanted to write about how she reciprocates Walt’s treatment, specifically at the end of 3x03 when we heard the iconic:

A line so simple yet potent that they named the episode after it, there’s no question that this stands out as one of Skyler’s most memorable scenes. Skyler and the Ted in question had been dancing around each other since season 2 and it was clear what it would come to. But this line is about SO much more than her affair with Ted himself (I mean come on, Ted Beneke? This character is about as gripping as Jesse Pinkman’s wardrobe). It’s about how all episode long Walt had been manipulating her by catching her in social situations and backing her into a corner. This line is about her using Walt’s own tactics against him to get out of that corner, and leave him lying in the ring. 

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