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Ravenclaw Headcanon

Unlike Hufflepuff’s, who have the tendency to be the “mom friend”, Ravenclaw’s tend to be the “dad friend.” So instead of micromanaging and checking in on everyone, The Ravenclaw Dad Friend will tell bad jokes and nod in agreement to a Hufflepuff’s advice.  

You know what I would love? Riverdale hogwarts AUs. Hufflepuff Betty and Slytherine Veronica becoming unlikely besties, Ravenclaw Juggie and Betty spending more and more time togeather in the library, lunching a Hogwarts paper, investigating the death of Gryffindor Jason Blossom, all of them coming over to Archie at the Gryffindor table to eat together, Gryffindor Cheryl creating the Velas, a quidditch cheer leading team, Slytherine Josie arranging little gigs for her pussycats at house parties, Juggie sneaking into the hufflepuff common room to hang out with Betty and vice versa, Hufflepuff Kevin helping Juggs and Betts beacause his dad is an Auror…. just so many possibilities.

In fact I love it so much I may just write one :)


Display It: The Book Chooses the Wizard

This might be my favorite book display to date (because Harry Potter, duh).  Each shelf recommends books based on Hogwarts houses, and I had a lot of fun trying to figure out which titles to use.

Featured Titles:


  • Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline
  • The Fair Fight, by Anna Freeman
  • A Game of Thrones, by George R.R. Martin


  • Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn
  • Red Rising, by Pierce Brown
  • The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald


  • The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini
  • The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, by Rachel Joyce


  • A Discovery of Witches, by Deborah Harkness
  • Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, by Robin Sloan
  • The Elegance of the Hedgehog, by Muriel Barbery
Got7 - Hogwarts Houses

Mark: Ravenclaw - Mark’s a quieter member and I think his personality would suit ravenclaw. But unlike Jinyoung, he wouldn’t study loads and would actually be the opposite of what you’d expect from a ravenclaw. He’d procrastinate loads and would always do homework the night before it’s due, but he’d make up for it by knowing loads of random facts about completely irrelevant stuff.

JB: Slytherin - Our leader seems like he’d be a slytherin. He has a cool and chic persona that suits a slytherin. However he wouldn’t be like some slytherins who believed his house was superior, he’d treat his classmates as equals and wouldn’t be like the stereotypical slytherins.

Jackson: Gryffindor - Jackson seems like a classic gryffindor, brave but a bit reckless. He’d be willing to fight and die for any of his friends no matter their house. He’d also be fiercely competitive over their quidditch team. Jackson would 100% be a typical gryffindor, in my opinion and he’d constantly find himself getting into trouble with his professors for talking too much.

Jinyoung: Ravenclaw - Jinyoung seems to be more of the studious type and someone who values intelligence. He’s also pretty witty and sassy so I could see him fitting in with the ravenclaws. I can just see him practicing spells in the library or the common room!

Youngjae: Hufflepuff - Youngjae is the member who is literal sunshine and would fit right in with Hufflepuff. He seems like he’d just love being at Hogwarts and learning so much about being a wizard and the whole magical feel would excite him so much.

Bambam: Slytherin - Bambam seems like a slytherin through and through to me. He just has this personality that I immediately attribute to slytherin. He’d definitely be one of the cool and popular kids at Hogwarts and everyone would want to be him.

Yugyeom: Gryffindor - Part of me wanted to place Yugyeom in Hufflepuff but after thinking about it, he’d fit better in Gryffindor. For some reason, Yugyeom reminds me of Neville Longbottom in the sense that people would assume he’s not from the house destined for brave and chivalrous people. Yugyeom would be an underdog that no one realises is actually amazing at casting spells.

The Hogwarts House Matrix

So this entire post arose from a conversation I was having with a friend of mine. As we are wont to do, we were discussing Harry Potter and sorting various acquaintances of ours into each of the four Houses when my friend confessed she wasn’t sure of the House to which she belonged. I said, “Gryffindor” without a second thought.

But my friend was unsure. Pottermore had sorted her into Ravenclaw, not to mention her sister and one of her best friends (both staunch Gryffindors) also told her she was Ravenclaw. She herself thought she might be Hufflepuff. However, as the Ravenclaw-est of Ravenclaws, I felt obligated to correct her. I tried explaining my theory of the different value axes and alignments over Gchat, but decided visual aids were probably going to be more helpful.

Hence the Hogwarts House Matrix.

I’ve divided these traits into primary alignments and supporting characteristics

To explain the alignments (in declining order of weight):

Governed by morality vs. ethics: Ruled by a sense of Right and Wrong vs. Correct and Incorrect.

Externally vs. internally validated: Derives a sense of satisfaction from achievements and praise vs. personal accomplishments.

Socially vs. individually orientated: Effects and is affected by social situations and peers vs. is unaffected by others’ opinions.

The supporting characteristics are as follows:

Reactive vs. proactive action: How one responds to external stimuli.

Subjective experience vs. objective reality: How one believes the world should be judged.

Driven by passion vs. guided by reason: The raison d’être for doing.

Really, in my opinion, you can generally figure out which House you’re in by answering two questions:

1. Are you governed by morality or ethics?

2. Do you derive satisfaction from internal or external validation?

Answering those two questions gives you a pretty good picture of what I’ve defined as the core value of each House:

Gryffindor = morality + external validation = Justice

Hufflepuff = morality + internal validation = Fairness

Slytherin = ethics + external validation = Success

Ravenclaw = ethics + internal validation = Knowledge

The characteristics of Bravery, Hard Work, Ambition, and Cleverness are external manifestations of the core values. You must be brave to seek justice, you must work hard to be fair, you must be ambitious to find success, and you be clever to gain knowledge.

(More charts and LONG explanations under the cut!)

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Common rooms #2

Heres some of my own ideas on what the Slytherin and ravenclaw common rooms would look like. I had fun doing these and these two were a lot easier to do cause a) slytherin is my house so house pride and b) i really think people glide over ravenclaw as the smart house but the common room has so much potential if that’s all they are. Some cliché ideas but sometimes you gotta be cliché as hell.

~Very dark and gloomy no matter how many candles you light it will always have that atmosphere.
~Vintage/posh/classy furniture at least one of the 3 and lots of it is a dark oak or a silver/green colour.
~The main part is the window that looks at the lake obviously. Not much goes on as many of the creatures may feel disturbed by the people however every so often you see the giant squid or a group of merpeople and everybody freaks out no matter what age they are cause “hey did you see that what kind of animal that was? i have no idea”
~Its cold like all the time and even worse in the winter so the only way you’re gonna survive it by having a ton of blankets. Often on weekends you’ll see a group of older kids huddled together gossiping whilst encompassed in 5 or more blankets each.
~The shelves are covered in potion racks some containing the bottles (cliché but head of house is Snape so its gotta be shown in there somehow). There are books some are slightly torn and aged and others are completely missing the covers or pages.
~The fire place somehow has a greenish glow that probably adds to the gloomy atmosphere.

~Very bright again like the hufflepuff common room due the big, wide open windows and the candles around the room.
~I also imagine it having a book corner or something (i know cliché for the house but hear me out) there are books surrounding a chair made for two but everyone wants to sit in there so the only way to be alone or with your special someone :3 is to go late at night. The roof of it is enchanted to show the night sky which is probably the reason its so popular. Even though it doesn’t seem to have as many books as the library it will always have the book you want. (this was long but its my fave idea about any of the common rooms)
~The air is heavy with the smell of ink and parchment paper. None of the writing on any of the loose paper on the table has anything to do with homework and is usually just random facts or doodles. Ink is every so often found on the floor and they try to clean it but usually some is left for house elves to clean.
~Very modern furniture and unlike the others the ravenclaw common room doesn’t shove its house colours in your face so much. Its very white and snazzy with the occasional burst of blue and the brownish colour is only seen as patterns on blue pillows/curtains.
~The walls are pretty clean like they are plain white and the only thing on them is shelves with old books stashed upon them and the notice board that always has at least one post it note with a cool fact that is completely irrelevant but “hey do you know the spell Dumbledore used to defeat Grindlewald? its right here”


So i lied this was gonna be posted a day after the others but then i was all nah just post 2 per day for a while then when they run out there’s enough to last for a week or two before i can write properly again. I’m writing everything in advance because GCSEs (or OWLs cause I’m a hp enthusiast and that makes me feel better whilst i do them).

gracefully-fritz  asked:

Hi there, can you do one for ISFJ Ravenclaws please. 😊

Thanks for the ask! ISFJs make up about 13% of the population so hopefully a lot of people will relate to this :)

- Super empathetic and probably knows what you’re feeling before you do

- Will do A N Y T H I N G  for their friends tbh

- House pride to the max

- The type of person who can actually sit down and work on something stably for reasonable amounts of time, unlike many Ravenclaws who work in sporadic bursts of motivation

- Surprisingly social for an introvert

- But still needs their time to retreat

- Lets everyone copy their homework, then sets up a study group session!

- Wants to please everyone all the time unless you wronged their friends

- Super patient with their unstable, impulsive friends

- Friend: “Ugh, the quill is too far away… I guess I can’t do my Charms homework tonight!”                                                                                         ISFJ: “Oh, I’ll get it! Do you need any help?”                                                                                      Friend: “Nah, I’ll do it in the bathroom at seven a.m. It’s all good!

- But don’t think they’re boring do-gooders!! They have true ravenclaw passion when it comes to helping others and themselves

- Super imaginative and ends up thinking of all the ideas in a project/plan

- Humble to a fault and won’t admit their talent

- Contribute to the common room’s bulletin board with ideas about different issues and calls to action

- Sensitive to the needs and feelings of others unlike some colder Ravenclaws

- V altruistic and will defend your rights

- Live off of positive feedback even though they deny it 

- Doesn’t like when Hogwarts professors disrespect students because “We are people too!”

- Generally good people to be around when you’re facing an unfair situation because no matter how sweet they may seem, they will wreck a b*tch

- … As long as there is minimal conflict involved in said wrecking

- Loyal and will stick by you no matter what

#befriend an ISFJ today 

Send me an ask requesting headcanons/aesthetics!

PJO/HoO Characters In Hogwarts Houses

Percy Jackson: Percy is a Gryffindor. He is brave, courageous and stupidly heroic. He loves his friends beyond words. Just like Harry, the Sorting Hat considered both Hufflepuff and Slytherin because of his loyalty and cunningness, but Percy had already made his choice. At first, his teachers and the ghosts are shocked with his appearance. He always heard whispers among them, and they all went like “Almost identical, only he has a straighter nose and he doesn’t wear glasses.” The first time proffesor Longbottom saw him in close, he cried.

Annabeth Chase: Annabeth is a Ravenclaw. Her smartness, wittiness and creativity overcame her desire to prove herself and her bravery. The Hat didn’t sit on her head for more than 5 seconds (Percy later argued that it was, in fact,10 seconds but had no proof).

Jason Grace: Jason is a Hufflepuff. This was a huge shock to everyone he knew, because they all thought he would be a Gryffindor, but friendship was more important to him than saving the day.

Piper McLean: Piper is in Slytherin. Her ambitions were great, just like her looks. She never hated Muggleborns, unlike many fellow Slytherins. Instead, she always took care of them and made sure Slytherin was like home to them. As a Prefect, she freely gave detentions to anyone (Slytherin or not) to bully Muggleborns. She is occasionally found in the kitchen, drinking tea with house elves and making sure they all acknowledged their rights (a 100 page book named “House Elves: Equality and Laws”, written by Hermione Granger), and ensuring her best friend, Percy Jackson, always had his blue food.

Leo Valdez: Just as Piper, Leo is in Slytherin. As an orphan Muggleborn, he had never thought he would ever live in a proper house, but his Hogwarts letter comes and he is desperate to go. Later, on the train, when a girl named Annabeth Chase explains the sorting system, Leo guesses he would be in Hufflepuff, even though he never had friends. He becomes very close with a certain redhead ghost named Fred Weasley and always pull the best pranks together.

Frank Zhang: Frank was thought to be a Squib, but, when he goes to Hogwarts and gets sorted in Gryffindor, he proves everyone wrong. He was average in every class except from Herbology. Proffesor Longbottom is always patient and encouraging to him, for no apparent reason.

Hazel Levesque: Hazel is in Hufflepuff, and, according to her mother, a disgrace to her pureblood, Slytherin family. But Hazel is happy in Hufflepuff and even finds friends from all houses.

Luke Castellan: Luke is in Gryffindor, and very disappointed by it. He always dreaded Slytherins and wished he wasn’t such a heroic 11-year-old.

Thalia Grace: Thalia is in Ravenclaw, unlike her younger brother. The Hat was very intrigued by her personality; she had the bravery of a Gryffindor, the manipulation skills and ambition of a Slytherin, the heart of a Hufflepuff and the brain of a Ravenclaw. Her prejudice against Slytherin and Gryffindor, combined with her hatred for the Hufflepuff Prefect -some filthy 6th grader who bullied her on the train- made Ravenclaw her only desired choice.

Nico Di Angelo: Nico is an old Slytherin, currently using his duties as the ghosts’ prefect. He is in charge of all the ghosts: Always making sure all ghosts are happy and not bothering, Fred Weasley being just annoying enough to spice the students’ lives up, sir Nick being happy with his almost-headlessness, Peeves not sabotaging everything, etc.

anonymous asked:

what's the difference between a slytherin thunderbird vs a slytherin horned serpent?

The difference is in the values of each Ilvermorny house.

Firstly, you have to know that the Ilvermorny houses are not equivalents of the Hogwarts houses. They each have their own set of values.

A Thunderbird is not just a Gryffindor. A Gryffindor values their bravery and their chivalry, whereas a Thunderbird is naturally adventurous. They’re not the same thing, and it’s easy to be adventurous without being a Gryffindor.

A Horned Serpent is not just a Ravenclaw. A Ravenclaw values their creativity and their wit and their knowledge, whereas a Horned Serpent is naturally scholarly. Often, a Ravenclaw’s knowledge can be more creatively based, and it’s often outside of what’s commonly taught in schools, whereas a Horned Serpent has a more applicable scholarly nature- it’s most often valued for it’s practicality and not for the fun of it (though it’s usually both).

A Slytherin Thunderbird (like my sister) values their ambition and their resourcefulness and their cunning just as any other Slytherin does, but their adventurous nature manifests (or at least in my sister’s case) in some Gryffindor-esque traits being demonstrated. Given the opportunity it seems almost as though there is nothing they won’t do- I’ve observed my sister climb close to the edge of cliffs a thousand metres above sea level (although she sort of was following me) and she used her resourceful Slytherin nature to find the easiest path up and the safest path around.

A Slytherin Horned Serpent (like myself), on the other hand, demonstrates their Slytherin abilities in a more practical manner. They value their natural scholarly intelligence and use their knowledge as a means of outdoing even the smartest opponents in an argument. For them, unlike with Ravenclaws, knowledge really is power- and unlike a Ravenclaw, that’s why they value it.

Thanks for asking, and I hope this helped!

anonymous asked:

Suga... Is a slytherin. That's it, you killed me. But I was wondering, I would think he would either be in hufflepuff or ravenclaw. Can you tell me your thoughts?

Ahhh I’ve gotten so many questions regarding why I’ve put Suga in Slytherin, so I figured I should probably answer this!

Initially, I couldn’t decide between Ravenclaw and Slytherin for Sugawara, but ended up with the second option for a few reasons.

First of all, we all know how smart Suga actually is. Even Oikawa mentioned that Suga is by no means a weak setter. (and setters should be smart, should come up with a pattern for a game, with a pace, analyze the situation fast enough) He is smart, he is perceptive and he is cunning. Personally, I’d say Sugawara is not any less smart than Oikawa is, though Tooru sort of seems to me a little bit more collected. But that’s not the point. Originally, Suga’s intelligence was something that was leading me into putting him in Ravenclaw, but once I’ve read the description of Slytherin from Pottermore (and there it was compared to Ravenclaw), I decided on a green side. It was said, that unlike Ravenclaws, Slytherins don’t actually go clambering over each other’s heads. And Suga clearly doesn’t, considering his situation with Kageyama.

Then it sort of leads to the next point-Suga is very VERY ambitious. Probably one of the most ambitious ones in Karasuno, if I’m honest. He gives up his place without actually giving up. Suga wants his team to win more than anything, he wants to see them on top so badly he gives up his place, his games, all of their trust and his hard work because Kageyama can lead them all to their goal. The goal Suga so desperately wants. And yet he doesn’t ever give up playing in the games, whenever he has a chance.

He said that he doesn’t care if people will see him as a poor third year who was replaced, doesn’t care if his chance of playing comes from something potentially happening to Kageyama, he just wants to be there no matter what. Despite what everyone thinks on him. And that sort or makes me think about Suga being quite…prideful? Not above his head, but still. I think it takes a lot of inner pride to be able to think the way Sugawara does. To be in a way confident enough to let people think of him as a poor third year, because no matter what he has his inner strenght and knows it’s not true. Not to mention Suga stays on the team after they lose to Aoba Jousai because he wants to go farther, stays despite being a third year, and stays despite not. being. a regular.

And frankly his teasing nature adds a little more of snakish thing to him, in my opinion, so I decided on Slytherin eventually:’)

anonymous asked:

Could you share some ace!slytherin thoughts please? 🐍

I sure could! :) I hope you enjoy these. They were trickier in a way, since unlike ace Ravenclaw, I don’t have ace Slytherin on hand to question and bounce ideas of them. ;)

Ace Slytherins:

  • they can quite easily get trapped into thinking that not craving sex makes them better than others,
  • they like to think it makes them more focused, not so easily distracted from their goal. It fuels their ambition. (It especially often can happen to driven aro aces.)
  • sometimes people ask silly questions like: “if you don’t think about sex or getting it, what do you think about?”. Slytherins are the ones who answer “World domination.” Sometimes it’s a joke.
  • ace Slytherins probably are the ones who use their asexuality most efficiently. Spies flirting or sleeping with the target to get the information? Thieves using sex and sexappeal as distraction? Salesmen practically seducing their clients into buying something? Most of those are Slytherins, the cunning folks that they are.
  • they strongly rebel against the “childish and naive” asexual stereotype,
  • due to general opinion of them being heartless and cold romantic aces often find it harder to fit in,
  • usually it takes them awhile to figure our they’re ace. They tend to think their lack of interest in sex or not finding anyone sexually appealing enough is due to the fact that they have better things to do and the right time will come,
  • sometimes they find it hard to confide in other Slytherins, because to Slytherins sometimes things can become one giant competition. Who gets the first kiss first, who gets a better/cooler/hotter date, etc. And cornered, Slytherins can come up with some truly remarkable lies stories. This usually only happens before the Slytherins in question figure out their sexuality.
  • when they do, ther realize they’re basically set to win every well-played “Never Have I Ever” game they will ever play. They use this power a lot. Sometimes for good.
  • they don’t really look for the community, but they do appreciate their fellow aces and the support of like-minded individuals.
  • those Slytherins however who can’t or decide not to come out of the deck just yet, are probably the ones that are best at hiding. They recognise the tactics and schematics of people’s interactions more easily and if determined, can imitate it well enough.
  • first house to create an LGBT+ support group just the members of their own house.
  • they mostly go to LGBT+ meetings for drama and cookies. Sometimes however also in hope to change the system in their favour.
  • they’re well known for best pride slogans/pins/posters/signs, etc. Esecially the punny ones. (This might or might not include “I like sex like I like Potter. I don’t.” or more general variation “We like sex like we like Gryffindors. We don’t.”)
  • those Slytherin aces uninterested in relationship are most prone to share and enjoy those over the top self-loving slogans and motivational texts, like “I’ve found my better half, it was me all along!” or “I’m in love with that person. They’re funny and gorgeous and perfect. That person is me.”
  • they really dig dragons as asexuality symbol. They really hate however how much in agreement they’re on this with the Gryffindors.

previously: Ravenclaws



Unlike the other houses, who all have concealed entrances to their common rooms, we don’t need one. The door to our common room lies at the top of a tall, winding staircase. It has no handle, but an enchanted bronze knocker in the shape of an eagle. When you rap on the door, this knocker will ask you a question, and if you can answer it correctly, you are allowed in. This simple barrier has kept out everyone but Ravenclaws for nearly a thousand years. 

cabinpersephone  asked:

I love your sortings for the A:TLA characters (especially the three Slytherins!), and was wondering if you had any thoughts on the LoK characters?

At the beginning of S1, Korra had an intuitive and very certain sense of “RIGHT” and “people to punch in the face”–she was a young and untested Gryffindor Primary. Gryffindor Secondary, too–she enters the story by crashing through a wall yelling “I’M THE AVATAR DEAL WITH IT,” and continues charging at her every goal as she goes on. Now, at the beginning of S4, she is a “stripped” Gryffindor. Anarchist man shattered her faith in herself, her abilities, and her purpose. She kept the secondary, though–the way she is dealing with her stripped primary is to charge straight into vagabondage, and into getting beaten up in rings and swamps.

Bolin, bless his heart, is a Hufflepuff Primary: an emotional focus on kindness, service, community, and keeping the peace. He hates conflict. Every person who passes in front of him is as important as every other, and he will do everything he can for their happiness and safety. It’s clear when he “rescues” Korra in the pilot, in how he deals with the love triangle, and his eager willingness to serve under Kuvira.

(His girlfriend, Opal, is a Gryffindor–this is their conflict, that Bolin, first, wants to help as many people as posisble while she wants first to keep them free and proud, unconquered and unfed. She wants to find a way to save them without bowing to a dictator. Bolin only sees hungry children, and his Puff doesn’t understand how dignity and moral lines matter in the face of that). 

Bolin’s secondary is either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor–I think the Gryffindor. His Puff Primary is so loud that almost overpowers even the generally loud Gryff Secondary. But I do think what Bolin’s doing is taking Puff ideals of service and community and driving them forward with a Gryffindor Secondary’s impulsivity, honesty, and fervor. He reacts intuitively and improvizationally (something Slytherin and Gryffindor secondaries share) and cannot be anything other than himself (a very Gryff secondary trait). 

Nobody knows what Mako is. Not even Mako. OK, I’m kidding a bit. I think Mako’s a Ravenclaw who hadn’t figured out his system for the first few seasons. He swaps between models–trying on a bit of Gryffindor’s forward morals (inspired by Korra), dabbling a bit in Slytherin’s loyalties and practicalities (I think Slytherin was the main thing he modeled as a street kid with a little brother to watch after. It’s why he recognizes little Slytherin/Slytherin Kai so well–he’s lived in that skin). But Mako seems to have settled, finally, on tying himself to the structure and service of the police. The morality he’s adopted looks more like Puff than anything–service oriented and need-based. When Bolin gets successful and stops needing his protection and support, Mako drops his Slytherin model and lets him go, turning his attentions to the city and the worlds’ need for protection.

Ravenclaw Secondary, too, for Mako, I think, though he’s spent a lot of time modeling Slytherin and Gryffindor really loudly. But as he settles more comfortably into himself, he’s falling more and more into the logic and straight lines of a Ravenclaw Secondary. He wants to be a detective. He wants to help people by solving puzzles.

Asami doesn’t seem to be a Felt House (Gryffindor of Hufflepuff), which leaves us with a Ravenclaw or Slytherin Primary. From the way she is able to drop her dad, and the way she bonds with Idealist House Korra so intuitively, I think she’s Ravenclaw. Unlike Mako, she hasn’t spent much time on screen rapidly switching through models and personalities–a Ravenclaw’s existential crisis. She’s steady and comfortable in her system. It lets her make hard decisions fast: when she chooses to stand by the Gaang 2.0, or retake her company. She’s got a nice Slytherin model, I think because she likes its ambition, practicality, and adaptability, but her secondary is Ravenclaw. She plans, rather than improvizes, and embraces both wit and logic. She’s got a nice Hufflepuff performance on top of it all (she is by far the most layered character of the core quartet)–she plays kindness, harmlessness, and femininity very well, but it’s very much a beloved facade.

Tenzin, poor man, is a Gryffindor who thinks he should be a Ravenclaw. It’s very stressful for him, except when he’s given a big moral choice for his Gryffindor to chew on and stand strong. In normal life he tamps down on his quick temper, emotionality, and intuitive certainty, but when he’s thrown into combat and strife, he’s suddenly at ease, firm and immovable, defying Zahir and steadily, confidently willing to die for his world and his Avatar.

We haven’t seen Jinora in too many spaces of conflict. She clearly has a great Ravenclaw secondary and model. She has mastered the system her dad wanted so hard to manage– the one her grandfather learned to model exquisitely. Her conflicts have been scary and tough, but not fracturing in a way that would make her make hard decisions, so her primary is still rather hidden. She could be a Puff (her empathy for the whole world and her work to save them, her empathy with spirits), but that same warmth could also be a Gryffindor’s intuition. 

She’s probably not a Slytherin, but it’s still possible. Her Slytherin could easily just be completely satiated by the beauty of her Ravenclaw layers, curled up like a content cat at the center of everything. It would look the same as she does now, pretty much. That assumes an extra layer of complexity to her than we’ve been presented–on the surface she looks much more obviously to be one of the other three houses. But there’s been nothing yet to say she can’t be even a Slytherin. Hard choices, where you have to lose one thing to save another, define the primaries. When the chips are down, who are you? Jinora has never had to give up anything. I’m curious to see what she does when she has to.
Our best bet, though, is that she’s Ravenclaw all the way to her core. That would match up with the “ideal” of the Air Nomads too, which is distinctly Ravenclaw in its contemplation and constructed systems. All we have to do is look at the other airbenders to see that sorting is never as simple as matching nation to house, but with someone like Jinora, who so embodies those ideals, it’s distinctly possible.

Ravenclaw ranting...

Draco Malfoy was a bully who surrounded himself with like-minded people

but Malfoy is not the Grand Ambassador of Slytherin, he isn’t the representative for the entire House

just because he was a little shit doesn’t mean they all are.

there’s nothing wrong with ambition in moderation. Setting goals and achieving them results in progress and personal improvement.

Slytherins are cunning, which means – not unlike a Ravenclaw – they depend on their mental capacity, their intelligence, their ability to think things through rather than acting impulsively (which could lead to troublesome consequences).

Slytherins “use any means to reach their end” which suggests resourcefulness and thinking out of the box, making decisions that may seem ruthless or cold but really may just be pragmatic.

And listen, the blood purity fixation is a learned characteristic. It’s not like smarts and personal drive, which are inherent traits. We can raise the next generation of Slytherins to value all bloodlines, teach them to embrace their bold, practical, unapologetic personalities while shedding the traditional racist mentality like an old skin.

I’m not saying Slytherins are saints, but I refuse to dismiss the entire House as rotten just because there were a few bad alumni.

P.S. The reason all the evil wizards in history came from Slytherin House is because of these very traits. Raging ambition and a sharp mind laser-focused on purity and personal grandeur is a recipe for chaos.

But there must be politicians and celebrities and creative minds out there who are productive Slytherins, who have contributed to society in a positive way.

You can be a bad-ass without being bad.

ESTJ x Hogwarts Houses
  • Gryffindor: Generally fierce and hardworking, backed up by a bunch of ISTJ Ravenclaws. See /everything/ as a competition and are generally regarded as the epitome of courage, fitting Gryffindor´s agenda well. Dressed in all black, carrying around a huge bag with lots of useful stuff and brain food. Stern with a weak spot for quirky humour. Opinionated. Race around with an old motor scooter. Like fireplaces and note books.
  • Hufflepuff: Philosophy enthusiasts, and mostly seen talking to their Gryffindor friends - INFPs, all of them. Love to write letters and post cards. Constantly expand their social circle by checking out sites and profiles online. Rather vicious when it comes to sports, telling themselves that they are not overdoing it, but eventually, they end up straining their body too much. Dress without too much contemplation like their fellow ESTJs from Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Frequent phases of nostalgia.
  • Ravenclaw: Told that they are going to be a teacher from early on. Their phone blows up because of their 1001 news apps. Unlike other Ravenclaws, they do use their knowledge for the gain of power over others, which manifests in a habit of saying "But consider..." often. Accompanied by a chill ISTP who ushers them to boat tours and hiking. Like everything that is plain-coloured. Health freaks. They get a haircut at least once a month.
  • Slytherin: Always seem to be under pressure. People don´t know whether their intentions are good or bad, because you know, that´s the curse of Slytherin. Reserved in their affection, preferring to send unexpected gifts and messages instead. ENFPs from Hufflepuff usually take a liking to them and can read them like a book. Slytherin ESTJs are drawn to institutions and subjects that deal with the taboo. They are interested in medicine as well - any good hospital can boast at least one ESTJ Slytherin senior physician.
Signs and Hogwarts Houses

Be really good in Slytherin: Gemini, Capricorn, Taurus, Leo
Unlikely but could work: Virgo, Scorpio, Aries, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius
Highly unlikely: Pisces, Cancer

Be really good in Ravenclaw: Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius, Capricorn
Unlikely but could work: Libra, Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer
Highly unlikely: Aries, Pisces

Be really good in Hufflepuff: Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius, Libra
Unlikely but could work: Capricorn, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio
Highly unlikely: Aquarius, Aries, Gemini

Be really good in Gryffindor: Leo, Aries,
Sagittarius, Scorpio, Cancer
Unlikely but could work: Gemini, Taurus, Libra, Aquarius
Highly unlikely: Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces

I am a Slytherin #3

Slytherin share very similar views to Ravenclaws when it comes to the want to learn things. Unlike Ravenclaws however, we learn only what we are interested in or what we think will benefit us. Ravenclaws want knowledge for the sake of knowledge, we want knowledge for the sake of power. In school, we may tend to underperform in classes we don’t care about, but excel in classes that pique our interest. This doesn’t mean we don’t know information, in fact, if we applied ourselves to things we don’t enjoy, we would probably do just as well. We just can’t bring ourselves to waste energy on boring/useless material.

anonymous asked:

Hi I saw your hogwart art with the captains and was wondering the reason for the placement of the houses? sorry if this sounds rude or for wasting your time 😅 P.S I love your comics with Kuroo and Bokuto, they're so funny 😂

HEY NOW it’s never rude to ask questions, i actually really appreciate that you want to know more abt my headcanons. makes all the thought i put in worth it :)))

Daichi was right on the border between slytherin and gryffindor because he’s very cunning and a strong leader, but i feel like he thinks through his actions and is less impulsive than a gryffindor is.

i think kuroo and daichi are very similar personality wise, they both care deeply about people and are good leaders, so he was also right on the border. He  really likes to help other people improve and almost has a bit of a ‘savior complex?’ ( like with kenma and kei) even if it doesn’t really show. but yeah since he’s so similar to daichi it made sense for him to be a gryff. (also nekoma’s school colours are red and gold!)

Bokuto was probably the hardest to choose because he could easily be in any of the houses.. HOWEVER ravenclaw stood out to me because ravenclaws celebrate eccentrics and they like to help others improve, which he did for kei and shoyou! the potter wiki says that unlike the other houses, ravenclaws tend to focus on the future over the past. they don’t necessarily have school-smarts, but a passion for knowledge of some kind, an open mind, and a desire to achieve. (also fukurodani’s school colours are blue and bronze!) 

honestly i could go on forever abt them but i won’t because that’s a lil weird.